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Her siblings


S2E26B I got this

Lana buying burgers for her siblings.

Lana gets along well with all of her siblings. Sometimes her dirty habits conflict against them, for instance, grossing them out, or sometimes worse, from shooting spit balls, to make believe alligator wrestling; but despite this, they respect and love her. Lana will always offer to help with whatever problems they have.

In "Pets Peeved", she shows her siblings a puppy she found which they all adored.

In "Snow Way Out", she went to Burpin' Burger with them because her favorite racecar driver, Bobbie Fletcher, was holding a contest and she wanted to win it so bad. She bought them their burgers with a special coupon, found the wrapper, and promised to get them home when the place snowed in and Vanzilla's engine froze. Ultimately, she sacrificed her wrapper to get her siblings home safely, showing they're more important than some contest.

In Welcome to the Loud House, her siblings all chew her gum.


S4E16B You are the best

Lana hugging Lincoln.

Lincoln often ceases arguments between Lana and Lola. In "Left in the Dark", the twins were afraid of a possible ghost in the basement. Lincoln hugged them and told them that he would protect them.

For the most part, the two seem to have a solid friendship, but Lana's filth oriented pleasures and habits sometimes conflict against Lincoln, but only depending on the circumstance. Examples include shooting spit balls, which she'll only do in the family van to the person who sits in front of her, or using chewed up gum as adhesive for tickets to stick on him as part of practicing hall monitor duties, in "Get the Message".

She's close enough to Lincoln to introduce him to her new pets in "Sound of Silence", and to ask him for borrowing things for her mischievous things in "Along Came a Sister".

She will, of course, follow suit when his sisters all have a reason to be angry at Lincoln, like in "The Sweet Spot", where she first calls the attack on him and in Making the Case, but Lana seems to be one of Lincoln's friendliest sisters to him regardless.

In "A Tale of Two Tables, she and Lola poke sausages at Lincoln's face. Later she does the see food joke. Then she and the other sisters put crinkle cut fries to his face when it gets covered in ketchup. Later, he tries to stop them arguing over a jumprope by cutting it in half.

Even though Lana enjoys food normally seen as revolting, Lincoln's peanut butter and sauerkraut sandwich is too much so even for her to eat in "Changing the Baby".

In "Ties That Bind", she wouldn't have Lincoln being thrown out, even after he admitted that he would have been happy if the rest of them had been thrown out.

In "Hand-Me-Downer", he gave her his newest bike, much to her joy, and then she made some adjustments to it.

In "It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, House", Lincoln, Lana, Lucy, and Luan dig up the money.

In "Toads and Tiaras", he wanted tickets to Dairyland so much, he convinced Lana to impersonate Lola to compete in a beauty contest to win them. Much to her annoyance, he tried to make her not act like herself but he constantly reminded her about Dairyland. However, after seeing how much she suffered from not being herself he apologized to her, and told her to be herself even if she doesn't win the contest. She did it with pleasure.

In "The Loudest Yard", she was happy believing Lincoln became a football star. She idolized him so much she and wanted Lincoln to sign her cap. However, after Lincoln's fraud was revealed, her pedestal got broken.

In "Raw Deal", Lana eagerly invited Lincoln to join her in swimming in the lake. She was surprised he refuses to have fun because of Lucy's predictions.

In "Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru", Lana was likely the inspiration for Lincoln's advice about making a girl happy by putting a frog in her pants. She later tells him she’s glad not all girls are the same.

In "One Flu Over the Loud House", Lincoln is concerned when he finds her and Lola sick and tries to help by asking Lori for advice.

In "Baby Steps", he pretends to be a troll so that she and Lola can both play at attacking him after Lola had gotten mad at Lana for attacking her castle.

In Brawl in the Family, she tells him to puke in a bucket. Later she says she’s glad to hear him understand.

In "Frog Wild", Lana and Lincoln team up to save the dissecting frogs after she convinces him it's wrong. After they've rescued the frogs, the duo then hides them from Principal Huggins after he checks every house for them. However, they were caught, but to their joy, Mrs. Johnson, who's in tears after seeing Lana's backstory about Hops, refuses to dissect them and gives them a nice home. Unfortunately, Lincoln ends up getting detention, which Lana apologizes to him for.

In "White Hare", Lana, along with Lola, tells Lincoln that he is friendly.

In "No Place Like Homeschool", Lana and Lincoln play together with one of Lana's crickets and Lincoln's Ace Savvy action toy.

