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This page is used to house a list of production music tracks in The Loud House episodes which they have been heard in. Loud House tracks have been licensed from the following labels:



Label Piece Composer(s) Used In
APM Music The 8-Bit Robot Frank Cooper
Nickelodeon 12 Louds A Leapin' Jonathan Hylander
APM Music 24 Preludes op. 28 - No. 4 in E minor Frederic Chopin


Label Piece Composer(s) Used In
APM Music A Comedy Of Terrors Sting (a) John Rowcroft
APM Music Aborigines Soul Hermann Langschwert
APM Music Abject Terror Paul Lewis
Extreme Music Act Normal Billie Fingers, Andrew Johnson, Bruce Fingers
APM Music A Cheerful Song (a) Otto Sieben, Peter Balding
Nickelodeon Adios Anna Adios Jonathan Hylander
APM Music A Fairy's Touch Philippe Briand, Gabriel Saban
  • 30b. "Back in Black" - Lucy saying Rocky isn't her type; Lucy considers being regular and normal; Lucy upset that Rocky doesn't like her.
  • 50. "Tricked!" - Loud siblings upset.
APM Music A Tale of Sorrow Mario Rouletta, Andrew Vinter
  • 34b. "Frog Wild" - Hops doesn't want Lana to leave.
Extreme Music After Everything Kevin Riepl
Extreme Music Agent Blatant Julio, Ernest, Simon Smith, Richard Searle
Extreme Music A House In The Hamptons Werner Tautz
APM Music Alarming Message C Dick De Benedictis
Extreme Music All The Rage (Happy Forest) Werner Tautz
Extreme Music Aloha Malihini Parauchi Nawahi
  • 121. "Camped!" - Lori and Leni relaxing on a boardwalk.
APM Music Alone In The Old House Gregor Narholz
  • 21b. "Raw Deal" - "It's Madame Lucy."
  • 41b. "Spell It Out" - After Leni tells Lucy she didn't notice her.
APM Music Amazing Adventures (A) Otto Sieben, Adam Saunders, Mark Cousins
APM Music American Patrol Andrew Pilmer
Extreme Music Ancient Crystal James Dooley
  • 49b. "Not a Loud" - Lincoln and Clyde plan to figure out Lincoln's birth story; Lincoln thinks he is Ron the Radioactive Boy.
  • 52a. "Snow Way Down" - Howard explains the Ramp of Insanity; Howard gets shocked and passes out again.
APM Music Andantino (a) Dick Walter
Main article: Andantino (a)
APM Music Another Big Surprise Andrew Pearce
Extreme Music Anything You Can Do Werner Tautz
Extreme Music Aquatic Creatures Matt Smith, Daniel Holter
  • 99b. "Room and Hoard" - Lincoln and Lola playing at Gus' Games and Grub.
Extreme Music Are We There Yet Billie Fingers, Bruce Fingers, Bobby Tahouri
  • 1b. "Get the Message" - Lincoln crawling through the air vents.
  • 37b. "Pets Peeved" - The Loud pets knock over the plant.
  • 58b. "Pipe Dreams" - Parents trying to keep their bathroom hidden.
West One Music Arms Race (a) John Knowles, Christopher Knowles, Frank Ricotti
Extreme Music At Any Price Werner Tautz
APM Music Ay Senorita Lionel Wendling


Label Piece Composer(s) Used In
Extreme Music Babe Magnet Matthew Baker
  • 100b. "Senior Moment" - movie opening; the kids go diving in the movie; Lori and her friends doing a pepper challenge; ending.
APM Music Bach's Toccata Peter Lea-Cox
  • 50. "Tricked!" - Luna plays music for the haunted corn maze.
Extreme Music Back With A Vengeance Peter McConnell
APM Music Bad Guys (a) Dick De Benedictis
  • 6a. "Sound of Silence" - Lola making that evil grin, and Lola tricking Lincoln into giving her answers to stupid questions.
Extreme Music Bad Mutha Heinz Kiessling
  • 67a. "Absent Minded" - Clyde accepts to being junior administrator.
Extreme Music Ballad du Paris François Parisi
  • 15b. "Save the Date" - Lori, Bobby, Lincoln, and Ronnie Anne enter Jean Juan's French Mex; Clyde gives them (sans Bobby) a table; Lincoln and Ronnie Anne making fun of Lori and Bobby.
  • 51b. "Anti-Social" - Lynn Sr. making pizza.
