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Lindsay Sweetwater is a minor character in The Loud House.


Lindsay is first mentioned in "Making the Case", as the winner of a beauty pageant, in which Lincoln was competing.

She then appears in "A Tattler's Tale", telling Lincoln a secret about Lola, though only her eyes and arms are shown.

She reappears in "Fool Me Twice", where Lola's lookalike admires and gives her one of Lola's pageant crowns. This is the first time she physically appears onscreen.


Lindsay is a young girl who is the same height as Lola, and has long orange hair that curls up at the bottom. She also wears pink lipstick, a teal bow on her head, white pearl earrings, long cyan evening gloves, a teal dress with frills at the bottom, and a belt to hold it up.


Lindsay is a competitive beauty pageant participant, and does her best to win them. Despite her efforts, Lindsay always takes second place to her eternal rival, Lola, which annoys her to no end. Driven by envy, she's determined to defeat Lola, or give her trouble. When she heard Lincoln was seeking something to blackmail Lola with, she used that opportunity to help him, but also made it clear that she's not Lincoln's friend. The comic story "The Pageant Trap" (in "Loud and Proud") shows that Lindsay is also willing to lay traps to sabotage her pageant competitors.


  • Even though only her eyes and arms appear in "A Tattler's Tale", it is revealed that her skin color is white.
  • In Listen Out Loud, it's revealed she can play the bagpipes.



Season 1

"A Tattler's Tale"

Season 3

"Fool Me Twice"

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