This page shows all of Lincoln Loud's different attires he has worn throughout the series, excluding his normal outfit.

Image Episode(s) Description
Lincoln PJ's Various episodes His night attire consists of standard orange pajamas.
S1E06B Linc convincing Lucy
S1E14B Lincoln stops dancing in shock
"Space Invader" and "Two Boys and a Baby" In these episodes, he just wears an orange t-shirt, underwear and socks as his night attire instead.
S1E14A Hairspray
S1E23A Okay. This is not working out
Various episodes Whenever his shirt isn't covering the top part of his jeans, he's often shown without a belt. The exceptions are "Sound of Silence" and "One of the Boys," which show a black belt with a silver buckle.
Lincoln in his grown-up suit Various episodes He wears a light blue suit, with an orange necktie and dark brown shoes. He has his hair combed backwards. Lincoln considers it his "grown-up" suit, because it makes him seem bigger and more mature.
S1E10A Lincoln on Lynn's bike Various episodes Whenever he rides a bike, he wears a blue bike helmet.
S1E08A Lincoln and Bobby Various episodes His swim attire consists of a pair of orange trunks.
Winter Outfit Lincoln Various episodes Lincoln's winter outfit consists a brown cap, a red coat, an aqua scarf, and brown winter boots (based on Charlie Brown's winter outfit in Peanuts).
Lincoln in Ace Saavy costume Various episodes Lincoln wears a new Ace Savvy costume, similar to the old one, but with a black domino mask.
S1E05A No solving for X on the walls "Project Loud House", "A Novel Idea", and "Dance, Dance Resolution" He is wearing Lynn's roller skates and a helmet to skate down the hall after giving the twins their toothbrushes and toothpaste. He also wore the same outfit when Polly Pain trained her roller derby technique on him.
S1E01A Forget the plan!
S1E08B Linc inviting Lucy
"Left in the Dark" and "Changing the Baby" He only adds official "ARRGH! Branded Night Vision Goggles" to his normal outfit, but they're really just a toy and do not actually provide night vision.
S1E01B Linc avoiding detection
S1E23B Linc crawls to the twins' room
"Get the Message" and "A Tattler's Tale" He only adds a gray bonnet to his normal outfit when he tries to erase the scathing voicemail that he sent to Lori and sneaks into Lola's room to find out any secrets about her.
S1E01B Lincoln using VR "Get the Message" and "A Novel Idea" Lincoln wears a Virtual Reality headset when he plays a game on it.
Ace Savvy Lincoln no Mask "Sleuth or Consequences" and "The Whole Picture" He cosplayed his favorite superhero Ace Savvy. He did it to supposedly accompany Clyde to the comic book convention, but in the end, he didn't go because he was grounded.
S1E13A Lincoln shoves ice down Clyde's pants "For Bros About to Rock" and "Yes Man" (title card) When he goes to the SMOOCH concert, he dresses up exactly like Pucker Uppenheimer.
Tumblr Lincoln Ronnie Anne "Save the Date" and "Be Stella My Heart" Lincoln wears an orange long sleeved shirt with more buttons than his everyday shirt. He also wears khakis pants and brown shoes.
Hardhat Lincoln "A Novel Idea" and "Cooked!" Lincoln is seen wearing a hardhat.

