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This page is a comprehensive list of all of the gross things Lana Loud has done, sorted by episodes from the Shorts, Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Season 4, and Season 5.


  • She wraps herself up in toilet paper to look like a mummy to chase Lola.
  • She attempts to show Lincoln her mud pies.

Slice of Life

  • She agrees with Lynn that she'll just eat her boogers instead of the last slice of pizza.

12 Days of Christmas

  • She describes eight mud pies as "yummy".

Deuces Wild

  • She helps her siblings change Lily's diaper and take out the trash.

Speaking Sibling

  • She plays in the mud.

The Maltese Bear

  • According to Lola, she has had gas lately.
  • She tries to eat the dog biscuit Leni found.

Put a Sock in It

  • She eats Lily's booger, making the latter cry.

King of the Chair

  • She takes a nap surrounded by trash.

10 Headed Beast

  • In Lincoln's fantasy, when he (as Linc the White-Haired) farts, most of the heads on the 10-Headed Beast blame the Lana head, even though, as she points out, they have the same butt.

Get the Message

Heavy Meddle

  • She spits the hairy ABC gum out of her mouth when she tells Lincoln to put it in the boy's hair and takes it back and chews it some more when she realizes that wasn't the bully.

Making the Case

  • She picks out some old ABC gum in the trash and chews it.

Driving Miss Hazy

  • She dug out Lori's old retainer from the garbage and chewed the gum that was stuck on the retainer.

A Tale of Two Tables

  • She sticks some mushy chewed up bits of food to Lincoln for the old "seafood/see food" joke.
  • She makes armpit sounds at the kiddie table.

In Tents Debate

  • While it does not happen onscreen, she enjoys pooping in the woods.

Picture Perfect

  • She covers herself in mud and calls herself "Mudzilla".

Undie Pressure

  • She desperately wants to play in the mud because of a bet that prevents her from doing her annoying habits.

Linc or Swim

  • She drinks pool water because she says it tastes like chicken noodle soup, even adding vegetables.
  • Possible: When Lisa's urine detector evaporates the pool water, she blushes like the rest of her sisters (sans Lisa), implying she peed in the pool.

Changing the Baby

  • While she doesn't want Lincoln's peanut butter and sauerkraut sandwich, she admits that she eats "grody stuff".


  • She makes all kinds of mud pies.

Sleuth or Consequences

  • She helps her dad unclog the toilet and goes as deep into it as possible when finding the source of the clog.
  • When questioned about clogging the toilet, she denies being the culprit but admits that she's tried to clog the toilet herself for years.

The Green House

  • She, along with her sisters, is forced to wear nothing but a potato sack and bandages on her feet and ankles and stinks because of Lincoln's endeavors on keeping the house in the green zone.

Along Came a Sister

  • She picks her nose while she and the other sisters (excluding Leni) are confronting Lincoln about his odd behavior.
  • She picks up the second hairball Cliff coughed up, thinking it looked like Frank's corpse.

Chore and Peace

  • Her chore is cleaning up after the pets' messes.

Cover Girls

  • She wants to play in the mud at the end of the episode.

It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, House

  • She gets her dollar back from Charles, but it's now covered in his dog feces.

Toads and Tiaras

  • She is all dirty when Lincoln gets the idea to make her pose as Lola for the pageant.
  • She scratches her butt, saying it helps her think.
  • She makes armpit sounds for her talent suggestion.
  • She carries her frog, Hops, in her dress.
  • She belches into Donnie's mic.
  • She seems pleased at the idea of the new ride at Dairyland making her barf and then get hit in the face with her own barf, then says, "Awesome" when it happens to Lincoln.

Two Boys and a Baby

  • She is the only one who actually enjoys eating Aunt Ruth's moldy pudding.
  • In the flashback, she is disappointed that she doesn't get to rub Aunt Ruth's toe and says Lincoln is lucky for being told to do it.

