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Liam Hunnicutt is a supporting character in The Loud House. He is one of Lincoln's classmates and close friends.


His first appearance was in "Overnight Success", as one of the kids Lincoln invited to his sleepover, after Lincoln had a falling out with Clyde. Since then, he has made other appearances in other episodes.


So far, not much known is about him, other than that he is one of Lincoln's best friends. He likes basketball and rock music. He seems to be from the countryside given his accent and during "Back Out There" where he mentions doing stereotypical agricultural activities such as milking cows and that donkey poo was hard to get out. He also doesn't seem to be able to understand certain metaphorical phrases, such as Rocky's dad complimenting them on their appearance and telling them they'd need to fight the ladies off with a stick, causing him to sadly remark that he had forgotten his stick.


Liam is as tall as Lincoln and has freckles on his cheeks appeared and disappeared. He has orange hair styled into a bowl cut, and two buck teeth. His regular clothing attire consists of a light and dark green striped t-shirt, brown shorts, white sneakers with green stripes, and white socks with red and blue stripes.


  • He speaks in a Southern accent.
  • In the Croatian dub In the first two seasons, Liam used to have a Štokavian accent until Season 3, when it was switched to Kajkavian.
  • He was the last member in Lincoln's friend group to have their last name revealed.
  • He was the only person for whom Lincoln's advice about girls worked in "Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru".

Liam with his unnamed girlfriend, who was never seen again.

  • Despite getting a girlfriend in "Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru", in "Dance, Dance Resolution", he is dateless. It is possible that his girlfriend broke up with him prior to "Dance, Dance Resolution", the series' continuity is not consistent, or the episodes were aired out of production order.
  • He lives on a farm.[1] This is implied in "Out of the Picture", and shown in "Pasture Bedtime".
  • How his buck teeth are lined up can vary. Sometimes they are lined up right next to each other; sometimes a gap is between them.
  • He has a younger sister who is in kindergarten.[2]
    • So far, Liam, Ronnie Anne and Rusty are Lincoln's only schoolmates with known siblings.
    • He also has a brother.[3]
  • He claims that a kid from the school who was forgotten and lives behind his barn,[4] though it is unknown if this is true or if he made it up.
  • In "Out of the Picture", he can be seen in the group photo of the Chess Club, which implies he is a member of this club.
  • Liam breaks the fourth wall in "Back Out There". After he said "Who's up for a boy's day out music montage?", a second later, a montage of the boys hanging out starts.
    • He also breaks the fourth wall in "Pasture Bedtime", when he tells the viewers to never cross him again.
  • Liam, along with Rusty and Zach, are the first recurring characters to get an episode centered entirely around them.
  • The magic trick in which coins are taken out of ears angers him.[5]
  • Yogurt does not agree with him.[6]
  • As of "Cow Pie Kid", Liam is in the Royal Woods Squirrels.
  • His last name is Hunnicutt.[7]
  • He has a very good throwing arm, but his arm muscles get injured easily.[7]
  • So far, neither of Liam's parents appeared in an episode.
  • His grandmother taught him how to play Orcs, Horks, Wizards, and Pork.[8]


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