The following is a transcript for the episode "Kings of the Con".


Act I

[The episode starts with Clyde running with a piece of paper to Lincoln’s house. Lincoln’s sisters are watching TV while Lynn is doing squats.]
Lynn: “I got it!” [opens the door]
Clyde: “Sorry Lynn, I don’t mean to be rude, but it’s an emergency!” [Runs over Lynn and climbs the stairs.]
Lana: “I don't know why he didn't just pee outside. I would if I could."
Loud girls except Lily, Lynn and Lana: "We know!"
Clyde: [Enters Lincoln's room] "Lincoln!" [Out of breath]
Lincoln: "Clyde, it's okay!" [Throws his comic] "Take your time." [Hands him a paper bag, which Clyde blows into.]
Clyde: "Whoo! Thanks buddy."
Rita: [outside] "Lana, not on the begonias!"
Clyde: [Crumples up the paper bag.] "Look! I got the program for tomorrow's Ace Savvy convention!" [Pulls out an Ace Savvy Con flier.] "Check out the prize for best cosplay!"
Lincoln: [Reads the flier] "The con-goers with the most authentic character portrayals will be named "Kings of the Con" and win a cameo in the next Ace Savvy movie!" [Gasps excitedly] "The movie?"
[Lincoln imagines about what happened if they win the contest. Setting is in the city at night time. The ropes are lowered where Ace and Jack make an entrance."]
Singers: "Ace and Jack!"
Lincoln and Clyde: "Time to deal out some justice!"
[The silhouettes of the film crew appear, meaning that they are in a movie set.]
Director: "Cut! That was brilliant!" [Imagination ends, Lincoln breathes through his mouth with a bread bag.]
Lincoln: "We have to win!
Clyde: "I know! We're the biggest Ace Savvy fans ever! Who else can say they wrote an issue of the comic?" [glances at The Full Deck issue.]
Lincoln: "Just one tiny problem..." [shows off their costumes.] "Do you think our Ace and Jack costumes are good enough to win?"
Clyde: "Well... I did just upgrade my Poker-Chip blaster!" [presses it, which launches a poker chip, flying in an unexpected rate, which causes him and Lincoln to trip.] "Whoops... I'll re-calibrate it."
Lincoln: "That'll definitely help. But you know, there will be a lot of Ace and Jacks at the con."
Clyde: "We need something to set us apart. Something no one else has."
Lincoln and Clyde: [both think; until they glance at the issue, and they speak in unison.] "Jackpot!"

[The Loud siblings Clyde are at Lori's room. Lincoln uses a shoe as a gavel.]
Lincoln: "Thank you for joining me." [counts] "One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine... someone's missing?"
Lynn: [does some exercises] "What's the deali-o, Stinkin? I'm in the middle of a set!"
Lincoln: "Have a seat."
Lynn: "Yeah." [proceeds to sit]
Lincoln: "As you guys know, Clyde and I are going to the Ace Savvy Convention tomorrow."
[The Loud sisters appear uninterested.]
Lori: "And...?"
Clyde: "And of course, we'll be going dressed as Ace and Jack."
Lincoln: "But we thought... why hag all the fun? Why not invite you guys to come too, as your characters from our comic, The Full Deck."
[A red background pops up, then the narrator introduces the characters, as well as what they look like, one by one.]
Narrator: "The Full Deck! Featuring, The High Card, The Eleven of Hearts, The Night Club, The Joker, The Strong Suit, The Eight of Spades, The Royal Flush, The Queen of Diamonds, The Card Counter, The Deuce!" [explosion appears]
[The Loud sisters disagree on Lincoln and Clyde's idea.]
Lincoln: "Wa- wa- wait! Did we mention that if we win this cosplay we get to be in the next Ace Savvy movie?"
Lori: "Movie? Like, a real one?"
Lucy: "Not the kind you and Clyde make in the backyard with your little toys."
Lincoln: "They're called action figures, and no, this is the real thing. On the big screen!"
Luna: "That's like a huge deal!"
Lola: "I will prance around at your weird convention all day for the chance to be in a Hollywood movie!"
[The Loud sisters then agree in unison.]
Lincoln: "Fantastic! Okay, if we're going to win, we need to turn you into Ace Savvy experts!"
[The Loud sisters stare into each other as if they don't know about it.]