Attention Deficit

  • She clogged the toilet because she wanted to learn how to fix it.

Out on a Limo

  • She eats mustard straight from the jar.

House Music

  • She claims to Luna that their band will pee whenever they want to.

April Fools Rules

  • She thinks Lincoln's tinkle tube is cool while her sisters think it's gross.

Cereal Offender

  • She admits that she likes dog biscuits, much to Lola's confusion.

Raw Deal

  • She finds a dollar in the toilet and decides to keep it.
  • She eats the worms the siblings were using as bait for fishing, and later regrets eating them.

One of the Boys

  • Her male counterpart, Leif, joins the rest of the Loud brothers in giving Lincoln a Loud House-style Dutch oven. He also threatens to shove a frog down the pants of his twin Lexx (Lola's male counterpart), does armpit farts, and picks his nose with his thumb.

A Tattler's Tale

  • She admits she chewed up her dad's boots, and pinned the blame on Charles.

Snow Bored

  • She kisses her lucky booger.

One Flu Over the Loud House

  • She unknowingly catches Lynn's germs when she drinks the contaminated orange juice.
  • Once she's infected, she drinks the juice straight from the carton.
  • In her sick condition, she coughs and sneezes, just like everyone else.

Study Muffin

  • She drinks water from a dog bowl just like Charles.


  • When the bathroom sink has a problem while brushing her teeth, she goes to borrow water from Charles' bowl.
  • She, along with the rest of her siblings, swims in a swimming hole they made out of old storm water from the basement.

Brawl in the Family

  • She hands Lincoln a bucket to puke in, after he eats the couch bagel, and says, "Don't knock it 'til you try it".
  • She dumps dirty laundry on Lincoln to use in place of his bed sheets and blanket.
  • She eats Lisa's threat level chart.
  • According to Lola, she farts loudly in her sleep.

Patching Things Up

  • While picking up litter on the trail, she picks up a half-eaten sandwich and smells it.
  • After catching a fish with her bare hands, she eats her worm, much to Lola's disgust.
  • When she and Lola eat for lunch, she eats a sandwich that, according to Lola, came from the garbage.
  • She smiles while explaining what a latrine is.
  • During the fashion activity, Lana rolls in the mud.

Lock 'n' Loud

  • She ate dog food from Charles' bowl.
  • She wants to pick up the dog poop someone didn't pick up when Lincoln mentions it when he was explaining to his dad that there couldn't be other burglars.

No Such Luck

  • She volunteers to pee on the wound if someone gets stung by a jellyfish.

Frog Wild

  • She and Hops like to eat from the trash.
  • During her short film about Hops, she is seen eating plain crickets and dirt with the latter.
  • While in the dumpster, she chews on used gum.
  • She hides a frog from Principal Huggins in her mouth.

Fed Up

  • Coming out of the backside of the toilet.
  • Believing that she can drink barf.
  • When the siblings were mentioning what they cooked, she said barf.

Spell It Out

  • She scratches her butt with Edwin's fangs.
  • She drags her butt on the floor.

Job Insecurity

  • She eats a pineapple stroganoff from the dumpster.

Health Kicked

  • Her method of exercising is mud wrestling.
  • She enjoys eating grubs, and drinking the onion-infused water.

Future Tense

  • She is seen sliding through the mud multiple times.
  • After being dropped off at finishing school, she burps after saying, "I've got social graces up the wazoo!"
  • She sincerely thinks Leni was lucky getting covered in mud.

No Laughing Matter

  • She asks Lisa if she can use the time machine to put her butt in front.

No Spoilers

  • She keeps ABC gum under the stair banister and uses it as balloons.
  • While Lola is disgusted by the card's camel smell, Lana sniffs it, and enjoys the camel smell.

Not a Loud

  • Possible: She exits the bathroom with a roll of newspaper and suggested that Lincoln and Clyde wait before entering, implying that she did something gnarly to the toilet.

