The following is a transcript for the episode "Leader of the Rack".


[Leni, Miguel, and Fiona are at the Royal Woods Mall, starving to death.]
Fiona: "Guys, the way Ms. Carmichael had us running around this morning, I did not think we'd survive until lunch."
[Miguel and Fiona's stomachs growl.]
Miguel: "No joke, I am beyond starving."
Leni: "Where should we grab food today?"
Miguel: [gasps] "Ooh, what about the new dim sum place?"
[A long line next to a dim sum place named "Dim Yum!"]
Fiona: "Oh, dream on. The line goes all the way down to the discount flip-flops store, we'd never have enough time. You know how Ms. C gets if we're even a millisecond late."
Miguel: "Ugh."
Leni: "Well, we better hurry and pick something else to eat."
Miguel: "OK, um, burger. No! Smoothie. Ugh! So much pressure! Why can't we have both?"

[Later, Fiona sips a smoothie and then chokes.]
Fiona: "Yeah, officially Miguel's worst idea."
Leni: "Yeah, these bacon cheeseburger smoothies are... [chews] chewy."
Miguel: "I'm sorry, I panicked. I didn't want to make us late for Ms. C. She's such a drillster." [Leni looks at Miguel confused.] "Drill sergeant, just made it up."
Leni: "That's brill!"
Miguel: "You're learning."
Fiona: "Seriously, Ms. C is so nitpicky."
[Flashback to Fiona folding clothes and putting them on shelves. Ms. C suddenly pops up and scares Fiona.]
Ms. Carmichael: "Fiona, this week's Sweater Salute is 'Hip-Hip-Hur-Rayon'. These sweaters are cotton. You need to switch them out and start again. Now, let's hear that salute."
Fiona: [Unenthusiastically] "Hip, hip, hur... Rayon."
[Another flashback to Miguel dressing the mannequins when suddenly Ms. C, who was standing still like the mannequins, greets and scares Miguel so much, he falls over.]
Ms. Carmichael: "Nice work, Miguel, but now it's time to change the mannequins into their mid-morning attire, be sure to iron everything first, including the inside pockets, we don't want wrinkles in our store image, do we?"
[Next, all three are in the stockroom unloading boxes, when Ms. C pops right out of one, they're so surprised, they all fall over.]
Ms. Carmichael: "Chop, chop, I needed those unloaded yesterday, and don't damage the boxes, I wanna reuse them for my sister's move."
[End flashbacks]
Fiona: "Ms. C sucks all the fun out of retail, don't you agree, Leni?"
Leni: "I can see both sides, I mean, you guys have legit gripes, but, Ms. C isn't always demanding."
[Suddenly, they all get texts.]
Fiona: "Ugh, it's her." [Mockingly] "Staff meeting as soon as you clock in from lunch."
Miguel: "If that woman mentions boxes again, I'll scream."
[They all get texted again.]
Leni: [Reading her text] "And if you see any empty boxes on your way back from the food..."
[Miguel crushes his smoothie and screams in fury.]

[The three are back at Reininger's. Ms. C approaches them with a clipboard.]
Ms. Carmichael: "So, exciting news: I've been selected to represent our district at this weekend's sock folding conference. While I'm away, one of you will cover as temporary manager. [Gives the clipboard to Leni.] Congratulations."
[Fiona gasps and Miguel laughs excitingly.]
Fiona: "Oh, wow!"
Leni: [Confused] "You want me to read the name of the new manager off your clipboard? [Her friends look a bit annoyed. She realizes and gasps, the two now smile.] Oh, it's me? [Squeals] This is like a dream come true!"
Ms. Carmichael: "Just keep an eye on the store's calendar of events and my daily checklist and you'll do fine. I'll be leaving tomorrow, so you'll start then." [Walks away]
[Leni's friends cheer.]
Miguel: "Congratulations, Leni, I know you're gonna be a way better boss than Ms. C."
[They now hug her, laughing. Leni groans nervously.]

