This page describes all of Lisa Loud's relationships with her family and friends.


Her siblings


S2E21B Lisa's party

Lisa talking to her siblings about her birthday "invitation".

She often looks and talks down to her siblings, due to her prodigy intelligence. She likes to use them as test subjects for her experiments, much to their fear. She loves her family, but otherwise is all think, and no feel, even against the gothic Lucy, because of this, she doesn't seem to have much of a connection with anyone, but is always available to help them with any problem, such as tutoring.

If Lisa was close to any of her siblings, she would be close to Leni, Luna, Lynn, Lincoln, Lucy, Lana, and Lily.


S2E05A Lincoln hugs Lisa

Lincoln hugging Lisa, and Lisa is confused.

Lincoln doesn't have a lot of interactions with her, but they do get along with each other. However Lincoln has a fear of messing up one of Lisa's experiments, or breaking her stuff and making her angry, or upset at him.

In "Heavy Meddle", she easily finds out about Lincoln's secret that he's being picked on at school. She states that she does not have enough room in her brain for keeping it to herself and tells it to Lynn, who in turn tells the other sisters, much to his chagrin. Though this is likely out of concern for the well-being of their only brother.

In "The Sweet Spot", a flashback reveals that Lincoln gets annoyed when Lisa won't shut up about dangers of car travel.

In "Butterfly Effect", Lincoln breaks Lisa's chemical bottles with his yo-yo and he fearfully believes Lisa will get mad for what he did, but instead of being angry, Lisa becomes ecstatic with Lincoln. She hugs him and thanks him for proving her hypothesis and for admitting what he did.

Lincoln is very disgusted when Lisa uses her family as lab rats and performs experiments on them without their knowledge. He angrily yelled at her when she experimented on Leni in "Project Loud House" and Lily in "Changing the Baby".

In "Baby Steps", it was shown that Lisa enjoys the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches Lincoln makes for her.

In "Making the Grade", Lisa gets promoted from kindergarten to the fifth grade after finding kindergarten too easy. Her intelligence makes Lincoln an outcast and he tells Lisa to tone it down. Then Lisa's new personality made her become relatively popular. However, this causes issues at home because Lisa cannot help her family solve things that the others cannot and their other sisters (except for Lily) take their anger out on Lincoln.

In "The Whole Picture", it was revealed Lincoln used to feed her with milk.

In "Garage Banned", it is revealed by Lori that Lisa took Lincoln's appendix while she was trying to take one of his kidneys.

In "White Hare", Lisa tells Lincoln that he is smart.

In "A Fridge Too Far", Lincoln and Lisa came up with an idea to satisfy their sisters in maintaining their leftovers by using a color coded compartment system in order to know where their leftovers are. Afterwards, Lisa asks Lincoln for one of his Mac 'n' Cheese bites, but Lincoln refuses.

In "The Mad Scientist", Lincoln packs peanut butter and jelly in her bags, in case she misses it.


S1E03A Next time, I would appreciate a challenge

Lisa doing Lori's homework.

Lisa and Lori don't have a lot of interaction, although Lori already knows about Lisa's strange experiments. She hates Lisa's poop study as shown in "Undie Pressure", and doesn't like that she uses her siblings as "guinea pigs" as shown in "Left in the Dark".

In "Driving Miss Hazy", Lisa does Lori's math homework in exchange for driving her to the planetarium.

In "Study Muffin", it revealed that Lisa tutors Lori for pre-Calculus and tells her to move it or lose when Lori is three minutes late.


S1E01A It's a miracle!

Lisa annoyed by Leni's ignorance.

The relationship that Lisa has with Leni is like Dexter and Dee Dee's relationship from Dexter's Laboratory. When Lisa creates a new invention, Leni is the first person whom she tests it on, and this could be because of Leni's poor intelligence. This is evidenced in various episodes, like in "Left in the Dark", when during one experiment in the past, Leni's head swelled up and got covered in boils, and "Project Loud House", when Lisa changed Leni's blemish cream for an experimental skin pigmentation ointment, turning her skin blue.

In "The Mad Scientist", Leni zips Lisa's sleepwear on.

Given their complete opposite IQ levels, Leni's absent-mindedness tends to get on Lisa's nerves at times.


S3E03A Wish me luck, Lola is next

Lisa giving Luna advice.

Lisa and Luna don't have a lot of interactions between them, but they do get along with each other and have an explosive personality.

However, in "The Sweet Spot", it is revealed that Luna's singing annoys Lisa, because it gives her tinnitus.

In "In Tents Debate", they both vote for Dairyland over Aloha Beach and try to get Lincoln to select their side.

Also, in "For Bros About to Rock", it is revealed that Luna ruined her first opera, by jumping off the stage and landing on the orchestra, in an attempt to stage dive.

