This page describes all of Lincoln Loud's relationships with his family and friends.


His sisters


S3E02A Perfect the way you are

Lincoln's sisters telling him he's perfect the way he is.

Despite the chaotic, insane, and occasionally stressful antics from his sisters, he loves them deeply, and really cares for them. For the most part, he has fun being a part of their chaos, and doesn't mind being the only boy.

In "Heavy Meddle", it was revealed that his sisters have a tendency to meddle in his affairs when he doesn't want them to, and believes they'll make everything worse. An example was when they all took care of him when they thought he was sick, but all he had was a paper cut. They also wanted to help him with his bully problem, showing that they don't want anyone bullying him (because they're the only ones who can bully Lincoln, probably) and tend to give him some bad advice on how to take care of it. They also enticed him to kiss his bully when they found out it was a girl. Lincoln got fed up with them after she punched him for kissing her and told them never to meddle in his life again.

He is rather protective of his family, as he resolves conflicts between his sisters, younger and older, but they all get annoyed with him if he does something like flat out ignore them. In "Sound of Silence", since they all have an equally tough time finding quiet time in their home, they would then show him the consequences as payback, but they receive punishment as well. Like all families, they would all rush straight to his aid if he were being bullied, and are very supportive of his romantic life, so they all really want the best for their only brother. They always try to help him through his issues, but are usually incompetent in doing so, but always insist on it unaware, much to his frustration.

In "Ties That Bind", when Lincoln overheard his parents considering getting rid of all but one of eleven of something, he thought they were talking about his sisters. Initially, he liked the idea of having extra space in the house, but when he thought he was the one to be rid of, the sisters all sprung to his defense. Eventually, the Loud kids found out their parents were only talking about Lynn Sr.'s ties.

In "Sleuth or Consequences", they (except Lucy) blamed Lincoln for clogging the toilet again for no reason, unaware that Lucy was the one who clogged the toilet. At the end, Lincoln blames himself in front of them in order to protect Lucy from getting punished.

In "Changing the Baby", Lincoln and his sisters fought over Lily over their hobbies, but only Lily revealed that her interest is blanket and Clyde started to hanging out with Lily at the end.

In "Chore and Peace", Lincoln was done of always being the one taking the trash out and the sibling with the most hard chore so he asked his sisters to swap chores with him, but they refuse, saying there's a "very delicate balance" in the house. Lincoln, frustrated, goes on strike until he gets what he wants. The girls also decide to go on strike until Lincoln ends his, but Lincoln still refuses to back down. He (and his sisters) only end their strike when they realized that Lily was missing from her crib. The siblings worked together to clean up the whole house only to see that their parents had Lily the whole time.

They are all always there for him when he needs support and/or help and vice versa, as seen in "Cover Girls", where they cover for him to stop him getting into trouble with their parents and "Project Loud House", where they step in with their physical bodies to replace his broken homework model of them. However, they are sometimes incompetent in this as well, like in "House Music", when they forgot to untie him.

In "Cereal Offender", they wanted to tag along with Lincoln at the supermarket, but they ruined his chances to get Zombie Bran due to their selfishness.

Sometimes, Lincoln thinks he is tired of his sisters' antics, only to find he quickly gets lonely without them, as shown in "Linc or Swim".

In "Brawl in the Family", his sisters neglect to inform him ahead of time how the "Sister Fight Protocol" works.

However, he hardly finds time for himself, and blames the sisters for this, because he must be with them in all of their activities. In "No Such Luck", he pretends to be unlucky after allegations from Lynn that he's bad luck, but this gets blown out of proportions, and it leads to Lincoln being in a very bad situation.

In "Fed Up", with his sisters, he has a plan to sabotage the usual dinner to deliver pizza.

They even know how important some matters mean to him, as featured in "Pulp Friction", where they all work together to get him and Clyde out of detention so they can get to the post office and mail in their comic book entry on time, as well as get it back after it's been confiscated. Lincoln based the characters who save Ace and Jack from Wild Card Willy's clutches on his sisters, showing that they always have his back.

Sometimes problems always have a positive impact. In "Room with a Feud", despite the exchange of rooms, when Lincoln decides to take one for the team, they kindly decide to avoid the situation, returning everything to normal, being thanked by their brother.

In "Yes Man", they ask Lincoln for advice in how to convince their parents to give them money. But because of this, he couldn't get the money he needed for a ticket to the VIP SMOOCH concert because the parents gave all their money to the sisters. So they all make it up to him by organizing a concert of their own in front of their house, and even convinced SMOOCH to perform with them, telling him that he's the best brother anywhere around.

In "Tricked!", when his sisters are sad after Hawk and Hank's destruction and declare Halloween to be ruined, he resolves to save Halloween for them.

In "White Hare", they accept Lincoln for who he is after he was dressed up to impress the new girl: Stella at school.

In "Predict Ability", they kindly express not believing that Lincoln is boring.

In the "Food Fight" game, he has a food fight with his sisters. He also does in "A Tale of Two Tables", except in the latter, it's everyone vs. everyone as opposed to the sisters vs. Lincoln.

In another game, "Living Loud: Lincoln's List", Lincoln does chores for all his sisters.

In "Living Loud: Summer School", all the sisters except Lisa inadvertently mess up Lincoln's grades, but they help make amends and Lincoln is not mad at them.

In "Kings of the Con", Lincoln asks his sisters to attend his Ace Savvy convention in order to help him win the title of "Kings of the Con", but the sisters are not interested until Lincoln mentions that the winners get a cameo in the new Ace Savvy movie. When Lincoln and Clyde overhear the judges saying that they are going to give the movie part to the sisters but not them, the boys stage a situation in which they will look like heroes and the judges will ignore the sisters and give the part to the boys. When the boys confess to their scheme, the sisters are understandably angry, but they forgive them afterward because they still get to be in the movie as the boys are then disqualified and the sisters are awarded the movie part in their place.


S3E08A Make him seem like a real catch

Lori telling Lincoln girl advice.

Like his other siblings, he detests when she's too bossy to them, but she deeply loves him, although she doesn't admit it. Later, their relationships began growing up in a progress.

In the pilot, she deliberately cuts in front of him to use the bathroom when he really has to go. Lincoln chases Lori out of the bathroom with one of Lily's dirty diapers so he can meet with his "pressing engagement".

In "Get the Message", she furiously berates Lincoln for entering her room by mistake, and angrily warns him to stay out of her room, or she will turn him into a human pretzel, if she sees him in there again. Later, Lori accidentally breaks Lincoln's video game, and doesn't initially apologize. This leads Lincoln to write a hateful letter to her, and send her a nasty message. However, she unexpectedly bought him a new copy of the destroyed game, and apologizes (though, in a seemingly phony way) for destroying the first one, which she states was very mature of Lincoln for not freaking out over it. She later erases the message herself, and berates him for calling her phone, despite not hearing the full message. Although she gave Lincoln a pass on this, Lori found the written letter about her in the bathroom, and becomes enraged towards Lincoln. Lori's nastiness to Lincoln throughout the story makes it difficult to decipher just how sincere her apology was to him, as it seemed that she simply did not want to be bothered by him on that day.

In "Heavy Meddle", she suggests Lincoln deal with his bully by texting embarrassing photos. She then tells the boy suspected to be the bully that only they get to pick on Lincoln.

In "No Guts, No Glori", he stages an uprising to end Lori's tyrannical babysitting methods while their parents are out. However, when their other sisters trash the house, he apologizes to her and she gets the sisters to clean up before the parents come home, showing that when the two get along, they can make a pretty good team (although they did get caught at the end).

In "Driving Miss Hazy", she forces favors from him and the rest of her siblings in exchange for rides around town, forcing Lincoln to do her laundry.

In "Sound of Silence", she joins in with pranking Lincoln, using him as a footstool while painting her toenails, but she went tone deaf due to the explosion in Lisa's room at the end.

In "Ties That Bind", when Lincoln mistakenly believed he was to be kicked out of the house, Lori refused to let this happen and immediately led the siblings in confronting their parents on this misunderstanding.

In "Hand-Me-Downer", Lori hands her bike down to Lincoln. However, Lincoln was ashamed of it.

In "Cover Girls", at certain points, Lincoln imitates Lori, and the latter dresses up like the former.

In "Save the Date", Lori becomes very angry and violent to Lincoln, as she threw numerous things at him. She explained that Bobby broke up with her, due to Lincoln making Bobby's sister Ronnie Anne cry over his harsh comments about her. Lori then forced Lincoln to go on a double date with Ronnie Anne and make her feel like the most special girl in the world, so Bobby could get back together with Lori.

Despite the above, within the first season, she can be friendly towards Lincoln when she wants to be.

In "Out on a Limo", she kindly suggests for Lincoln to enjoy the limo ride himself for a while before the rest of them all go for a ride in it.

In "A Novel Idea", she was the first to give her sympathies towards Lincoln, when she thinks that he had a boring day while she and the other sisters had a good time.

In "The Waiting Game", the entire story centers around their relationship. After Lincoln informs Lori about a job opening so she can earn enough money for a dress for a school dance, she offers him free root beers and pizza for him and his friend Clyde. However as the episode goes on, Lincoln begins to take advantage of her to get whatever he needs to impress his classmate Chandler in order to get invited to his birthday party, even going as far as to guilt-trip her into giving into his requests. Near the end of the episode, Lori tells Lincoln that thanks to him she has to work overtime to pay off all the free stuff, and won't able to go to the dance with Bobby and sarcastically (but not maliciously) "thanks" him in a sad tone. Now realizing his mistake, Lincoln explains what happened to Lori's boss, and he offers Lori a deal that she can go to the dance, and Lincoln fills in for her. She thanks him at the end of the episode, and they hug before she leaves for the dance with Bobby. She even gives Lincoln sympathy for having to miss Chandler's party.

Their relationship comes into focus again in "A Fair to Remember", where Lori encourages Lincoln to go to a monster truck rally with Bobby as she was not interested in going. When the two become close, Lori becomes jealous as Bobby starts paying more attention to Lincoln, going so far as to "date" Clyde in retaliation. Lincoln sees how much Lori feels neglected, and convinces Bobby to spend more time with her. Lori thanks Lincoln and agrees with Bobby that Lincoln really is a "great bro".