APM Music Bandstand Jive (a) Jamie Fekete, David Hewson, Bryan Lester, Samuel Slater
Extreme Music Bang Bang Dexter French, Darius Behdad
  • 36a. "Fed Up" - Title card and opening; Loud siblings making their own dinners; the Loud family working together to make a good dinner.
  • 37a. "Pulp Friction" - Loud siblings go after Principal Huggins.
Extreme Music Barbie Hearts Ken Werner Tautz
  • 63b. "Shop Girl" - Leni being nice to people at the mall.
  • 66b. "Crimes of Fashion" - Leni and Karla discussing about a skirt.
  • 71a. "Everybody Loves Leni" - Leni talking to mannequins.
  • 88b. "Leader of the Rack" - Title card; Leni accepts to being temporary manager; Miguel and Fiona see the breakfast; Leni calling Lori on her phone; ending scene of Leni and her friends at Dim Yum.
  • 107a. "The Boss Maybe" - opening; ending.
  • 115a. "Electshunned" - ending scene before "Pop Punk" ends.
  • 139b. "Driver's Dread" - Title card; ending.
APM Music Barnyard Dance Jerome Baldassari
APM Music Bassrun (b) Frank Novon, Peter Bento, Jim Harbourg
Warner/Chappell Music Bat Stabs David Farnon
APM Music Battle March Keith Mansfield
Main article: Battle March
APM Music Battle Order Keith Mansfield
APM Music Bavarian Polka (A) Markus Segschneider, Anselm Kreuzer
APM Music Beach Party (A) Richard Cottle, John Gallen
  • 8a. "Linc or Swim" - Lincoln finds his siblings partying in a new pool.
APM Music Beach Patrol A Marc Steinmeier, Peter Jordan
Extreme Music Beanhouse Bull Matthew Backer
Extreme Music The Beast Zack Tempest
Extreme Music Beatnik Shuffle Kenny Werner
Extreme Music Beat The Rap Werner Tautz
APM Music Beautiful Isles Of Hawaii George Elliott
BMG Production Music Bella Spiaggia Steve Booke
APM Music Belleville Step Sting (a) John Rowcroft
Extreme Music Bend Game David Inlander
  • 2a. "Heavy Meddle" - Lincoln sneaks his way downstairs; Lincoln comes back in with a black eye.
  • 52a. "Snow Way Down" - Harold, Howard, and Lincoln stuck on the top of the Ramp of Insanity.
  • 73. "The Loudest Thanksgiving" - Rosa and Lynn Sr. pile their food on top of Lori and Bobby.
Audio Network Be The Hero Marc Burrows
Extreme Music Beware of the Piranhas Peter McConnell
  • 66b. "Crimes of Fashion" - Fiona running away from the store with a blue dress; Lincoln and Clyde find Mrs. Carmichael.
APM Music Beware the Ripper (c) Richard Myhill
Extreme Music Big is Best Ian Curnow
APM Music The Big One Alan Tew
Extreme Music The Big Pickle Heinz Kiessling
Extreme Music The Big Rippoff Heinz Kiessling
  • 33a. "Lock 'n' Loud" - Lincoln spots a burglar; ending scene of Charles spots bacon.
APM Music The Big Story Richard Myhill
  • 63b. "Shop Girl" - Lucy switching through channels.
  • 66a. "Scales of Justice" - First news report; Katherine Mulligan gets word that the warehouse decides to build its new store in another location; Mulligan speaks to Lana; Mulligan tells Lana the media hot sauce will last until the swamp monster leaves; Mulligan has breaking news; Mulligan tells the crew that the monster has been spotted at Short Shrub Creek; Mulligan does a news report at Short Shrub Creek; Mulligan says the bad news for the mustard warehouse; Mulligan says the good news for the mustard warehouse.
  • 67a. "Absent Minded" - Clyde does the school announcements.
  • 78. "Cooked!" - Katherine Mulligan interviews Lynn Sr.; Katherine Mulligan says her opinion on the restaurant.
Extreme Music Blue Blood Heinz Kiessling
Extreme Music Bonus Points Charles Hedger
  • 48a. "Legends" - Olmec asking questions; The last Olmec temple game.
Sublime Music Bossta Function & Red
Extreme Music Bottom's Up Hermann Egger
APM Music Bouncing Halloween Sylvain Ott
Extreme Music Brattish Empire Ben Standage, Peter Fraser
Extreme Music The Bright Stuff Kenton Worcester, Matthew Baker
  • 100b. "Senior Moment" - movie ending; Lori and her friends star gazing on the football field.
