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"Kings of the Con" is the twenty-fourth episode of the fourth season, the one-hundred-seventy-third episode, and the ninth full-length episode of The Loud House.


Eager to be named Kings of the Con at the Ace Savvy convention, Lincoln and Clyde convince the sisters to go with them as the Full Deck. But the girls get more attention, leading the boys to do whatever it takes to gain focus.


Act I

Clyde is quickly rushing to the Loud House. After being let in, he quickly barges into Lincoln's room, where he tells him that the Ace Savvy convention is holding a "Kings of the Con" contest, where the best cosplayers will win a role in the upcoming Ace Savvy movie. Eager to win, Lincoln and Clyde realize that in order to stand out in order to make their chances of winning easier. After some thinking, the two discover their homemade issue of Ace Savvy featuring the Full Deck, and immediately decide to recruit the sisters. Calling a sibling meeting, the boys ask the sisters if they would like to come with them to the convention as the full deck, but the sisters initially decline, due to their disinterest in Ace Savvy. When the boys mention that the winners of a cosplay contest will give them the opportunity to star in a movie, they immediately agree to join.

After getting an idea on what Ace Savvy is, the girls suit up and head off to the convention center. The moment the Louds and Clyde enter, Lincoln tells them to look for two people wearing orange vests, as they are the judges of the cosplay contest. After finding the judges, they show themselves off and Lincoln and Clyde come to the conclusion that that they need to impress the judges even further if they want to win. The two attempt to guess the value of poker chips in a jar, but Lisa beats them before they can answer, thus giving the judges praise towards Lisa. The two attempt to get more attention with a strength game, but Lynn beats them effortlessly, giving the judges more praise towards the sisters.

While hiding behind cardboard cutouts of Ace Savvy and One-Eyed Jack, Lincoln and Clyde overhear the judges saying that they're considering the Full Deck as the winners, but decide to shaft Lincoln and Clyde for their failures to impress them. Hurt by these words, Lincoln and Clyde attempt to do whatever it takes to impress them. However, all of their attempts to impress the judges fail miserably and only succeed in making them like them less. The two suddenly come to the conclusion that in order to fully impress them, they need to solve a crime, and when they hear that the Kitty, one of Ace Savvy's biggest enemies, is done signing autographs, they get the perfect idea on what to do.

Act II

While hiding in a photo booth, Lincoln and Clyde decide that they kidnap the Kitty, and use its "disappearance" as a crime for them to solve. After finding the Kitty's trailer outside, they barely, but successfully get the Kitty into a cage and hide it in a supply closet. Before long, a voice on the intercom tells the attendees that the Kitty is missing and warns them to stay away from the cat, as it is highly vicious and trained to defend itself. Using that as their cue, Lincoln and Clyde head to the supply closet where they hid the Kitty, only to discover that it escaped his cage.

Running around the convention, Lincoln and Clyde spot the Kitty, but when they get close, the highly trained cat attacks them viciously. They attempt to catch him with a feather covered drone, but they end up getting attacked again. While searching for the Kitty, Lincoln and Clyde spot what they think is the Kitty on the girders, but it turns out to be a rope. Suddenly, they are then spotted by the Kitty. When the cat pins the boys to the wall with hairballs, Lincoln tells Clyde to take off his (Lincoln's) mask, and spit it onto a spotlight. This results in a distress signal that the sisters notice, and immediately head to the stage, where they discover Lincoln and Clyde held down. With all of their help, the Louds and Clyde successfully get the Kitty back into its cage. At that moment, the curtain opens up and the judges discover Lincoln and Clyde holding the cage with the Kitty inside, and assume they caught it, leaving them impressed and declaring them the winners of the contest. When the boys realize that this means that the sisters will get the boot, they confess, saying that they kidnapped the Kitty in order to upstage the girls. The girls are understandably mad, and Lincoln and Clyde further state that the girls were getting all the praise, and the boys just simply wanted equal billing. With this truth revealed, the judges strip the boys of their win, and declare the girls the true winners.

Some time later, the judges state that while they are upset that the boys would commit a theft as bad as stealing a cat in an attempt to upstage someone else, they managed to get them a role in the movie after all: as the Kitty's personal litter box scoopers, much to their dismay, but to the Kitty's glee.




  • Kings of the Con - The title of this episode is a subtle reference to the fact that the most valuable card in a standard deck is the king.


  • While the sisters were using their phones, Lori's and Leni's phones were switched.
  • When Lincoln, Clyde, and the sisters are doing the action poses to get the judges' attention, Lily has a full set of teeth.
  • When the sisters arrived to save Lincoln and Clyde from the Kitty, Luna has her ax instead of her Night Club guitar.



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