In "One Flu Over the Loud House", when Lincoln suspects something to be wrong with the twins, he initially tries to ask Lori for help, only to cower away when he sees that it's affecting her too. Later, he throws the sick Lori back into her room.

In "The Whole Picture", it is revealed that Lori was the first who fed Lincoln's first ice cream, and she used to swing him as a toddler.

In "Brawl in the Family", Lincoln tries to resolve the conflict between Lori and Leni over their dress, but accidentally gets them mad at each other all over again by claiming that Leni thinks Lori looks like Aunt Ruth in taffeta and that Lori thinks blue makes Leni look "washed-out". He then tries again to resolve it by making Leni sleep in Luna and Luan's room (while Luna sleeps in Lori and Leni's room), which worked, but it backfired when they took sides in Lori and Leni's argument.

In "No Such Luck", she tried to go and play golf with Lincoln, not believing he brings bad luck, but he intentionally destroyed her golf stuff to prevent her from bringing him along.

In "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos", they team up to get their love interests back (Bobby and Ronnie Anne, respectively) due to them moving away.

In "Health Kicked", Lori allowed Lincoln to hang onto her while she, and her other siblings, hold onto a hanging beam with their parents at the "Royal Woods Ultra Extreme Ninja Competition".

In "No Spoilers", Lori puts Lincoln in charge of distracting Leni to prevent from ruining their Mom's surprise birthday party.

In "Not a Loud", she tells Lincoln some details about his birth.

In "City Slickers", they went to the city to visit Bobby, Ronnie Anne, and their family.

In "Teachers' Union", in order to figure out how to get Coach Pacowski and Mrs. Johnson together, Lincoln goes to Lori asking for romance advice, yet she believes the advice is for him.

In "Everybody Loves Leni", he, along with Lori, helps Leni get her workmates and schoolmates make amends with each other.

In "Driving Ambition", he volunteers to be Lori's caddie for her next golf match so she can impress the golf coach from Fairway University.

In "Living Loud: Lincoln's List", she seems to be angry at him for unknown reasons; she jokingly asks if "leave Lori alone" can be his chore for her and even when he does her chore (giving her the phone when Bobby calls), she says, "Thanks for nothing, twerp!".

In "Living Loud: Summer School", she helps Lincoln prove that he didn't cheat on his math test.

In a promotional video about Lincoln taking a quiz to see which of the teen sisters he most resembled, he got Lori as the result.


S3E11B Training Begins

Lincoln encouraging Leni.

Leni's ignorance and naivety often causes annoying occurrences for Lincoln, but he tolerates it, because of her kind and friendly nature, and they have a good relationship.

In "Driving Miss Hazy", he helped her to get her driver's license, by using her semi-language, knowing that, unlike Lori, she wouldn't demand chores done in exchange. He also convinced her to not give up trying, but she ultimately fails, thanks to Lori.

Leni is the sister Lincoln decides he would like to sit next to in "The Sweet Spot".

In "Along Came a Sister", Lincoln brought his class's pet tarantula home for the weekend, and Leni tried to kill it out of fear. However, after she learned Lincoln will have big trouble in school because of the dead spider, she felt very sorry. When the spider is still alive, she protected it to save her brother's status quo, proving how much she loves her brother, and the good person she is.

In "Linc or Swim", she happily invited him to join her and the other sisters multiple times, even to a newly purchased pool, even though he was mean to her and the others for using his pool. After he accidentally destroyed their pool, he invited them all to rejoin him in his pool.

Leni gave Lincoln her T-shirt in "Hand-Me-Downer"; however, Lincoln hides it under his bed.

In "Ties That Bind" and "Chore and Peace", it is shown that Leni really loves Lincoln's white hair, making their relationship even closer.

In "Roughin' It", it was revealed that sometimes Lincoln and Leni sew clothes together, and that she taught him how to keep warm.

In "Snow Bored", Lincoln and Leni joined forces to hide from Lisa in chimney. Leni also offered him chestnuts for roasting.

In "One Flu Over the Loud House", Leni was disgusted by Lincoln dismissing their sick sisters and parents, and often felt she had to scold him for this. Leni was ready to sacrifice her health so Lincoln could escape from infection, but he wanted her to "survive" (i.e. stay healthy), believing she deserves this more as she's a better person than him.

In "The Whole Picture", it's revealed that Leni and Lincoln used to play barber.

In "Brawl in the Family", Lincoln tries to resolve the conflict between Lori and Leni over their dress, but accidentally gets them mad at each other all over again by claiming that Leni thinks Lori looks like Aunt Ruth in taffeta and that Lori thinks blue makes Leni look "washed-out". He then tries again to resolve it by making Leni sleep in Luna and Luan's room (while Luna sleeps in Lori and Leni's room), which worked, but it backfired when they took sides in Lori and Leni's argument.

In "No Such Luck", when Leni wants to invite Lincoln to her activity, Lynn interferes and tells Leni not to bring Lincoln, since he's "bad luck", this causes Lincoln to get an idea: he convinces Leni that his presence might cause something to go wrong, and Leni immediately believes him.

In "Change of Heart", Lincoln asked Leni to teach Clyde to act normally around Lori. They all three played video games together.

In "Yes Man", Leni misunderstands Lincoln's advice of using his own strengths to convince Rita and Lynn Sr. to hand over money as using her strengths to do it. This inadvertently gives him the idea of doing what his sisters did to try and convince them.

In "No Spoilers", Lincoln is tasked to distract Leni in order to keep her from finding out about their mother's surprise party.

In "Not a Loud", she tells Lincoln some details about the day he was born.

In "White Hare", Leni tells Lincoln that he is fashionable.

In "Crimes of Fashion", Lincoln helps Leni get her job back by finding who took the missing scarves.

In "House of Lies", Leni came to Lincoln to ask him, if she finds her new haircut good. When he told he said that he finds this atrocious, she got angry and left.

In "Game Boys", Leni scolds Lincoln for drinking her kale juice when it was actually Clyde that drink it while trying to prevent his gaming console the Snap from getting messy.

In "Everybody Loves Leni", Lincoln gives Leni advice on tell how to get her work friends and school friends together.

In "The Loudest Thanksgiving", she gives Lincoln a pillow, so he could sleep after eating turkey.

In "Predict Ability", she tells Lincoln to look out for pot holders when she meant pot holes. And at the end, she tells Lincoln that she doesn't find him boring.

In "Living Loud: Lincoln's List", she asks for proof he did everyone else's chores, then (if the player gets caught by her,) expresses disgust at Lincoln reading in his underwear.

In "Living Loud: Summer School", Lincoln returns Leni's cell phone and she expresses gratitude. However, due to her low intelligence, she forgets who returned it.

In Leni's Listen Out Loud podcast, he calls her "the best" after she gives him frozen yogurt and takes him to the arcade.


S2E20A 🎶Thank you baby bro for helping me🎶

Luna singing thank you to Lincoln.

Because Luna is helpful towards everyone, Lincoln seems to tolerate her and they have a good relationship. She sings songs for him to make him feel better or to motivate him to do hard things.

She can get mad at Linc with the other sisters such as in "The Sweet Spot", "Sleuth or Consequences", or "Making the Grade", as well as showing smugness towards him for the Princess Pony reveal. In "It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, House", she kicks him out of her room by blasting her guitar strings through powerful amps at him, just out of competition among all of the Loud kids to find the money. She also think there was something missing in the letter, she and the other sisters violently attacked Lincoln and each other, but they all made up at the end. Despite all of this though, they have a stable relationship.

In "Heavy Meddle", the suggestion she gives Lincoln to deal with his bully is to play the cymbal in their ear.

In "Ties That Bind", after Luna interpreted that she makes Rita's ears bleed, she felt sad because of the harsh reception. Lincoln and Luan patted Luna on the shoulders to make her feel a bit better.

In "Hand-Me-Downer", Luna gave Lincoln her old, but broken guitar.

In "For Bros About to Rock", she wanted to make his first concert very unforgettable. He brutally admitted he doesn't want her to ruin his first concert as she had already done to Lori, Lana, Lola and Lisa. She felt hurt, but realized he's correct about her. After Lincoln was arrested for attempted illegal purchasing of concert tickets, Luna disguised herself as their mom to get him free so they and Clyde could go to the concert. It worked, until Bobby inadvertently blew her cover and then gets locked up as well. She then shares her memory of her first concert, which convinces the Mall Cop Captain to let them attend the concert. At the end, they all enjoyed the concert together.

In "Cover Girls", he dresses up as her at one point.

In "House Music", she lets him play the double bass, but he gets mad at her that they can't do whatever she tells them to do and she has to let them stick to her way. In the end, he forgives her and let her play with them at the concert.

In "Roughin' It", it is revealed that she taught him how to knit.

In "The Loudest Yard", Luna was so excited about Lincoln becoming a football star, she volunteered to play the national anthem on her brother's big match.

In "One Flu Over the Loud House", when he sees Lola and Luan coughing on Luna, he tries to save her, but she gets sick anyway.

In "Brawl in the Family", Lincoln tells Luna to bunk with Lori to help solve Leni and Lori's argument.

In "Kick the Bucket List", Lincoln was playing a one-man band instrument. Luna saw this and offered to join him, and was disappointed when he refused.

In "Garage Banned", Luna accidentally damaged Luan's puppet Mr. Coconuts. When Lincoln told Luna to pay for the damages, she threatened him with her fist.

In "Future Tense", when Lincoln was reading a comic and Luna was playing on her guitar, they were sitting next to each other.

In "Yes Man", Luna turned to Lincoln for help in how to convince their parents to give her the money she needed to buy the auctioned Mick Swagger tour shirt. After giving her advice, she sings a song that convinces them to give her the money, and then she sings thank you to her brother. Later, when he has trouble convincing their parents to give him the money he needs to buy a SMOOCH ticket, he asks Luna if he can borrow her guitar, which she flat out refuses to, only to reveal that she was only messing with him, and lets him borrow it.

In "Not a Loud", Luna tells Lincoln some details about the day he was born.

In "Insta-gran", after Myrtle trimmed his hair into a bowl cut, Luna gave him a ski mask to cover up his embarrassing new hairdo. Later, she complimented him after he edited a photo to make it seem as if Myrtle and Seymour were kissing each other.

In "Tripped!", Luna and Lincoln can be seen playing together.

In "The Loudest Thanksgiving", she gives a thumbs-up to Lincoln and she dims the lights on her laptop.

