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This article is about the Casagrande family dog. For the ninth Loud child, see Lola Loud. For his namesake, see Lalo Alcaraz.

Lalo is an animal character in The Loud House, and the pet dog of the Casagrande Family.


Lalo is a friendly, and joyful dog, as demonstrated by the fact that he welcomes all guests by charging onto them and licking them, and will also lick his owners. He likes to play, and often joins in with the Casagrande brothers and Sergio in their games. Lalo is very loyal to his owners, and will go along with most of their plans.

On the rare occasion that Lalo does show aggression, it's usually due to fear or distrust. This is shown in "This Bird Has Flown" when Lalo tries to attack a drone masquerading as Sergio and in "What's Love Gato Do With It?" when he attacks Bobby, who thinks he is a cat because Lalo is afraid of cats.

He also likes eating a lot and will eat most human food in addition to dog food, unless it's too salty as seen in "Cursed!".


He is a Bull Mastiff, with yellow fur, brown ears, a light brown muzzle, a black nose, and black spots over his eyes. He also wears a black collar, with a white tag, he is also the size of a lion.


  • Like most pets in the show, Lalo is named after a cartoonist. In Lalo's case, he's named after Lalo Alcaraz, who created La Cucaracha, the first nationally syndicated Latino newspaper comic strip.
  • He owns a "fart pillow".[1]
  • His age is unknown, but Bobby recognises him in "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos" and Rosa mentions in "The Loudest Thanksgiving" that she hasn't cooked Thanksgiving dinner for Bobby in five years. Therefore, Lalo is at least five years old.
  • Hector Casagrande pays Carlino Casagrande five dollars to walk him.[2]
  • He can point.[3]
  • He doesn't have a Christmas stocking-- he uses his bowl instead.[4]
  • He is supposedly heavier than Vito, as evidenced by how although Hector is able to carry Vito for long spans of time,[5] he can only carry Lalo briefly.[6]
  • Sometimes, he makes humanlike gestures. For instance, he puts his front paws on his lower area when he needs to pee[7], stirs a pot of taco ingredients[8], and tries to mime what happened when Carlitos goes missing.[9]



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