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Her siblings


S3E11B Leni Returns With No Clothes

Leni and her siblings.

Her siblings see her as a very sweet and kind-hearted older (or, in Lori's case, younger) sister, contrasting Lori, but her ignorance and clumsiness can sometimes cause harm, or irritation for them, as much as they know she doesn't mean for it. When her siblings are in need of assistance, she will always come to their aid, without letting her ignorance get in the way. All-in-all, they love her very much, and take very good care of her.

In "Along Came a Sister", Leni's siblings try to hide Frances from her.

In "Job Insecurity", it is shown that she trusts her siblings, to the point where she believes that they won't take her food when she's not around.

In "No Spoilers", they decide not to tell her about their mother's upcoming party, so the sisters hired Lincoln to distract her. However, without her, they messed up with the decorating.

In "Shop Girl", her siblings help Leni stand up for herself.

In Leni Loud’s Fashion Vlog, she comments on her siblings' clothes.


S3E11B Training Begins

Lincoln encouraging Leni.

Leni and Lincoln get along very well. Most of their interactions are generally positive. Despite Lincoln getting annoyed with her absent-mindedness from time to time, they have a good and caring relationship.

It's noteworthy to point out that Leni has been shown to be very accepting of Lincoln's odd white hair, as seen in "Chore and Peace", when she said it makes him look like their grandfather, Pop-Pop, and in "Ties That Bind", where she defends it when their parents seemingly decided to "get rid of" him.

Lincoln is probably her favorite to use as a model, as she asks Lincoln to model clothes for her occasionally in episodes such as "Sound of Silence", "No Spoilers", and the Listen Out Loud with her friend Morris.

In "Driving Miss Hazy", he helped her to pass her driving test, by using her semi-language. He also convinced her to not give up trying.

In "Linc or Swim", she was always the first one to invite him to spend time with his other sisters. First, to "chill" with them next to the open fridge, second, in to the "Paradise for One" pool he had set up, (this shows how nice Leni really is compared to the others, unconditionally offering him to get in to the pool with her and Lori) and third into a newly purchased pool, even though he kicked them out of his.

In "Changing the Baby", he helps her out of Lily's crib (which she calls a "baby prison") along with Lori.

In "Along Came a Sister", Lincoln brought his class's pet tarantula home for the weekend and Leni attempted to kill it, due to her fear of spiders. However, after she learned Lincoln will get into trouble if he let his class' pet die, she protected it to save her brother's status quo, showing how much she loves her brother.

In A Tale of Two Tables, In his nightmare she tells him he’s one of them. Later she tells him the see food joke is disgusting.

In "House Music", the siblings decided to form a band, and while all the sisters left Lincoln hogtied to the floor, thanks to Lana. Leni was the only one who returned for Lincoln, apologized to him, and she carried him like a handbag, much to his annoyance.

In "Roughin' It", it was revealed that sometimes Lincoln and Leni sew clothes together, and she taught him how to keep warm.

In "One Flu Over the Loud House", Lincoln sacrifices himself to protect Leni from becoming infected with the zombie flu. When she asked why he did it, he tells her that it's because she has a good heart, and she deserved to be saved more than him, before he sneezed on her.

In "Brawl in the Family", he tried to solve her and Lori's argument by claiming that she said taffeta makes Lori look like Aunt Ruth and that Lori said that blue makes Leni look "washed-out", but that just made them angry again.

In "No Such Luck", Leni wants to invite Lincoln to her activity, but Lynn interferes, and tells Leni not to bring Lincoln, since he's "bad luck". This causes Lincoln to get an idea, and convinces Leni that his presence might cause something to go wrong, and Leni immediately believes him.

In "Change of Heart", she happily agreed to help Clyde try to act normal around Lori, when Lincoln asked if she would help him.

In "No Spoilers", Lincoln is hired to distract Leni in order to keep her from finding out about their mother's surprise party.

In "Not a Loud", Lincoln questions Leni about his birth, as Leni replies that he arrived to their house via eagle, much to his and Clyde's confusion.

In "White Hare", Leni tells Lincoln that he is fashionable.

In "Crimes of Fashion", Lincoln helps Leni get her job back by solving the case on who took the scarfs.

In "Game Boys", Leni scolds Lincoln for drinking her kale juice when it was actually Clyde that drink it while trying to protect his game console the Snap from getting messy.

In "Everybody Loves Leni", Lincoln gives Leni advice on tell how to get her work friends and school friends together.