Season One

S1E02B Lincoln in a marathon "Making the Case" During Lincoln's flashbacks about his many attempts to obtain a trophy he can be seen in some different attires. First, he wears the typical outfit of a marathon runner; an orange sleeveless shirt, blue shorts, and on his chest he carries a paper with the number "0".
S1E02B Lincoln's hand is in a lot of pain Then, he is seen wearing a white gi, with a black belt.
S1E02B Hey, fifth grade! While Lincoln was doing a stunt video, he is wearing a blue helmet and a suit made of 672 breath mints.
S1E02B Lincoln dancing in a silly outfit One of Lincoln's embarrassing videos has him dancing in an outfit that consists of a light blue shirt, red trousers with white and yellow suspenders, an orange bowtie, and a red beret.
S1E04B Linc in a suit "A Tale of Two Tables" He wears a completely different suit in his fantasy of what it would be like at the grown-up table.
S1E05A Lincoln cooking "Project Loud House" He is wearing an apron and oven mitt to cook eggs for his sisters.
S1E05B Lily gives Lincoln a fruit drink "In Tents Debate" He wears a red Hawaiian shirt with blue flowers, a yellow Hawaiian Lei, and red sunglasses.
IntensoDebate129 He also wears an udder hat with his Hawaiian clothes already on.
S1E05B Team Beach Lincoln went shirtless and wore swim trunks, water wings, and a rubber duck floaty.
S1E06A Manotard finished "Sound of Silence" He briefly wears a strange orange suit created by Leni. The suit includes a white belt with red dots, blue socks, and white shoes. She calls it the "Manotard."
S1E06B Loco Lincoln "Space Invader" He wears a green and yellow Mexican wrestler mask and dubs himself "Loco Lincoln".
S1E06B Linc goes goth He disguises as a gothic boy, with a black T-shirt, gray pants, black-and-white platform boots and long striped fingerless gloves. He also dyed his hair black and used black eye shadow. The disguise makes him look like Lucy and he used it in an attempt to throw Lynn out of his room, but to his disappointment, Lynn thinks it's funny.
S1E07A The sisters left "Picture Perfect" Like his sisters, he wears a red Christmas sweater for his "perfect" picture.
S1E07B Linc wearing leggings "Undie Pressure" First he wears Lori's purple flowered leggings in an attempt to feel more comfortable while he reads his comics.
S1E07B Lincoln in sweatpants He then switches to wearing cream-colored sweatpants.
Lincoln in his Victory Undies
At the end of the episode, he wears his red "victory undies" that Lola bought him.
S1E09B You can read? "Ties That Bind" To please his parents, he wears a brown suit that looks nearly identical to his "grown-up" suit.
Rich Lincoln In his fantasy as an only child, Lincoln wears a "rich boy outfit" with an orange dressing gown and a blue kerchief.
S1E10A Linc sparkly shirt "Hand-Me-Downer" Lincoln wears Leni's green sparkly shirt with pink L.L. initials on it.
S1E10A Linc lying to Lynn Lincoln wears a jock strap.
S1E10B Half-asleep Lincoln using the bathroom "Sleuth or Consequences" During the previous night, Lincoln came to the toilet wearing only his orange polo and white underwear.
S1E12B Linc in a messier hall "Chore and Peace" Because his clothes have not been washed, Lincoln must wear a black trash bag as a shirt and two boxes of paper tissues as shoes.
S1E14B Lincoln cleaning the litterbox "Two Boys and a Baby" Lincoln wears a surgical mask while he cleans the litter box.
S1E15A Linc partially disguised as Lucy
S1E15A Linc as Lynn
S1E15A Linc as Luna
S1E15A Linc as Luan
S1E15A Linc as Lana and Lola
S1E15A Linc as Lily at the door
"Cover Girls" In this episode, Lincoln dresses up exactly like all of his sisters to cover for them while they are busy with other activities. When their parents found out about their little charade, their punishment was to go about their tasks while still dressed as the siblings for whom they covered. While he was still dressed as Lily, he didn't seem to mind too much when Clyde came over, but that changed when he found out he brought their whole class with him, thus resulting in them laughing at his humiliation.
