Lisa Loud’s Invention Interactive Guide! The Loud House

Lisa Loud’s Invention Interactive Guide! The Loud House

Lisa Loud's Invention Interactive Guide is a promotional video for The Loud House. The premise is that Rita and Lynn Sr. asked Lisa to give away an invention to each of her siblings, and it's time to figure out who gets what.


  • Lincoln is the first sibling to find an invention for. The narrator considers giving him a little catapult to protect him from Lynn's lucha libre, but he changes his mind and gives him VR goggles instead, so he can play video games with them.
  • The narrator then notes that the stasis pod has Luan's name on it, but he decides that freezing Luan is a bad idea, so instead gives her Gravy Bot to help with her standup routines.
  • The gravity shoes are given to Lucy, since Lucy enjoys hanging upside down like a bat and can scare people from the ceiling.
  • Lola is next and the narrator considers giving her detangling spray, but upon learning that it removes hair, changes his mind. He then smells something-- it's not Lily's diaper because it smells like food, and it's not Lynn Sr.'s cabbage casserole because that smells bad while this smells good. It turns out to be the chocolate fountain, which is given to Lola.
  • There are fleas on Lana, so the narrator considers giving her flea powder, but the flea powder is explosive, so she is given Trashy instead because they both like trash.
  • Lily is given the generator which runs on her dirty diapers.
  • The ghost pepper mouthwash is given to Lynn, who likes spicy things.
  • The voice-activated robot arms are considered for Lori to use while working at Lynn's Table, but she's not very good at using them, so she is given the instant flowers instead.
  • It is Leni's turn next, and the narrator considers giving her moisturiser, but it swells up her face, so she is given the spray collar (with the spray feature turned off) instead.
  • Finally, Luna is the only one left. She is given the mechanical arms so she can play every instrument at once.

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