Lazer Maze is a laser tag facility located in Royal Woods.


It first appears in "The Old and the Restless", where Laser Tag is one of the activities Lincoln spends with his grandfather Pop-Pop.

In "Be Stella My Heart", when Liam showed his photos he and Stella made, Stella asks Zach to go laser tagging. The next day, Zach shows the video of him and Stella laser tagging.

In "Racing Hearts", the first challenge in the Astonishing Quest was to score 500 points in a game of laser tag. In the challenge, Luna manages to score 100 points by zapping Lisa and Darcy, but when Scoots and her partner Helen zip by, Sam fumbles with her laser gun, and inadvertently zaps Luna, giving Scoots and Helen 100 points.


Lazer Maze has a collection of images and media that can be viewed here.

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