The Crying Dame

  • She puts a trash can over her head to avoid hearing Fenton's song.
  • She tries to look for Fenton through the dumpster, but has no luck, and ends up finding a vicious rat instead.


  • Lana poops in the bushes when the family is stranded, and finds a crop duster.
  • Lana doesn't seem to be bothered by the use of manure when she's eating the cherries.
  • After eating the rotten egg salad, Lana throws up along with the rest of her family.
  • While fixing the plane, she uses one of Lily's nighttime diapers to fix a leak and paints a picture of a farting Lori on the plane.


  • She gives Myrtle her mud pies before the latter leaves.
  • Lana is the only one of the Louds to happily embrace getting hit by Lisa's fecal slides after the latter trips on the stairs, whereas the others are horrified and disgusted.
  • She puts mud on her face as soon as Myrtle left after she finished wiping it off her face.

Selfie Improvement

  • She comes out of the backside of the toilet after installing a dual flush valve.

No Place Like Homeschool

  • She rubs mud all over herself while waiting for the bathroom in the hallway.
  • Lori uses her perfume to cover up the musk of Lana's old hat.

Fool Me Twice

  • She teaches her double how to put mud on her face.
  • After her double runs away from the worm, she angrily faints after saying she would eat the worm.

Pipe Dreams

  • She uses a bucket named Old Sloshie as an alternative for a bathroom.
  • She plays in a mud puddle in the front yard.
  • One of her lucky charms is a chicken bone.

Rita Her Rights

  • She throws up on Rita after apparently eating too many earthworms.
  • She uses her butt to smear mud on the walls.
  • She gets a flea outbreak and is against getting a flea bath from Lori, stating them as her "friends".
  • Lana claims that the best part of walking Charles is picking up his poop.
  • She has a pet flea that lives in her armpit.

The Mad Scientist

  • She eats a moldy cupcake she and Lincoln found behind the radiator.

Missed Connection

  • She thinks the heart-shaped pizza that Bobby gave to Lori is meant to be a butt.

Deal Me Out

  • A younger Lana is seen covered in mud.

Shop Girl

  • She eats her breakfast and lunch with her mouth open.

Ruthless People

  • Her shoe can be used as an ammonia capsule to wake Lynn Sr. after he passed out.

Scales of Justice

  • She tracks mud through the house after visiting the Fishmans.
  • She covers herself in mud to disguise herself as a swamp monster.
  • She thinks she and Hops should pee before setting off.

House of Lies

  • She wants Lori to drive her to the dump because all of the "good stuff" is being dropped off on that particular day.
  • She spits chewed-up napkins into Lisa's ears so that she can't hear the family sneaking into her room.
  • She asks Lori to drive her to the dump a second time, this time because on Thursdays, the hair salon throws out all of the extra hair, and she wants to use it as stuffing for a beanbag chair.

Tea Tale Heart

  • According to Lola, she apparently washes her hat only once a year.
  • When the pets run out of Lynn and Lucy's room with the old sandwich, Lana calls dibs on the pickles.

The Loudest Thanksgiving

Predict Ability

  • She says she never passes a dumpster without checking to see if there's something to eat in it.

Home of the Fave

  • According to Rita, Lana has eaten Lola's mud mask before.
  • She is excited that she gets worms au gratin for dinner.
  • When her father tries to kiss her finger, she insists that he rather not, as she's been picking her nose a lot lately.


  • She likes the fish smell the old restaurant had.
  • When all of the siblings submit their ideas to promote the restaurant, Lana's ballot is covered in her boogers.
  • She drinks out of the dish washing sink.
  • She washes the dishes with her tongue.

Washed Up

  • She implies that she eats worms for breakfast.

Present Tense

  • She uses her boogers to glue Lola's gems into Lynn Sr.'s scrapbook.

A Mutt Above

  • She plays in the mud and the garbage with Charles.

A Pimple Plan

  • She asks if she can pop Luan's pimple.