[Later, Leni is outside of Reininger's looking down and Lori arrives in Vanzilla. Leni gets in the van and the two make their way home.]
Lori: "Hey, Leni. Oh, sorry about the smell, I just dropped off Lynn's softball team, phew, how was work?"
Leni: [Sighs] "Great. Ms. Carmichael made me the temporary manager."
Lori: [Surprised] "Wow. You don't sound happy about it."
Leni: "No, I am. It's just Miguel and Fiona think Ms. C is a zero-fun drillster, I don't want them to feel that way about me. I wanna do a good job and be a good friend. Is that even possible?" [Her sunglasses fall down.]
Lori: "Of course it is. Look, as long as you're getting the work done, you can be as fun a boss as you want."
Leni: [Gasps and adjusts her sunglasses back on her head.] "Wow Lori, you know absolutely everything!"
Lori: [chuckles] "I literally do. [Realizes something] Wait, what's a drillster?"

[The next day at Reininger's, Fiona and Miguel enter the break room.]
Miguel: "...and I made it clear, I refuse to date anyone wearing cargo shorts."
Fiona: "Right? it's like; what do they need all those pockets for? What are they hiding?" [Notices something] "Wait, what is all this?"
[The two walk over to the table supporting some scones and a latte.]
Miguel: "Ham and scallion scones with lemon herb chèvre? My fave breakfast."
Fiona: "Iced chai latte with organic coconut milk? Did we die and go to retail heaven?"
Leni: [Enters, happy] "Good morning, fashion makers!"
Miguel: "Leni, did you do all of this?"
Leni: "Just a little something to help my fave frien-ployees to get through the day."
Fiona: [Reads Leni's name tag.] "Store, Funager. What's a funager?
Leni: [Referring to herself.] "This gal right here! Like a manager, but fun, I'm gonna make sure work is totes amazing."
Miguel: [Eating his scones] "Well, you're off to a great start."
Fiona: [Takes her latte] "I'll say." [Drinks her latte, and ends up with a foam-stache, which Miguel giggles at. Fiona looks at him, unaware.] "What?"
Miguel: [Looks away] "Nothing."

[Later, Fiona and Miguel are folding sweaters.]
Fiona: "Okay, two down, only five-hundred more sweaters to go."
Miguel: "Well, at least we don't have the drillster here telling us what-"
Leni: [Approaches them] "Um, guys, you're doing it wrong. As funager, you should be having way more fun, with a sweater-folding contest. Winner gets this~." [Holds up a plush]
[Miguel and Fiona gasp.]
Miguel: "Is that a limited edition Cloris the Loris Sparkle plush?"
Fiona: [Determined to win] "Miguel, you are going down!"
Miguel: [Also determined to win] "You're on! [He and Fiona start folding sweaters at a super fast pace.] I've got nothing to lose!"
[They both chuckle.]

[Now, they are doing a fashion show with mannequins.]
Leni: "Welcome to the mannequins fashion show, featuring celeb stylist, Miguel!"
Miguel: "And here's Tanya, all glammed up for some Royal Woods nightlife. [Fiona walks Tanya down the podium as Leni takes pictures.] She really dazzles in a fandango-pink romper and kicky vinyl boots."
Leni: [Holds her phone up.] "Runway selfie! Get in here, Tanya!" [Takes the selfie.]
[Later, Miguel gives a lady a makeover. He smiles and holds up a mirror for the lady to look at her reflection and she is happy with the results. Later again, Leni wraps a gift at the gift wrap station, she looks over and sees that Miguel did a bigger one, then a shadow falls over him, they both look and see Fiona sitting atop a huge gift, she winks at them.]

