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Aside from Charles, Cliff, Geo, Walt, and other Loud Family pets, Lana has many other pets.

The majority of Lana's pets are reptiles, but she also has other animals as well, such as Bitey, who's a rat.


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For the elderly man, see Seymour.

Seymour is a frog, who made his only appearance in "Sound of Silence", as Lana's (possibly made up) former pet.


Lola maybe buried Seymour?

After Seymour's croaking made Lola mess up her makeup, she decided to take care of the problem herself, or at least Lana claims. It is unknown if he was real or not, because in the end, it turned out to be a prank for Lincoln set up by Lola, because he was using noise-cancelling ear buds and the flashbacks turned out to be fake.

Despite the stories being made up, it appears Seymour may have actually been real. Seymour's name (which was misspelled as "Seymoor") was taped on a tank that Lana kept in her room. After the story about the frog fiasco ended, it's shown that Seymour's name was covered up by a label for Lana's new lizard Izzy. Lana still seems to hold some feelings of despair over the loss of her frog, and apparently hates to bring it up, though considering the stories were made up, she may have been feigning despair.

Considering the frog fiasco was made up, it is likely that Lola never did anything to Seymour, as Lana admits she can't prove she did, and his true fate is currently left unknown. Whatever really happened to the frog or if the frog even ever existed remains a mystery.

It would appear that Seymour was Lana's first pet frog, and that she had him before Hops. But since it is unknown if the frog is real or not, it is unknown if this is true. If the frog is not real, then Lana likely created the label on Izzy's tank for the purpose of the prank.


Seymour is a standard looking green frog.


Izzy is a minor character in The Loud House. He is Lana's pet gecko.


Not much is known about Izzy, other than that Lana owns him as a pet. He tends to scurry around the house, as evidenced when Lincoln looked for a quiet place to read comics in his underwear. The only known fact about Izzy is that he seems to have replaced Lana's former pet frog Seymour (that is, if Seymour ever existed).


Izzy is a small green platynote gecko, with a long tail, some spots, and a sharp forked tongue.


El Diablo

El Diablo is a minor character in The Loud House and Lana's pet snake.


El Diablo belongs to Lana, and lives in her and Lola's room, greeting new people by wrapping himself around them, and squeezing them tight. However, this nature tends to chase off guests that feel threatened by him. He also has a habit of swallowing people and animals and then spitting them back out.


El Diablo is a green snake, with yellow spots, and appears to be similar to a lamprophiid or canidoia.


  • His name is Spanish for "the devil".


Bitey is a minor character in The Loud House, and Lana's pet rat.


Bitey first appears in the episode "Baby Steps", where Lana and Lisa were fighting for Bitey, because Lisa wanted to test her experiments on the rat, while Lana refused to let Lisa do so. Later on, Bitey, along with Lana, get trapped in a tree. Lana was trying to rescue Bitey, but her acrophobia (fear of heights) kicked in, and was too scared to get down. Clyde helped Lana and Bitey down the tree, causing Lana to hug Clyde in gratitude.

In "Fool's Paradise", Lana mentions him while praying before going to sleep.

In "Job Insecurity", he is seen when Lana shows Mr. Grouse the difference between an actual mouse and a computer mouse.

In "Tripped!", Lana brought Bitey, Hops, and El Diablo on the family road trip.

In "Training Day", Lana feeds Bitey and tells him not to bite Geo's ball.

In "Live Life Loud!", Lola looks after Bitey (along with Lana's other pets) when Lana falls sick with either food poisoning or an allergic reaction to some rhubarb she ate. Lola has trouble remembering Bitey's name (at one point calling him Snappy) and then dresses him in a dress and wig, mistaking him for a female rat.

In "Sleepstakes", he (along with Hops, Izzy, El Diablo, and Duncan) is sent to Kayla's house to help Lana with her homesickness, but they then leave.


Bitey is a standard rat, with gray fur, whiskers, buck teeth, and a pink tail.


  • Although Bitey is Lana's pet, it is implied that Lisa tries to use him for lab experiments.
  • According to Lana, he is afraid of heights, just like her and Clyde.


Brad is a minor character in The Loud House and he is also Lana's pet flea.


  • Lana says that she named her flea "Brad", because he lives in her pit, referencing the actor Brad Pitt.


Rebecca is a pet lizard owned by Lana Loud.


Duncan is Lana's pet opossum.


Duncan first appeared in "Coupe Dreams," running out of Eliza. Lana accepts him as payment for fixing up the car and keeps him as a pet. He reappeared in "Strife of the Party" popping out of Lola's plush unicorn, which Lana yells at him for, and in "Summer Special", where Lana takes him to the pool and the only thing he likes about the pool is eating from the trash.

In "Sleepstakes", he (along with Hops, Izzy, El Diablo, and Bitey) is sent to Kayla's house to help Lana with her homesickness, but they then leave.


Duncan is a small, gray Virginia opossum with sharp teeth, a long tail, and a pink nose.


Paul is Lana's pet cricket.


Paul is a cricket Lana found in the Loud House.

In "A Bug's Strife", Paul torments Lynn Sr. while the latter is trying to relax as the rest of the family is visiting Aunt Ruth.

Snake families

Lana Loud has owned two snake families.

In "Missed Connection", Lana owns a green snake with a forked tongue and no markings, who lays three eggs in Lori's sock drawer. The eggs hatched and the snakes popped out, scaring Lori.

In "Friends in Dry Places", Lana owns a snake who looks exactly like El Diablo, but female, who gives live birth in Lincoln's sleeping bag. She has four babies, who look paler than her and have no spots.

Unnamed Pets

  • An alligator[1]
  • A fox[1] (temporarily)[2]
  • A monkey[3][1]
  • A pig[1]
  • A turtle[1]
  • A deceased snake[1]
  • Extra reptiles[4]
  • Ant colony[5]
  • Three ducklings (temporarily)[6]
  • An unidentified erect reptilian
  • A vampire bat (in Lincoln's imagination)[3]


  • Lana says that she named her flea "Brad", because he lives in her pit, referencing the actor Brad Pitt.
  • "Summer Special" reveals that Duncan knows how to brush his own teeth.


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