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Leni's friends are people Leni usually hangs out with.


For the child, see Becky (child).

Becky is a minor character in The Loud House, who first appears as one of Lori's party guests in "Party Down".


She is one of Lori's friends, as she was invited her to her party. However, Becky did not like Lori's sophisticated party, because it was slow, boring, and passive, but she did like Lincoln's party tricks, which she asked for more of.

She was so bored of Lori's sophisticated party that she pretended her mom called her after stubbing her toe and used that as an excuse to leave. After Leni sends Becky a video of Lori having fun with her siblings, she is convinced to come back to Lori's party, even bringing pizza.

Becky later appeared at the Ace Savvy Convention, along with Chaz and Joey, where she met Lincoln and Clyde. She explained to them that she and her friends have been fans of Ace Savvy since they were seven and that they would never outgrow their love for him.

She is also Leni's friend because she invited her over in "Friendzy".

In "Scales of Justice", Leni and Becky went to have a picnic by the pond, only to get scared away by Lana who was disguised as a swamp monster.

In "Game Boys", Leni mentions Becky during a phone conversation.

In "Present Tense", Leni mentions that Becky got her dad a parasailing experience.


Becky is a tall, slim teenage girl, with medium-length red hair, two pairs of eyelashes, and green eyeshadow. She wears white earrings, black bracelets, a sleeveless shirt with light green and aqua colored stripes, dark gray skinny jeans, and brown sandals.


  • Her name comes from Rebecca, which means "Servant of God" in Hebrew.
  • Lincoln calls her "babushka", which is the Russian equivalent of the word "old woman" or "grandmother".
  • "ARGGH! You for Real?" reveals that she is a fan of ARGGH!, since she was at the taping for the episode.
  • In Ultimate Treehouse, it is implied that she and Tad are in a relationship.
  • In "Deal Me Out", it is also implied that she is around Lori's age, as Clyde mentions she is from Lori's class.


Not to be confused with Chad.

Chaz is a minor character in The Loud House, who first appeared in "Party Down". He is one of Lori's friends and Leni's ex-boyfriend.


He is one of Lori's friends, who was invited to her party in "Party Down". He later leaves the party along with everyone else, but returns after Leni posts a picture of the new party.

In "L is for Love", Chaz appears to work at a clothing store. It is revealed in this episode that Leni has a crush on him, and she attempts to get his attention by pretending to be a mannequin, which startles him. At the end of the episode, she gives him a love letter.

He was mentioned by Lori liking her selfie in "Selfie Improvement". He also appears in a flashback at Lori's golf tournament.

He was mentioned by Leni sending her cat videos in "No Place Like Homeschool".

At the end of "Deal Me Out", Lincoln and Clyde run into him, along with Becky and Joey, at the Ace Savvy convention. It is revealed here that he, Becky, and Joey have been Ace Savvy fans since they were seven.

In "Friendzy", Leni invites Chaz over in order to have special friend privileges.

In "Really Loud Music", it is revealed in Lori and Leni's song that the latter is dating Chaz.

As of The Loud House Movie and "Undercover Mom", Leni and Chaz are implied to have broken up, as she is shown to have crushes on a boy named Scott and another boy with a cowlick, respectively. However, Lucy Rolls the Dice suggests that the two are still keeping in contact.


Chaz is an obese teenager with dark orange hair, and freckles. He wears an aqua blue cap backwards, a gold t-shirt with horizontal cream stripes, dark gray jeans, and white shoes.


  • Chaz will often say "Chaz like", when he sees something he likes.
  • Closed captioning sometimes misspells his name as "Chas."
  • He is probably 2 inches smaller than Leni.


For the pageant host, see Dana Dufresne.

Dana is a minor character in The Loud House, who is one of Bobby's former co-workers and first appeared in the episode "Cheater by the Dozen".


Not much is known about her, but she is Bobby's friend, and co-worker from the department store.

Dana is also Lori's friend, as Lori invited her to her party. However, Dana didn't like Lori's sophisticated party, because it was slow, boring, and passive. She was also among Lori's friends, when she invited them over for a get together in "Spell It Out".