Lincoln: "The Fortress of Solitaire." [picture transition] "The Ace Signal."
[picture transition] "The Bad Guys." [picture transition] "And this baby's called the High Roller. It's got 400 horse power-go indoors..."
Clyde: "And the latest in front inside, airbag technology-"
[Lincoln and Clyde hear cellphone noises, revealed to be the Loud sisters using them while they have their presentation.]
Lincoln: "Hey! You guys were supposed to silence your phones. Who are you even texting?"
Lori: "Leni, that's not how you spell bored."
Leni: "Sorry guys, but we've been listening for hours. When do we get to the costumes?"
[Lincoln and Clyde both nod. At Lincoln's snap of a finger, a montage shows up with the Loud sisters dressing up as the Full Deck.]
Lincoln: "You guys look perfect! To the con!"
Luna: "Woohoo! Rock 'n roll!" [accidentally activates the jetpack, causing her to fly and crash through a wall.]
Lincoln: "Nice use of your jetpack, Night Club!"

[The Loud siblings plus Clyde arrive at the Convention Center. Some of them glance around the interior of the con.]
Lori: "This is actually pretty cool."
Lucy: "Wow. This is incredible."
Leni: "What's that?"
Lisa: Hmm. Interesting."
Luan: "Wow!"
Lana: "Ooh, it's a creature."
Lola: "That outfit, I want it!"
[Lincoln and Lana bump on a man dressed as Wild Card Willy.]
Wild Card Willy Cosplayer: "Hey, pal! You gotta wait in line to see the Kitty, just like everybody else. No cuts!"
[Camera pans to a line of people awaiting to meet Kitty, along with a cat noise.]
Lana: "Who's the Kitty? Is it a real cat?"
Lincoln: "Lana, we went over this in our presentation."
Clyde: "He's the most vicious villain in the Ace Savvy universe."
Lana: [astonishes] "Oh, I have to pet him!"
Lincoln: "Sorry Lans, no time." [drags Lana away from the line.] "We gotta focus on impressing the judges. They decide who wins 'Kings of the Con', so keep your eyes peeled for two people in orange vests."
Leni: "Would you say it's a traffic cone orange, or more of a clementine?"
[They all glance at two people, eating pizzas. Arrows pop up pointing on them.]
Lincoln: "Good job, Leni. Action poses, go!"
[The Full House Gang rush and pose on the judges.]
Female Judge: "Oh, wow. This must be the Full Deck from Issue #415. Very impressive."
[Lincoln bows, but his cape hits Clyde's face.]
Clyde: "Ow! My chip!" [accidentally unleashes the chip, hitting the male judge's back.]
Male Judge: "Ah!" [grunts, looking at Lincoln and Clyde, then he, and the female judge, leave.]
Clyde: "Sorry."
Clyde: "Well, the important thing is, we got their attention, and they really seem to like your sisters."
Lincoln: "True. And when they stand out, it's good for all of us. We're one step closer to being in our movie!"
Clyde: "Wish I could just, fix this belt!" [unleashes three chips, which hit his face, then faints.]

Guessing Booth Attendant: "Is anyone around here savvy enough to ace this challenge? Try this "How Much This Jar of Pokers Chips is Worth", and win a gold poker chip!"
Lincoln: "Ooh, here's the chance to impress the judges."
Clyde: "Ace and Jack are on the case!"
[Lincoln and Clyde stand in front of the attendant.]
Lincoln: "So, if the green chips are worth 25 dollars..."
Clyde: "And we have to think about the volume of the jar, minus the air, plus the-"
Lisa: "That's 7,652 dollars. And if you give me a moment, I can convert it to cryptocurrency."
Guessing Booth Attendant: "Wow. You're exactly right!"
Female Judge: "Impressive work! You really live up to your name, Card Counter."
Lisa: "Thank you. Though the credit from my character belongs to my brother, Lincoln, and his compatriot, Clyde."
Clyde: "Co-authors of Issue 415!"
Lincoln: "Happy to sign a copy for you- Ugh, this pen!"
[The ink on Lincoln's pen splash on the judges, angering them while Lincoln and Clyde smile nervously in response.]