Kings of the Con

  • Assuming that Clyde needed to use the bathroom and that was why he was rushing, she asks why he didn't just pee outside. She then says that if she could do so she would, to which the rest of the siblings reply in exasperation that they know.
  • Shortly after that, Rita yells out, "Lana, not on the begonias!" from outside Lincoln's window, the implication being obvious.
  • When Lori is cleaning up the Kitty's hairballs, she notes that Lana would probably prefer it.

Community Disservice

  • Lana is disheartened when Rita forbids her from eating any nasty things from Dairyland.
  • Possible: At the end of the episode, she takes a bite out of a cheese crown Lola got from Meli.

Game Off

  • It's revealed that Lana likes to watch a TV show called "Booger Battle".
  • She expresses interest in Lincoln's trash-themed video game.
  • After Lincoln told Lana that she can't play his video game (as he was in the final level, and losing would force him to go back to Level 1), Lana believes he was worried that she may leave the controller covered with boogers, so she tells him that her fingers don't have any boogers.

Write and Wrong

  • She tracks mud in the living room while Hops sits on her hat.
  • She picks her nose, but got stopped by Lisa.
  • She handstands while covered in dirt.
  • Possible: When Jesse asks if the Loud kids have been bitten by rabid raccoons, Lana implies she would like to get bitten by one.

Sister Act

  • She enters (and wins) a recycling contest, in the process spilling tin cans on the floor.
  • She enjoys the leftover hash that no one else likes.
  • She avoids taking a bath.
  • She throws mud on Lola as part of the latter's disguise.
  • When she has a toothache, her tooth appears grey.
  • She likes the water turning brown with mud after her bath.
  • When Lana takes a bath at the end of the episode, she discovers a hairy drain clog that Rita (reluctantly) allows her to keep.

A Dark and Story Night

  • She establishes that her character ate a piece of the electric crystal mentioned in the story but promised to give the other characters the piece after pooping it out.

Room and Hoard

  • She keeps an expired burrito, which she names Burt, to play with and eat.

Wheel and Deal

  • She finds an old donut in the sofa and eats it whole.

How Double Dare You!

  • She eats an old slice of pizza Lincoln found in the couch.
  • When Marc Summers dumps slime onto the Loud kids, Lana sticks her tongue out, wanting to eat the slime.
  • She offers to "slime" Lincoln with her snot.

Snoop's On

  • She eats a moldy bagel Leni found in the couch.

The Boss Maybe

  • She lets a skunk spray her and is comfortable with the stench.

Strife of the Party

  • She comes into her and Lola's room covered in mud.
  • She belches.
  • She uses trash as party decorations.
  • She catches flies on her tongue.
  • She makes a literal mud cake in a dirty sink, and adds some of her own hair to it.
  • She wants to top her "cake" with worms.
  • Possible: Lola claims that Lana once relieved herself on a pile of leaves and used another leaf pile as toilet paper.
  • She has her own trash can, known as her Sad Can, to brood in.

Season's Cheatings

  • She gets mud as her Christmas present and splashes it on her face.
  • She only cleans her ears once a year.

A Flipmas Carol

  • Possible: She looks excited when Lola is hit with a moldy turkey.
  • She happily eats the moldy turkey.
  • She uses a toilet plunger to sword-fight Lola, who is wielding beef jerky.

Undercover Mom

  • She brings mud into the Loud House and happily plays in it.


  • She eats spaghetti like a pig.
  • She asks where’s the dirt and gets upset when she hears it was an idiom.

Training Day

  • She tells Stella she accepts plenty of crickets and worms as payment for petsitting Jazzy.
  • She throws mud at Lola to fix her pimple.
  • She offers a smelly dollar bill to buy Snazzy.


  • She eats her eggs, even though they are soggy from her father's tears.

Lori Days

  • She keeps dirt in a spice container and sprinkles it on her food.
  • She talks and eats at the same time.
  • She thinks Lola is lucky for being covered in mud.
  • She and her siblings have a mud fight.