Lisa also refused to provide Luna shelter in "April Fools Rules", stating that Luna should have been more prepared.

In "Making the Grade", Luna asks Lisa to help study for a test but is unable to help due to her being average thanks to Lincoln, which causes Luna to give him the death stare.

In "Room with a Feud", Luna and Lisa become roommates after taking a compatibility test. At first, they seem to work out fine until Luna disobeys Lisa's orders not to play any note above a D6 which broke her beakers and her glasses.

In "Roadie to Nowhere", Lisa gives Luna some advice about her future. At the end of the episode, Lisa is shown with the rest of their family cheering for Luna at the Royal Rumble.

In "The Mad Scientist", Luna refers to Lisa as being "cold as ice" upon learning that the younger sister cares more about science than her own family. Lisa isn't the least fazed by that statement.

In "House of Lies", Luna tells Lisa that she cannot just force their family to tell the truth all day, but Lisa disagrees with Luna's statement.

In "Really Loud Music" Lisa gives Luna some advice when Luna keeps hearing songs.


S2E17B Get it

Luan showing Lisa her medical humor.

She and Lisa don't have too much interaction, but they do get along with each other. Like all her siblings she gets annoyed by Luan's (mostly) unfunny jokes, and Luan doesn't like Lisa using her as a test subject.

In "Left in the Dark", Lisa uses her to prove her "Gloweos" cookie, resulting in Luan's entire body glowing.

In "In Tents Debate", both she and Luan choose to go to Dairyland, and try to get Lincoln to vote for their side.

In "Cover Girls", Lisa dresses up as Luan at one point.

In "Funny Business", it's revealed that Luan made Lisa her assistant, but she failed.

In "Garage Banned", Luan shows Lisa her medical humor.

In "Future Tense", Luan and Lisa go together to get people to vote.


S2E03B Lisa snaps

Lisa getting angry with Lynn.

She and Lisa don't have too much interaction, but they do get along with each other. In "Butterfly Effect", it is revealed that Lisa tutors Lynn for her exams to let her stay in her sport teams.

In "Heavy Meddle", when Lisa couldn't store Lincoln's secret that he was being picked on at school in her brain, she told Lynn who told everyone else and claimed Lynn's brain had plenty of room. Lynn thought it was a compliment at first, but then realized what her genius sister meant.

In "In Tents Debate", they both want to go to Dairyland for their family vacation, and try to get Lincoln to vote for their side.

In the ending of "Brawl in the Family", Lincoln revealed that Lynn stated she would need a windshield wiper every time Lisa would speak. This increased Lisa's temper toward Lynn as she angrily asked the latter what she said while spitting over Lynn's face.

Although they don't have too much interactions, they haven't spoken to each other onscreen until "Lynner Takes All".


S1E21B Oh, please!

Lisa doesn't believe Lucy's fortunes.

They don't have much interactions but they argue about their science and magic. Lisa questions scientific possibility of Lucy's fortune telling in "Raw Deal". However, they can cooperate if necessary as seen in "Come Sale Away".

Like all of her siblings, Lisa doesn't like Lucy appearing out of nowhere, while Lucy doesn't like Lisa using her as a test subject.

In "Snow Bored", Lucy shows Lisa about having fun on a snow day by lying in the snow.

In "One Flu Over the Loud House", Lucy sneezed on Lisa and she gets sick.

In "Study Muffin", Lisa tutors Lucy for math.

In "Job Insecurity", when Lisa says she put a tracking chip on their Dad, Lucy asks her if she put it on her and the rest of the siblings, and Lisa lies by saying no.

In "Tricked!", Lucy complemented Lisa for making excellent fake blood, but suggested to add some molasses for better consistency.

In "Raw Deal" and "Future Tense", they are shown sitting next to each other in Vanzilla.

In "No Spoilers", Lucy asks Lisa about how she came up with inviting Flip, Mr. Grouse, and Dr. Feinstein and that just because their Mom encounters them does not mean she likes them. Lisa responds to Lucy just because their mom uses toilet paper doesn't mean she'll find it a suitable party decoration.

In "A Fridge Too Far", they are shown sitting next to each other in the living room table before and after Lincoln accuses his sisters of stealing his food. Later, Lisa mistakes her Dad's beets for Lucy's homemade blood.

In "No Place Like Homeschool", when Lisa suggests she and the siblings should find a quiet environment to study, Lucy says she and the other siblings won't fit in her coffin, and Lisa says they should choose an alternative idea. Inside Lisa's bunker, she and Lucy sit next to each other on the top bunk bed.


S2E03A Lana is confused

Lisa and Lana fighting.

They don't have many interactions, but they do get along well with each other.

In "In Tents Debate", they both want to go to Dairyland and try to get Lincoln to vote for it.