Lincoln: "Okay, guys. We gotta get back in front of those judges."
Clyde: "I don't see them anywhere."
Lincoln: [gasps] "Clyde!"
Clyde: [Flips his eye patch] "Uh, there! They were in my blind spot."
[The judges are judging two boys' costumes. One's dressed as a robot, and the other's wearing an Ace Savvy shirt.]
Hammer Booth Attendant: "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! Try out the Hammer of Justice! Impress everyone with your super strength! Step right up!"
Lincoln: "Perfect. Here's our chance to make up for last time."
[Clyde and Lincoln run up to try the Hammer of Justice. Lincoln is up first.]
Clyde: "Careful, Ace. Go easy on 'em."
[Lincoln lifts up the hammer, but he stumbles due to the strength. After catching his breath, he slams the pad. The arrow goes up a bit, and then goes down. The arrow on the Hammer of Justice meter shows that Lincoln's effort was still in the red.]
Hammer of Justice Meter: "You are as strong as the Old Maid." [Shows a picture of her]
Lynn: [Walks up and grabs the mallet.] "Don't worry, Stinkin'. I'll teach this game for calling you old." [screams and slams the pad.]
[The pad was slammed on so hard that the arrow flew into the bell and instead of ringing, the arrow bust the bell and flew out the building. The bell flew down and hit Clyde and Lincoln on their heads. Lynn grabs the bell and cheers.]
Male Judge: "Wow! Guess that's why they call her the Strong Suit. Let's get a picture."
Female Judge: "How about one with the Full Deck? Get in here, girls."
Judges & Sisters: "Selfie!" [The judges take pictures with their phones.]
Lincoln: [sighs] "Well, even if we have to ride my sister's coattails, we'll still be in the movie."
Clyde: "You're right. Just keep picturing our name in lights."
Female Judge: "Okay, I know the day's not over yet, but for me, there's a clear winner for Kings of the Con."
[Lincoln and Clyde hide behind Ace Savvy superhero cardboard cutouts.]
Male Judge: "Same here. Okay, say your pick on three. One, two...
Judges: "The Full Deck!"
Clyde: [gasps]
Lincoln: "Yes!"
Female Judge: "But what about that Ace and Jack they're with?"
Male Judge: "I'm not that impressed. I don't think we need to include them."
Female Judge: "Hey, you wanna take a break in the judge's lounge? I hear there's donuts."
Male Judge: "Oh, yeah!"
Lincoln & Clyde: [Drop the cutouts out of surprise.] "Noooooooo!
Lincoln: "I can't believe this! My sisters are going to be in the movie and we're not!? They wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for us."
Clyde: "Don't give up, buddy. We got this. The judges haven't made their final decision yet."
Lincoln: "You're right. We still have time to show them what Ace and Jack can do."

Lincoln "You guys have been working so hard. You must be starving."
Lisa: "No Thanks. They’re charging 12 bucks for a corn dog and a cape.
Lincoln "It's my treat.
Lola: [Takes Lincoln's wallet] "Well, in that case..."
Sisters: "Thanks!"
Lincoln: "There goes all my souvenir money."
Clyde: "Sorry, buddy. It'll be worth it. Now where'd those judges go?"
Dunk Tank Attendant: "Get your revenge and dunk the Card Shark!
Card Shark: [laughs]
[The judges walk up to the booth.]
Lincoln: "Bingo. Here's our chance to wow them.
Clyde: "I got this. I'll turn my blaster from ding to demolish.
Lincoln: [imitates fanfare before grabbing a baseball.] "Watch out, Card Shark. You're about to get Jacked!
Clyde: "Hi-ya!" [He tries aiming the target using his blaster, but the coin just falls to the floor.]
Lincoln: "T-try it again."
[Clyde does the same thing, but it doesn't work like last time. Lincoln laughs nervously while the judges look annoyed.]
Lincoln: "Here, just use this."
[Lincoln hands him a baseball, an action figure, and a backpack, but they don't hit the target.]
Card Shark: "Wow, kid."
[The judges leave unimpressed.]
Lincoln: "Wait! Uhh, we got something here."
[Lincoln grabs a flower pot and throws it, but it hits the tank instead of the target, forming cracks.]
Card Shark: [worried] "Uh-oh."
[The water starts flowing, and it goes through the entrance door.]