In the comic Live Life Loud!, during the story "Sam's Pick", it is revealed that Lincoln and his sisters are aware that Luna's crush, Sam, is a girl, showcasing that Lincoln will always care for Luna, no matter the latter's sexual orientation.

In the comic "The Struggle is Real", during the story "I'm with the band", Luna and her friends (Sam, Mazzy and Sully) want to shine on stage, but she couldn't book any gigs. Lincoln decided to help by booking gigs for them as their manager and she thanked him with a fist bump. But the help turned out to be not like Luna expected. She grew more and more annoyed with places Lincoln found for her - residents of Sunset Canyon Retirement Home, Flip's Food & Fuel and children's birthday party. After discussing the gigs with her friends, Luna argued with Lincoln that he didn't help her at all and fired him as their manager, making him leave in a huff. However, the last place Lincoln found for Luna and her bandmates felt perfect for them; Club Retro. All thanks to the manager of the club seeing them handle performing to little kids at the birthday party. Sam, Mazzy and Sully told Luna that Lincoln did a good job as their manager, which made Luna regret firing him in the first place. She called him to come to her, and when he arrives, she announces to the crowd that they're here because of the best manager, her brother Lincoln. She pulls him up on stage to thank him and apologize for firing him. He responds that they're cool and he's already got another gig planned at the children's zoo as Luna and her band perform.

In "Living Loud: Lincoln's List", he gives her a new paper clip.

In "Dairyland Amoosement Park (game)", they ride a roller coaster called "Fly Me to the Moo" together, along with the twins.


S2E23B Luan noogying Lincoln

Luan rubs Lincoln's head.

Like all of his sisters he gets annoyed by Luan's funny and/or terrible jokes. She can at times pull nasty pranks on him, but this is likely due to the fact that she is trying to be funny, and isn't really aware that what she did can cause him grief, so it appears that she does it without malicious intentions.

In the pilot, she tries to squirt him with her flower, but he ducks away, only for her to squirt him in the mouth with the flower on her shoe.

In "Heavy Meddle", she suggests him to insult his bully with jokes.

In "Making the Case", he came to her for advice on making funny viral videos, and she happily gave him the idea to always have the camera on. After he humiliated all his sisters, Luan was the only one who had any desire to speak with him. She gave him advice how to fix his relationship with his sisters which later worked at the end.

When he thought he was going to be expelled from his family in "Ties That Bind", he left her his comic book collection, but she refused them as she didn't want him to leave.

Luan gave Lincoln her old ventriloquist dummy in "Hand-Me-Downer", and said she won't forgive him if he loses it.

In "Along Came a Sister", Lincoln returns Luan's fake spider and her fake dog poop. She then jokingly pretends that she has no fake dog poop.

In "Cover Girls", Luan was very worried when Lincoln got hurt, while the latter is trying to get into his room. Also, in the same episode he dresses up as Luan while covering for her, when she was at a birthday party performing.

In "April Fools Rules", she used Lincoln's feelings to Ronnie Anne to manipulate her brother and make him fall victim of her hurting pranks. She had an unhealthy satisfaction of completing her plan. However, this backfires on Luan, as Ronnie Anne was touched by Lincoln doing such at thing for her and pelts Luan with a pie at her face as retribution.

In "Funny Business", Luan offers Lincoln the position of her clown assistance. He later begins to hog the attention when he accidentally causes kids to laugh, and he loves it so much. He and Luan have a falling out, but after they eventually make up, the two have become closer siblings after this experience.

In "One Flu Over the Loud House", he tries unsuccessfully to stop her and Lola from coughing on Luna.

In "Fool's Paradise", she tricked him and the rest of the family that they sent her to clown camp on April Fool's day and rigged the motel they were staying at full of pranks. After discovering his father was an accomplice in her scheme, he works with his family to prank Luan back.

In "Garage Banned", Luna accidentally damaged Luan's puppet Mr. Coconuts. When Lincoln told Luan to accept Luna's refusal to pay, Luan threatened Lincoln with Mr. Coconuts.

In "Not a Loud", she tells Lincoln some details about his birth, and tells him that she was excited to finally have a brother.

In "A Fridge Too Far", when Luan tried to steal one of Lincoln's leftover mac 'n' cheese bites, a booby trap makes a watermelon drop on her foot, breaking it and forcing her to use crutches. This makes Luan get into the action of protecting her leftovers. Later, when Lincoln is hanging upside down (due to a booby trap) from the ceiling, he asks one of his siblings to let him down gently. Luan cuts the rope suspending him, hurting her brother.

In "Head Poet's Anxiety", Lincoln knows about Luan's dream to be the youngest person performing at Royal Woods Theater.

In "Living Loud: Lincoln's List", he has to find her pranks as his chore.

In "Living Loud: Summer School", she plays a prank on Lincoln which destroys his school project, but helps him repair the damage. He also returns her fake spider.

In Luan's instalment of Listen Out Loud, she pranks him by dumping sardines on his head. In Lucy's instalment, she pranks both Lincoln and Lucy by tricking them into thinking the cemetery is haunted.

In one of the Lincoln Vlogs, Lincoln is asked what his favourite of Luan's jokes is. He replies that he doesn't want to say for fear of egging her on (i.e. causing her to tell jokes to him when he doesn't want her to). He then fears that she will throw an egg at him as a joke.


S3E19B The advice has been kicking in

Lincoln and Lynn eating subs together.

His relationship with her is quite complex. When they appear together, she is usually making him play a sport with her, whether he wants to or not. She likely picks him as her sparring partner because he's the closest to her in strength and age. At times, she goes too far with her roughhousing or pranks. Despite this, the two share a solid sibling love. Because of her strength and attitude, she is the ideal person to help Lincoln defend himself against real bullies. When Lincoln is being bullied, Lynn is the perfect one to rush to his aid and train him against them.

In "Heavy Meddle", Lynn demonstrates fighting tactics on Lincoln to teach him how to deal with his bully.

In "Making the Case", she prepared to beat Lincoln up for uploading videos involving her and their sisters. However, this changed after Lincoln embarrassed himself to fix his relationship with his sisters, including Lynn.

She constantly roughhouses with him, thinking it as playful, like in "The Sweet Spot", and often doesn't stop to acknowledge when this leaves him wounded at the price of her amusement.

In "A Tale of Two Tables", she's the first of Lincoln's older sisters to leave the grownup table and ask him if she can join him and their younger sisters at the kiddie table.

In "Space Invader", after she had a heated argument with Lucy, Lincoln was the first person she asked to share rooms, using puppy eyes to convince him. He couldn't endure her roughhousing, her pranks and especially her snoring. Having too much heart to just kick her out, he replicates her assaults to attack her, but she shows only enjoyment for this, possibly implying that she really just wants someone to fight back against her. Then he decided to restore peace between her and Lucy, which worked out well.

Despite the above, the two can spar with each other on friendly terms, as in "Ties That Bind", Lincoln appears to willingly be playing with Lynn as he was trying to compete with her at parkour.

In "Hand-Me-Downer", she was angry at him for stealing her bike and losing it, so she took his bike to the race. However, after she won the race and he found the bike, she allowed him to keep it.

In "April Fools Rules", when Lincoln decides to take on Luan's pranks, Lynn worried for his safety.

In "The Loudest Yard", Lincoln was assigned by their Mom to a football team and Lynn offered him to teach him how to play. She tried to train him but it was hard, due to his laziness, much to her annoyance. Later, Lynn agreed to impersonate Lincoln during his football matches. When Lynn got hurt during the second half of the game, Lincoln expressed his concern by asking Lynn if she was okay, which she replied that she was fine, but may have sprained her ankle.

In "Cheater by the Dozen", Lynn pulls Lincoln by his t-shirt which forces to tell her and their other sisters (except Lori) about her boyfriend Bobby cheating on Lori.

In "No Such Luck", Lynn needed and forced Lincoln to come and support her at her baseball game. After Lynn's team loses, Lynn declares Lincoln as "bad luck" as she tells Lincoln that her whole team had a wining streak until the one time Lincoln comes to the game and they end up losing. Eventually, Lincoln disguised himself as the mascot of the Squirrels, and after Lynn manages to win for her team, Lincoln revealed himself to his family. Lynn apologizes to Lincoln as their family gathers around him.

In "Future Tense", Lincoln and Lynn teamed up to go from house to house to ask people for voting.

In "No Spoilers", Lincoln tells Lynn that her subs are too spicy and Lynn tells Lincoln not to criticize her job when he could barely do his.

In "Insta-gran", they worked together to retrieve the fake photo of Myrtle and Seymour that was planted in Pop-Pop's room, but they arrived too late and had to stop him from chasing Seymour around the pool.

In "Middle Men", Lynn gives Lincoln, alongside Clyde, a tour through Middle School, and some questionable advice about how to get through it. But when her advice leads them into trouble, Lynn reveals that she was only trying to protect them from having a horrible first year experience like she did.

In "Kings of the Con", Lincoln plays a strength game at the Ace Savvy convention and fails at it. Lynn tries it herself to make it up to him and beats it easily.

In Lincoln's Listen Out Loud podcast, he suspects Lynn of taking his hammock.

In one of the vlogs, one of the questions is if Lynn forces Lincoln to play sports.

In "Living Loud: Lincoln's List", he returns her balls.

In "Living Loud: Surprise Party", Lynn tells Lincoln to turn on the pipes in their dad's restaurant.


S1E10B I see your break from the darkness is over

Lucy expressing her thanks to Lincoln for protecting her.

They don't share the same interests, but they get along well with each other, though Lincoln hates it when Lucy scares him. Lucy sometimes asks him for help to create rhymes for her poems. Despite her "spooky" personality, Lincoln seems to appreciate her and he tolerates her creepy hobby and she's glad for his tolerance. So, they share a close bond, having the closest relationship of the youngest siblings. In many episodes, she comes to Lincoln to ask him for proper rhyming words.

In the pilot, she reads him a poem.

She and Lincoln are so close that she's eager to tell him about her bad dreams as shown in "Sound of Silence".

In "Sleuth or Consequences", she clogged the toilet which leads to Lincoln being wrongfully accused. She tried to help him clear his name so he could go to the comic book convention, but also tried to frame her other sisters. When Lincoln discovered she's guilty, he was angry at her for lying to him and wasting his time. She begged him not to tell anyone in order to save herself from humiliation for the rest of her life, and he took the blame himself. She was grateful to him, so she showed her appreciation for it by giving him her homemade horror comic, which he accepted with pleasure.