In "Game Off", when Lana sees Lincoln playing Total Trash Takedown and, impressed with the garbage aesthetic of the game, asks if she can play it. Lincoln says that she can't because he had gotten to the final level and doesn't want to lose all of his progress. Lincoln states that Lana can play once he defeats the Trash King. After having a nightmare she decides to play the game, but not long after unpausing the game, she quickly loses Lincoln's last life, sending his player back to level one. Realizing she messed up, Lana quickly calls a sibling meeting where she explains to her sisters that she needs to fix her mistake before Lincoln finds out. Lana says that she'll need Lynn to keep her motivated, Lisa to teach her how to play and needs the rest of the sisters to distract Lincoln, and they all agree. As Lana attempts to play through the whole game, she almost reaches back to where Lincoln left off, but ends up losing her last life before she could make it to the final level. When Lincoln arrives back home, he sees what Lana has done and tells her to leave him alone with extreme disappointment. Knowing full well she messed up, Lana sadly leaves. Sometime later as Lincoln is playing his game, Lana attempts to make up for her mistakes. She gives Lincoln a tip needed to pass a level, and realizing that she knows much more than he does, Lincoln asks if she would like to play with him, and Lana happily agrees.

In Wheel and Deal, she hires him to work on her car, later when she learns he was cheating she becomes upset and briefly fires him but they make up.

In "Lost Control", she once took the remote control to scratch her back; Lincoln agreed to scratch her back if she gives him the remote control back.

In Living Loud: Lincoln's List, he helps her fix the pipes.

In Living Loud: Summer School, she frees his fireflies he catches, getting him an F in biology, but she then apologises and helps him get them back. He then returns her rubber darts.

In Lincoln's Listen Out Loud episode, he accuses her of stealing his hammock.


S2E16A Lori telling Lana to stop praying

Lana keeping Lori awake.

They don't have many interactions, but they do get along with each other.

In "Driving Miss Hazy", Lori gets Lana to find her retainer from the garbage. Lana agreed to do it, not for a ride, but because she says she likes digging around in the trash.

In "No Guts, No Glori", Lori glares at Lana for calling her "sir".

In "Fool's Paradise", Lana keeps Lori awake with her prayer.

In "The Whole Picture" Lana sits on Lori's lap as the siblings reminiscence about the times they shared with Lincoln.

In "Garage Banned", it is revealed that Lana often sleeps in Lori's bed after having a nightmare. Lana also apparently kicks Lori in the face while she's sleeping, much to Lori's annoyance. While the family fixes the garage for Lori, Lana installs a toilet and agrees to fix it when Lori tries to break it. During Lori's time in the garage, Lana sadly tells Leni that she wishes that Lori was around so that she can protect her from any nightmares she had.

In "Missed Connection", Lana uses Lori's sock drawer to help a snake keep her eggs warm.

In "House of Lies", Lana requests Lori to drive her to the dumpster which Lori does not want to do and she lies to Lana that she has homework to do when in reality she goes to the mall.

In "Coupe Dreams", Lana offers to help Lori fix up her new car.

In Lana's Listen Out Loud podcast, she gives Lori, along with Leni and their parents, advice for looking after Vanzilla.

In Welcome to the Loud House, Lana takes a selfie with a funny face with Lori's phone.


S2E17B Tell me all about it

Leni letting Lana sleep in her bed.

They don't have much interaction, but they get along well.

In "Cover Girls", Leni and Lana dress up as each other.

In "No Such Luck", Leni prevents Lana from being effected by Lincoln's "bad luck".

In Room with a Feud, she was with Lana and Lucy when they overheard Lincoln.

In "Garage Banned", after Lori moves out into the garage, Lana comes to Leni for comfort after a nightmare she had. Leni takes her nightmare literally and blocks the door to protect the two of them.

In Lana's Listen Out Loud podcast, she gives Leni tips for looking after Vanzilla, along with Lori and their parents.

In Welcome to the Loud House, Lana wads up Leni's driving outfit.


S2E14B We make a great team!

Luna and Lana having fun with drums and mud.

They don't have a lot of interactions, but they do get along with each other.

In "In Tents Debate", Luna and Lana both vote for Dairyland, and try to get Lincoln to vote for it too.

In "For Bros About to Rock", It was revealed that Luna ruined her and Lola's first Blarney the Dinosaur Concert, by trying to crowd surf on the children, including the twins.

In "Cereal Offender", Luna carried Lana on her back when their siblings were having a cereal fight.

In flashback of "Homespun" Luna carried Lana, when the latter was painting the house. In another flashback Lana gave Luna a sause.

In "Pets Peeved", Lana lamented all the pets are missing. Luna embraced her to make her feel better.

In "Room with a Feud", it was revealed Luna and Lana would be the most compatible roommates.