[Clyde and Lincoln are wet from their previous incident.]
Clyde: "Well, if the judges had stuck around, I think they would've been impressed with our mopping."
Lincoln: "Don't worry, Clyde. We'll find another way to wow them."
[Lincoln & Clyde gasp. They notice the High Roller in full view and run up to it.]
High Roller Attendant: "High Roller fans, huh? You boys wanna see what it feels like to sit inside?"
[Lincoln and Clyde notice the judges by the High Roller eating corn dogs.]
Clyde: "This is our chance. We can show off our encyclopedic knowledge of Ace and Jack's custom ride."
Clyde & Lincoln: "Yes, we do!"
[The attendant and the boys are inside the vehicle, with the attendant in the middle, Clyde on the right, and Lincoln on the left taking the wheel.]
Lincoln: "Engaging camouflage mode!" [He presses the button, but the button actually burns the judges instead of going onto camouflage.] "Whoops! It's a little different from the movie."
High Roller Attendant: [laughs] "Actually, boys. I prefer if you didn't..."
Clyde: "Engaging flight propellers!" [He presses a button that sends them up high, but then presses a button that sends them down. The judges walk back awkwardly.]
Lincoln: "Uhh, maybe it's this."
Clyde: "Uh, maybe this?"
[They press multiple buttons, making the High Roller go out of control. Eventually, they send the attendant flying out of the car and into the judges.]

[The boys sit on a bench.]
Lincoln: "Well, now I'm pretty sure the judges hate us. If we're gonna turn this around, we've gotta think of something brilliant."
Clyde: "Yeah, and we've only got an hour to do it."
Lincoln: "It's gotta be something big."
Clyde: "Something only Ace and Jack can do. Something like..."
Lincoln: "Solving a crime!"
Clyde: "Ooh, now that's brilliant. But where do we find a crime to solve?"
Lincoln: "We make one."
[The two fist bump after coming up with a plan.]

Act II

[Lincoln and Clyde run into a photo booth.]
Lincoln: "No one will hear us in here. Now to think of the perfect crime to solve."
Clyde: "I'll get us the deluxe package to buy us extra time." [He checks out the filters in the booth.] "Plus, it comes with all these fun backgrounds."
Announcer: "Attention all con-goers: sorry to disappoint, but the Kitty is officially done signing autographs."
Clyde: "Darn. I was kinda still hoping we'd squeeze that in."
[A picture is taken.]
Lincoln: "Wait, Clyde, that's it! Let's catnap the Kitty."
Clyde: "I know we want an autograph, but..."
[Another photo is taken.]
Lincoln: "No, I mean, this is the perfect crime to get the judges' attention."
Clyde: "Hmm. Normally, this level of deception would give me a stomachache, but we have no choice."
[Another photo is taken.]
Lincoln: "All we'd have to do is hide the Kitty for a while, let the panic build up, then you and I track him down and rescue him."
[Another photo is taken.]
Clyde: "We'd be heroes. The judges will forget all about the Full Deck and name us Kings of the Con."
[A photo is taken a last time.]
Lincoln: "Come on, the Kitty's trailer is this way."
Clyde: "Wait, our pictures!" [grabs the pictures] "Oh, look! This is the one where you got your idea, and this one is where I was questioning it."

[Lincoln and Clyde are outside, looking at the Kitty's trailer. They hide when seeing the Kitty's Trainer.]
Kitty's Trainer: "The Kitty's not taking a dime less than what the Card Shark's making."
[The boys run by the trailer.]
Lincoln: "Are you sure you don't need backup?"
Clyde: "I got this. Nana Gayle calls me the cat whisperer." [Pulls out a cat cage and goes inside the trailer.] "Hello, Mr. The Kitty, sir. Would you mind getting in this crate? Or, as you might say, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow."
[The cat starts yelling and attacks him.]
Clyde: "Not my Crime Eye!" [He gets hurled to the window and falls down. Later, he comes out beaten up with no cat. He spits out a rat.] "Let's move on to plan B."