In "Space Invader", during the food fight, Lincoln accidentally threw a meatball at Lucy when he was targeting Lynn. Lucy didn't mind it, because he didn't do it on purpose, but Lynn's laughing bothered her more, and so then she threw meatball at Lynn, and sarcastically laughed. Because the sisters' room was too dirty to sleep there, they both asked Lincoln to let them sleep in his room, and he agreed to the offer.

In "Changing the Baby" he invited her to play in ghost hunting, but she refused by explaining they are her friends.

In "Roughin' It", it's revealed Lincoln gives her manicure much to her joy due to her messing up right hand.

In "Suite and Sour", Lincoln and Lucy search for a ghost together inside a spa resort.

In "Back in Black", Lucy scared Lincoln, and caused a mess, but she helped him to clean it up. Lincoln was sympathetic to Lucy's crush on Rocky, so he helped her get together with him. He told her his impression of Rocky and gave them the opportunity to meet again by destroying his project he worked on with Rusty, so the two would be forced to work on it again at Lincoln's house, so that Rocky could also come over.

In "Out of the Picture", Lucy agreed to let Lincoln pretend to be a member of the Morticians Club, so he could have a photo for the yearbook.

In "Spell It Out", Lincoln is the first sibling who apologized to Lucy for ignoring her.

In "Head Poet's Anxiety", after seeing Luan go to her room in a huff, Lincoln explains to Lucy that it is Luan's dream to be the youngest performer at the Royal Woods Theater.

In "A Grave Mistake", in order to win the election for president of the Mortician's Club, Lucy talks Lincoln into joining the club and places the winning vote on her. The next day when Ricky the Rooster passes away, Lincoln and Lucy attempt to hold his funeral, but things do not go as planned, leading Lucy to apologize to the members of the club and they help plan a more proper funeral for Ricky.

According to his vlogs, Lincoln considers Lucy as his closest sister, at least in a distance.

In Living Loud: Surprise Party, Lincoln retrieves Izzy for Lucy.


S2E08B High five buddy

Lana and Lincoln saving some frogs.

Lincoln's the one who typically breaks up fights and arguments between Lana and her twin, Lola, and he promised to protect them from ghosts during "Left in the Dark". While Lana loves gross things and isn't that picky when it comes to her eating habits, but even she found Lincoln peanut butter-and-sauerkraut sandwich to be gross. She's close enough to Lincoln to introduce him her new pets, and for the most part the two seem to get along okay.

In the pilot, Lana shows him her mud pie.

In "A Tale of Two Tables", Lincoln dislikes it when the twins poke sausages at him. Later, he tries to help them settle an argument over a jump-rope by cutting it in half. Even later in the episode, he is amused by Lana reciting "Beans, Beans, the Magical Fruit" and replacing the word "toot" in the poem with armpit farts.

In "Along Came a Sister", Lana asks to borrow the "big kid scissors" from him.

In "Hand-Me-Downer", he gave her his newest bike, much to her joy.

In "Toads and Tiaras", Lincoln wanted tickets to Dairyland so much he convinced Lana to impersonate Lola to compete in a beauty contest to win them. Much to her annoyance, he tried to make her act not like herself but he constantly reminded her about Dairyland. However, after seeing how much she suffered not being herself he apologized to her and told her to be herself even if she doesn't win the contest, but to their excitement, they win the tickets.

In "Cover Girls", he dresses up as Lana and Lola (both at the same time). Lana laughs from his disguise but he remains calm due to the critical situation and simply tells Lana to get dressed as Leni.

In "One Flu Over the Loud House", when he sees her and Lola sick, he is concerned and tries to go to Lori for advice, but when he finds out that Lori and Lynn are sick too, he becomes too scared to want to help anymore.

In "Baby Steps", he settles an argument between the twins by pretending to be a troll so that both of them can play-fight over the same opponent.

In "Frog Wild", he teams up with Lana to save the dissecting frogs after she convinces him it's wrong. After they've rescued the frogs, the duo then hides them from Principal Huggins after he checks every house for them. However, they were caught, but to their joy, Mrs. Johnson, who's in tears after seeing Lana's backstory about Hops, refuses to dissect them and gives them a nice home. Unfortunately, Lincoln ends up getting detention, which Lana apologizes to him for.

In "No Place Like Homeschool", he and Lana play together with Lincoln's Ace Savvy action toy and one of Lana's crickets.

In "Ruthless People", Lincoln makes a deal with Lana to swap with Lana, in order for him to go to Aunt Ruth's.

In "Lost Control", she once took the remote control to scratch her back; Lincoln agreed to scratch her back if she gives him the remote control back.

In "Living Loud: Lincoln's List", he helps Lana fix the pipes.

In Living Loud: Summer School, Lana frees Lincoln's fireflies, getting him an F in biology. But then apologizes and helps him get the fireflies back. He also returns her rubber darts.

In Lincoln's Listen Out Loud podcast, he suspects Lana of taking his hammock.

In Dairyland Amoosement Park (game), he rides the roller coaster with her, as well as Lola and Luna.


S2E23A I did it!

Lincoln teaches Lola how to read.

Lincoln and Lola may have tense situations with each other, but deep down, they care for each other. Lola often blames him for many bad things that happen to her even if she can blame only herself like in "Chore and Peace" and "It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, House" and he rivals him like Lana very much. He's afraid of Lola's anger, and she can easily take advantage of him, since their parents are more likely to believe the younger one, and in "Toads and Tiaras", it is shown that he helps Lola prepare for her beauty pageants and that her wrath is so huge that both Lincoln and Lana, both older than her, fear it. She was his main opponent in "Undie Pressure". He lost the bet and abandoned his habit as a part of the deal, but Lola felt sorry for him and bought him comfortable slips, showing her soft side; he hugged her in return.

In the pilot, she goads him into playing a game with her called "fashion photographer".

Lola is always grateful towards Lincoln when he does nice things for her. She is selfish and likes to inconsiderately paint his nails and put makeups on his face as seen in "The Sweet Spot" and "Overnight Success", but he tolerates this and takes it well.

In "A Tale of Two Tables", Lincoln dislikes it when the twins poke sausages at him. Later, he tries to help them settle an argument over a jumprope by cutting it in half.

In "Cover Girls", he dresses up as Lola and Lana (both at the time) at one point while covering for them.

In "One Flu Over the Loud House", when he sees her and Lana sick, he is concerned and tries to ask Lori for advice, however, upon seeing that Lori is also sick, he becomes too scared to help. Later, he tries unsuccessfully to stop Lola and Luan from coughing on Luna.

In "Baby Steps", he settles an argument between the twins by pretending to be a troll so that both of them can play-fight over the same opponent.

In "Out of the Picture", when Lola gets a very bad yearbook photo, her pageant career will be over. She then asks the sisters for help. Unfortunately, they were no help (Leni believed that her phone can only take photos of herself, Luan's camera ends up being another one of her pranks, and Lisa scans Lola's x-ray). Lily ends up taking a perfect photo of Lola. Luckily, Lola turns to Lincoln and he changes her photo. Lola was grateful by this and says she'll never forget this.

In "Future Tense", Lincoln and Lola teamed up to clean the streets of rubbish from Royal Woods to Flint.

In "Read Aloud", Lincoln helps Lola to learn how to read, and when Lincoln was going to take the blame for the family losing the reading contest, Lola didn't want her brother to go through this, and tells the family that it was because it's hard for her to learn how to read, and that's why it took so long for her to read a book.

In "Ruthless People", Lola discovers that Lincoln switched with Lana to go to Aunt Ruth's while their house was being infected with termites. As a result, Lola gets angry and tattles on him to the members on their side.

In "Tea Tale Heart", Lola steals Lincoln's glue.

In Lincoln's Listen Out Loud podcast, he suspects Lola of taking his hammock and when he interrogates her, she cries because she thinks he's found out about her hiding her dinner.

In "Living Loud: Lincoln's List", he gives her some pink ribbons and she tells on him for reading in his undies.

In "Living Loud: Summer School", she spoils Lincoln's art project, but makes amends.

In Dairyland Amoosement Park (game), they ride the roller coaster together, along with Lana and Luna.


S2E05A Lincoln hugs Lisa

Lincoln hugging Lisa.

Lisa considers him and the rest of the sisters, as not very intelligent. Lincoln and Lisa don't seem to have many problems with each other, a part from Lisa's sometimes harmful experiments. He gets disgusted, annoyed or down right terrified when she tries to use him or the other sisters as test subjects for her experiments, like in "Project Loud House", after she turns Leni's skin blue, or putting Lily into a mad scientist's like machine in "Changing the Baby".

In the pilot, he reminds her to carry a "one" in her equation.

In "Butterfly Effect", Lincoln breaks Lisa's chemical bottles with his yo-yo and he believes Lisa will get angry for what he did, but instead of being angry, she becomes ecstatic with him and thanks him for proving her hypothesis and for admitting what he did.

In "Baby Steps", it was shown that Lisa enjoys the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches Lincoln makes for her.

In "Making the Grade", Lisa gets prompted from kindergarten to the fifth grade after finding kindergarten too easy. Her smartness makes Lincoln an outcast and he tells Lisa to tone it down. Then Lisa's new personality made her become relatively popular. However, this cause issues at home because Lisa refuses to help her family solve things that the others cannot and their other sisters (except Lily) take their anger out on Lincoln.

In "The Whole Picture", it was revealed that Lincoln used to feed her with milk.

In "Garage Banned", Lisa harvested Lincoln's appendix and tried to harvest his kidney against his will.

In "A Fridge Too Far", Lincoln and Lisa came up with an idea to satisfy their sisters in maintaining their leftovers by using a color coded compartment system in order to know where their leftovers are. Afterwards, Lisa asks Lincoln for one of his Mac 'n' Cheese bites, but Lincoln refuses.

In "The Mad Scientist", Lincoln packs Lisa a peanut butter when she leaves for the science institute since he knows that Lisa likes peanut butter and jelly sandwiches before bed.

In "Living Loud: Lincoln's List", he gets her a cup of warm milk and in return, she gives him two cookies.