In "The Loudest Thanksgiving", she gives Lincoln a pillow.

In "Predict Ability", she tells Lincoln that he's not boring.

In Living Loud: Lincoln's List, she asks for proof that he completed all his tasks and expresses disgust at him reading in his underpants.

In Welcome to the Loud House, he is confused by her driving outfit.

In Leni's episode of Listen Out Loud, she accidentally embarrasses him by giving him a makeover, but then she gives him frozen yogurt and takes him to the arcade, so he calls her "the best".


S4E20A Leni & Lori reading the magazine

Lori and Leni reading 16.5 Magazine.

Although Leni and Lori differ from one another in both kindness and intelligence, they are actually very close with each other and share the same bedroom. They are both enthusiastic about fashion, taking selfies, and talking about boys. Despite this, Lori will often try to control Leni and boss her around. At times, it seems as though Lori takes advantage of Leni's ignorance and naivety, and makes her complete tasks that she should have done herself.

In Making the Case, she agrees with her while pretending to disown Lincoln.

In "Driving Miss Hazy", Lori didn't want Leni to pass her driving test, because then her siblings would ask Leni to drive them places instead of her. Therefore, she would no longer be able to get them to do favors for her. She sabotaged Leni's driving test, but later, she felt extremely guilty for her thoughtless actions and wanted to fix her mistake by helping her prepare for her next test.

In "A Tale of Two Tables", they both sat at the grownup table.

In "Space Invader", Lori tricks Leni into starting again from sixteen while Leni's brushing her hair, by asking how old her date was.

In "Picture Perfect", Lincoln walks upstairs to see Leni and Lori taking selfies with each other and laughing.

In "Undie Pressure", she and Lori polish each other's nails.

In "Changing the Baby", Leni needs Lincoln and Lori's help to get out of Lily's crib, which she calls a "baby prison".

In "Ties That Bind", Lori gets angry at Leni for borrowing her clothes without asking.

In "It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, House", they both teamed up to search for hidden money in their house. They were seen dancing together at the end once the money was found.

In "Brawl in the Family", the two had a very heated fight over buying the same dress, which lead to a lot of friction in the house, and eventually with the other siblings.

In "Back in Black", Leni blames Lori for taking her dress.

In "Vantastic Voyage", they both go over to a car dealership to take use a car to their advantage, and they both manipulate Steve to do so.

In "Party Down", Leni is the only sibling that Lori didn't kick out of her sophisticated party because she acted as Lori wanted.

In "Potty Mouth", Leni and Lori fight over a sweater, which causes them to swear in front of Lily.

In "Garage Banned", it is shown that she sometimes asks Lori for fashion advice.

In "Future Tense", they take SATs together.

In "Friend or Faux?", Lori shows Leni her hand-me-down from Aunt Ruth, and she said that she is very lucky and then, they shared it.

In "No Spoilers", she ruins Lori's surprise party.

In "The Crying Dame", Leni cuts off the backside of Lori's hair when she was tired due to Fenton keeping her up at night. The next day, she makes extensions to repair the damage.

In "Selfie Improvement", Leni was supporting Lori taking selfies. Also, a series of flashbacks showcased Leni comforting Lori anytime she lost to Carol. At one point of the episode, Lori took a selfie with Leni and Luan.

In "Pipe Dreams", Lori told Leni that the mirror wasn't broke.

In "Everybody Loves Leni", Lori was worried about Leni's friends problem.

In "Really Loud Music", Lori and Leni sing Lori2Leni together.

In "Racing Hearts", Leni was paired up with Lori for the Royal Woods Astonishing Quest. She was given a backpack to wear throughout the quest, but was unaware it had a leash attached to it so she couldn't wonder off without Lori.

In Welcome to the Loud House, Lori admires Leni's driving outfit and Leni does selfies with Lori's phone.


S1E17A Ok got it

Luna showing Leni what to sing.

The two of them don't interact with each other much, but in "Along Came a Sister", it is shown that she does enjoy listening to her music, and dances while she and Lily used pots and pans as drums, although it was actually a diversion to keep Leni from noticing Frances.

In "A Tale of Two Tables", they both sat at the grownup table.

In "Hand-Me-Downer", is revealed that Leni gave her bike to Luna as a hand-me-down.

In "House Music", Luna lets Leni sing backup, but the latter is unable to, due to not understanding her role.

In "Come Sale Away", Luna corrects Leni, because she thought that a welcome mat was Lily's blanket.

