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This article is about Lincoln's first episode of Listen Out Loud. For his second episode, see Lincoln & Clyde Review Gus' Games & Grub.
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"Lincoln Loud" is the seventh episode of Listen Out Loud.


When Lincoln and Clyde take listeners on a tour of their new treehouse, they discover one of their beloved items is missing. The boys investigate Ace Savvy style by questioning Lincoln's prime suspects: his sisters.


Lincoln introduces his episode of the podcast as Clyde makes his presence known. Going to the backyard, they reveal they now have a treehouse. Going up, Clyde begins to lament their shoddy construction, though Lincoln has him act like the treehouse is flawlessly built as the listeners can't see it. The two show off their treehouse as they get to the best part of it all, the hammock... which seems to be missing. The duo goes to investigate this, revealing they wear their Ace Savvy costumes underneath their clothes for such an occasion.

The duo go about the house and interrogate Lynn, Lana, and Lola for answers, though they come up empty. They decide to lure the criminal back to the treehouse; after setting up the trap, they start to doze off, though footsteps jolt them awake. They find out it was Mr. Grouse who took the hammock. Wanting to rest on it after seeing how comfy it looked, he got tangled up and had to bite his way out of it. He was on his way back from getting a replacement as he got trapped and caught. The boys forgive him as Mr. Grouse falls out of the treehouse; looking to celebrate with some juice boxes, they start to unlock the locked box, though Lana and Hops have already gotten to them all due to the insecure combination.



  • This is the first Listen Out Loud episode where Tex Hammond voices Lincoln.
  • Lincoln mentions Lana stealing one of his macaroni and cheese bites from "A Fridge Too Far".


  • Sly Cooper - Music from this video game series, particularly from Thieves in Time, plays throughout this episode till the end when Lincoln and Clyde discover Mr. Grouse to be the culprit.


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