S1E16B Fancy robes "Out on a Limo" He wears an exclusive red robe with Tetherby at the Tetherby Country Club.
S1E16B How dare she! When he goes to Tetherby's party, Lincoln wears a black top hat and wields a black walking stick. He really does not wear a tuxedo; instead, he colors his own polo shirt and jeans with a black marker to make it seem like a real tuxedo.
Lincoln Loud crossdressing "A Novel Idea" He disguises as a girl in an attempt to go with Dad to his office, but it fails.
S1E17B Lincoln dressed as an agent Lincoln is seen wearing a white surgical mask, goggles, and blue rubber gloves.
S1E18A Greasy kitchen floor "April Fools Rules" He only includes to his normal outfit a football helmet to protect himself from Luan's pranks.
S1E19A So we're gonna sell homemade chocolate pie "Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru" Lincoln and Clyde wear identical aprons while baking.
S1E19A Linc and Clyde with balloon animals They later wear bowties while selling pies and balloon animals.
S1E19A The girl guru Lincoln dresses up as a guru in a pale yellow gown, with white sandals, an orange flower necklace, a gold medallion, and a flower on his hair.
S1E20A Lincoln and Lori with mud masks "Roughin' It" Lincoln wears an orange bathrobe and a blue towel over his head. He has mud on his chin as part of a mud mask.
S1E20A Lincoln giving Lucy a manecure Lincoln wears a headlamp to paint Lucy's nails in the dark.
S1E20A Lincoln with knitted fringes on his coat Lincoln wears a brown jacket, with fringes on the sleeves.
S1E20A Leni loves the poncho Lincoln wears a red bandana when sewing Leni's poncho.
S1E20A It is so toasty Lincoln fashioned himself and Clyde ponchos made of leaves (which are later found out to be poison ivy), with birch bark linings.
S1E20A Lincoln with cupcakes Lincoln wears a pale pink waist apron and magenta oven mitts.
S1E20B Linc dressed for for the party "The Waiting Game" When Lincoln gets ready for Chandler's birthday party, he puts on a black suit (just like his "grown-up" suit), a red tie, and yellow boots.
S1E20B Linc working instead When Lincoln works at the arcade instead of Lori so she can go to the dance, he wears the arcade uniform, which is a hat and a shirt with stripes and red shorts.
S1E21A Linc took bus instead of running "The Loudest Yard" He wears a sweatsuit while Lynn teaches him everything she knows about football.
S1E21A Lincoln running away Lincoln wears a red and yellow Royal Woods Rooster suit while playing football.
S1E22A DJ Lincoln "Dance, Dance Resolution" When performing at the turntable in an attempt to hide from Ronnie Anne, he wears a dark gray beanie, black shades, and reddish-pink headphones.
S1E22B Bro handshake "A Fair to Remember" After returning home from a monster truck arena with Bobby, he wears a red trucker hat with a capital "A", a souvenier T-shirt, and a foam finger.
Lincoln the Butler "A Tattler's Tale" While Lola makes her siblings do favors for her so that she won't spoil their secrets, he dresses up as a butler and has his hair combed backwards.
S1E24A Lincoln ready with pie
"Funny Business" Lincoln wears a headset and his regular clothes, but black with white details.
S1E24A Sorry!
Lincoln has pie cream on his face and a small pink bow in his hair. He is no longer wearing his headset.
S1E24A I went a little overboard on the helium
Lincoln wears balloons over his outfit.
S1E24A I really need to get my prescription checked!
Lincoln has his head stuck through Maggie's birthday sign. He wears clown clothing, a clown nose, fake orange tufts of hair, and a green hat.
S1E24A Luan holding black rose
Lincoln wears a striped shirt, black shorts, long white socks, black shoes, a black beret, and a red scarf when performing as Luan's mime assistant.
S1E26B Lincoln making a pirate ship "Homespun" Lincoln wears a blue pirate hat with a white skull on it, while he works on a pirate ship in the basement.
S1E26B Lincoln wearing a raccoon hat He wears a coonskin cap when reenacting the pioneer days.