In "No Laughing Matter", Leni accidentally burns Luna by flushing the toilet after Luan does not make a joke.

In "No Spoilers', the last flashback showed Leni asking Luna which dress she should wear to Luna's surprise party, unknowingly blowing the surprise.

In "Really Loud Music", Leni mistakes Luna for Lola when Michelle and Doug gave her a makeover.

Leni is also shown to be very willing to help Luna with the latter's love life, as seen in "L is for Love", where Leni was the first to ask Luna why she wasn't cheering over the fact that she was still in the running of the secret admirer mystery, and in "Racing Hearts", in which she was very excited when Luna told her and Lori she would be partners with Sam at the Royal Woods Astonishing Quest. By the end of the quest, she was very happy to see them hugging one another. Leni's relationship with Luna is also another proof of her big heart, as she is shown to be aware that Luna is bisexual, yet she still helps and supports her, even trying to help her with her relationship with Sam, showing that she accepts Luna's bisexuality.

In Welcome to the Loud House, Luna dislikes Leni's driving outfit and Leni has no clue how to play Luna's guitar.


S2E21A Leni hugs Luan

Leni hugging Luan.

Luan gets easily annoyed by Leni's absent mindedness, as much as the latter gets annoyed by the former's bad jokes. Luan often scares Leni with her plastic spider. Despite this, she and Luan have a good relationship, and they can be seen having fun in some episodes.

In "A Tale of Two Tables", they both sat at the grownup table.

In "Linc or Swim", Leni doesn't know the rules of the game "Marco Polo", much to Luan's annoyance and/or dismay.

In "Cover Girls", Luan dresses up as Leni at one point, and they even copy each other's movement.

Because Leni is afraid of spiders, Luan scares her with her plastic spider for fun like in "No Guts, No Glori", "Along Came a Sister", and "Future Tense".

In "Raw Deal", they were playing together in the lake.

In "Funny Business", Luan revealed she asked Leni to be her her clown assistant, but she failed due to her ditziness.

In "Brawl in the Family", Luan believes that Leni has the right to be mad at Lori.

In "Room with a Feud", Leni and Luan become roommates, they seem to get along at first with Leni laughing at Luan's jokes, but eventually gets annoyed when Leni laughs at every little thing she says.

In "No Laughing Matter", Leni stated Luan has been "so annoying" with her pranks during the sibling meeting. Then, when her siblings state how weird it is that Luan suddenly became serious, she's the only one who had some concern for her and wanted to see if she was okay. At the end of the episode, she congratulated Luan on being the winner of the contest and hugs her.

In "A Fridge Too Far", Leni tried to steal Luan's leftover brownie, but was hit in the face by a boxing glove Luan booby-trapped, making Luan taunt her. This made Leni get into the action of protecting her leftovers.

In Living Loud: Surprise Party, Luan uses Leni's credit card to buy a present for Lori's birthday party.

In Welcome to the Loud House, Luan makes kissy noises at Leni's driving outfit.


S2E14B Lynn and Leni confused

Lynn and Leni talking in unison.

They don't have many interactions, but they do get along with each other.

In "A Tale of Two Tables", they both sat at the grownup table.

In "No Such Luck", Lynn prevents Leni from being affected by Lincoln's "bad luck".

In "Room with a Feud", Leni and Lynn become roommates, which baffles the both of them due to their lack of common interests. They don't agree to share a room, but they get along well, as Lynn uses Leni as a weight lift, while the latter decorates the ceiling.

In "Selfie Improvement", Leni was playing baseball with Lynn.

In Welcome to the Loud House, Lynn kicks Leni's driving outfit around.


S1E17B Zipline

Leni and Lucy having fun together.

They don't have any interactions but, like their siblings, Leni gets frightened by Lucy's sudden appearance while the latter gets annoyed by the former's absentmindedness.

In "In Tents Debate", they choose Aloha Beach and want Lincoln to decide that place for their family vacation.

In "Linc or Swim", when Leni miscalculated the siblings to 10, Lucy corrected her by saying that they are 11.

In "A Novel Idea", Lucy and Leni both enjoyed ziplining.

In "Pulp Friction", when Leni uses her sash to attach Vanzilla onto the tow truck, Lucy thanks her for her good thinking.

In "Spell It Out", Leni says she's sorry to Lucy by playing a game of Tic-Tac-Toe.