Animal House

  • She apparently eats dog food if she gets hungry at the animal shelter.
  • Possible: She is hired to clean up Larry the llama's dung.

Fam Scam

  • She licks the mall floor, with Lynn cheering her on.
  • She tells Cricket (who she mistook for Lola) that the last time she changed her clothes was two weeks ago.

The Loudly Bones

  • She eats expired cream puffs and enjoys them despite them giving her food poisoning.


  • She makes a mud snowman at the bottom of the stairs.
  • She and CJ alter the toilet so that when Rosa flushes it, it floods the house.

Listen Out Loud

Meet the Loud Family

  • She keeps some gum inside her ears, takes it out, chews it, and blows a bubble, much to the disgust of her siblings.

Leni Loud

  • Possible: According to Leni, she eats pet food.

Lana Loud

  • When Hops eats a bug, she asks him to do splitsies (i.e. split the bug between him and her) next time.
  • She had a bug salad sandwich with extra crickets and dropped it in Vanzilla's engine during her last maintenance tune-up. After getting the sandwich out of the engine, she eats it.

Pet Adoption Day with Lana Loud

  • When Sam sings a song about the animals in the shelter, Lana adds the lyric "Even if they potty on the floor."
  • Possible: She might have made up the story of Feline Dion needing to be sung to in order to go to the bathroom, though that might have just been something true about the cat.
  • When Cheryl says that Lana "scared the tinkle out of her", she takes it literally and says that she is used to "accidents" in the animal shelter.
  • To put Dante off adopting Captain Ron, she lies that he only likes being fed via mouth, and makes Dante do it.
  • She is mentioned to have actually fed Captain Ron with her mouth.

Living Loud: Lincoln's List

  • She fills the pipes up with what she claims is mud, but she frequently implies it is dung.

Welcome to the Loud House

  • Her gum bubble bursts on top of everyone, making them scream and run.

There Will Be More Chaos

House Training

  • According to Lincoln, she has behaved like a dog by chewing on the furniture, barking at the mailman, and tracking mud in the house. When he accuses her of these, she sheepishly apologizes that she should do try harder.
  • She is covered in mud.

Live Life Loud!

It's Just a Phase

  • She's shown covered in mud and having covered half the house in mud as a toddler.

Mother's Day Gift Guide

  • She gets too distracted by playing in the mud to give Rita flowers.
  • Possible: According to the narrator, she wanted to buy Rita some dog biscuits, although she claims they were for Charles.

Holiday Party Guide

  • Her using gum as balloons gets alluded to.

Vacation Packin' Guide

  • She brings her plunger along and the narrator mentions that it would be useful in case someone gets food poisoning.

The Loud House Saves the Earth

  • She gets put in charge of cleaning up the litter.

Holiday Gift Guide

  • She wants dog biscuits for Christmas.

The Pug House

  • Possible: The official video's description states that the dog versions of the Louds "sometimes have accidents in the house", which would logically include Lana.

Pizza Making Guide

  • She thinks Lori's heart-shaped pizza is meant to be a butt again.
  • She enjoys a pizza with worms, bugs, and mud on it.
  • She plays in the mud.

Dairyland Amoosement Park (game)

  • She photo-bombs Lori and Bobby by spitting gum on them.

Top 9 Loud House Conspiracy Theories

  • She's described as having an "iron stomach" because she eats dog biscuits and garbage without getting sick.


  • Chores she can do include changing Charles' newspapers, unclogging the sink, and cleaning the trash bin.
  • On the game's main page, she's seen doing armpit farts with her tongue poking out.

Locker Decorating Guide

  • Her locker is covered in mud.
  • Her mud wrestling with Rita is mentioned again.
  • Her unclogging the toilet is mentioned again.

Which Loud House Character Are You?

