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Kyle Anthony Marshall is a Canadian animator and character designer who serves as a storyboard artist, supervising director, producer, and co-executive producer on The Loud House. He served as a storyboard supervisor, until Miguel Puga succeeded him, and became the head director of the series after Chris Savino was fired for sexual misconduct allegations. He later served as supervising producer for Season 4 before becoming co-executive producer for Season 5 onward.[1] He worked on the show from Canada until 2015, when he moved to Los Angeles, and he previously served as a storyboard artist and character designer on shows like Jimmy Two-Shoes and Grojband.[2] He is also the creator of the YTV show 3 Amigonauts.

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Even if Kyle Marshall is the head director for this series, there are times when someone else would direct the episode instead of him. Note that this list starts after "Scales of Justice".

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  • In "Raw Deal", the owner of the gas station is modeled after Kyle Marshall, but has no dialogue.
  • In "Suite and Sour", one of hotel guests (voiced by James Arnold Taylor) that crashes the Loud family's room is modeled after Kyle.
  • In "Mall of Duty", one of the people standing in the line to have their Rip Hardcore book signed is modeled after Kyle Marshall, who also directed said episode.
  • In "Snoop's On", the guy that's thrown out of the bikers club is modeled after Kyle.
  • He considers "Friend or Faux?",[3] "Fool Me Twice",[4] and "Really Loud Music"[5] to be his favorite episodes.
  • Kyle became the second person, after Chris Savino, to write, direct, and storyboard at least one episode of The Loud House respectively.

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