In "Health Kicked", Luna allowed her to hang onto her while she, and her other siblings, hold onto a hanging beam with their parents at the "Royal Woods Ultra Extreme Ninja Competition".

In "Job Insecurity", she, along with Lola, attempted to take Luna's sandwich, but she held them back. Later, Luna was seen fist bumping her, along with Lola.

In "A Dark and Story Night" during playing a story telling game, Lana chooses Luna as next to tell what happens next.


S2E21A Lana trips

Luan observes Lana tripping.

They don't have many interactions, but they do get along with each other. Like the rest of her siblings, Lana gets annoyed by Luan's jokes.

In "In Tents Debate", they both vote for Dairyland and try to get Lincoln to vote for it.

In "Undie Pressure", they're seen playing a board game at the end.

In "It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, House", Luan, Lana, Lucy, and Lincoln dig up the money.

In "No Laughing Matter", she eggs Lana and invites her to the Chortle Portal and, despite trying to resist, makes jokes about her breakfast after falling over.


S4E16B Lana asks Lynn to keep her pumped up

Lana asking Lynn to help her out.

They may not yet have made full interactions between each other in the series. However, among the Loud sisters, the two are the biggest tomboys, so they relate the best to one another. It is known either way from this that they enjoy each other's company.

In "In Tents Debate", they both wanted to go to Dairyland over the Aloha Beach and try to get Lincoln to vote for it.

In "Linc or Swim", they enjoyed fighting with pool noodles, and in "A Tattler's Tale", the two fought with pillows.

In "Funny Business", Lana was going to play football with Lynn when they both laughed at Lincoln's pratfall.

In "One Flu Over the Loud House", Lynn accidentally got Lana sick by drinking out of the carton while sick, which Lana then drank from.

In "Suite and Sour", they had an elevator race which caused both the elevators to break down. Lana also helped fix the shower after Lynn broke it, failure to do so notwithstanding.

In "Room with a Feud", Lincoln's compatibility test revealed that they would be the most compatible roommates. They got along at first, but then got into a fight when Lana's rattlesnake gets on Lynn's lucky jersey. By the end of the episode, the two of them are revealed to have been the ones who moved Lincoln's bed back into his room.

In "Spell It Out", Lana and Lola play canoeing with Lynn.

In "Change of Heart", Lynn and Lana play with a frisbee in their backyard.

In "Friendzy", Lynn and Lana were about to play badminton in the backyard until Lincoln uses his special friend privileges.

In "Really Loud Music", they both worked together to prevent Michelle and Doug from sabotaging Luna's performance.

In "Tea Tale Heart," Lana sees Lucy's doll when she enters Lynn and Lucy's room while training the animals. Lynn tells her that the doll belongs to Lucy, not Lola. Lana says that she kept seeing the doll at some of her favorite locations like the crawlspace, Charles' doghouse, the dump, and Tall Timbers Pond, and kept bringing it back to Lola. Lynn and Lana postulate how the doll got to those places.

In "Game Off," Lana asks Lynn to keep her energetic. Lynn does so throughout the episode after agreeing to help her out.

In "Wheel and Deal", Lynn cheers on Lana, as well as Lincoln, as they drive to the starting line at the soapbox derby, and when Chandler mocks their homemade car, Lynn defends them, claiming they will "eat your dust."


S2E21B Lucy and Lana decorating

Lucy and Lana decorating for a party.

They get along with each other, despite them not interacting much over the series.

In "No Guts, No Glori" and "A Tale of Two Tables", they enjoyed food fighting together.

In "A Tale of Two Tables", they both sat at the kiddy table.

In "It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, House", Lana joined Lincoln, Luan, and Lucy in digging.

In "Fed Up", they fight over an egg to use for a recipe.

In Room with a Feud, she and Lana along with leni eavesdrop on Lincoln.

In "No Spoilers", they're in charge of decorating for their Mom's birthday party.


S2E06A Hugging eachother

Lana and Lola hugging each other.

They share the same room and are generally in a great relationship, but they still have differences between them, as Lola is a girly girl, and Lana is a tomboy. Lana is also two minutes older than Lola.

Though Lola has a tendency to be sadistic when provoked, Lana herself is also rather mischievous.

In "Along Came a Sister", she tried to cut the hair of Lola's doll, knowing that Lola would really dislike it. Despite this and their differences, they enjoy playing together and like to watch the same cartoons on television.

In "A Tale of Two Tables", they both sat at the kiddy table.

In "Picture Perfect", they were seen playing together.

In "It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, House", they made a group to find the money.

In "Cover Girls", she and Lola bought Lincoln more time to get into his room before their parents came in.

