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"Let's Get Ready to Rumba" is the thirteenth episode of the third season, and the eighty-eighth episode of The Casagrandes.


When Hector declines Rosa's offer to join her dance class, he quickly gets jealous of her talented instructor!


Rosa is fixing some wooden tiles on the floor. Then suddenly, Mrs. Kernicky and Mrs. Flores show up expressing excitement for dance class. Rosa is interested, and told that a new dance studio opened up before leaving. She fantasizes herself and Hector dancing like a romantic couple would.

In the Casagrande apartment, Hector is seen looking at the game with Vito, Sergio, and Bruno. Rosa shows up to tell Hector about the class, but he is not at all interested. Annoyed, Rosa goes alone.

At the dance studio, Rosa shows up, but decides to call it quits, thinking twice about going alone. But some random person asks her to dance with him, and she accepts.

At the apartment, Hector, Sergio, Vito, and Bruno celebrate the Gatos' win, when Rosa shows up telling Hector how awesome dance class was for her, having learned a plethora of moves from her dance partner. Hector should be jealous, but isn't, though his friends think otherwise.

For the following few scenes, Hector is listening to Rosa making phone calls with her dance partner, known as Ivan, as well as gossip between mercado customers(Kernicky and Flores) who happen to be attending dance class alongside Rosa. He still doesn't admit jealousy. Finally, he sees Rosa carrying a dish of tamales with her, thinking she made them for him, and takes one. Rosa snatches it back from him, clarifying that its for the class. This is the final straw, and Hector decides to do something about the class, getting Sergio, Vito, and Bruno to help him.

Making sneaky moves, the four sneak a peek inside the dance studio and see Ivan for themselves, learning him to also be the instructor and how much of a gorgeous hunk he is. They think of what to do to stop this. Hector shuts off the electricity, which would darken the room and seemingly make it impossible for everyone to have class. Though Ivan solves the problem by lighting a bunch of candles. Sergio decides to use a fish to lure the Street Cats into the studio, expecting them to terrorize the class. However, they end up tame around Ivan, who proclaims how much animals love him. Bitter, Hector leaves without giving up, Vito, Bruno, and Sergio going with him.

Discussing what to do to get rid of the class, Bruno suggests dancing with Rosa, though Hector ridicules the idea. A surprise health inspector, Henry, shows up and inspects Sergio, seeing him as a wild animal, which is a major health violation. Sergio is clarified to be a pet, and smelled by Henry. With him having a clean scene, the inspection is passed. This gives Hector an idea on getting rid of Ivan.

He arrives later at the dance studio with several pigeons, including Sancho, secretly inside his leather jacket. He inspects the dance studio, surprising Ivan, not suspecting or even noticing Hector releasing the pigeons into the building. Hector points out the "infestation" to Ivan, and shuts the studio down, ignoring Ivan's pleas to get rid of them since his class has a recital the following week, leaving the instructor no other choice but to comply.

Later, at the apartment, Rosa is in a phone call with Ivan and ends it. Hector gets involved and Rosa tells him about the health department shutting the studio down, and that the class is being held in the apartment instead. Hector protests as it's game night, only to meet a death glare from her, leading to him adding that it can be done at Vito's apartment.


Maybelle, Mr. Nakamura and Mr. Scully have no lines in this episode.


  • Ivan mentions near the end of the episode that he has a husband, indicating his alignment is gay. Christian Barillas, his voice actor, previously played a gay character in the sitcom Modern Family.


  • Let’s Get Ready to Rumba - The title of this episode is a reference to Michael Buffer’s famous saying “Let’s get ready to rumble!”


  • When Hector shuts off the power to Ivan's studio, it is shown to be pitch black inside the building. However, given that the building has windows, the sunlight should have at least illuminated the room.
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