APM Music Building Suspense Richard Myhill
  • 10b. "Sleuth or Consequences" - Lucy telling Lincoln how the toilet got clogged.
  • 23a. "One of the Boys" - Lisa telling Lincoln about her wristwatch; Lincoln saying he's not going back; Lincoln looking for the watch.
  • 28a. "Intern for the Worse" - Lincoln comes up with an idea on how to spend the last hour of him and Clyde's internship.
  • 50. "Tricked!" - Lincoln and Clyde come up with a way to save Halloween.


Label Piece Composer(s) Used In
Extreme Music Café Royale Werner Tautz
APM Music Call The Dude Barry Forgie
  • 65a. "Ruthless People" - Shuffleboard crime scene.
  • 67a. "Absent Minded" - Clyde imagines himself as Principle; Principal Huggins arrives at Clyde's house in a golf cart; Clyde raises the flag; Clyde tells Lincoln his plan to hide his attendance record; Clyde puts his badge back on.
Extreme Music Candy Emil Lomax, Toodlum Barker
APM Music Candy Princess Julien Vega
  • 59a. "Fandom Pains" - Edwin looking at a portrait of Griselda in The Vampires of Melancholia.
Extreme Music Cannon Fodder Heinz Buchold
Warner/Chappell Music Caped Crusader David Farnon
APM Music Caper Jar Douglas Clow
  • 62a. "Deal Me Out" - Clyde sees a kid playing with Ace Savvy and One-Eyed Jack action figures; Lincoln tells Clyde a bug flew into his throat; Lincoln and Clyde both come back to the store.
  • 70b. "Game Boys" - Clyde thinking of what to tell Lincoln; Clyde mad at himself; Clyde returns to his bedroom.
Extreme Music Carnivalia Saulo Fernández
APM Music Cash is King Thomas Farnon
APM Music Charge Will Schaefer
APM Music Charlie's Bike A Otto Sieben, Peter Balding
Extreme Music Check Ya Self Raphael Lake, Aaron Levy
Extreme Music Cheeky Logo Winifred Phillips
Extreme Music Cheeky Street Werner Tautz
APM Music Cherubs Box Leo Nissim
Extreme Music Chit Chat & Fancy That Jim Blake
Audio Network Christmas Fantasia 2 James Brett
APM Music Cinematics (A) Moritz Bintig, Francisco Becker
  • 17b. "A Novel Idea" - Lincoln chases the garbage truck.
  • 37b. "Pets Peeved" - Corinne crashes and the Loud pets get out.
Extreme Music Clique Chic Christian Mondstein, Jo Part
Extreme Music Clique Bait Sylvia Navarro, Bruce Fingers, Billie Fingers
Extreme Music Cloud Nine Jack Alfred
APM Music Clown In Town Philippe Pares
APM Music Clumsy Clown Raymond Beaver
Extreme Music Cock-a-Hoop Heinz Kiessling
APM Music Coconuts Brad Lindsay, Benjamin Antelis, Drew Allsbrook
Extreme Music Coffin Dodgin Bobby Tahouri
  • 41b. "Spell It Out" - Lucy enjoying things going her way.
  • 59a. "Fandom Pains" - Lucy collecting signatures to remove Blake Bradley from The Vampires of Melancholia.
  • 102b. "Sand Hassles" - montage of the Morticians Club trying to stop the field trip; the club puts up a tent.
  • 111a. "Cow Pie Kid" - Lucy tries Liam to cure.
APM Music Cold Fear Dick Walter
The Composer Collective Come on Down The Boomer Boys
APM Music Come To Chicago Giorgio Rosciglione, Antonello Vannucchi, Francesco Santucci, Giovanni Cristiani
APM Music Comic Capers (b) Charlie Brissette, Norman Mamey
APM Music Comme Un Pigeon Royo Serge Utge, Leo Nissim
Extreme Music Completely Normal Rolf Cardello
Extreme Music Concerto of Dreams Werner Tautz
APM Music Conte De Fee Jean-Michel Bernard
Extreme Music Content Logo Steve Jablonsky
Extreme Music Coolio Daddy'o Harold Gebhard
APM Music Cop Show Cameo (a) John Rowcroft
Extreme Music Cougar Crazy Hans Bergen
  • 43b. "Garage Banned" - Montage of Lori enjoying living in the garage.
