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Lela is the pet dragon of the Loud family. She first appeared in The Loud House Movie.


As a baby, Lela is a small teal-colored dragon with a shade of lighter blue for her belly and purple features.

Grown-up Lela is significantly bigger and her colors are slightly darker.


Lela is a newly-hatched dragon who hatched when the Louds came to Scotland.


Prior to the movie

Prior to the movie, Lela's ancestor, Lolo, presumably laid eggs before she disappeared, and the eggs would hatch when the Louds came to the castle. Should this be the case, her age is unknown, since she hatched when the current generation of Louds came to Loch Loud.

Over four hundred years ago, Lolo was mind-controlled against her will by Old Aggie, Morag's ancestor, successfully driving away the Duke and his family and thus leaving Loch Loud dukeless.

Present day

Angus, wanting to show Lily, Lynn and Lana Loud why dragons are celebrated in Loch Loud, takes them into a dragon's cave to show a dragon egg, which has hatched. The dragon immediately envelopes Angus in a fight cloud, and it immediately ends with the cute dragon showing its affection to Angus; the three Louds are awestruck by its cuteness, Lily choosing to name the dragon "Lela".

The other Loud girls are also awestruck by Lela's cuteness; Lisa Loud is surprised by Lela's existence, saying it is "biologically improbable", but adorable nonetheless. They are interrupted by the new Duke "duking" down the stairs. After the girls exchange some light-hearted teasing related to Lincoln's outfit, Lela nuzzles up to Lincoln, and he pets her in return. Dinner soon begins and Lily feeds Lela some breakfast burritos, causing her to grow; this continues and Lela becomes a fully-grown dragon.

Morag, deciding that she'll manipulate Lincoln into becoming her friend, has him ride Lela into town in an act that immediately eclipses the sisters'; this very dragon ride turns south when Morag controls Lela's mind, causing Lincoln's ride to go horribly wrong, levelling a majority of Loch Loud. Lela seems to feel bad for Lincoln after she is freed from the control.

With the Louds driven away, Morag plans to use the grown-up Lela to drive everyone else out of Loch Loud; as the Louds return, she rides on Lela as she tries to stop the Louds. Later, she almost kills the Louds as Lincoln interrupts. Morag almost kills Lincoln, too, but Lily bails him out using a breakfast burrito and a backup plan. Lela saves Lincoln, Lily and Morag as they fall off a cliff due to the latter pushing him off in her lust for power. A scene in the end credits reveals she laid more eggs.


Lela is sweet and receptive to affection, as do most pets. However, her personality changes significantly under the influence of a mind-controlling gemstone that changes even the sweetest of dragons, as with Lela.


  • Lela seems to grow significantly when she is fed until reaching adulthood.
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