In "Living Loud: Summer School", she helps him get straight A's.

In "Germ Squirmish", she helps Lincoln disinfect the house.


S2E03A Lincoln being a good bro

Lincoln caring for Lily.

He and Lily really love each other. Lincoln is one of the siblings who often carries Lily (along with Lori, Leni, and Luna), changes her diapers, and burps her. Like all his siblings, he is grossed out whenever her diaper is full, but in the pilot, he uses it to scare Lori out of the bathroom.

He tries to implement his interests on his baby sister, because he had nobody to play with in the episode "Changing the Baby". He's very protective towards her, as he saved her from falling, searched for her when she was missing, and saved her from Lisa's seemingly dangerous experiment.

In "Ties That Bind", when Lincoln thought his parents were going to get rid of him, he gave Bun-Bun to Lily.

In "Two Boys and a Baby", he babysat her, and learned it isn't as easy as he thought, which is strange, as in other episodes he hasn't had problems looking after her.

In "Cover Girls", Lincoln dresses up as Lily at one point.

In "Baby Steps", it was shown how he gives Lily his care if she gets hurt.

In "No Such Luck", Lily said Lincoln's name while he was trying to sneak away from their sisters.

In "Room with a Feud", Lincoln and Lily become roommates which the former has trouble adjusting to because of the latter's noise and smelly diaper.

In "Potty Mouth", Lincoln accidentally swears in front of Lily after he accidentally busted the TV with a video game motion controller. It's also his idea to show her better behavior to copy so she doesn't swear.

In "Mall of Duty", Lincoln saves Lily from a train, which was about to crash.

In "The Crying Dame", he dresses up as Fenton to cheer up Lily.

In "Living Loud: Lincoln's List", he puts Lily down for a nap.

In "Dairyland Amoosement Park (game)", they ride a Teacups ride together.

In "Any Given Sundae", when Lily tries to tell her siblings to be good so that they can get ice cream, he correctly presumes that she's trying to communicate something, but fails to understand what.

In "No Guts, No Glori", Lincoln points out to Lily that Lori doesn't allow her to walk around naked. He later uses a fishing rod to rescue her, and still later, puts Lily's diaper on after she took it off.

In Food Fight, Lily is the only Loud sister not to throw food at Lincoln.

In "Sleuth or Consequences", Lincoln suspects Lily of clogging the toilet with her diapers, but when he sees that her diaper bin is nearly full, decides she's innocent.

In "Yes Man", when he tries to convince his parents to lend him money by pretending to cry, she gives him a "thumbs down".

In the first Listen Out Loud episode, he distracts her with her rattle, and when that proves too loud, he replaces it with her blanket.

His parents


S2E23B Lincoln hugs his parents

Lincoln hugging his parents.

Lincoln loves his parents and they love him too. Every time he wants to do something he must ask them for permission like in "In Tents Debate", where he asks them if they can go to another place for their annual vacation. In "Ties That Bind", Lincoln believes that his parents want to get rid of him and his sisters, but it was just a misunderstanding. They seem to not favor any of their children to prevent harder sibling rivalry.

In "The Price of Admission", Lincoln ignored his parents advice not to watch scary movies in a young age. At the end, Lincoln apologized to his parents for not listening.

In "No Such Luck", Lincoln pretended he brings bad luck, and it worked so well his parents believed it and kicked Lincoln out the house because they were scared that his bad luck could hurt any member of their family, and sold his furniture.

In "Future Tense", both parents were concerned about Lincoln's future, but they just forced him to read educational comics instead of going on extracurricular activities like the rest of the sisters (minus Lily).

In "Yes Man", it's revealed that he is good at convincing his parents to give him money, but when he tries to do so after all his sisters did, they say no due to having no more to give.

In "Not a Loud", it is revealed that Lincoln was born in a limousine, which belonged to the president of United States, and because the president has a top secret safe house in Royal Woods, they both signed an agreement saying that they would never discuss the events of that day.

In "Mall of Duty", they put Lincoln in charge of taking care of his younger sisters, while Lynn Sr. takes Lynn Jr. to rugby practice, and Rita takes Lori, Leni, Luna, and Luan to a high school open house.


S2E09A Lincoln sleeping

Rita keeping Lincoln warm.

He seems to be closer to his mother than his father. In "A Novel Idea", Rita felt sorry for Lincoln when Lynn Sr. only takes the girls to his workplace for "Take Your Daughter to Work" day, and decides to take him to her workplace; a dentist office. He tried to make the most of it, but fails. He accidentally lost his mother's journal while he sneaked into an arcade, and he goes on a wild goose chase and retrieve the book back. Unfortunately, her book disintegrated. She was angry at first, but he done a favor for her since she realized the book she wrote had a very boring plot. Then she decided to write a new book about Lincoln, he was overjoyed and the two hug. After the girls got home, they saw them on roller skates being pulled by a horse, much to the girls' astonishment.

In "The Loudest Yard", Rita couldn't bear Lincoln's lazy lifestyle. She tried to convince him to do some exercises instead of reading comics and playing video games. After she discovered he doesn't take it seriously, she assigned him to play in a football team to force him to be more active. Rita was furious at Lincoln when she discovered he persuaded Lynn Jr. to impersonate him during his football matches.

In "Kick the Bucket List", she gives Lincoln a blanket to keep himself warm as he gets some sleep from working on shortening his list and reminds him to be back home before dark since he has to go to school the next day.

In "Rita Her Rights", Rita helps Lincoln with his homework while she is in jail.

In "What Wood Lincoln Do?", Rita helped Lincoln with woodworking.

In "Cooked!", Rita prevents Lincoln from escorting the people in buses into the restaurant.

Lynn Sr.

S2E22A Good one dad

Lincoln and Lynn Sr. on Legends of the Hidden Temple.

In "Sleuth or Consequences", Lynn Sr. and the girls (except Lucy) blamed him for clogging the toilet since he always have a habit of doing it a lot. But it turns out that it was Lucy who clog the toilet, and Lincoln takes blame for Lucy (to save her from being embarrassed) and gets grounded.

In "The Loudest Yard", Lynn Sr. tried to do jogging with Lincoln. He was angry when he discovered he prefers playing arcade. Rita assigned Lincoln to football team and he convinced Lynn Jr. to impersonate him. Lynn Sr. was proud of his son as a football star but get devastated when he discovered it was false.

In "The Whole Picture", it is revealed that he taught Lincoln how to ride a bike.

In "Spell It Out", Lynn Sr. comforts Lincoln while Rusty's character gets killed in an online game.

In "Fool's Paradise", Lynn Sr. and Lincoln worked together to prank Luan back after she was pranking the rest of their family.

In "Legends", Lincoln and Lynn Sr. compete in a father-son themed episode of Legends of the Hidden Temple for a whole day of father and son bonding.

In "Anti-Social", they spend time together by playing chess.

In "A Tale of Two Tables", Lynn Sr. is the first one before Rita to declare Lincoln ready for the adult table but expresses disapproval of Lincoln tearing his (Lynn Sr.'s) suit. Later, he's the first one to be frustrated at Lincoln's intentional childish behaviour.


S2E02B Lincoln hugs Pop-Pop goodbye

Lincoln hugs Albert.

Lincoln is quite close to his maternal grandfather, as they have a similar physical resemblance and the same white hair. They both like having fun with each other. Lincoln is convinced that his grandfather, despite his age, is still fit and fun loving, and he is grateful for this.

In "The Old and the Restless", he greeted him with a hug when they met in person. They both tried to jump into the pool and play twister. In the past, they also played paintball in the forest. They later spent the day having fun with dancing, laser tag, a carnival, drinking Flippees to see who can get a brain freeze first, and rock climbing.


McBride Family


S2E20B Lincoln and Clyde do their handshake

Lincoln and Clyde performing a handshake they made up.

Clyde is Lincoln's best friend, so both of the boys are very close with each other like brothers. Clyde is endlessly loyal to Lincoln. The only thing about Clyde that annoys Lincoln is his obsession with Lori, but this never gets in the way of their friendship. Because of their closeness, Clyde has called Lincoln his brother-in-law (in the Polish dub). As often mentioned in various episodes, their friendship name is Clincoln McCloud. The two boys like to cosplay as Ace Savvy and One-Eyed Jack together.

In "Heavy Meddle", Clyde is concerned for Lincoln at the idea of him getting into a fight with Ronnie Anne.

Clyde has a tendency to unnecessarily hug Lincoln when he assumes the worst. As seen in "Making the Case".

In "A Tale of Two Tables", Clyde helps Lincoln act mature so that he can sit at the grownup table.

In "Space Invader", the two walk to school together.

In "Changing the Baby", Clyde spies on Lincoln and thinks he is replacing him with Lily. This makes him sad and prompts him to dress up as a baby in an attempt to win Lincoln back. In the end, Lincoln tells Clyde that he will never replace him and that they are friends forever.

In "Overnight Success", Lincoln and Clyde plan a sleepover. Lincoln gets mad when Clyde wants to spend time with his sisters and cancels their slumber party in an outburst. Later on, Lincoln realizes that Clyde is the only person in town who is not scared of the Loud House, so they make up and watch a movie with all the sisters.

In "For Bros About to Rock", Clyde accompanies Lincoln to his first SMOOCH concert.

In "Two Boys and a Baby", Lincoln's whole life flashes before Clyde's eyes, showing that Clyde knows his best friend so well that he has practically lived the same life.

In "The Waiting Game", Lincoln and Clyde dance the tango together three times. They also hold hands twice.

In "11 Louds a Leapin'", Clyde works with Lincoln to help him retrieve Big Red. Later, he and his dads join in caroling to Mr. Grouse for Christmas.

In "Intern for the Worse", they compete against each other for an unlimited free Flippee cup until they realized Flip was using them.

In "Baby Steps", when Clyde believes his dads are adopting another baby, Lincoln teaches him how to be a good big brother.

In "Lock 'n' Loud", Clyde assists Lincoln in keeping his home safe by monitoring the police scanner and prepping a bucket of bacon grease to use against intruders.

In "The Whole Picture", he helps Lincoln recreate his childhood photos after accidentally the entire photo library of them off his computer. In the end, he takes a picture of Lincoln and his sisters hugging and laughing together, making it the start of a new photo library of memories.

