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Laird is a recurring character in The Casagrandes. He is a student of Chavez Academy and one of Ronnie Anne's friends.


In his earliest appearances, Laird usually just appeared as an incidental character who had minimal, if any, involvement in the stories.

In "Team Effort", when Ronnie Anne and her friends were looking for a sixth teammate to join their skateboarding team, Laird was willing to join, revealing to them that he is quite good at skateboarding, with the exception of stopping. He has been part of the friend group ever since.

"Home Improvement" marked Laird's most prominent role in the series. In that episode, he was nervous to host the group's movie night at his house, admitting to Ronnie Anne that he was embarrassed by where he lived. He spent the majority of the episode pretending that Arturo Santiago's apartment was where he lived, even at one point playing along with the group's mistaken assumption that he had a crush on Ronnie Anne. In the end, Laird confessed to the group that he was afraid of them treating him differently due to learning where he actually lived. After they told him he'd still be their friend, Laird brought them to his real house... which was revealed to be an extravagant mansion.


Laird is very clumsy as he often falls a victim of various misfortunes. Because of this, he prefers homeschooling over regular school, as at home he would feel safe.


Laird is a little light-skinned boy with poofy red hair and a buck tooth. He wears black round glasses, a white shirt, a blue blazer, a red tie, light brown shorts, white socks, and dark brown shoes.


  • Laird is the only member in Ronnie Anne's friend group who wasn't introduced in The Loud House.
  • Laird used to be homeschooled as he claims in "The Two of Clubs".
  • His appearance is similar to that of Penelope.
  • It is revealed in "Home Improvement" that he lives in a mansion and that he has worn glasses since he was a baby.
  • "Fails from the Crypt" reveals that he uses a security blanket.
  • "Gossipy Girl" reveals that he picks his nose with his feet.
    • He also carries his baby blanket and has never washed it.
  • "Blunder Party" reveals that he is afraid of zombies and sharp appendages, and that he used to own a teddy bear named Mr. Scuffles that got thrown out.
  • "For the Record" reveals that he once wrestled a shark and then fist-bumped with it.
  • Laird is the only one of Ronnie Anne's friends who has never met Lincoln.
    • He is also the one one of her friends not to have a debut or an appearance on The Loud House.

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