[Later, Leni checks her clipboard.]
Leni: "... and restock the fanny packs, che-check. Guys, that's everything on Ms. C's list."
[Miguel and Fiona high-five each other.]
Fiona: "This morning went by so fast, I can't believe it's already lunch. Ready to go Leni?"
Leni: "Actually, you go without me, as funager, I need to stay and hold down the fort."
Miguel: "Well, if you're sure." [Nudges Fiona] "Let's hurry Fiona, we've only got a half-hour and I will not relive," [trembles] "burger shake incident."
Leni: [As her friends head out.] "No wait, you both worked so hard this morning, and you got everything done, so I insist you take a long lunch, that way, you can try, the new dim sum place!"
Fiona: [Squeals with Miguel.] "Oh my gosh! Leni! You are the best boss in the entire universe."
Miguel: "I second that."
Cloris the Loris: "And I third it."
Fiona: [Envious] "We know you won the loris, Miguel, you don't have to rub it in."
[They walk out.]
Cloris the Loris: "Gosh, somebody's angry."
[Right when they leave, Leni gets a video chat request from Lori.]
Lori: "Hey Len."
Leni: [Squeals] "O, M, gosh, Lori, I did what you said, I was a funager, this morning was a blast, we got all the work done, and Miguel and Fiona are still my friends, you really do know everything."
Lori: [Laughs] "I literally do." [Realizes something] "Wait, what's a funager? Leni wai-"
Leni: [Hangs up before Lori can finish.] "Bye."