Dana cares about Lori and Bobby's relationship, as she agreed to help Bobby choose gifts for Lori.

She reappears again in "Friendzy" where she was one of Leni's best friends.


Dana is a tall and slim fair skinned girl, with long brunette hair styled into a small ponytail.

She wears red earrings, a long-sleeved off-shoulder shirt, with white and lavender stripes, a black shirt and skirt underneath, long lavender socks worn high, and brown leather boots with high heels.


Main article: Jackie


Fiona is a minor character in The Loud House, who made her first appearence in "Crimes of Fashion".


Fiona is another employee at Reininger's. When Lincoln and Clyde were investigating to prove Leni's innocence, they kept messing up her stacks, annoying her. She soon was thought as a suspect due to her leaving quickly with something that looked like a blue scarf. It was eventually found out she bought a dress from the competitor's store, and felt guilty about it.


Fiona is sometimes annoyed whenever someone knocks off stuff that she already stacked.


Fiona is a tall slim girl with a mole on her cheek and long brown hair tied in a small ponytail. She wears a pink sweater with horizontal, fuchsia and pink stripes, along with a yellow neckerchief. She also wears light blue jean pants, with the legs rolled up, and black slip-on shoes (similar to Rita’s). She often wears yellow big bag on her shoulders.


Mandee is a minor character in The Loud House, who made her first appearance in the "Everybody Loves Leni".


Mandee is one of Leni's friends from school, along with Jackie. She used to be enemies with Leni's work friends Miguel and Fiona.


Mandee is a tall slender girl, with fair skin, light brown hair, and two pairs of eyelashes. She also has eye bags. She wears a light blue turtleneck sweater, white pearl earrings (similar to Lola’s), brown boots with laces, white socks, a green skirt with white polka dots, and a green belt with a yellow buckle.


Mandee is interested very much in fashion as she often purchases new clothes and often exchanges opinions on fashion with her friends.


  • She is good at playing Fruit Tangle.


Miguel is a minor character in The Loud House, who first appeared in the episode "Everybody Loves Leni".


Miguel is another employee at Reininger's and a part-time yoga instructor. He is friends with Leni and Fiona since they work at the same store, and was formerly enemies with Leni's school friends, Jackie and Mandee until it was discovered that he has a common thing with Jackie when it comes to the TV show Vest Friends Forever. In "Grub Snub", it is revealed that he converted to vegetarianism, and has a fear of heights.


Miguel is a tall and slender young man with light tan skin and black styled hair. He also has eye bags. He wears a plain white v- neck t-shirt, bright blue jeans, a black belt around his waist with a silver buckle, and red and white sneakers.


Miguel is interested in fashion as he often gives fashion tips to Leni and Fiona.

He is kind to others including his friends. When Miguel says he loves “Vest Friends Forever”, he was surprised to see that Jackie loves it too, but then they smile at each other (hinting that they possibly like each other).

He cares a lot about his well-being, because he trains yoga and turned vegetarianism.

He has a fear of heights, however he managed to overcome them on a flight simulator game against Clyde.


Shelby is a minor character in The Loud House who made her first appearance in "In the Mick of Time".


Shelby is a light tan skin teenage with brown hair, wears a yellow dress with white socks with black and yellow shoes.

Unnamed Girls

Leni's Friends surrounding Lincoln

The unnamed girls are a quintet of girls who have made minor appearances in The Loud House.


They first appeared in the episode "Sound of Silence". When Leni finishes her Manotard using Lincoln as a model, she summons her friends over for a fashion show, and they proceed to ogle him in the Manotard. The one with the dark brown hair even takes a selfie with him.

A flashback in "Overnight Success" reveals they once had a sleepover with Leni trying to dry their hair. When Leni signaled that it was time to curl their hair, they ended up causing a city-wide power outage, which got Leni in trouble.

They were possibly mentioned by Leni's stunt double in "Fool Me Twice" when she would show her new perm (a hairstyle which the real Leni detests).


  • One of them resembles Girl Jordan.
  • Two of them have green and blue eyes instead of standard black eyes. These make them the first characters to have a different eye color other than black.

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