  • She's said to not find any job too gross.
  • She's mentioned to always be willing to get her hands dirty, with diving in dumpsters and eating crickets being examples.

Living Loud: Surprise Party

  • She is shown covered in mud and picking her nose in her character animation.

Ugly Sweater Guide

  • She gets mud on her sweater.

Leni Loud's Fashion Vlog

  • Leni brings up her habit of playing in the mud, mistakenly thinking she's exfoliating her skin.

Pumpkin Carving Interactive Guide

  • The narrator recognises a pumpkin as Lana's due to its being moldy.

Lisa Loud's Invention Interactive Guide

  • She gets fleas again.

Outta Control

  • She plays in a mud puddle.
  • She has apparently tracked mud through Lincoln's room before.
  • One of the game trophies is her lucky booger.

Lincoln Vlogs

  • The cupcake Lincoln and Clyde bake for her is chocolate with chocolate frosting, which looks sort of like dirt. It is also decorated with gummy worms.

The Case of the Stolen Drawers

  • Imaginary: She apparently smells bad and Lincoln suspects she has been in the garbage. However, this turned out to be a dream that Lincoln was having.
  • She plays with worms in Lincoln's treehouse on rainy days.
  • She drinks expired milk and eats a cake made with flowers in the place of flour. She then feels sick and believes it's food poisoning, though it might have been her rhubarb allergy.
  • When she recovers from the aforementioned illness, she makes mud pies.

Livin' La Casa Loud!

  • In "Hide and Sneak", Lincoln thinks burying his snacks in the yard has too much risk of Lana digging them up.

Family Tree

  • She tries to butter up Albert with mud pies.
  • She plans to give Bitey a mud bath.
  • Lola claims that her side of the room is dirty, and Lana agrees but doesn't see a problem with it.
  • She sleeps with an expired jack-o-lantern.

The Struggle is Real

  • She tries to search for a sewer pipe underground.

After Dark

  • She digs up some worms and tries to keep them as pets.

Who's the Loudest?

  • When Leni is imitating her, she burps.
  • She thinks an old boot is treasure.
  • She eats Albert's smelly fish bait.

Lucy Rolls the Dice

  • She willingly cleans the girls' bathroom at Royal Woods Elementary.

Ultimate Hangout

  • She tries to actually buy fleas at the flea market, then deliberately gets some from a dog. She also refers to the fleas as her friends, even when they bite her sisters and Rita.

There Will Be Chaos

  • A dog's bowl with her name on it is seen in Charles' doghouse.

The Many Faces of Lincoln Loud

  • When she pretends to be a ninja, she's said to have the power to control dirt.
  • She finds a mud pie and messily eats it, along with two corgi siblings.

The Loud House Movie

  • When Lola expresses gratitude that she will no longer be bothered by Lana's burps, Lana burps very loudly.

Loud and Proud

  • She hosts Bitey's family reunion at the dump.
  • She sincerely says thanks when Lori describes the fungus loaf as smelling bad.
  • She thinks Bitey's family has good taste when they all like the fungus loaf.
  • When she sees some rats bathing in oatmeal, she thinks it looks fancy.

There Will Be More Chaos

  • Among the doglike things she does that Lincoln tells her off for, she chews the furniture and tracks mud through the house.

Summer Special

  • She enjoys eating the trash at the pool.
  • Rita tells her not to dig.
  • She chases Lola with a worm and tries to keep another as a pet.

Winter Special

  • The ornament she made when she and Lola were one has mud on her side of it.
  • She makes a gingerbread house that smells bad and includes mud and a worm.
  • Her gloves are muddy.

Love Out Loud

  • She is happy to receive a bucket of mud to go with Leni's card.
  • She adds expired candy canes to Lori's dessert she made for Bobby.

Guessing Games

  • She holds up a worm.
  • She has dirt under her fingernails.
  • When she and Lola are guessing each other's thoughts, Lola guesses that Lana is thinking of mud angels.