APM Music Crime Doesn't Pay Jack Beaver
Extreme Music Crime Time Werner Tautz
Extreme Music Curtain Twitcher Helmut Reinhardt
APM Music Cute Story Franck Sarkissian


Label Piece Composer(s) Used In
Extreme Music Daisy Chains Andrew Bojanic, Jeanette Bhaguandas, Elizabeth Hooper
  • 20a. "Roughin' It" - Montage of Lincoln helps with his sisters.
  • 38b. "L is for Love" - First montage of the Louds and their love interests.
  • 41a. "Back Out There" - Ronnie Anne's favorite song.
  • 51b. "Anti-Social" - Montage of Dad Lynn Sr. hangs out with his kids.
  • 53. "Tripped!" - "Keep going! Don't make eye contact!", woman said.
  • 75a. "Home of the Fave" - Montage of Lynn Sr. trying to spend time with Lola.
APM Music Dance Of The Vampires Julien Vega, Eric Caissy
  • 30b. "Back in Black" - Lucy hits Rocky with a golf club; Lucy tells Rocky he made a great shot; Lucy finds a coffin; Lucy and Rocky blush.
  • 41b. "Spell It Out" - Title card and opening; plays throughout in the attic.
  • 48b. "Mall of Duty" - Lucy telling Flip a fortune.
  • 49a. "Read Aloud" - Lucy suggesting a book to Lola. (high-pitched)
  • 59a. "Fandom Pains" - plays throughout.
APM Music Dancin' Ivory A Paul Lenart, Bill Novick
APM Music Dancing Toads Eric Caissy
APM Music Dark Mansion David Farnon
Main article: Dark Mansion
APM Music Dark Shadows (G) Gregor Narholz
APM Music Day of the Nightmare Sean Elder
Extreme Music Dead Drop Christopher Lennertz
APM Music Deck The Halls (a) Lennie Moore
Extreme Music Deep Cover Christopher Lennertz
APM Music Deep Grief 1 Otto Sieben
Extreme Music Deep Seize Klaus Badelt
APM Music Deep South Blues Christian Lancry
  • 53. "Tripped!" - the Loud family sitting outside the gas station.
Extreme Music Derby Day Werner Tautz
  • 42b. "Job Insecurity" - Lola complaining on the phone about Lynn Sr.'s job.
  • 59b. "Rita Her Rights" - montage of Rita enjoying herself at the park.
  • 62a. "Deal Me Out" - Tucker's Tix & Tux.
  • 74b. "Driving Ambition" - Lola's tip for dealing.
  • 77a. "Stage Plight" - The middle school students audition.
  • 97b. "House Flip" - Lori driving Vanzilla with Flip on top; Lori and Leni doing services for Flip in their room; ending scene of Loud parents punish by Flip.
Extreme Music Diamond Lane Dash Clarence Chestnut
  • 53. "Tripped!" - plays throughout the family's drives.
Extreme Music Dirty Deedz Nicolas Nolan, Bart Hendrickson, Russell Emanuel, Dolphin Taylor
APM Music Disco Fire Stephane Huguenin, Yves Sanna, Christian Padovan
APM Music Disco Structure Laurent Bernadoy, Eddy Abidi
  • 53. "Tripped!" - Leni the Fashion Doctor.
APM Music Disco Travel Laurent Bernadoy
APM Music Disturbing Revelation (a) Andrew Pearce
Extreme Music Doctor Love Gary Foote, Regan Ryzuk, Marco Vitali, Brian Delaney
Extreme Music Doigts Agiles François Parisi
  • 15b. "Save the Date" - Clyde gives out water to Lori, Lincoln, and Ronnie Anne; Lincoln and Clyde in disguise.
  • 56a. "Selfie Improvement" - Lori setting up the kitchen to look like a coffee shop.
Extreme Music Don't Be Mad Ryan Pate, Ollie Gabriel
APM Music Don't Forget About Me This Christmas Danny Fromajio
Extreme Music Do or Die John Powell
Extreme Music Do What’s Best Mitchell Ayling
Nickelodeon Double Dare Edd Kalehoff
APM Music Down the Bannisters Sean Elder
  • 59a. "Fandom Pains" - Tristen falls off a cliff in the Vampires of Melancholia.