In "A Tale of Two Tables", they argue over a jump rope.

In "Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru", Lana expresses gratitude at Lola's dissimilarity to her, then they both high-five.

In "One Flu Over the Loud House", she accidentally got Lola sick by coughing on her. Lola also disapproved of Lana drinking out of the carton and coughing on her.

In "Baby Steps", Lola asks her to guard her castle, but she gets bored and attacks it instead, which makes Lola mad. Lincoln solves this by pretending to be a troll so they can both attack him.

In "Patching Things Up", they were excited to become Bluebell Scouts together, but when during tryouts, one of them excelled at the task, while the other one failed. This caused them to have a falling out. Later, the two admitted that they deliberately failed, because they didn't want to be Bluebells without each other and they hug and make up which causes them to earn the friendship patch.

In "Potty Mouth", the twins play a clapping game together.

In "Health Kicked", she and Lola played jump rope with Rita to help her exercise.

In "Tea Tale Heart", Lana returns Rosie to Lola, mistakenly believing her to be Lola's doll.

In "Racing Hearts", they were partners for the Astonishing Quest.

In "Washed Up", Lola gets stuck in quicksand, and Lana tries to help her but gets stuck as well. They eventually get freed because Leni had a rope and the family worked together to lasso them out. After that, Lana says, "You have to be more careful Loles, I can always build you another princess bed, but I can't build myself another twin", and they hug.

In "Any Given Sundae", the twins argue over whether to watch a show about pageants or a show about penguins, eventually settling on a show about both.

In "A Mutt Above", when she's trying to train Charles for a fancy dog show, Lola promises that if she fixes her car, she can train Charles for her. True to her word, Charles is trained into a very sophisticated dog and performs flawlessly for the dog show. However, he no longer enjoys playing with Lana like he used to. But when he discovers his favorite tennis ball, he reverts to his normal self, and Lana happily forfeits the competition, much to Lola's dismay and consternation.

In "Community Disservice", she cheers with more enthusiasm than anyone else in class when Lola makes a grand entrance, chanting, "GO SIS! GO SIS!" However, after Meli wins a cheese crown for Lola, she takes a huge bite out of it, much to Lola's annoyance.

In "Sister Act", Lola and Lana agreed to pretend each other to avoid doing things they don't like.

In "A Dark and Story Night" during playing a story telling game, Lola chooses Lama as next to tell what happens next.

In Welcome to the Loud House, Lana dances with Lola's flowers.

Overall, they definitely have the best relationship among the younger sisters.


S2E03A Lana is confused

Lana and Lisa fight.

They don't have many interactions but they do get along with each other nonetheless.

In "A Tale of Two Tables", they both sat at the kiddy table.

In "In Tents Debate", they both voted to go to Dairyland and tried to get Lincoln to side with them.

In "Baby Steps", it was shown that Lisa sometimes performs experiments on Lana's pets. Lana fought Lisa physically to save her rat.

In "Mall of Duty", they can be seen playing cards together at the beginning and end of the episode.

In "The Mad Scientist", Lana, along with Lincoln, questions her if they should eat a moldy cupcake which they found behind the radiator.

In Last Loud on Earth, she tells her the password is her birthday.


S2E12A Lana accidentally cursed

Lana is shocked that Lily heard her curse.

She and Lily have a good relationship, as they do not tend to get into each other's ways.

In "A Tale of Two Tables", they both sat at the kiddy table.

In "Changing the Baby", Lana tried to implement her interests on Lily, and made her a playing partner, because Lana had nobody that shared her likes, even going as far as pulling one of Lily's arms to keep her away from Lola.

In "Potty Mouth", Lana accidentally swore in front of Lily.

In "The Crying Dame", Lana tried to cheer up Lily when she looks dejected by driving her around in Lola's Princess Car.

In "Pipe Dreams", Lana carried Lily while rushing down the stairs after hearing their parents calling for them.

In "Any Given Sundae", Lily settles an argument between the twins by finding a TV show they both like. Later, Lana crumbles up a cookie to put on Lily's sundae.

In Welcome to the Loud House, Lily tries to swallow Lana's gum, wrapper and all.



Lana gets along very well with both of her parents.

In "Health Kicked", in order to help them both exercise, she gets them to do mud wrestling, easily taking down Rita while Lynn Sr. hides in the van.

In "Pipe Dreams", Lana suggests for them to use a bucket as a second bathroom rather than wait in line for the bathroom.

Lynn Sr.

S2E25B Duck, duck, goose

Lynn Sr. playing with the twins.

In "Attention Deficit", he helps her fixing the toilet after she clogged it, and in "Sleuth or Consequences", they work together to fix it.

