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Leni's Friends surrounding Lincoln

Leni's Friends are a group of girls, who have made minor appearances in The Loud House.


They first appeared in the episode "Sound of Silence". When Leni finishes her Manotard using Lincoln as a model, she summons her friends over for a fashion show, and they proceed to ogle him in the Manotard. The one with the dark brown hair even takes a selfie with him.

A flashback in "Overnight Success" reveals they once had a sleepover with Leni trying to dry their hair. When Leni signaled that it was time to curl their hair, they ended up causing a city-wide power outage, which got Leni in trouble.

They were possibly mentioned by Leni's stunt double in "Fool Me Twice" when she would show her new perm (a hairstyle which the real Leni detests).


  • One of them resembles Girl Jordan.
  • Two of them have green and blue eyes instead of standard black eyes. These make them the first characters to have a different eye color other than black.


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