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Leni's friends are people Leni usually hangs out with.


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Fiona is a minor character in The Loud House, who made her first appearence in "Crimes of Fashion".


Fiona is another employee at Reininger's. When Lincoln and Clyde were investigating to prove Leni's innocence, they kept messing up her stacks, annoying her. She soon was thought as a suspect due to her leaving quickly with something that looked like a blue scarf. It was eventually found out she bought a dress from the competitor's store, and felt guilty about it.


Fiona is sometimes annoyed whenever someone knocks off stuff that she already stacked.


Fiona is a tall slim girl with a mole on her cheek and long brown hair tied in a small ponytail. She wears a pink sweater with horizontal, fuchsia and pink stripes, along with a yellow neckerchief. She also wears light blue jean pants, with the legs rolled up, and black slip-on shoes (similar to Rita’s). She often wears yellow big bag on her shoulders.


Mandee is a minor character in The Loud House, who made her first appearance in the "Everybody Loves Leni".


Mandee is one of Leni's friends from school, along with Jackie. She used to be enemies with Leni's work friends Miguel and Fiona.


Mandee is a tall slender girl, with fair skin, light brown hair, and two pairs of eyelashes. She also has eye bags. She wears a light blue turtleneck sweater, white pearl earrings (similar to Lola’s), brown boots with laces, white socks, a green skirt with white polka dots, and a green belt with a yellow buckle.


Mandee is interested very much in fashion as she often purchases new clothes and often exchanges opinions on fashion with her friends.


  • She is good at playing Fruit Tangle.


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Miguel is a minor character in The Loud House, who first appeared in the episode "Everybody Loves Leni".


Miguel is another employee at Reininger's and a part-time yoga instructor. He is friends with Leni and Fiona since they work at the same store, and was formerly enemies with Leni's school friends, Jackie and Mandee until it was discovered that he has a common thing with Jackie when it comes to the TV show Vest Friends Forever.

In "Grub Snub", it is revealed that he converted to vegetarianism, and has a fear of heights.

In "Food Courting", Miguel has a crush on Gavin, a new employee at the Royal Woods Mall's food court, and Leni offers to help him figure out how to impress him.


Miguel is a tall and slender young man with light tan skin and black styled hair. He also has eye bags. He wears a plain white v-neck t-shirt, bright blue jeans, a black belt around his waist with a silver buckle, and red and white sneakers.


Miguel is interested in fashion as he often gives fashion tips to Leni and Fiona.

He is kind to others including his friends. When Miguel says he loves “Vest Friends Forever”, he is surprised to see that Jackie loves it too, and they smile at each other upon the realization that they have a common interest.

He cares a lot about his well-being, because he trains yoga and turned vegetarianism.

He has a fear of heights, however he managed to overcome them on a flight simulator game against Clyde.

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