In "Tricked!", Leni said she's happy their mom let Lucy organize the house for Halloween as she sees fit. In "Head Poet's Anxiety", Leni doesn't want to heckle Lucy even though they're just preparing her for the prospect of being heckled.

In "Fandom Pains", Leni, along with Lori, have started watching The Vampires of Melancholia because Blake Bradley was casted into the show as Tristan, much to Lucy's annoyance. Once Tristan falls off a cliff, both Len and Lori leave in tears while Lucy was glad she can go back watching her favorite show by herself again. However, the next episode helps her realize what she had done was wrong asks them if they would like to watch the show with her. They accept, and reveal that while Blake Bradley was one of the reasons why they got into the show, the other reason why they was because they wanted to spend time with Lucy.

In Welcome to the Loud House, Lucy is the only sibling who doesn't do anything with Leni's driving outfit.


S2E17B Tell me all about it

Leni letting Lana sleep in her bed.

They don't have much interaction, but they get along really well.

In "Along Came a Sister", Leni was upset when she learned Lana sees her as a monster for seemingly killing Frances.

In "Come Sale Away", Leni said that Lana couldn't sell a dress if it was 50% off, not even if it was half off.

In "Cover Girls", Lana and Leni dress up as each other.

In "No Such Luck", Leni prevents Lana from being effected by "Lincoln's bad luck".

In "Kick the Bucket List", Leni takes care of her and Lola.

In "Garage Banned", after Lori moves out into the garage, Lana comes to Leni for comfort after a nightmare she had. Leni takes her nightmare literally and blocks the door to protect the two of them.

In "Washed Up" Leni uses her rope to save Lana and Lola from quicksand

In Lana's episode of Listen Out Loud, she gives Leni (along with Lori and their parents) tips on looking after Vanzilla.

In Welcome to the Loud House, Lana rolls Leni's driving outfit up into a ball.


S4E22A Lola kissing Leni

Lola kissing Leni.

While the two don't have much interaction, they are shown to get along as sisters. Lola tends to get annoyed when Leni acts dumb, and Leni gets scared of getting on Lola's bad side, as Lola once gave her stuff away for free after she accidentally sat on Lola's crown (although this was shown to be a made up story). As the most feminine sisters, they enjoy fashion and in "Homespun", the two were shown to enjoy dressing up in traditional ball gowns during the time of the Wild West, with Leni helping her dress up.

In "A Tattler's Tale", Leni is one of Lola's only two siblings who she doesn't boss around, the other one being Lily.

In "Back in Black", Lola accuses Leni of stealing her perfume after noticing that it's gone.

In "Kick the Bucket List", Leni takes care of her and Lana.

In "Future Tense", Lola and Leni work together to get people to vote.

In "No Laughing Matter", Leni paints Lola's nails.

In "Washed Up", they were in charge of making beds. Leni also saves Lola from quicksand using her rope.

In "Recipe for Disaster", when attempts to return library books Lola to tell her that the books she was returning were actually Lucy's poetry book and her diary.

In "A Star is Scorned", Leni asks Lola if she can have her magazine back so she can read it on the bus on her way to work. Lola throws it at her and yells. Lola apologizes to Leni and then Leni tells her about the cutest kid contest at Reininger's. Lola then kisses Leni on her head and tells Leni that she will drive her to work in her Princess Car instead.

In Welcome to the Loud House, they appreciate each other's belongings.


S1E01A It's a miracle!

Lisa is annoyed by Leni's ignorance.

Lisa often uses Leni as a test subject to prove her experiments and inventions. The reason of this is because of Leni's poor intelligence. This is evidenced in various episodes like in "Project Loud House", when Lisa changed Leni's blemish cream for an experimental skin pigmentation ointment, turning her skin blue. Given their completely different IQ levels, Leni's absent-mindedness tends to get on Lisa's nerves at times.

In "No Spoilers", she sends Lisa an invitation to her own surprise birthday party.

In "The Mad Scientist", Lisa has a flashback in which Leni helped zip Lisa's sleepwear on.

In Last Loud on Earth, she tells her the password is her birthday.

In Welcome to the Loud House, Lisa dislikes Leni's driving outfit.


S4E20A Leni and Lily

Leni talking with Lily.

She and Leni have a great relationship. After their sister, Luna, Leni seems to spend most of the time with Lily out of all their other siblings.

In "Suite and Sour", Leni shows the ability to understand her, in their stay at a hotel.

In "Changing the Baby", Leni tries to implement her interests on Lily, because she had nobody that shares her likes.