[Clyde is dressed up as a waitress. He knocks on the door, and the Kitty opens with a scary expression.]
Clyde: "Sorry to bother you, but some sponsors wanted to send over a complimentary caviar dinner. We've got it all set up over here."
[The Kitty is confused, but goes to the table.]
Clyde: "Here's our tasting menu. Might I recommend the... now, Lincoln!"
[Lincoln pulls a rope that leads to a flat piece of a cage underneath the chair. It leads to the Kitty being trapped inside a cage. They push him into the supply room.]
Lincoln: "Whew, we did it!"
The Kitty: [screeches]
Lincoln: "Maybe we should give him some alone time."
[They close the door.]

[Clyde and Lincoln are sitting down with corn dogs.]
Clyde: "To being Kings of the Con!"
Lincoln: "We just pulled off the biggest heist of all time."
[Clyde & Lincoln laugh.]
Announcer: "Attention, con-goers; the Kitty has gone missing. If you encounter him, please do not engage. He is highly stunt-trained and really dangerous."
[The people gasp at the news, and the boys pretend to as well and leave to 'find' him.]
Lincoln: "Okay, time to be heroes."
[Clyde and Lincoln gasp.]
Lincoln: "Oh no! [The Kitty is out of the cage.] "He escaped! He must've picked the lock with his claws, just like in the fourth Ace movie, "Meow You See Me."
Clyde: "What do we do meow? I mean, now?"
Lincoln: "Well, technically, we can still be the ones to rescue the Kitty. We just made our jobs a lot harder.
Clyde: "True, but maybe my cat knowledge can help us. Come on!"

[A trail of popcorn is shown as the scene pads to reveal that thd trail leads to a cage. Lincoln and Clyde are hiding behind cardboard cutouts.]
Lincoln: "So cats really like popcorn?"
Clyde: "Big time. At my house, we can barely get through a movie without a cat getting in a bowl."
[They hear the cat eating the popcorn, making them excited.]
Clyde: "It's working!"
[Just as the Kitty is almost in the cage and Clyde is about to trap him, his belt goes off playing an Ace and Jack song, ruining the plan.]
Clyde: "No, no, no, no, no! Why did I add that feature?"
[The Kitty closes the lid and growls at the boys before shooting hairballs at them, making them hide.]
Clyde: "Uh, did you know the Kitty could actually shoot hairballs? I thought it was all special effects."
[A hairball knocks a head off one of the cardboard cutouts, and the boys get hit by pieces of the cutouts.]

[Clyde comes up to Lincoln with supplies.]
Clyde: "Got our supplies. One Ace and Jack flying drone, one Ace and Jack pillow, and one Old Maid jumbo pencil."
Lincoln: "That was all of your souvenir money, wasn't it?"
Clyde: "It's okay. It had to be done." [He creates a drone out of all the materials he collected.]
Lincoln: "Hey, not bad! You think he'll fall for it?"
Clyde: "Oh, yeah. My cats attack anything with feathers. My dad had to get rid of his fun hat collection."
[They set the drone down and hide behind a table.]
Lincoln: "Okay, Kitty, come and get it!"
[The drone is flown to the ceiling, making the Kitty come out of a ceiling tile and scratch the feathers.]
Lincoln: "Oh no! Surprise aerial attack!"
[The drone crashes and the Kitty gives them an angry look.]
Lincoln: "Good thing I brought back-up!" [Pulls out dice styled like nunchucks and throws it at him, but it doesn't hurt him.] "Really? That did nothing?"
Clyde: "It messed up his fur a little."
[The Kitty reveals to be packed with ammo.]
Lincoln: "He's armed with catnip! Hit the deck!" [Catnip is thrown at the boys and explodes, making them cough and run out.] "Dang it, he gave us the slip!"
Clyde: [Notices fur] "Or did he? Looks like someone is shedding for the summer. [The fur leads to backstage.] "Follow that fur!"
[They go backstage and follow the trail until they stop.]
Lincoln: "Clyde, up there!" [He notices the kitty lying there and they climp up the ladder. Lincoln jumps at him firsthand and attacks him, only for it to reveal that it's rope.]
Clyde: "Wait, it's just rope!"
[The Kitty jumps onto them and beats them up until he stops fighting them.]
Clyde: "Take this!" [Aims his blaster at the cat, but he dodges.] "Darn, I only had four chips left. You mind throwing those back?" [The Kitty starts powering up.]
Lincoln: "Uh oh, he's reloading! Go, go go!" [They climb the ladder, but notice the Kitty climb up and grin wickedly before shooting hairballs at them. Lincoln & Clyde scream.]
Lincoln: "Oh no, Clyde! I'm stuck!"
Clyde: "Me too! What do we do now?"
[Lincoln & Clyde scream for help. Meanwhile, the sisters are getting pictures taken of them by fans so they don't hear their cries for help.]
Clyde: "Ah, no one can hear our cries over the pumping of that sick bass."
Lincoln: "I've got an idea. Can you help me get my mask off?" [Clyde takes Lincoln's mask off using his teeth.] "Fling it at that light. We're sending my sisters a signal."
[Clyde throws the mask at a stage light so the signal can go through.]

