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Blanca Guzman (more commonly known as La Tormenta) is a recurring character in The Casagrandes. She is Ronnie Anne's and Sid's favorite professional wrestler.


La Tormenta is a professional wrestler Ronnie Anne, Sid, and the entire Casagrande family admire.

In "Lucha Fever with the Casagrandes", Ronnie Anne and Sid wanted to watch her final wrestling match before retirement. However, at the same time as the match, Carlos was about to be awarded at an awards ceremony. Not wanting to miss the match, Ronnie Anne pretends to be sick, and successfully fools her family, but Rosa, who is very concerned about her health, has the tenants check on her, much to Ronnie Anne's annoyance. Eventually, Rosa decides to forfeit attending the awards ceremony to heal Ronnie Anne. After Ronnie Anne admitted she faked being sick so that she can watch La Tormenta, she and Rosa quickly rode to the awards ceremony to support Carlos, who, after the ceremony, reveals he wants to see La Tormenta's match, as do the rest of the family. When Carl puts the video of the match on Carlos' phone, the internet goes out, much to the family's dismay.

In "Bad Cluck", she makes a cameo appearance while Ronnie Anne is watching a Lucha Libre match on television, only for CJ, Carl, and Sergio to block her view.

In "Saving Face", Carlos's boss gifts him tickets to a Lucha Libre match featuring La Tormenta. However, Ronnie Anne and Sid meet a new tenant named Blanca Guzman, who uses La Tormenta's signature move and catchphrase to take to take out her recyclables, making them come to the conclusion that she is La Tormenta. Knowing that a wrestler would never reveal her secret identity, Ronnie Anne comes up with a plan to find out if she really is the wrestler by flooding her apartment (since it's right below the Casagrandes'), offer to help Rosa fix the leak, and snoop around her stuff to find her luchadora mask. When Sid finds a remote the floor, they press it and the floor opens up to reveal a dummy with La Tormenta's wrestling costume. Happy that their theory turned out to be true, Sid suggest Ronnie Anne to try out her mask, but they accidentally fling it off the window trying to take it off the dummy. Unable to find it, Ronnie Anne asks her tía Frida to make her a replacement mask and quickly put it on the dummy to hide just before Rosa arrives. It seems to work since La Tormenta ends up using the new mask, but when La Tormenta is having difficulty wrestling Princesa Valentina, Ronnie Anne hypothetically asks her tio Carlos what would happen if a wrestler fights without their real mask, to which he reveals that, according to legend, that wrestler would be doomed. After La Tormenta barely manages to defeat Valentina, Ronnie Anne and Sid go off to find her real mask, and with the help of Sergio, they manage to retreive it from a group of pigeons. When they arrive at the match, they find La Tormenta being beaten down by La Gallina Malvada, who's planning to take off her mask and ruin her wrestling career. After the girls distract La Gallina with her victory cluck, Ronnie Anne manages to put the real mask on La Tormenta, bringing her mojo back. Afterwards, she effortlessly defeats La Gallina, defends her title, and saves her career. The next day, Ronnie Anne and Sid come clean to Blanca about what they've done, and she forgives them under the condition that they never pry into anyone's lives again, to which they accept. After Blanca spin tosses her luggage into a taxi, Par arrives and asks if she is actually La Tormenta, but Ronnie Anne and Sid lie by saying that she's just "a regular lady body-slamming her luggage into a cab", to which he buys it.


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  • Her wrestling name is Spanish for "The Storm".
  • Her real name was revealed in "Saving Face".

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