Season Two

S2E01 Linc putting on his winter hat "11 Louds a Leapin'" Lincoln wears an orange sweater and a brown winter cap.
S2E01 Lincoln on his sled Lincoln swaps his brown cap for a green helmet and adds a pair of crimson red gloves.
S2E01 Lincoln calling Clyde Lincoln wears his coat, scarf, boots, and gloves, but does not wear any headgear.
S2E02A How to adjust the expiration date "Intern for the Worse" Lincoln wears a white uniform, a black tie with a red outline, and a white soda jerk hat when working for Flip.
S2E02B Lincoln playing Laser Tag "The Old and the Restless" Lincoln wears a laser tag vest, which is dark gray with a circle in the middle.
S2E03A Attacking the Evil Troll "Baby Steps" Lincoln wears a ragged brown cloak to resemble a troll while playing with the twins.
Aunt Ruth Lincoln "Suite and Sour" While putting on a show to persuade their parents to take them to a resort, he dresses as their Aunt Ruth.
S2E04A Lincoln all dressed up He dresses as a bellhop when they reveal that they set up a nice weekend for their parents in their house.
S2E06B That is gross
"Cheater by the Dozen" Lincoln and Clyde wear white cook hats and white aprons, because they had to work in Giovanni Changs Italian Chinese Bistro to pay for the destruction Clyde caused.
S2E07B Young Lori feeding young Linc ice cream
"The Whole Picture" Lincoln (as a baby) wears a white diaper and a purple bib.
S2E07B Baby Lincoln with mom's cosmetics
Lincoln (as a baby) wears an orange blanket sleeper and is covered in makeup.
S2E07B Young Linc, Luan, and Lucy on kiddie ride
A younger version of Lincoln wears a cowboy outfit with brown boots, blue jeans, a yellow long sleeved shirt with checkers, a brown vest and a green hat. Current Lincoln is later seen wearing the same clothing.
S2E07B Lincoln's inflatable pants
Lincoln wore a diaper while recreating photo of him and Lynn in the bathtub.
S2E07B Lincoln and Clyde as Lynn seeking easter eggs
Lincoln was wearing a white long-sleeved shirt and an orange sleeveless sweater.
S2E07B Clyde as Mom holding Lincoln
In this picture, Lincoln wore orange baby pajamas.
S2E07B Lincoln and Clyde as Leni giving haircut
Lincoln with white cloth and a blue plate on his head to look like he is getting a haircut.
S2E07B Linc after crashing into the pins
At his 6th birthday party, younger Lincoln went bowling. He wears clothing similar to what he wears now, but he has shorts instead of pants, and is wearing bowling shoes.
S2E07B The rabbit out of the hat
At his 7th birthday party, younger Lincoln wore a magician outfit.
S2E08A Lincoln and his sisters at the game
"No Such Luck" Lincoln was wearing a red-white baseball cap and a big yellow glove on his left hand.
S2E08A Lincoln dancing
During his solo dance, Lincoln was wearing a white long-sleeved shirt, white underwear, white socks and sunglasses.
S2E08A Loud family on the beach
Lincoln wears a squirrel mascot costume to show that he is good luck to his family.
S2E09A Lincoln exercising
"Kick the Bucket List" Lincoln wears on orange sleeveless shirt with a "1" on it and blue shorts.
S2E09A Trapeze act
Lincoln was wearing a pink body suit during his would-be trapeze performance.
S2E09A Gelatin pool
Lincoln was wearing red swim trunks.
Lincolnovich Loudinski "Party Down" As "Lincolnovich Loudinski", Lincoln wears a typical Russian man's outfit. This includes a red wig with fuzzy eyebrows and a mustache.
S2E10B Lincoln and Clyde playing volleyball "Shell Shock" During a volleyball match, Lincoln and Clyde wear red t-shirts with black stripes and red shorts with yellow stripes.
S2E10B Lincoln gives Ronnie the fake egg
During art class, Lincoln was seen wearing a green apron over his normal outfit.
S2E13 Linc and CJ playing as pirates
"The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos" While playing pirates with CJ, Lincoln was wearing a colander bowl on his head.