[The sisters are getting another picture taken of them by another fan.]
Teen Girl: "Thanks."
Lori: "Lemme just check it before you tag us." [The sisters gather to see the picture.] "I always have double chins in these pics."
Leni: "What's that in the background?" [Leni zooms the picture in to show the signal.]
Lisa: "Does no one remember this from our con prep? That mask means Ace and Jack are in trouble. Someone needs our help."
Lynn: "Well, what the junk are we standing around for? Let's go save some butt!"
Luan: "It looks like the signal is coming from that stage."
Lola: "How are we gonna get over there?"
Luna: "On it, dudes." [Luna activates her jetpack and flies off.]
Luan: "Well, that's great for Luna, but what about the rest of us?"
Lori: "Oh, I've got an idea." [Lori turns on the High Roller and drives the sisters to the boys, but get hit by objects in front of them. They get the windshield splattered with mustard and ketchup.] "Oh, shoot! Where's the windshield wipers? Uh, this one?" [She presses a button that brings out and disco ball and music. She nervously presses button, which brings out other effects. Leni gets sent out the vehicle after Lori presses an eject button. Finally, she finds a button for windshield wipers.] "Yes! Nailed it!"
Lola: "Lori, watch out!" [A kid is on the road eating ice cream.]
Lori: "Oh no!" [She presses a button that sends them flying over the kid and into the stage.]
Luna: "Dudes, it's Lincoln and Clyde! They're up there!" [They run into backstage.]
Leni: [Runs to them with a seat attached to her.] "Wait for me!"