APM Music Drainpipe Drag Ralph Dollimore
APM Music Dramatic Cue (d) Ronald Hanmer
APM Music Dramatic Climax Mike Sunderland
APM Music Dream Of Tomorrow Trevor Duncan
Warner/Chappell Music Driven Frantic Philip Green
  • "Dead Drop" is an edited version of "Bartman Begins" originally composed for The Simpsons Game. It was formerly available as library music until it was removed from Extreme Music's website from any future use due to Electronic Arts owning the original publishing rights to the track.


Label Piece Composer(s) Used In
Extreme Music Easy Peasy Street Werner Tautz
APM Music Easy Swing John Horler, Chris Laurence
West One Music Eccentric Ways (a) Thomas Greenberg
APM Music Ectoplasm Steve Everitt
APM Music Ectoplasm Sting Steve Everitt
  • 59a. "Fandom Pains" - Sting that ends the Vampires of Melancholia.
Extreme Music E for Effort Lorne Balfe
Extreme Music Eine Kleine Nachtmusik - Rondo - Allegro Wolfgang Mozart
  • 23b. "A Tattler's Tale" - Lincoln as the butler for Lola's tea party; Lola tells the secrets to her stuffed animals.
APM Music El Bronx Norbert Galouo, Jose Tovar
APM Music El Mariachi Marc Dust
APM Music The Electric Spy Gregor Narholz
Extreme Music En Vogue Heinz Kiessling
APM Music Emergency Force Richard Phillip Birdsall
Main article: Emergency Force
APM Music Emotional Bridge 3 Gregor Narholz
APM Music Emotional Sting A Gregor Narholz
APM Music Epic Adventure Dick Walter
APM Music Escalating Calamity (A) Otto Sieben, Adam Saunders, Mark Cousins
Extreme Music Everyone's a Winner Jim Blake
APM Music Evil Mind 3 Dick De Benedictis
APM Music Evil Mind 5 Dick De Benedictis
APM Music Evil Mind 6 Dick De Benedictis
APM Music Evil Mind 7 Dick De Benedictis
APM Music Evil Mind 8 Dick De Benedictis
APM Music Evil Strike Paul Hart, David Arnold
APM Music The Evil Twins Gregor Narholz
Extreme Music Excess All Areas Russell Emanuel, Make Levinson, Dolphin Taylor, Reece Gilmore
West One Music Exciting Times Matt Norman
Warner/Chappell Music Expectant Stab Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
  • 2a. "Heavy Meddle" - "I'll invite him to a tea party and make him use the chipped cup!"
  • 6a. "Sound of Silence" - Lori finds her phone destroyed.
Extreme Music Extreme Measures William Brown, Mikael Sandgren
APM Music Eye Spy (a) Justin Nicholls
Extreme Music Ezee Trapeezee Gerhard Jussenhoven


Label Piece Composer(s) Used In
APM Music Falling In Love Mike Sunderland
  • 59a. "Fandom Pains" - Lori and Leni see Blake Bradley on The Vampires of Melancholia.
APM Music Fantasy Waltz Florin Niculescu
APM Music Fatal Thoughts M Gregor Narholz
APM Music Fearless Veigar Margeirsson
  • 42a. "Fool's Paradise" - Lincoln and Lynn Sr. devise a way to get back at Luan.
APM Music Feel The Groove Andrew Lauzon
  • 22a. "Dance, Dance Resolution" - Lincoln's dates explain that they want to hang out with his friends instead of him.
Extreme Music Fiesta Fever Kully B, Angus Clark
  • 6b. "Space Invader" - Lynn wins Lucha libre; Lincoln wins Lucha libre.
APM Music Fight! Fight! Fight! (a) Will Schaefer
APM Music Fight For Ol' Schaefer U Will Schaefer
APM Music Fighting Back A John Epping
APM Music Finger Zinger (a) K L Bullock
APM Music First Date (A) Otto Siebien, Adam Saunders, Mark Cousins
  • 77a. "Stage Plight" - Benny and Luan kiss then do the show.
  • 78. "Cooked!" - The grand opening of Lynn's Table.
Extreme Music The First Noel Henry Stuck
  • 27. "11 Louds a Leapin'" - Lincoln telling the siblings a story; parents reveal their faces.
Extreme Music Five AM Dr. Steven Trip, Weldon Parks
APM Music Flirt Promenade Nino Nardini, Roger Roger
  • 34b. "Frog Wild" - Lana decides to bring Hops home.
