Lights Out is a puzzle game based on The Loud House. It was released on on June 8, 2017.


Lincoln and Clyde were watching ARGGH! one day, when all of a sudden, the lights go out in the house. Now, Lincoln must go around the house, making sure that the sisters have light, all while trying to get the power back on, so that he can continue watching his show.


The player moves the mouse around to scroll through the screen, and also uses the left mouse button to click on objects to interact with. Some characters can give out hints in case the player gets confused while solving a puzzle. There are three sections of the game to play through, and Lola and Lana block entry to the next level until the player finishes a section of the house. There are some puzzles that require the player to mix two objects together in order to solve. The ending has all of the Loud siblings gathered around the TV after Lincoln successfully brought power back to the house. Lincoln will say the time it took depending on how fast the player completed the game.


  • When some characters are interacted with, their dialogue is said in third person, which is what Lincoln was meant to say.


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