In "Baby Steps", it was shown that Lisa sometimes performs experiments on Lana's pets. Lana fought Lisa physically to save her rat.

In "Mall of Duty", they can be seen playing cards at the beginning and end of the episode.



A bald Lola livid at Lisa.

She and Lola interact quite a bit, though their relationship is hit and miss considering the circumstances.

In "A Tale of Two Tables", Lola laughs at Lisa getting hit by Lana's peas, though this was by accident.

In "A Tattler's Tale", Lola blackmails Lisa into doing her homework for her.

In "Snow Bored", Lola tries to get Lisa to try figure skating only for Lisa to calculate Lola's weight breaking through the ice.

In "Study Muffin", Lisa tutors Lola for biology.

In "11 Louds a Leapin'", Lisa continuously tells Lola that she has no chance of getting on Santa's nice list.

In "Baby Steps", they were heard arguing.

In "Suite and Sour", they act out the business center scene in their play to beg their parents to take them and the rest of the kids to the spa with them.

In "Making the Grade", Lola wants Lisa to give the answer to a radio contest, but Lisa botches it after giving up her smarts.

In "Out of the Picture", Lisa takes her x-ray instead of a picture for the yearbook.

In "Garage Banned", Lisa creates a serum that sprays and cuts off Lola's hair, leaving her bald and enraged.


S1E08B Lisa experimenting on Lily

Lisa using Lily in one of her experiments.

Lisa has a good friendship with her, as both of them have to share a room. In "Changing the Baby", Lisa tries to use Lily on an experiment that appears to be very dangerous. She also tries to implement her interests on Lily, because she has no one else whom shares the same interests as her.

In "Ties That Bind", Lisa carried Lily into the direction of the bathroom.

In "Brawl in the Family", Lisa and Lily are the only roommates that do not get into a fight.

In "Party Down", Lisa and Lily are seen playing with the chocolate fountain together.

In "Potty Mouth", Lisa accidentally swears in front of Lily.

In "Tricked!", Lisa and Lily dress up in matching costumes and work together when they went trick-or-treating. The kangaroo costume Lisa made was built so that it can carry around Lily in her joey costume.



S1E18A Lisa comes out

Lisa allowing her parents to enter her bunker.

Unlike most of her siblings, Lisa doesn't interact much with her parents, but they do try to come in to her bunker in "April Fools Rules".

They also punish her for causing explosions in/around the household.

In "Future Tense", the parents assigned Lisa to a ceramics studio as her extra curricular activity. She didn't like this at first, but quickly got used to it.

Lynn Sr.

S2E25B Lynn Sr. playing with Lisa

Lynn Sr. playing with Lisa.

Lisa has a closer appearance to her father, and might have slightly better relationship with him, rather than her mother.

In "Vantastic Voyage", Lynn Sr. made Lisa wear a saliva shield, which she disliked.

In "Health Kicked", Lisa helps Lynn Sr. exercise by teaching him Tai Chi.

In "Making the Grade", it is revealed that she helps him cook dinner.

In "Anti-Social", to help her Dad have fun without the Internet, Lisa spends time with him by building a model molecule.



S2E03A Clyde and Lisa

Clyde and Lisa.

Lisa seems to get along well with Clyde most of the time. She treats him similarly to how she treats her sisters. Lisa has used Clyde as a test subject and called him a fool in the past, but seems to like him nonetheless. Clyde doesn't mind being used as part of her experiments.

In "Baby Steps", he ties her shoelaces and tells him he is a lifesaver. However, everything turned out to be Lincoln's plot.

In "Making the Grade", Lisa takes his seat next to Lincoln, leaving him heartbroken that he couldn't sit next to his best friend anymore.


S2E12B Lisa and David

David cleans Lisa's glasses.

David is Lisa's classmate in Ms. Shrinivas's kindergarten class and her love interest.

David helps Lisa out by cleaning her glasses from a chemical explosions's soot. Lisa, thinking he sent her a love letter, watched him as he slept and offered him a pig's still beating heart. After that, she slips a love note under his microscope, much to his joy.


S2E20B Darcy hugs Lisa

Lisa smiling, and Darcy hugging her.

Darcy is Lisa's classmate in Ms. Shrinivas's kindergarten class and her first friend.

Lisa chooses Darcy to be her new friend after Ms. Shrinivas tells her that she needs to make a human friend in order to bring up her grade in social skills. At first Lisa only acts like a friend just to boost her mark, and once she gets an "A" she tells Darcy the truth, hurting Darcy's feelings. Ms. Shrinivas revokes Lisa's "A" and gives her a time out for how she treated Darcy. During Lisa's time out, Darcy comes by and gives Lisa a cookie out of sympathy, and Lisa, realizing the benefit of having friends, offers Darcy half the cookie and invites Darcy to join her, rekindling their friendship.

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