Lincoln Loud's Epic Quest for Peace & Quiet is a series of videos posted on Nick's YouTube channel. They were all released on August 30, 2017. Usually, clicking on a video shows you a clip from the random episode. It works similar to "Lost Control".


Lincoln wants to find some private space in his house, and the viewer needs to navigate the house for the perfect spot.

STARTING POINTS: Kitchen or Upstairs Hallway.


Episode Scene: April Fools Rules

Luan puts raccoons into the oven which proceed to attack Lincoln.

Lincoln's remark: "Scratch that idea."

NEXT CHOICES: Lisa and Lily's room or Lori and Leni's room.

Upstairs Hallway

Episode Scene: Get the Message

Lana and Lola play as hall monitors, and catch Lincoln speeding

Lincoln's remark: "Lana and Lola are laying down the law, loudly."

NEXT CHOICES: Vents or Lincoln's covers.


Episode Scene: Get the Message

Lucy's in the vents, and after catching Lincoln off guard, she reads her poem as Lincoln backs away.

Lincoln's remark: "Man! I can't even get privacy in the vents?! I'll try one more spot."

NEXT CHOICES: Living Room or Yard.

Living Room

Episode Scene: Come Sale Away

The whole family is shaking their butts around the room.

Lincoln's remark: "This isn't peace and quiet, but I do love shaking my booty."



Episode Scene: Linc or Swim

His sisters are in the pool they bought, and when he cannonballs, it blows up.

Lincoln's remark: "If you can't find peace and quiet, there's nothing like a pool party."


Lincoln's Covers

Episode Scene: One of the Boys

Lisa wakes him up with the watch used to get in the boy dimension.

Lincoln's remark: "I can't even find peace and quiet under the covers?!"

NEXT CHOICES: Go through the portal or get out.

Go through the portal

Episode Scene: One of the Boys

The gender bent sisters are attacking each other more than the normal sisters argue.

Lincoln's remark: "Turns out 10 brothers is even louder than 10 sisters."


Get out

Episode Scene: One Flu Over the Loud House

Lincoln (somehow) sees Lori, Lynn, Lana, and Lola infected with the Zombie Flu virus.

Lincoln's remark: "Oh no. I think I just stumbled upon a zombie apocalypse. There has to be a more peaceful place than this!"


Lisa and Lily's room

Episode Scene: No Guts, No Glori

Lisa comes out of her room, and gets taken back in by a purple octopus tentacle.

Lincoln's remark: "Being eaten by one of Lisa's experiments is not my idea of peace and quiet. So, that's out."

NEXT CHOICES: Outdoors or the Garage.


Episode Scene: Roughin' It

Lincoln and Clyde's balloon raft bursts, gets stung by bees, then it starts raining, a tidal wave of mud washes Lincoln and Clyde into a cave, and they play dead to avoid a bear.

Lincoln's remark: "Okay....So, that was the opposite of peaceful."



Episode Scene: House Music

Luna plays band with her family.

Lincoln's remark: "Looks like Luna's starting a family band. Watching my Dad shake his butt and play cowbell is not peace and quiet."


Lori and Leni's room

Episode Scene: Brawl in the Family

They're arguing after Lori insulted Leni's skin tone. Lincoln, confusedly, leaves.

Lincoln's remark: "Well, it was definitely crazy and it definitely didn't work. But, I've got to keep trying for peace and quiet."

NEXT CHOICES: Vanzilla or Lincoln's Bedroom.


Episode Scene: The Sweet Spot

Lincoln tries to sleep, but his sisters barge in and attack him.

Lincoln's remark: "Uh oh. Looks like we woke the whole neighborhood."


Lincoln's Bedroom:

Episode Scene: Sound of Silence

Lincoln closes the door and can read his comics. Nothing's bothering him.

Lincoln's remark: "We did it! Peace and quiet was here the whole time! Finally reading comics in my undies! Thanks for all your help!"

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