In "Anti-Social", they play Duck, Duck, Goose together, along with Lola.

In "Sleuth or Consequences", he grounds her for potentially clogging the toilet, but then she helps him fix it.

In Lana's Listen Out Loud podcast, she gives him (along with Rita, Lori, and Leni) tips on looking after Vanzilla.


S2E18B Twins playing Double Dutch with Rita

Rita playing with the twins.

In "Health Kicked", Rita was aided by Lana and Lola by jumping rope to help her exercise.

In Rita's Listen Out Loud episode, Lana fixes her dental chair, and in Lana's own episode, she gives Rita (along with Leni, Lori, and Lynn Sr.) tips on looking after Vanzilla.

In the Mother's Day Gift Guide, she considers buying Rita some dog biscuits to give to Charles, but fixes Vanzilla for her instead.



S2E03A Lana hugs Clyde

Lana thanks Clyde for saving her.

She and Clyde get along with each other pretty well.

In "Overnight Success", it is shown that Clyde enjoys playing with Lana's pets.

In "Baby Steps", Clyde rescued Lana and her rat from a tree. Lana hugged him then said he was a life saver.

In "Kick the Bucket List", she and Lola beat up Clyde after he accidentally destroyed their sandcastle.

In Living Loud: Surprise Party, Lana stores coolant in Clyde's locker.


S2E08B I'm gonna name you, Hops

Lana adopting Hops.

Hops is Lana's pet frog, and the two of them care for each other very much. In "Frog Wild", it's revealed how they met. Lana was playing in a pond one day, and they grew so attached to each other, that Lana had to bring him home to keep as her pet, and friend.

In Lana's Listen Out Loud podcast, she discusses sharing food with Hops and he uses his tongue to take dents out of Vanzilla.


S2E12B Lana and Skippy

Skippy offering Lana his wrench.

Skippy is a boy who shares Lana's knowledge in mechanical maintenance. They seem to be good friends.

When Lana was fixing a bike, she didn't have a wrench, and Skippy offered her his, which she accepted. To thank him and give a signal, she upgraded his bike with jet engines which he couldn't control. Sometime later, she hid a love letter in his toolbox.


S2E03A And, maybe I am too

Like all the pets, Lana loves Bitey very much.

In "The Crying Dame", she finds a female rat and considers making her his girlfriend, but the female rat is aggressive.

In "Baby Steps", Lana disallows Lisa to do an experiment on Bitey.


S1E06A Enter Lana and Izzy

Izzy on Lana's head.

Lana loves Izzy and takes good care of her.

In "Sound of Silence", Lana adopts Izzy and puts her in the tank that allegedly belonged to Seymour.

In Listen Out Loud, Lana feeds Izzy some flies.

In Clean-O-Clock, one thing Lana can do is feed Izzy.

El Diablo

S1E25A Lana sleeping with animals

El Diablo sleeping on Lana's bedpost.

Lana loves El Diablo a lot, just like her other pets.

In "Overnight Success", Lana coos at El Diablo.

In "Come Sale Away", Lana considers selling El Diablo (and successfully sells medical supplies when he bites someone) but evidently changes her mind about selling him.

In "The Price of Admission", he sleeps on her bedpost.

In "Tripped!", he comes with her on the road trip.

In "Tea Tale Heart", El Diablo (along with Charles, Bitey, and Hops) pulls Lana along on her skateboard.


S2E07A Lana tries to train Charles

Lana trying to train Charles to be a guard dog.

Lana and Charles get along very well. In fact, sometimes she eats and drinks out of his bowls.

In "Potty Mouth", she fixes his doghouse.

In "It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, House", he takes her dollar. They fight over it, but then he eats it, however, she gets it back when he poops it out.

In the Mother's Day Gift Guide, Lana considers buying Rita some dog biscuits to give to Charles.

In "Any Given Sundae", Charles works together with Lily to snatch the remote control off the squabbling twins so that Lily can change the channel to one they both like.

In A Mutt Above, she and Charles play and later get mud over Lacey St. Clair and her equally vain, stuck up, spoiled, snooty, snobby and malicious dog Victorie.

In Lincoln Vlogs, it's revealed that Lana found Charles and cried until they got to keep him. "Head Poet's Anxiety" reveals that this must've been when she was a baby.


Lana likes Cliff a lot, just like the other pets.

In Lincoln Vlogs, it's revealed that she found him and cried until they got to keep him. "Head Poet's Anxiety" reveals that this must've been when she was a baby.

In "Along Came a Sister", Lana touches a hairball Cliff coughed up to compare it to another hairball that was mistaken for the corpse of Frances.

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