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Lily's Teddy Bear is a teddy bear owned by Lily, and she has a crush on it in "L is for Love".


The teddy bear has brown fur, with nougat tones for the belly and insides of the ears, pink cheeks, pink and nougat undersides for the feet, black eyes with three pairs of eyelashes, and a large black round nose. It was first seen in Lily's crib when it fell on her, and she gave it a hug. It was later seen when Lily crawled up to it, winked at it and hugged it. The teddy bear was then seen when Lily showed a drawing of the two of them, and hugged it again.

Despite being an inanimate object, Lily is in love with her teddy bear, both in a friendly way and in a romantic way. It's justified in that Lily's still just a baby, and probably does not have a full understanding of the concept of love.



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