[Later, in the break room, Leni folds some shirts and eats her sandwich, when she hears a horn outside.]
Leni: "Hmm, what is that?" [She goes outside to check and sees The Giggling Geezer.] "Oh yay, a surprise visit from Pop-Pop and Myrtle." [Suddenly, more retirement home buses pull up.] "What the heck is going on?" [Runs inside to check the clipboard.] "Saturday, Saturday, Sat-" [Finds what she's looking for and gasps.] "Oh-no, today is the annual Senior Shop-aganza. How could I forget the busiest day of the year?" [Looks at Tanya] "Tanya, I was so busy trying to make stuff fun for Miguel and Fiona, I forgot to check the calendar. What do I do?" [Tanya doesn't do anything.] "I know, but if I ask them to come back early from lunch, I'm a bad friend." [Tanya still doesn't do anything, Leni sighs.] "You're right, you're always right." [Takes out her phone] "I'll call."
[Calls her friends.]
Miguel: "Leni."
Fiona: "Our dumpling dreams are about to come true, all thanks to you."
Miguel: [In unison] "Love you, Leni bear."
Fiona: [In unison] "Best funager ever." [Out of unison] "So what's up?"
Leni: "Uh, never mind, I just wanted to say hi to my fave frien-ployees. Bye." [Hangs up, sighs and looks at Tanya.] "Don't give me that look, I'll just have to cover the senior rush." [Groans in fear] "Alone."
[Just then, Pop-Pop kicks the door open, and waves at his granddaughter.]
Albert: [Cheerfully] "Hey, Leni-penny."
[The elderly enter the store. Scoots comes up to the register and dumps a pile of gift cards on the counter.]
Scoots: "Okay, listen up, I need you to check the balances on all these gift cards."
Leni: "I'd bee happy to."
Scoots: "Kill the pep and get to swiping!"
[Leni gets started when Pop-Pop and Myrtle approach her.]
Albert: "Hey there, Leni."
Leni: "Hi Pop-Pop, hi Myrtle."
Albert: "Your Gran-Gran here signed us up for a five K marathon; I don't know how the heck I'm gonna run five thousand miles."
Myrtle: [Laughs] "Silly goose, it's five thousand meters, not miles. So Leni, we're gonna need matching activewear."
Leni: "Got it, let me see what we have in the back."
[She goes over when an old man manages to get his head stuck in a hat.]
Senior Male Hat Customer: "Yah! Help! I'm trapped in this hat."
[Leni helps the man, the hat goes flying and knocks Tanya's head off.]
Leni: "Aah! Tanya, no! We can fix you!"
[She starts breathing heavily when an angry man at the git wrap station yells at her.]
Male Senior Gift Wrap Customer: "Hy missy! Stop playin' with that mannequin! I needed this wrapped yesterday!"
Leni: "Coming!"
[She grabs Tanya's head and runs over. She starts wrapping, when Scoots calls her.]
Scoots: "Don't forget my gift cards! I was here first!"
Leni: "On my way!" [Leni runs over to the register, forgetting that she still has the wrapping paper, which runs out, and she falls over, the seniors surround her, giving their demands, Leni makes a run for the break room, with Tanya's head.] "Tanya you were right, I can't do this alone, I have to tell Miguel and Fiona to come back." [Takes out her phone and sighs.] "They're gonna think I'm a drillster and probably won't wanna be friends anymore, but Ms. C made me manager, and right now, the store comes first."
[Leni calls Miguel, he and Fiona are still at the dim sum place.]
Miguel: "Leni, you are talking to literal ghosts right now, cause we've died and gone to dim sum heaven."
Leni: "I'm so sorry you guys, but you have to come back to the store."
[Miguel and Fiona look at each other and laugh.]
Fiona: "Oh Leni, your impression of Ms. C is dead on."
Leni: "I mean it, we are swamped with seniors, Tanya lost her head, and I need you both back here, right now." [Leni hangs up, sighs, and goes back out. Miguel and Fiona arrive and gasp at the state of everything, Leni sees them from behind the counter.] "Guys! Miguel, I need you at the cosmetics counter ASAP, we have ten seniors who need you phenom makeup skills." [Miguel nods and goes.] "Fiona, I need your creative flair at the gift wrap counter, right now.
[Fiona nods and goes, and Leni checks her clipboard. Eventually, the shop-aganza ends and the elders leave, happy.]
Albert: [As he and Myrtle exit with their new tracksuits.] "Well I'll be horse-whipped, this is surprisingly airy."
Myrtle: "Thank you so much, Leni, I'm gonna come here for all my fashion emergencies."
[They leave, and Scoots pulls up.]
Scoots: "The service here isn't so lousy, and that's high praise comin' from Scoots."
Leni: "Always appreciated." [Scoots rolls off.] "Bye, Scoots."
[Leni goes back inside, and goes to close up when she hears Fiona talking.]
Fiona: "That was brutal."
[She and Miguel are exhausted.]
Miguel: "Right? I'm beyond starving. Wanna grab some food?"
Fiona: "More than I ever have in my life."
Leni: "Well, thanks for your help tonight guys, I really appreciate it, enjoy your dinner, I'll see you in the morning."
Miguel: [Confused] 'Aren't you coming with us?"
Leni: "You mean, you want me to?"
Fiona: [Also confused] "Um, why wouldn't we?"
Leni: "I just thought you, you wouldn't wanna be friends anymore."
Miguel: "Girl, what are you talking about?"
Leni: [Starts tearing up] "I was a total drillster like Ms. C and made you come back to help when I was supposed to be the funager."
Fiona: "Leni, it was the Senior Shop-aganza, of course, you had to ask us to come back."
Miguel: "This was an awesome day, you were able to balance work and fun."
Fiona: "We still think you're the best boss in the universe."
Cloris the Loris: "And I still think so too."
Leni: [Hugs them] "You guys are the best."
Miguel: "So, food?"
Leni: "I know just where to go."

[They are all at the dim sum place.]
Miguel: "Ah, now our dumpling dreams really are coming true, because we're all here together."
[The waiter approaches them.]
Waiter: "Are you ready to order?"
Leni: "I was wondering if we could split the dumpling combo." [Gestures to Tanya, who is in the seat next to her.]
Waiter: "Absolutely, shouldn't be a prob-" [Realizes that Tanya is a store mannequin.] "...lem."
[Tanya's head falls off again.]
Leni: "Oh, Tanya."
[The three friends laugh, Tanya looks at the audience and winks.]

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