Student Council Lincoln and Clyde "Out of the Picture" Lincoln and Clyde, as Student Council members, were wearing black robes and white powdered wigs.
Chess Club Lincoln and Clyde Lincoln and Clyde, as Chess Club members, were disguised as pawns (Lincoln as the black pawn and Clyde as the white pawn).
Morticians Club Lincoln and Clyde Lincoln and Clyde, as Morticians Club members, were wearing black tops, black suits, black trousers, gray shoes, white shirts and red ribbons.
S2E14B Now Lincoln has a green brain!
"Room with a Feud" Lisa's experiment made Lincoln bald and green headed.
S2E15A Boys with suits "Back Out There" Lincoln, along with his friends, was wearing a white suit, white trousers and brown shoes.
S2E15A New hairstyles Lincoln was still wearing a white suit, white trousers, brown shoes and had a different hairstyle.
S2E15A Linc riding a go-kart Along with the same new outfit and brown shoes, Lincoln wears a blue helmet while Go-Karting.
Lincoln the Viking "Spell It Out" While playing an online game, Lincoln was wearing a viking costume. It included a horned helmet, a warrior skirt and a wooden sword.
S2E15B Go Pop-Pop He wears a red hat, which he uses to drink Flippees, during Pop-Pop's game.
Lincoln's Prank-Me-Not Poncho "Fool's Paradise" He tests out Lola and Lana's Prank-Me-Not Poncho.
Lincoln as Lynn Sr. "Job Insecurity" He dressed up as Lynn Sr. when auditioning to replace him for the interview.
S2E16B Linc in underwear and wig He then strips down to his underwear when he starts feeling uncomfortable, but keeps the wig.
S2E17A Clyde with a periscope "ARGGH! You for Real?" When Lincoln and Clyde were watching the taping of ARGGH!, he wears a black turtleneck sweater, a beige belt, and grey boots. He also wears a blue helmet, with purple night vision lenses on his head.
Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 8.06.32 PM 2 "Future Tense" Lincoln wears a yellow traffic vest.
S2E20A Lincoln uses makeup and puppy-dog eyes "Yes Man" Lincoln gave himself a makeover to convince his parents to give him money for his SMOOCH ticket.
S2E21B Lincoln the Model "No Spoilers"
Lincoln's Orange Iguanas Outfit "Legends" and "Home of the Fave" When leaving to Orlando, Lincoln wears an Orange Iguanas costume.
Scuba Diver Lincoln "Legends" After another failed attempt to spend some time together, Lincoln and Lynn Sr. come back home wearing diving suits.
S2E22A Auditioning for the show For their 5-hour submission tape, Lincoln wears an Olmec head.
S2E22B Lisa's chemicals "Mall of Duty" Lincoln wears a red bandana on his head while he is looking for his younger sisters.
Tumblr oy1lk4jqbr1s51hgao1 1280 "Not a Loud" Lincoln as a baby was wearing orange pajamas and a white winter hat.
S2E23B Lincoln about to fly He wears an aviator hat, goggles, a white scarf and a thin board tied on each arm. He was wearing this outfit to try to fly.
S2E24 We decided to go through the neighborhood counterclockwise this year "Tricked!" To get into Huntington Manor, he and Clyde wear light blue suit jackets and shorts, white collared shirts, and red and black striped ties.
S2E25A Lincoln dressed as Fenton "The Crying Dame" Lincoln dresses as Fenton the Feel-Better Fox. He wears an open magenta button-up shirt over his orange shirt, red paw gloves, red paw shoes, a red and orange fox tail attached to his waist, and a hat resembling Fenton's head.
S2E26A Linc calls on Clyde "Snow Way Down" Lincoln was forced into an overly protective, bundled up snow suit by Howard and Harold. It was a puffy light blue jacket with a scarf, mittens, a blue hat, and black shoes.
S2E26A Smooth floors! Lincoln wears an orange sweater and retains his blue jeans.
S2E26A Linc and Clyde laughing Lincoln wore a red jacket, blue pants, black shoes, and most importantly, he had to wear a light blue helmet, so he wouldn't kill himself when sledding.

