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Lance is a minor character in The Loud House. He is one of Lincoln's classmates, who first appears in the episode "Making the Case".


Lance first appears in "Making the Case", where he was laughing at Lincoln's video of his sisters doing embarrassing things.

He reappears in "The Green House", where he was mad at Lincoln for not going green. He also appeared in Lincoln's basement to play a video game with him, Clyde and another classmate. After Lincoln gets scolded by his sisters for being a hypocrite they tell him that they cannot be seen with him since he is going to lose the challenge for their class.

In "Along Came a Sister", he (along with the rest of his class) volunteer to look after Frances during the weekend.

In "Dance, Dance Resolution", he can be seen dancing with a girl.

In "Study Muffin", he, Lincoln, Clyde and other male students are crushing on Ms. DiMartino.

In "Making the Grade", he and other students cheer Lisa for being cool.

In "Kick the Bucket List", he is seen waiting in line for a new roller coaster ride.

In "Out of the Picture", he is seen sitting with "Unnamed Girl 1" and is shown waiting in line to get the year book.

In "Back Out There", he is seen talking to a girl after gym class.

In "Net Gains", he can been seen getting a Flippie from Flip.

In "Deal Me Out", he (along with Trent) was the reason of Lincoln and Clyde searching for a new interest, because he dislikes Ace Savvy and claims it's for little kids.

In "Pasture Bedtime", he attends Girl Jordan's pool party.

In "Absent Minded", he seen in the hallway listening to Clyde's speech over the intercom.

In "Be Stella My Heart", he can seen watching Lincoln, Clyde, Rusty, Liam, and Zach fight in the gym.

In "Predict Ability", he is seen in front of the school doors.

In "Friends in Dry Places", he is cabin mates with Rusty.

In "Hurl, Interrupted", he is enjoying a day at Dairyland.

In "The Loudly Bones", he is seen watching Lisa's Facts Matter science show.


Lance has dirty blond hair, and freckles. He wears a red-and-white striped T-shirt, blue jeans, and white sneakers with blue stripes.


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