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Laird is a recurring character in The Casagrandes. He is a student of Chavez Academy and one of Ronnie Anne's friends.


Laird is very clumsy as he often falls a victim of various misfortunes. Because of this, he prefers homeschooling over regular school, as at home he would feel safe.


Laird is a little light-skinned boy with poofy red hair and a buck tooth. He wears black round glasses, a white shirt, a blue blazer, a red tie, light brown shorts, white socks, and dark brown shoes.


  • Laird used to be homeschooled as he claims in "The Two of Clubs".
  • His appearance is similar to that of Penelope.
  • It is revealed in "Home Improvement" that he lives in a mansion and that he has worn glasses since he was a baby.
  • "Team Effort" reveals that he's good at skateboarding, with the exception of stopping.
  • "Fails from the Crypt" reveals that he uses a security blanket.
  • "Gossipy Girl" reveals that he picks his nose with his feet.
    • He also carries his baby blanket and has never washed it.
  • "Blunder Party" reveals that he is afraid of zombies and sharp appendages, and that he used to own a teddy bear named Mr. Scuffles that got thrown out.

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