APM Music Footsteps Of Horror William Farran
  • 72a. "Jeers for Fears" - Lincoln gets nervous; the trio walks up to the haunted house; the trio walks through a hallway; "It's scarier!?"
APM Music Forest Pursuit a Kurt Oldman
  • 29b. "Brawl in the Family" - Lori and Leni arguing; Ending scene of the Loud sisters fighting while Lincoln and Dad flee.
  • 36b. "Shell Shock" - Ronnie Anne mad at Lincoln for giving her a fake egg.
  • 39. "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos" - Ronnie Anne gets nervous about staying.
  • 70b. "Game Boys" - Leni gets close to the Snap with her kale juice; Clyde rams into Lana's legs.
  • 78. "Cooked!" - Loud siblings piling their promotions on top of Lynn Sr.
Extreme Music Forget Not Yet Gregg Dellarocca
APM Music For He's A Jolly Good Fellow Dick Walter
  • 33b. "The Whole Picture" - Lincoln recreating his birthday; flashback to Lincoln's seventh birthday.
  • 47b. "No Spoilers" - played a couple of times at the party.
APM Music Forward to Battle Andrew Findon
Extreme Music The Four Seasons (Spring) - Allegro Antonio Vivaldi
Extreme Music Foxy Roxy Phillmore Oakes
  • 1b. "Get the Message" - Clyde puts on a suit to stall Lori.
  • 9a. "Overnight Success" - Clyde sees Lori leaving her room; Lori asks for a man's opinion; Lori offers pizza bites.
  • 10a. "Hand-Me-Downer" - Clyde finds out Lincoln's bike was Lori's bike.
  • 11a. "Butterfly Effect" - Clyde goes to kiss Lori but ends up kissing a bird.
  • 15b. "Save the Date" - Clyde dancing in front of his Lori shrine.
  • 17b. "A Novel Idea" - Lincoln dressed as a girl; Lincoln puts a wig and lipstick on; Lincoln walking to the car.
  • 22b. "A Fair to Remember" - Clyde sees Lori; Clyde wakes up; Lori hugs Clyde; Lori snuggles with the Clydesdale; Clyde sees the pictures from when Lori was snuggling with him.
Extreme Music Freak of the Week Bobby Tahouri
  • 50. "Tricked!" - Lisa gets into her kangaroo costume.
Extreme Music Frere Jacques Dirty Dick, Carrie Harry
Extreme Music Friend Setter Joe Meiling
Nickelodeon The Full Deck Jonathan Hylander
APM Music Fun And Frolic (C) Otto Sieben, Adam Saunders, Mark Cousins
APM Music Funcation (A) Otto Sieben, Adam Saunders, Mark Cousins
APM Music Funcation (C) Otto Sieben, Adam Saunders, Mark Cousins
  • 73. "The Loudest Thanksgiving" - Title card; opening; Flip returns; the Casagrande family arrives; the families finally get along.
APM Music Funeral March Frederic Chopin, R.A.F. Music Library
Extreme Music The Funeral March Jim Blake
APM Music Funeral Procession (a) Dick Walter
Extreme Music Fun-Slinger Billie Fingers, Bruce Fingers, Bobby Tahouri
  • 33a. "Lock 'n' Loud" - Luan bringing Mr. Coconuts to the bathroom.
  • 49b. "Not a Loud" - Rita and Lynn Sr. tell Lincoln his true birth story.
APM Music Fun Sting (F) Gregor Narholz
Warner/Chappell Music Fun Zone Chris Goulstone
APM Music Furious Scrap Bruno Pilloix


Label Piece Composer(s) Used In
Extreme Music Game On The Jetboys
Extreme Music Game Show Jim Blake
Extreme Music Galop of Sighs Johann Strauss Jr
Extreme Music Gap Yah Heston Blonde
  • 5b. "In Tents Debate" - Montage of Lincoln giving requests to the sisters.
  • 8b. "Changing the Baby" - Title card; Montage of Lincoln and Lily hanging out together but Clyde being spies.
Extreme Music Get A Little Crazy Daniel Farrant, Nicholas Kingsley
APM Music Get In (A) Moritz Bintig, Francisco Becker
Extreme Music Get Naughty Raphael Lake, Aaron Levy
  • 63a. "Pasture Bedtime" - Third video from the party; the boys arrive at the party.