In "One Flu Over the Loud House", Leni prevents Lincoln from firing chicken soup at Lily, who was sick.

In "Back in Black", she plays with Lily.

In "Potty Mouth", Leni accidentally swears in front of Lily.

In "The Crying Dame", Leni tries to cheer up Lily when she is sad.

In "No Place Like Homeschool", Leni is seen pushing Lily on the swing.

In "Any Given Sundae", Leni finds it cute when Lily tries to call a "sibling meeting".

In "Don't You Fore-get About Me", Leni goes to Lily for advice on how to get Lori to not go to Fairway.

In Welcome to the Loud House, Lily wads up Leni's driving outfit and plays with it.


In "A Tale of Two Tables", she sat with them at the grownup table.

In "Future Tense", her parents force her and Lori to take SAT prep classes.

Lynn Sr.

S2E18B Lynn Sr. and Leni folding t-shirts

Leni "exercising" with Lynn Sr.

In "Fed Up", Leni helps him with dinner, and says she has the perfect outfit for the dish they made for dinner.

In "Job Insecurity", it is revealed that Leni wants to get her belly button pierced, but her father forbids it.

In "Health Kicked", Leni helps her dad "exercise" by folding t-shirts.

In "No Spoilers", Leni accidentally spoils a surprise party for Lynn Sr.


S2E21B Leni hugging Rita

Leni hugging Rita on her birthday.

In "Attention Deficit", she helps Leni to apply makeup, without making herself look like a clown.

In "One Flu Over the Loud House", Leni believes that the sick Rita "needs a hug".

In "No Spoilers", when the surprise party that her siblings organized for their mom turned out bad, Leni stepped in and made it much better.

In "Rita Her Rights", Rita takes what Lori and Leni believe is hair spray and uses it to spray her hair, not realizing that it is actually hair dye which turned her hair green.



S2E09A Clyde and Leni

Leni offering to play with Clyde.

Clyde and Leni's relationship seems to be pretty good. In the episode "Overnight Success", she asks for his help on a new facial cream she needs to test on before trying it. She also seems to enjoy his company at the sleepover.

In "Along Came a Sister", Clyde recalls one time on Halloween when Leni mistook his spider costume for a real spider, and sprayed him with bug spray. Of course, this was just her arachnophobia getting the better of her.

In "The Whole Picture", she cools Clyde down with a fan when he passes out from seeing Lori and tells Lisa not to say Lori's name so loud.

In "Kick the Bucket List", Leni offers to ride on the teeter-totter with Clyde, but he declines, as he wants to do it with Lincoln by drawing him on a rock.

In "Change of Heart", Leni helps Clyde not act nervous around Lori, which leads Lori to believe they like each other.

In "Crimes of Fashion", like Lincoln, Clyde also helps Leni get her job back by solving the case on who took the scarfs.


S1E12A Leni confronts the Exterminator

Leni saves Frances.

Leni suffers from arachnophobia, so she kills all spiders she sees. Because she was afraid of Frances, she tried to kill the tarantula. However, when she learned the tarantula belongs to Lincoln's class, she saved Frances from the exterminator, but mainly to save her brother Lincoln. However, just because she saved the tarantula, doesn't mean she got over her arachnophobia.


S2E12B Leni and Chaz

Chaz picking out a sweater for Leni.

Leni is good friends with Chaz, as she had him on the guest list for Lori's party in "Party Down". She later sends him the video of Lori having fun with her siblings at another party, prompting him and the other guests to go back to the Loud House.

In "L is for Love", it's implied that Leni has a crush on him, as shown when he helps her pick out a sweater that had matching stripes of two colors she had trouble choosing from. She later sends him a love letter to show her passion for him.

The fact that Leni would be romantically interested in a guy like Chaz, despite her obsession with fashion and appearances, shows that she's really not shallow or superficial--she cares more about a guy's inner beauty than his outer beauty.

In "No Place Like Homeschool", he sends her a cat video while she and her siblings were in the middle of doing homeschool work.

In "Friendzy", Leni invites Chaz over in order to get special friend privileges.

In "Really Loud Music", it is revealed in Lori and Leni's song that the latter is dating Chaz.


S3E14A Becky and Leni at a picnic

Leni and Becky having a picnic together.

Becky is also one of Leni's friends from school. They get along really well.

In "Friendzy", Leni invites Becky over to get special friend privileges. In one scene, they were playing badminton together.

In "Scales of Justice", they are having a picnic together until they got scared away by the "swamp monster".

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