In "Kick the Bucket List", they plan a whole list of activities to spend their spring break, but is put on hold when Clyde's dads surprise him with a trip to Hawaii, leaving them with only a day to spend their holiday together when he gets back. Because they weren't able to cross off any activities off their lists, they attempt to cram it all and get it done in one day. To speed up the process, they split up and do their activities separately while refusing to allow Lincoln's sisters to join in. They regroup with only half of their lists finished and then must return home. Along the way, they complete the rest of their lists while take multiple modes of transportation to get back home, which include riding on Scoots' scooter, riding on a couple sheep, crossing a lake, operating a pushcart, and sliding down a hill with trash can lids.

In "Pulp Friction", they co-write an Ace Savvy comic book featuring Lincoln's sisters as superheroes to enter a contest to not only get their entry made into a real Ace Savvy comic, but also meet the creator.

In "Out of the Picture", upon realizing neither registered a ghost hunting club to their school, they attempt to to sneak into as many group photos as possible so they can be in the yearbook and won't be forgotten. With all their attempts unsuccessful, they talk their way into joining the yearbook staff so they can edit themselves into the photos. However, Lola asks them to switch her bad photo with a better photo to save her reputation. While Clyde distracted Coach Pacowski with a therapy session, Lincoln makes his choice to upload Lola's picture rather than the altered photos featuring themselves in various clubs. In the end, they make it in the yearbook after all, in the Yearbook Staff page, where they're referred to as their nickname, Clincoln McCloud.

In "Room with a Feud", when Lincoln's sisters are having a roommate throwdown, Clyde gives him the idea of using a compatibility test to pair the sisters up with different roommates. Later when he calls back, Lincoln informs he now has Lily as a roommate. Clyde insists he tells his sisters to switch back, but Lincoln already saw how happy they were and decided to take one for the team.

In "Back Out There", Clyde suspects that that he's depressed over the fact that Ronnie Anne has moved, and that he misses her. To fix this, he plans a boy's night out for Lincoln with their friends to not think about Ronnie Anne. When it appears to have not worked, they arrange for him to meet multiple girls, which does not go well with any of them. Lastly, they arrange for him to stay at a fancy hotel. When Lincoln questions why they're doing this, the boys reveal they've seen him hanging out at Ronnie Anne's former house, and make the assumption that he's not over her. Before Lincoln can fully explain himself, the boys shove him into the bus to the hotel. After Ronnie Anne explains he was at her old house waiting on a package to arrive, they manage to stop the bus and are properly punished by being forced to clean off the bird poop stains on the suits they wore during their boy's night out.

In "Spell It Out", he plays an online game with Clyde and Rusty. But, due to being unable to talk at the time, he accidentally gets their characters getting killed.

In "ARGGH! You for Real?", the duo go to a live taping to their favorite show "ARGGH!", but then are disappointed when they discover everything about it is staged and fake. This causes Clyde to throw out everything that he once believed in and now thinks is a total lie because of what he saw on the set. In order to restore his beliefs, Lincoln teams up with the star of the show, Hunter, to act out set of the haunted house actually being haunted by a ghost and, with Clyde's help, capture it.

In "Change of Heart", in order to help his best friend learn how to behave normal around Lori, Lincoln enlists Leni's help. At one point, all three of them play video games together.

In "Not a Loud", Clyde helps Lincoln do "field tests" about his origin and becomes very sad and afraid at the prospect of not seeing him again.

In "Friend or Faux?", Lincoln and Clyde do a handshake and play a dancing video game together.

In "Tricked!", the duo scoped out Huntington Manor to gain full-size candy bars for Halloween and conspire to pose as two boys that strike a very strong resemblance to them both to get in. They accidentally bump into Hank and Hawk while sneaking away and Lincoln tells them they can score the most candy at Franklin Avenue, keeping them unaware of the full-size candies in Huntington Manor. Upon trick-or-treating time, they successfully pull off their trick to get inside and score full bags of candy as Ace Savvy and One-Eyed Jack. However, they find their street completely trashed, which they learn was because of Hank and Hawk running rampant on Franklin Avenue. Because of their actions, nobody came to Lucy's corn maze. Lincoln and Clyde set out to make things right by getting the candy back from them. But they were caught before they could get away and are thrown into a dumpster after actually being turned into human pretzels. They then realize that they can get back at the bullies with blood because of how nauseous they got during their first encounter. They lure them both into Lucy's corn maze, where they are terrorized and get a bucket of blood dumped on them. With Hank and Hawk scared out of their street, Lincoln and Clyde give away their full-size candy to trick-or-treaters and declare their Halloween a success by eating half of their last candy bar.

In "Teachers' Union", Lincoln and Clyde worked together to get Mrs. Johnson and Coach Pacowski to go on a date together so that gym class can be better. Unfortunately, due to getting their information about him inaccurate, their date went terribly. They confess to being responsible for the date going wrong and run away from their enraged teacher through the obstacle course. During the chase, Coach suffers a massive blow to his head and he falls for Nurse Patti. The next day, Lincoln and Clyde immediately get to work on getting Mrs. Johnson and the janitor together.

In "Friendzy", after realizing that having a friend over means getting special privileges, he invites Clyde over and takes advantage of that.

In "Middle Men", Lincoln and Clyde are given a tour through Middle School by Lynn while giving them questionable advice. But when her advice leads them into trouble, Lynn reveals that she was only trying to protect them from having a horrible first year experience like she did. And then, she offers to take the hits for them, but they stop her, saying that they were responsible for ticking the students off, thus it's only fair for them to take the hits. However, they only wanted to make the two of them sweat rather than fight them. After allowing them to eat their cookies and showing them their business card, they became friends with the middle schoolers.

In "Jeers for Fears", they both agreed to go to the Royal Woods House of Terror and enlist the sisters' help to toughen up so they can endure it without fear. Unfortunately, all the attempts proved fruitless since they led to both of them being terrified in each one. Bobby shows brings them to the House of Terror to reveal all the effects and show it's not as scary as they think. But because of this, the original stuff was replaced and the House of Terror was made to be even more scarier. Despite the fact they ran around the house, screaming at their wit's end, they managed to make it to the exit.

In "Racing Hearts", they were partners for the Astonishing Quest.

In "Cooked!", they helped promote Lynn Sr.'s restaurant Lynn's Table by using a TV commercial.

In "Any Given Sundae", Lincoln stops mopping the floor in order to go help Clyde when he gets stuck in a pair of skinny jeans.

In "Intern for the Worse", they compete against each other for an unlimited free Flippee cup until they realized Flip was using them.

In "Back Out There", Clyde suspects that that he's depressed over the fact that Ronnie Anne has moved, and that he misses her. To fix this, he plans a boy's night out for Lincoln with their friends to not think about Ronnie Anne. When it appears to have not worked, they arrange for him to meet multiple girls, which does not go well with any of them. Lastly, they arrange for him to stay at a fancy hotel. When Lincoln questions why they're doing this, the boys reveal they've seen him hanging out at Ronnie Anne's former house, and make the assumption that he's not over her. Before Lincoln can fully explain himself, the boys shove him into the bus to the hotel. After Ronnie Anne explains he was at her old house waiting on a package to arrive, they manage to stop the bus and are properly punished by being forced to clean off the bird poop stains on the suits they wore during their boy's night out.

In "Spell It Out", he plays an online game with Clyde and Rusty. But, due to being unable to talk at the time, he accidentally gets their characters getting killed.

In "Not a Loud", Clyde helps Lincoln do "field tests" about his origin and becomes very sad and afraid at the prospect of not seeing him again.

In "Recipe for Disaster", upon discovering Lynn Sr.'s recipes may have been stolen, they investigate the case as Ace Savvy and One-Eyed Jack.

In "Any Given Sundae", Lincoln comes over to help Clyde who'd gotten stuck in a pair of skinny jeans despite being occupied with mopping the floor.

In "Rocket Men", Lincoln and Clyde convince their parents to let them go to space cadets camp. At first, their experience doesn't turn out to be as good as they hoped and then call their parents to come pick them up. But they encouraged them to stick it out, which leads them to attempt to sneak out. While trying to find a way out of camp, they accidentally enter flight simulator. This actually helps develop a better experience for them and become excited for more activities in camp. Unfortunately, they were informed their parents arrived to pick them up. Lincoln and Clyde explain that to them that while they didn't enjoy it at first, they actually like it now. This speech makes the parents state that as long as they had fun, they can stay if they want, much to the boys' happiness.

In "Last Loud on Earth", they stay up watching a zombie movie marathon in Lisa's Bunker. Soon afterwards, they discover a majority of Royal Woods deserted and assume the apocalypse is upon them with the two of them as the few remaining survivors.

In "Kings of the Con", they ask Lincoln's sisters to attend the Ace Savvy convention in order to help win the title of "Kings of the Con", but the sisters are not interested until Lincoln mentions that the winners get a cameo in the new Ace Savvy movie. When Lincoln and Clyde overhear the judges saying that they are going to give the movie part to the sisters but not them, the boys stage a situation in which they will look like heroes and the judges will ignore the sisters and give the part to the boys. When the boys confess to their scheme, the sisters are understandably disgusted, but they forgive them afterward because they still get to be in the movie as the boys are then disqualified and the sisters are awarded the movie part in their place.

In Lincoln's episode of Listen Out Loud, Lincoln and Clyde do detective work to try and figure out who took Lincoln's hammock.

In "Living Loud: Summer School", Clyde helps Lincoln with his math and Lincoln throws away food with gluten in it so Clyde won't have an allergic reaction.

In Clean-O-Clock, when handed his walkie-talkie, Lincoln calls Clyde over.

In Ace Savvy on the Case, Lincoln and Clyde work together to solve cases and go to an Ace Savvy convention.

In Living Loud: Lincoln's List, Clyde gives Lincoln advice on how to complete his list of chores.

In Living Loud: Summer School, Clyde helps Lincoln prove he didn't cheat on a test and Lincoln throws away food with gluten to help Clyde because Clyde is celiac.

In Lights Out, Lincoln helps plug Clyde's nosebleed.

In Welcome to the Loud House, Lincoln talks to Clyde with his walkie-talkie.

Howard and Harold

S1E16A giving Linc's sideburns a little trim

Howard and Harold giving Lincoln a haircut.

Lincoln has a good relationship with Clyde's dads. He admires the amount of time they spend helping Clyde, and somewhat envies the amount of attention they give their son. Lincoln normally addresses both Howard and Harold as Mr. McBride. He has also called Howard "Mr. McB."