Clyde: "Lincoln, if this is really the end, I gotta tell you. I went to Dairyland with Rusty once." [Lincoln gasps] "It was only cause you were grounded."
Lincoln: "It's okay, buddy."
[The Kitty hisses at them and reveals his claws. Lincoln & Clyde scream.]
Lynn: "Yo, furball, down here!"
Lincoln: "Kitty, meet your worst nightmare."
Narrator: "THE FULL DECK!!"
Lynn: "A little help, Eight of Spades?"
Lucy: "Gladly, Strong Suit." [Lynn roars and runs to the rope.] "Throw." [The spear hits the rope, sending Lynn flying upwards.]
Lori: "I'll grab the boys." [Lynn uses the rope to kick the Kitty off.] "Lincoln! Clyde!"
[The Kitty is falling to the ground, but stops and lands properly. He then notices Lisa.]
Lisa: "Hi-ya!" [She pulls out an abacus.] "Ohh, you birdbrains couldn't think of a better weapon than an abacus?" [The Kitty lunges at her, making her throw the abacus at him. He's hit by it, making him fall.] "Oh, never mind. It's actually quite effective."
Lori: [Pulls off hairballs from the boys.] "Ew, gross! Hairballs! I thought it was Lana’s Job to deal with these."
Lana: "Save me one would ya." [Sees the Kitty hissing at her.] "Prepare to face the Royal Flush! [She becomes affectionate.] "Aww, you're such a cute boy. Why are you so feisty? Do you need a hug?" [The Kitty donkey kicks her, sending her backwards.]
Lola: "Hey! No one donkey kicks Lana but me!" [She throws her tiara at him, making him get caught by it and flown off the stage.]
[The Kitty is saved by Luna who has stereos and is playing her guitar. Luna strings her guitar so hard, the stereo sends her flying off.]
Leni: [Gets her seat off of her.] "Guys, I figured it out! I'm free!" [The Kitty lands on her, making her freak out and run.]
Luan: "Hang on, Leni! The Joker will save you from this cat-tastrophy. [She pulls the rope, making Leni trip over and fall. The Kitty gets off her and is surrounded by Lincoln and Clyde.]
Lincoln: "Give it up, Kitty. This ends now." [The Kitty throws a can of litter cloud.]
Clyde: "Oh no! Litter cloud!"
[Clyde & Lincoln cough. The Kitty holds up his claws in order to attack them, but diapers are thrown at him. The person responsible is Lily.]
Lily: "Kee-kee! No! No!"
Clyde: "We've been saved by the Deuce!"
Lincoln: "Yay, Lily!"
Clyde: "Ace, the crate!"
[While diapers are being thrown at the Kitty, the boys notice the crate. They fist bump at this.]
Lincoln: "Keep 'em coming, Lily."
[The Kitty is then locked in the crate after Lily multiple diapers.]
Lincoln: "Nice job, Jack."
Lana: "Are you guys sure we have to crate him? I think he was just playing."
Everyone: "Lana!"
[The curtains open up to the crowd, and they realize what the Full Deck did. The judges run to them.]
Male Judge: "We heard fighting!"
Female Judge: "What is going on over here? [They notice the Kitty trapped in the crate and gasp out of joy.] "You boys found the Kitty!"
Male Judge: "You're heroes! Ohh, just like the real Ace and Jack." [The boys walk up to the stage, leaving the sisters confused.]
Female Judge: "Well, I think it's safe to say we have found our Kings of the Con!" [The crowd starts to cheer.]
Lola: "Wait, so we're out of the movie?"
Lori: "I guess so."
[Clyde and Lincoln notice the sisters feeling disappointed. Lincoln takes the microphone in order to talk to the crowd.]
Lincoln: "Um, we need to say something. It's just... we don't exactly deserve to be Kings of the Con."
Judges: "Huh?"
Clyde: "We found out the Full Deck was gonna win it without us, so we catnapped the Kitty so we could "rescue" him and impress you."
[The Sisters & Judges gasp.]
Lincoln: "We just really wanted to be in the movie." [The sisters express their disgust at them.] "But now we can see how dumb that was, and we're so sorry."
Clyde: "Especially to you, Mr. The Kitty, sir. Still a huge fan." [The Kitty hisses at him, making him run from the Kitty.]
Lincoln: "Watching you guys in action was incredible. You really do deserve to be Kings of the Con." [The sisters are happy about this.]
Female Judge: [Grabs the microphone] "Well, I think you two can exit the stage now." [The boys exit] "Can we get the girls over here?" [The sisters walk up the stage.]
Male Judge: "Okay, the Full Deck is officially Kings of the Con! And that's final." [The boys and the crowd cheer and applaud them.]
Luna: "Whoa! Stage dive!" [She tries jumping onto the stage, but her jetpack kickstarts and take her off.]

[The crowd are upstage ready to take a picture of the Full Deck.]
Female Judge: "Smile big, everybody. This is for the movie press release."
Lola: "Get a better angle!"
Lana: "Get me picking my nose!"
Female Judge: [Walks up to Clyde and Lincoln who are taking a seat] "You boys ready for your photo?
Lincoln: "What photo?"
Male Judge: "You're in the movie too."
Female Judge: "We don't condone what you did, but you really made a splash with the fans, so we came up with a small role for you."
Lincoln: "What is it?"
Clyde: "Ace and Jack's crime-fighting nephews?"
Male Judge: "Nope. The Kitty's personal pooper-scoopers. He's really looking forward to working with you."
[The boys groan at the job, as the Kitty wickedly laughs at them.]

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