This page shows all Liam's different attires he has used throughout the series, excluding his normal outfit.

Images Episode(s) Description

Season One

Female Liam "Overnight Success" Lola gave Liam a makeover. He had purple eyeshadow, lips painted in red, and a red-haired wig, with a green ribbon.
S1E21A Liam playing basketball "The Loudest Yard"
"Dance, Dance Resolution"
He wears a red basketball jersey, with a yellow circle on it, and red-and-white shorts, and white shoes.

Season Two

S2E15A Zach and Rusty assuming "Back Out There" During dodgeball, Liam wears a red shirt, with horizontal black stripe, a yellow collar, and red shorts.
S2E15A I hate this song Liam was wearing a white suit, white trousers, and brown shoes.
S2E15A Liam riding a go-kart While still wearing a white suit, white trousers and brown shoes, Liam wears a green helmet while Go-karting.
S2E15A New hairstyles Still wearing the new white outfit and brown shoes, Liam has a different hairstyle.
S2E20A Friends dressed for SMOOCH "Yes Man" During makeup before SMOOCH concert, Liam wears a black shirt, and black eyelids.

Season Three

S3E10B Lynn's friends outnumber Lincoln's "Friendzy" When watching ARGGH! with Lincoln and Clyde, Liam wears a bed sheet ghost costume resembling those from Peanuts.
Liam & Stella hair style 1

Liam & Stella hair style 2 Liam & Stella hair style 3

"Be Stella My Heart" He and Stella wear wigs to impress his friends.

Season Four

Liam's Overalls "Exchange of Heart" On the Baby Chicks poster, Liam wears blue overalls and white shoes.
EQ1HtahWAAAV6Ym "Brave the Last Dance" Liam and Rusty are both dressed as Cupid, with white wings and diapers.

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