In "Attention Deficit", Howard and Harold try to help Lincoln with his school project. Lincoln's sisters end up hogging their attention, but Lincoln is not mad at them.

In "Snow Way Down", when Lincoln sees how overprotective Clyde's dads are while on a winter vacation, he convinces Clyde to talk with his dads about letting go. The next day, when they learn that Clyde was going to ride down the Ramp of Insanity, they try to prevent him from doing so, but get stuck at the top of the ramp. They are then rescued by Clyde using a grappling hook to climb up to them, his sled to ride down the ramp and a parachute to land safely. This experience allowed his dads to see how their son is capable of handling himself and promise not to be so overprotective.

Santiago Family

Ronnie Anne

S2E13 Lincoln returns the hug

Lincoln and Ronnie Anne's first hug.

Ronnie Anne is Lincoln's other best friend and one of his love interests. He is initially bothered by her bullying him in "Heavy Meddle", but after she sends a note apologizing to him, Lincoln begins to see that she may not be such a bad person after all.

In "Save the Date", Lincoln tells a few kids at school that he would rather lick the bathroom floor than kiss Ronnie Anne, but only to hide their relationship. Unfortunately, Ronnie Anne overhears him saying this and is heartbroken about it, which makes Bobby break up with Lori. Lori then forces Lincoln to make it up to Ronnie and fix her relationship by going on a double date with Bobby and Ronnie Anne. While Ronnie is still mad at him at first, she understands his conflict with Lori, stating that she has similar problems with Bobby. Near the end, Lincoln kisses her in front of his classmates. The next day, Ronnie Anne once again hides their relationship by slapping him in the face and seemingly breaking up with him, which she soon reveals to be fake via note. It is believed that they are on really good terms.

In "April Fools Rules", Ronnie Anne is coming over on April Fool's Day, the day Luan becomes a pranking monster and sets up cruel pranks around the house. To protect her, Lincoln sacrifices himself and ends up setting off all the pranks, causing severe injury to himself. Ronnie Anne then comes to the house and throws a pie at Luan and offers to draw eyebrows on Lincoln and invites him for a milkshake, saying she was grateful for him protecting her from Luan's pranks and the two head off on their way.

In "Dance Dance Resolution", Lincoln ducks from Ronnie Anne to ensure she doesn't ask him to the Sadie Hawkin's Dance, not because he doesn't like her, but rather because he wanted to go to the arcade instead. When Luan, Lucy, Lynn, and Luna each get him a date to the dance, and he sees Ronnie Anne is at the dance as well, he tries to avoid her because he feels he will hurt her feelings if she finds out he went to the dance without her. When she finds him, she states that she actually never wanted to ask him to the dance but rather to go to the arcade with her. Upon learning he was avoiding her all day, she forgives him, she admitting she would've done the same if he were to ask her to a dance. The two are then seen together at the arcade, playing Dance Battle.

In "Shell Shock", Mrs. Johnson assigns Lincoln and Ronnie Anne to take care of an egg as a school project. Lincoln is afraid that Ronnie Anne is too reckless to take care of an egg so he tries to not let her take it. When Ronnie Anne says she's going to take the egg home at the end of the day, Lincoln makees a complete replica of the egg from rubber cement and gives it to her. She is surprised by his sudden change in attitude. However, Lincoln soon finds that he actually gave Ronnie Anne the real egg instead of the fake egg, so he goes to her house, telling her he just wanted to see the egg. Just after Lincoln switches the eggs, he notices that Ronnie Anne is a really thoughtful and helpful person at her house. Realizing that Ronnie Anne is not as reckless as he thought, Lincoln decides to put the real egg back, but Ronnie Anne catches him trying to replace the eggs and is furious when he tells her he didn't think he could trust her to take care of something so fragile. During this, Lincoln himself accidentally causes the real egg to fall and break. Heartbroken at the fact that they're going to flunk the assignment, and at how Lincoln perceives her, Ronnie Anne tells Lincoln to leave her house. Sometime later, Lincoln comes back to the Santiago house with a replacement egg. He explains that he talked with Mrs. Johnson to give Ronnie Anne a second chance on the assignment, because he learned that she's not as bad as he thought. The teacher agreed, but they won't be rewarded with the big waffle breakfast, but Lincoln says he no longer cares about that, just as long as he and Ronnie Anne can get the assignment done. Ronnie Anne, grateful for what Lincoln did, invites him inside, since they're having waffles for breakfast. Then Ronnie Anne tricks Lincoln into thinking she's going to break the replacement egg as revenge.

In "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos", he and Ronnie Anne helped each other in separating Lori and Bobby overreacting on the Santiagos leaving Royal Woods to visit their grandparents. Lincoln wished Ronnie Anne a nice time with her big family. After a while, Ronnie Anne called Lincoln on her laptop after her mother announced that they're staying, and told him she feels unhappy with her big family. Lincoln decided to help her because he fully understood her situation, since he himself also lives in big family (in his case, a large immediate family). After getting to know the Casagrandes better, Lincoln tried to convince Ronnie Anne to stay with them. Ronnie Anne hugged Lincoln for a farewell, but told him to not get used to the hug. Finally, Lincoln gave her an advice, and it was "breaking the fourth wall".

In "City Slickers", he and Lori pay a visit to the Casagrandes' bodega and gives Ronnie Anne a yellow Royal Woods sweatshirt. As they hang out with her friends Nikki, Sameer and Casey, Ronnie Anne continuously tries to stop Lincoln from mentioning anything about her being from Royal Woods, eventually leading the two to have an argument and he decides to pack up and return home. Realizing her mistake, Ronnie Anne catches up to Lincoln and admits she thought her friends would want to hang out with her if they believed she was a city kid. He then tells her that if they are her friends, they will accept her for who she is rather than where she's from. After explaining where she's really from to her friends, it turns out that they don't care that she's from Royal Woods and still accept her as their friend.

In "The Spies Who Loved Me", they contact each other on video chat to discuss what they’re doing.


S1E22B Bro handshake

Lincoln and Bobby doing their bro handshake.

Lincoln is pals with Bobby, as shown in the episode "A Fair to Remember", after Lori tells Bobby to hang with Lincoln instead of her. At the end of the day, Lincoln and Bobby became friends. They seem to regard each other as "bros", both seeing the other as the brother they never had.

Casagrande Family

S2E13 Casagrandes and Linc

Lincoln and the Casagrandes.

Generally, Lincoln gets along well with the Casagrande Family and relates to them as he also comes from a huge family. He appeared to have really enjoyed what little time he spent with them, though he was embarrassed by them referring to him as Ronnie Anne's boyfriend. While both Lori was trying to convince Bobby to leave, Lincoln spent his time hanging out with the Casagrandes, playing with CJ and helping Rosa Casagrande with her cooking.

Carlos Jr Casagrande

S2E13 Linc and CJ playing as pirates

Lincoln and Carlos Jr playing "Pirates".

Despite Carlos Jr's disability, the two became fast friends, with Lincoln treating Carlos almost like he would a younger sibling. He loved playing childish games like "Pirates" with him and truly enjoyed his company. Later, the pair would help repel the incoming homeless cats by playing Pirates once again.

Rosa Casagrande

S2E13 Lincoln And Rosa

Lincoln and Rosa.

Rosa, like the rest of the Casagrande family believe Lincoln to be Ronnie Anne's boyfriend, much to his chagrin, though despite that, Lincoln gets along well with Rosa. When Lincoln arrives to the Casagrande residence, Rosa happily offers to cook for Lincoln, assuming he must be hungry, to which Lincoln takes the offer. After the meal, Lincoln is suffering from a stomach ache, and Rosa uses her special technique to make him feel better. Later on, Lincoln offers to help Rosa cook.

Agnes Johnson

S2E10B I'll give her a second chance

Mrs. Johnson giving Lincoln and Ronnie Anne a second chance.

Lincoln is one of Mrs. Johnson's most dedicated students. Whenever she gives him an assignment, he does his best to follow through with it rather than slack off and procrastinate like most kids, even if at times, it doesn't work out.

In "Project Loud House", she originally planned to give Lincoln an "A" on his report about his sisters, but thanks to Luan's bucket prank, she downgraded it to an "A-".

In "The Green House", she, along with the rest of the class, disciplines Lincoln for not being able to save enough energy to help them win a contest to name a polar bear, which cannot be helped because of his big family. However, when he finally manages to do his part, she congratulates him for leading them to victory.

In "Along Came a Sister", she chooses him to look after the class pet tarantula Frances over the weekend, showing that she can trust him.

In "Dance, Dance Resolution", she holds a raffle where the winner has lunch with her in the teacher's lounge, and he wins that prize. She also unknowingly bumps him with her butt when he's trying to avoid Ronnie Anne.

In "Study Muffin", she broke her leg from a mechanical bull incident, and hired Ms. DiMartino to substitute her class while she recovered. When she returned, Lincoln unintentionally commented on how beautiful Agnes was when he meant Ms. DiMartino, and she was so flattered by his words that she invited him to sit in the front row.

In "Shell Shock", Mrs. Johnson pairs Lincoln and Ronnie Anne to an assignment of taking care of an egg. Lincoln accidentally breaks the egg, so he came to his teacher to ask for a second chance for Ronnie Anne. Mrs. Johnson agreed for giving her another egg so she could pass the assignment, but with no reward. She also decided to give Lincoln a second chance as well so both Lincoln and Ronnie Anne could complete the assignment together.

In "Teachers' Union", Lincoln and Clyde planned to get her and Coach Pacowski to go on a date together so that gym class can be better. Unfortunately, due to their information about him being inaccurate, their date went terribly, which leaves her in a very sour mood the next day and makes her students do a pop quiz. The episode ends with Mrs. Johnson being head over heels for the janitor and Lincoln and Clyde immediately get to work on getting them together.

In "Living Loud: Summer School", he puts an apple on her desk.

Rusty Spokes

S2E04B Rusty and Lincoln fixing their project again

Lincoln and Rusty making a science project.

Rusty Spokes is one of Lincoln's friends and classmates.

