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"Leader of the Rack" is the nineteenth episode of the fourth season, and the one-hundred-sixty-eighth episode of The Loud House.


Leni worries about her friendship with Miguel and Fiona when she's promoted to temporary manager at work.


Leni, Fiona and Miguel are heading to the food court, since it's their lunch break. The three friends attempt to choose a place to eat as fast as possible because of how short their lunch is. Miguel's suggests hamburger smoothies out of panic, and the three friends immediately regret that decision. This leads the three friends to complain how Ms. Carmichael is taking the fun out of work, like telling Fiona to restock the sweaters due to changing seasons, instructing Miguel to change the outfits on the mannequins after putting the finishing touches, and telling the three to unpack the boxes without damaging any of them. The moment they vent their frustrations, Ms. Carmichael texts them to come back to work immediately.

To Leni's joy, she is named temporary manager of the store.

Arriving back to Reininger's, Ms. Carmichael announces to her three employees that she has been chosen to represent Royal Woods in a sock-folding competition and appoints Leni to temporary manager. The news amazes the three friends, especially Miguel and Fiona, since they see Leni as their way to make work more enjoyable. Sometime later, Lori picks up Leni from the mall, and as they ride home, Lori takes note on how depressed Leni looks. Leni explains that although she appreciates being promoted to temporary manager, she fears that she might end up being as demanding as Ms. Carmichael. Lori instructs her to simply go with what Miguel and Fiona want, so that way, Leni won't end up like her boss.

The next day, Miguel and Fiona arrive and are amazed that Leni had gotten them their favorite breakfasts ready in the break room. At that moment, Leni arrives with a new name tag that describes her role as "store funager", which, according to Leni, "is like a manager, but more fun." Throughout the whole day, Leni makes work fun for Miguel and Fiona by turning folding sweaters into a competition, doing a faux runway with a mannequin (which they name "Tanya") and wrapping boxes of various sizes. With all of their work done, Leni tells her friends that they can take a long lunch so they can try out the new dim sum restaurant.

The moment Miguel and Fiona leave, Leni discovers that there are numerous buses parked outside. Realizing today is the Senior Shop-aganza, which is the busiest day for the store, Leni attempts to call Miguel and Fiona to come back to the store to assist the countless elders, but decides to handle the elders herself out of fear of interrupting them like Ms. Carmichael. However, not long after the elders enter, Leni is bombarded with requests, like Scoots wanting Leni to check the value of her pile of gift cards, Pop-Pop and Myrtle wanting matching athletic wear, and an elderly man wanting a box gift-wrapped ASAP. When the amount of demands become too much for her, she retreats to the back room and calls up Miguel and Fiona, telling them to come back to the store.

A well deserved lunch break after a busy work day.

Arriving back to the store, Miguel and Fiona take note on the madness occurring and immediately follow Leni's orders on what to do. Sometime later, all of the elders leave with satisfaction, and Leni tells her friends to have lunch without her. When Miguel and Fiona ask why she doesn't want to come, Leni believes that she lost her friendship with them due to making them come back to the store during their lunch break, just like how Ms. Carmichael would. The two state that it was the Senior Shop-aganza, so they had a good reason to come back to the store, as well as say that because she made their day fun, they're still her friends. The three friends (along with "Tanya") proceed to eat their lunch at the new dim sum restaurant.


Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "Bienvenue chez les Loud: Saison 4: Partie 1" DVD.


  • One of the shirts from the rack in the title card are the same as Lincoln's.
  • The way Tanya's head slightly tilts and winks to the viewers is similar to how an icing doodle of Leni winks to the viewers at the end of "Everybody Loves Leni".
  • Irony: Despite claiming to know everything, Lori has no idea about what drillsters or funagers are.

International edits

  • In the Hebrew dub, Leni, Fiona and Miguel order hamburger smoothies rather than bacon cheeseburger smoothies.


  • Leader of the Rack - The title of this episode is a reference to the 1964 song "Leader of the Pack" by The Shangri-Las.


  • In the title card, Leni has two sets of eyelashes instead of three.
  • When Miguel mentioned that Ms. Carmichael is a drillster, plus before the flashbacks, Leni, Miguel, and Fiona don't have their smoothies. Then after the flashbacks, they have their smoothies again.
  • When Leni allows Fiona and Miguel to eat at the new dim sum place, the pencil on her ear disappears and reappears.
  • After Leni flips through the calendar to see that it's Senior Day, the calendar pages disappear in the next shot.
  • When the senior citizens enter Reininger's, Pop-Pop has his glasses. Later on, he no longer has them.
  • When Leni was telling her friends that she was being a drillster, her eyelashes are disconnected.
    • In the same scene, her eyelashes are curled when she hugs her friends.
  • The store has a banner saying "sale final day," even after the days transitioned.
  • When Pop-Pop and Myrtle leave the store with their new workout outfits, Myrtle's mole is on her left cheek instead of her right.
  • Throughout the episode Leni has bags around her eyes that disappear and reappear within scenes.


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