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"Lalo Land" is the twenty-ninth episode of the second season, and the sixty-seventh episode of The Casagrandes.


The Casagrandes prepare Lalo for his big audition to be Phoebe Powers' new canine sidekick.


At the Great Lakes City Park, Mr. Nakamura is playing with Nelson. Ronnie Anne, CJ, Carl and Lalo arrive and ask what Mr. Nakamura is doing, to which he replies that action star Phoebe Powers is going to film her new movie in Great Lakes City and is holding auditions for a dog to co-star alongside her. After Vito arrives by saying that Big Tony and Little Sal will nail the audition, Ronnie Anne and her cousins believe that they can train Lalo into getting the part, since it means they'll be given access to all the privileges movie stars get.

What follows afterwards is Ronnie Anne, CJ, Carl and Sergio attempting to transform Lalo into a more presentable and talented dog.

  • Makeover: From Hog to Hot Dog: First, the kids attempt to give Lalo a bath in a wading pool. Since Lalo hates baths, they attempt to lure him in with the promise of bacon donuts, but when Lalo arrives, he immediately sees the bath and quickly escapes, despite the kids' efforts to push him in. When Carl says that movie stars get belly rubs and all the dog food he can eat, Lalo immediately jumps into the pool to get washed, ending with CJ giving him a new hairdo.
  • Acting: Second, the kids attempt to train Lalo into expressing emotions in a believable way. After Serio fails to get Lalo to express anger, Carl tells him to think of his saddest moment. Thinking back to a time during his pup days, Lalo remembers when he used to play with a ball he loved and got really sad when it fell into a sewer drain. This memory causes Lalo cry up a flood in the living room.
  • Action: Lastly, the kids attempt to train Lalo into being more active by having go through an obstacle course they built on the rooftop. Lalo attempts to go through the course but is unable to make it through the first obstacle without getting exhausted. Getting an idea, Sergio has some of the pigeons carry some of Lalo's most prized possessions to motivate Lalo into getting them back, where Lalo successfully gets through the obstacle course without effort.

With Lalo completely trained, the kids believe that Lalo is finally ready for the audition.

The next day, the kids arrive to the park where filming is ready to start. Upon entering, they see that Nelson has been disqualified for biting the director, and Big Tony and Little Sal are disqualified for falling onto each other while showing off their moves. Upon arriving to the director's table, the kids tell her that Lalo is the perfect dog for the part, but Lalo's nervousness causes him to fart. Despite this moment of embarrassment, the director hires Lalo merely because he resembles the dog on the movie poster.

Soon afterwards, the kids begin to enjoy the celebrity treatment, like getting anything they want while hanging out in Lalo's trailer, courtest of Lalo's on-set caretaker, Chuck. While the kids enjoy themselves, Lalo is noticeably unhappy with his role, as he has to wear a tight motion capture suit while hanging by wires, has to run on a treadmill that slowly wears him out and being attacked by the street cats (who also have a role in the movie). Suddenly, Chuck arrives and tells Ronnie Anne that Phoebe wants to skateboard with her, much to girl's glee. Later, as the kids approach Phoebe, they see that Lalo is getting set for his final part in the movie: riding down a giant ramp while on a hot dog cart and jumping off before the cart explodes when it reaches the bottom. Seeing the imminent danger their dog is in, Ronnie Anne decides to save him by launching herself to the top of the ramp, grab hold of the camera drone being used for the shot, and approaches Lalo, telling him to jump onto her skateboard for safety, Upon reaching the bottom, the hot dog cart explodes, and Ronnie Anne and Lalo land safely. The director appraches them and accuses them for ruining the movie, but Ronnie Anne rebuffs that she put her dog in danger. This causes the director to reveal that Lalo was never in any danger, and that the "explosion" was merely a special effect. Despite Ronnie Anne's apology, the director furiously quits due to her meddling. After Ronnie Anne apologizes to Phoebe for ruining the movie, Phoebe is actually impressed by Ronnie Anne's actions that she wants to revise the ending, with Sergio stepping in to take over as director.

Later, the new ending is revealed to Phoebe riding down the ramp on a fake Lalo on a skateboard while the hot dog cart explodes behind them. Once the shot is taken, Phoebe thanks Ronnie Anne for the trick while the fake Lalo is revealed to be Chuck in costume. Suddenly, Lalo barks for Ronnie Anne, where it's revealed that he's being pampered by the kids due to his role in the movie.



  • Starting from this episode onward, Miguel Puga is now credited as co-creator of The Casagrandes alongside Michael Rubiner. According to Puga, the reason why it took this long for his name to be credited was due to "internal politics".
  • According to Carl, he thinks of his saddest memory in order to cry so believably to get out of punishments.


  • Lalo Land - The title of this episode is most likely a reference to the 2016 musical romantic comedy-drama La La Land.
  • Mad Max: Fury Road - The name of Phoebe Powers' new film is titled Furry Road, a pun on this 2015 post-apocalyptic action film.


  • Chuck is shown to be among the people watching Ronnie Anne "save" Lalo, but when the director reveals that the explosion is merely a special effect, Chuck is shown to be part of the crew proving the special effects using a hotdog launcher.

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