They first met in "Hand-Me-Downer". Rusty mocked Lincoln's pink bike, but accepted him as a member of his bike gang when he made him believe he has a cool BMX. When Lincoln revealed the truth, Rusty and the other bikers kicked him out of their gang. Because of this, he at first appears to be one of the mean kids, but in later episodes, he is seen as a more sympathetic character, and he and Lincoln seem to get along just fine.

In "Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru", Rusty was mad at Lincoln for bad advice about his would-be girlfriend.

However, they were friends again in "Dance, Dance Resolution", and along with Clyde, Liam, and Zach, he's one of the few who knows about Lincoln's secret relationship with Ronnie Anne. He also agreed to accompany Polly Pain to the dance and became her date.

They both worked together on a science project in "Back in Black".

In "Making the Grade", Rusty turns against Lincoln because of Lisa, and refused to let him sit with him, Liam, and Zach. But later lets them sit with him at lunch after Lisa made an antidote for the sick kindergartners.


S1E19A You're like a Girl Guru!

Liam calling Lincoln a "girl guru".

Liam is one of Lincoln's friends and classmates. They appear to be quite close friends.

In "Overnight Success", Liam was the first friend Lincoln invited, after he thought he can't spend his sleepover with Clyde. He enjoyed it until Lola gave him a makeover.

In "Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru", Lincoln gave Liam advice to give his girlfriend chocolate. Liam was so happy that it worked, he called Lincoln a "Girl Guru".

In "Dance Dance Resolution", Liam agreed to accompany Tabby and became her date.

In "Making the Grade", Liam turns against Lincoln because of Lisa, and refused to let him sit with him, Rusty, and Zach. However, he later lets them sit with him at lunch after Lisa made an antidote for the sick kindergartners.

Liam respects Lincoln, as he was reluctant to spy on him and instead opted to "respect his privacy", though eventually did help Clyde spy on him. He was shown to be concerned for Lincoln when he feared he wasn't getting over Ronnie Anne and tried to help him through it, even setting him up on a movie date with his cousin, Hattie, who likes sci-fi movies just like him.

In "Friendzy", after his sisters caught on to his "Playing the Friend Card" idea, he invites Liam over to regain the special privileges.

In "Pasture Bedtime", Liam invited Lincoln, Clyde, Rusty, and Zach to a sleepover in his farm.


S1E09A Zach leaves

Zach leaves Lincoln's slumber party, knowing about the sisters all too well.

Zach is another one of Lincoln's good friends. Like Liam, Clyde and Rusty, Zach was concerned over Lincoln's "post break up blues" and tried to help him get over it by participating in a night out.

In "Overnight Success", Zach was the last friend Lincoln invited, after he thought he can't spend his sleepover with Clyde. He immediately left when he knew about Lincoln's sisters' antics.

In "Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru", Zach was one of Lincoln's customers, and Lincoln advised him on something based on what Lisa said by taking a chemistry class. However, this caused an explosion that ruined the girl Zach was thinking of, Kat's hair and he wanted a refund.

In "Dance, Dance Resolution", Zach agreed to accompany Giggles and became her date.

In "Making the Grade", he didn't know Lincoln was calling him a half-wit.

In "Back Out There", Lincoln kept going to Ronnie Anne's old house, which made Zach and the boys concerned that he had "post break-up blues". To help him out, he introduced him to his friend Renee who is a die hard Ace Savvy fan like him.


S3E15B Stella invites Lincoln

Stella inviting Lincoln to the Burpin' Burger.

In "White Hare", Lincoln wanted to make a good impression because of her arrival to town. However, the sisters encouraged him to be himself, since him being himself is enough to make a good impression. After barely catching up with the bus, Lincoln discovers Stella sitting alone, and offers to sit next to her, where she immediately gets charmed by Lincoln's personality, and offers him carrot sticks on the ride to school.

In "Be Stella My Heart", when Stella started to hanging out with Lincoln and his friends, they began to suspect that she likes one of them.

In "Predict Ability", when Mrs. Johnson assigns the class to work in pairs to practice calligraphy, Lincoln asks Stella to be his partner.

In "Antiqued Off", Lincoln calls and ask Stella if she would come along with him to see The Amazing Brailster perform. She claims to be busy helping her grandma get back into dating, but later at night, he catches her at Flip's, revealing that she finds magic to be boring and only lied to avoid hurting his feelings.

In "Tails of Woe", when Stella's music box goes missing and is assumed taken by the Rat Beast, Lincoln is the first among their circle of friends willing to help her find her music box and encourages the others to find it for the sake of being her friend. The two of them go searching for clues of the Rat Beast in the gym and find nothing expect Coach Pacowski dancing in his office.

In the comic "The Struggle is Real", during the story "Business Cents", Lincoln, Stella and Clyde were assigned to make a school project. They cooperated well. Initially, they designed "Keepsake companions", plush toys and cups with photos of family members. However, Lincoln's pets destroyed them, so Stella turned their destroyed project into pet proof toys. The project was a success.


S1E22A Air guitar jamming

Lincoln and Tabby jamming air guitar.

Tabby agreed to go on blind date with Lincoln at the Sadie Hawkins dance party. She was excited when she met Lincoln for the first time, and encouraged him to play on imaginary instrument. He picked piano, and she accepted it. Later they were playing their air guitars. Tabby was upset at Lincoln, when she discovered he's on dates with three other girls. However, she didn't mind it for long because she found Liam.


S1E22A Giggles juggling muffins

Lincoln and Giggles doing a juggling routine.

Giggles agreed to go on blind date with Lincoln at the Sadie Hawkins dance party. She was happy when she met Lincoln for the first time and zapped him with the old joy buzzer trick. He retaliated with the classic something-on-your-shirt nose flick joke, which she enjoyed. They later tried to see how many muffins Giggles could juggle at once. Giggles was upset at Lincoln, when she discovered he's on dates with three other girls. However, she didn't mind it for long because she found Zach.


S1E22A Jack and Jill went up a hill

Lincoln and Haiku sharing poetry.

Haiku agreed to go on blind date with Lincoln at the Sadie Hawkins dance party. When they first met, Haiku recites to Lincoln of her sad poem. Lincoln told her an improvised poem version of Jack and Jill and Haiku was quite impressed. Lincoln showed Haiku a shadow puppetry, but she showed her more complex shadow puppetry. Haiku was upset at Lincoln, when she discovered he's on dates with three other girls. However, she didn't mind it for long because she found Clyde.

In "Out of the Picture", Haiku agreed to let Lincoln pretend to be a member of the Morticians Club to get their group photo taken. That means she still considers him as her friend.

Polly Pain

S1E22A Booty blocked

Lincoln being greeted by Polly via her Booty Block.

Polly Pain agreed to go on blind date with Lincoln at the Sadie Hawkins dance party. Polly first came up to Lincoln by vigorously slamming into him with a roller derby move she calls Booty Block and claiming she nailed him. She also used another move on him called the Helicopter, which involved spinning someone around really fast until they get dizzy. Lincoln was the first person she used it on not to throw up after being spun, which impressed her. She was later seen practicing more derby moves on him like tossing him across the gym. Polly was upset at Lincoln, when she discovered he's on dates with three other girls. However, she didn't mind it for long because she found Rusty.


S2E12B Lincoln giving a love note

Lincoln slips a love note to Paige.

Paige is a girl that Lincoln met at the arcade in "L is for Love". She watched him beat Clyde at air hockey, and gave him a thumbs up, in which, he was flattered by it, even though he blushed to her (but Lincoln was mostly pleased about her giving him the thumbs up).

Thinking she sent him a love letter, Lincoln tried to return the favor by complimenting her dance moves on Dance Battle, but she didn't see him and unknowingly kicked him away by accident.

Later, instead of waiting for her to come to him, he went to her, and snuck a love letter in her backpack.

It is unknown when Lincoln met Paige, considering his relationship with Ronnie Anne.


Becky and lincoln

Lincoln and Becky laughing together.

Lincoln met Becky on Lori's sophisticated party in "Party Down". She enjoyed his party tricks like juggling and removing his underwear without using his hands. When she asked him for more tricks, he said "For you babushka, no problem". Together they enjoyed a wild party when Lori was finally herself.

Both Lincoln and Becky are fans of "ARGGH!" and both went to see "ARGGH!" when it stopped in Royal Woods.

They are both also fans of Ace Savvy, in "Deal Me Out" Lincoln and Clyde ran into Becky and her friends at the convention.


S1E23A It's good to be home

Lincoln hugs Bun-Bun.

Lincoln really loves his stuffed rabbit Bun-Bun, and cares for it. He's attached to him as much as Luan is to Mr. Coconuts, or Lucy to Edwin, if not more. He claims he doesn't remember a day without him. He worries if he might get damaged by Clyde in "A Tale of Two Tables", and by Lynn in "Space Invader". In his nightmare, he was devastated when he heard he was flushed away.

In "Ties That Bind", he was ready to hand-me-down Bun-Bun to Lily, believing she'll take care of him well.

In "Not a Loud", it's revealed that he has had Bun-Bun since he was a baby.

In "Jeers for Fears", Bun-Bun was held tightly by Lincoln after he and Clyde got terrified during their attempts to toughen up for the House of Terror.

In "Living Loud: Lincoln's List", Lincoln loses Bun-Bun, then finds him again.


Lincoln and Charles get along very well.

In "Baby Steps", Charles sleeps on Lincoln's bed.

In "No Such Luck ", Lincoln wanted to sleep in Charles's kennel when his family, due to their overzealous superstition surrounding him, but Charles growled at Lincoln.

In one of the Lincoln Vlogs, it's revealed that Lincoln named Charles.


Lincoln seems to like Cliff a lot, similar to how Clyde loves Cleopawtra and Nepurrtiti.

In "No Guts, No Glori", Lincoln is annoyed due to having trouble getting Cliff to use his litter box.

In Living Loud: Lincoln's List, Lincoln feeds one of Lisa's cookies to Cliff.


Lincoln seems to like Geo as much as the other pets.

In "No Guts, No Glori", Geo helps free Lincoln from being tied up.

In "Geo On A Roll", Lincoln tries to catch Geo after the latter escapes.


Lincoln likes Fangs okay, but they don't really interact since it's usually Lucy who interacts with Fangs.

In "Frog Wild", Fangs inadvertently helps Lincoln, along with several other bats, by flying out of Lynn and Lucy's room and scaring away Principal Huggins.

In Living Loud: Lincoln's List, Lincoln feeds Fangs.

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