Season 3

Lincoln as Drummer "Tripped!" During the family's song, Lincoln wears sunglasses.
S3E02A Cool and hip Lincoln "White Hare" Lincoln's hair is slicked back, he's wearing black shades with a red trim, a black leather jacket over a yellow shirt, and retains his blue jeans.
S3E02B Siblings with sweaters "Insta-gran" Lincoln wears a pink sweater that says "Life is sweeter with a Gran-Gran".
S3E02B Linc puts on ski mask Lincoln wears a blue balaclava to cover up his bowl haircut.
S3E04A I'm not wearing suspenders "Selfie Improvement" Lincoln wears an orange button up shirt, red suspenders, a fake brown mustache with a ring, glasses, and a green beanie hat.
S3E04A Lincoln, you can take the suspenders off now He continues to wear the suspenders after Lori has taken the photo.
S3E05B Fool Me Twice panorama 1 "Fool Me Twice" When meeting up with the family in disguise, Lincoln wears black eyeglasses and a fake black mustache, with a beige trench coat and fedora.
S3E10A Lincoln is doing it "Deal Me Out" Lincoln wears a blue helmet and blue pads when skateboarding with Clyde.
S3E15A Lincoln and Clyde scraping barnacles off "Absent Minded" He and Clyde wear scuba diving gear.
S3E19B One sixth grader owned up to farting one time
"Middle Men" Lincoln wears a lab coat during biology class.
S3E19B No way we can mess this up Lincoln wears gym clothes for gym class.
Hipster Lincoln 1
"Predict Ability" Lincoln rocks a red beanie cap and blue t-shirt with slight tears and a 'Rock on' logo.
Formal Lincoln Lincoln wears a brown suit.
Shakespearean Lincoln Lincoln wears a Shakespearean outfit.
Clown Lincoln Lincoln wears a clown suit.
Mime Lincoln Lincoln dresses like a mime.
Horsehead Lincoln Lincoln dresses like the front half of a horse.
Deep Sea Lincoln Lincoln dresses like a deep sea diver.
Emo Lincoln Lincoln dresses like an emo.
Horseback Lincoln Lincoln dresses like the back end of a horse.
Cheese Prince Lincoln Lincoln carries a fairy princess wand and wears a purple shirt with a pink cape and a cheese hat.
S3E22B Driving Ambition panorama 4
"Driving Ambition" Lincoln wearing yellow galoshes.
Lincoln magic 1
"Antiqued Off" In the beginning, Lincoln wears a magician's top hat and cape over his normal clothing.
Lincoln magic 2
Then later on, he wears a tuxedo t-shirt with the magician's hat and cape.

Season Four

S4E06A Lincoln shows his map
"Washed Up" Lincoln wears a life jacket.
S4E06B Firefighters Lincoln and Clyde
"Recipe for Disaster" Lincoln wears Ace Savvy mask, white t-shirt, yellow fire fighter trousers, red suspenders, and black boots.
S4E9B Putting on spacesuits "Rocket Men" Lincoln wears a space suit.
Mortician Lincoln "A Grave Mistake" When trying to join the Morticians Club, Lincoln has messy and spiky hair with a purple lightning-shaped stripe, dark purple eyeshadow, three pairs of earrings, a silver nose ring, and vampire fangs. He wears a black sleeveless shirt with a white skull, a violet spiky collar, violet bracelets, three white belts, oversized trousers, and huge violet dragon-like shoes.
Lincoln's Black Suit "A Mutt Above" Lincoln wears a black suit and an orange tie, when Lucy played funeral with him as the dead body.
Brave The Last Dance 5-55 screenshot
"Brave the Last Dance" Lincoln as gondolier wears a white shirt with horizontal thin black stripes and a black hat.
S4E16B Sorry Lana, you'll have to wait "Game Off" In Lana's dream, an 8-bit version of Lincoln is wearing a crown and a black cape.

Other media

Lincoln as Ace Saavy "Deuces Wild!" Lincoln cosplays as Ace Savvy again during his and Clyde's superhero fantasy.

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