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This article is about Lana's first episode of Listen Out Loud. For her second episode, see Pet Adoption Day with Lana Loud.
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"Lana Loud" is the ninth episode of Listen Out Loud.


Lana demonstrates how to treat a car like a family member by using her family's drivers - Dad, Mom, Lori and Leni - as examples of what not to do.


Lana has bribed the family drivers - Rita, Lynn Sr., Lori and Leni - outside with the false pretense of getting ice cream to show them how to treat a car properly, using Vanzilla to demonstrate. Lana shows them how the van is the most important member of the family; seeing that the family drivers aren't treating Vanzilla properly, Lana gives them and the listeners a crash course in auto care...

  • She first points out the gunk - actually bug splats - all over Vanzilla's windshield, which was caused by Lori driving fast. With an ice scraper and Hops' tongue, they are easily able to clean the gunk.
  • Lana then turns her attention to the undercarriage, covered in mud due to Rita apparently off-roading in Hazeltucky (though Rita says she drove through a puddle; after being caught she reveals that Lily had soiled her diaper and had to rush home) Lana uses the power washer to easily clean the undercarriage.
  • She then turns her attention to the van's scratched-up doors and trim, which was caused by Leni parking in spaces meant for compact cars. They all use toothpaste (Leni squirts them in her eye so Lori has to use the power washer on her) so they're able to buff out the scratches.
  • However, Leni accidentally made a dent in the van, so Hops pulls the dent out with his tongue. Lana also recommends the usage of a plumber should the listeners not have a frog friend with a super-suction tongue.
  • With Vanzilla looking good now, Lana turns her attention to the tires, which need to be changed. Lynn Sr. has particular trouble trying to get the lugnuts off, though Rita is easily able to take them off. Lana inspects the tire air pressure (her high-power air compressor is being used by Leni to blow-dry her hair) and she installs the tire easily.

Now with the crash course complete, Lana treats the family drivers to ice cream, though Vanzilla doesn't start... due to an old salad sandwich Lana accidentally dropped during her last maintenance checkup. Lana apologizes for being a hypocrite as she doesn't treat Vanzilla greatly sometimes. The family drivers accept her apology as Mr. Grouse, who is on his way to triangle practice, needs the car off the road as it's blocking it, as the Louds go to get ice cream.



  • It is revealed that Lana taught Leni how to drive.
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