Extreme Music Get The Potty Started Robi Kauker
Extreme Music Gimme What I Want Tony Stafford Jr., Michael Smith, NineOneOne
Extreme Music Ginger Snap Christian Mondstein, Jo Part
  • 58a. "Net Gains" - Older basketball players are shown; Lynn tries to play against them.
APM Music Gipsy Speed Angelo Debarre
Main article: Gipsy Speed
APM Music Gipsy Swing Of Paris Florin Niculescu
APM Music Girls Of Waikiki (A) Mac Prindy, Kapono Beamer
  • 5b. "In Tents Debate" - Lincoln getting a Hawaiian-style visit from his sisters.
Extreme Music Give a Little Mario Grigorov, Glaceia Henderson
  • 92b. "Geriantics" - Lisa eating with the seniors at Sunset Canyon; Lisa and Pop Pop hit the shuffleboard court.
Extreme Music Glass Dance Floor Jeff Garber
APM Music Glory of the Trumpets James O. Brockenshire, Isaac Jenkins
APM Music Glory Road Sam Fonteyn
  • 58a. "Net Gains" - Lynn lectures the Turkey Jerkies.
APM Music Going Out Albert Lennard, Matt Siola, Fab Ian, Billy Sonic
  • 9b. "Ties That Bind" - Lincoln turns the sisters' rooms into a game room.
APM Music Gong City Steve Ouimette, Cat Gray, Jon Mattox
APM Music Good Bloke Swing Max Robin
APM Music Great Adventure (A) Moritz Bintig, Francisco Becker
  • 18a. "April Fools Rules" - Lincoln takes a job for Ronnie Anne; Lincoln about to enter the bathroom.
  • 20a. "Roughin' It" - Escaping the woods.
  • 37b. "Pets Peeved" - Loud pets work together to break out of the truck.
  • 61b. "Missed Connection" - Lori and Bobby driving to their opposite locations.
Extreme Music Grievous Bodily Charm Winifred Phillips
  • 17b. "A Novel Idea" - Lincoln tries to save Mom's novel from getting cemented in.
APM Music Groove In Blue D Paul Lenart, Bill Novick
Extreme Music Groovy Boogie Hans Hammerschmid
Extreme Music Grounded for Life Billie Fingers, Andrew Johnson, Bruce Fingers
APM Music Guitar Musette Angelo Debarre
  • 56a. "Selfie Improvement" - Montage of Carol beating Lori at everything.
  • 70a. "House of Lies" - Montage of The Loud's all telling the harsh truth.
  • 78. "Cooked!" - Everybody saying they all bailed on their idea.
APM Music Gypsy Flame Douglas Kinloch
APM Music Gypsy Life Andy Bryan, Barthy Raffo


Label Piece Composer(s) Used In
APM Music Hail To The Chief (a) Will Schaefer
Extreme Music Hail To The Chief James Sanderson, Robert Andersson, Ossi Bashiri, Tommy Hanson, Jan Hasenoehlr
  • 49b. "Not a Loud" - Lynn Sr. opens the presidential flag.
APM Music Hallelujah Chorus George Handel
APM Music Halloween March Xavier Berthelot
  • 50. "Tricked!" - Loud siblings going off to trick or treat.
APM Music Hands Down Sylvain Ott
Extreme Music Hang Eleven Giles Palmer
APM Music Happy Disco Theme Laurent Bernadoy
Extreme Music Happy Happy Happy Lorne Balfe
Warner/Chappell Music Happy Parade Harry Bluestone
APM Music Harp Effect 2 Otto Sieben
APM Music Hawaiian Breeze Jon Jelmer
APM Music Hell and High Water a Jan Cyrka, Andrew Dowdney
APM Music Help 4 Dick De Benedictis
APM Music Hit and Run Sam Spence
APM Music Homecoming Stephane Joly
APM Music Honor Among Thieves Philippe Briand, Gabriel Saban
  • 29a. "Baby Steps" - Clyde goes to stop a sibling fight; Clyde rescues Lana from being stuck in a tree.
Extreme Music Honey Bunch Karl Grell
Warner/Chappell Music House of Horror Larry Hochman
APM Music House of Horror William Farran
Extreme Music Hot Konga Dweezil Zappa
Extreme Music Hot Pants Phillmore Oakes
Extreme Music Hotsy-Roxie Helmut Reinhardt
Extreme Music Hotsy-Totsy Heinz Kiessling
APM Music How Cool Is Spying? Ron Brettell, Ryan Grogan, Jerry Barnard
  • 1b. "Get the Message" - Title card.
  • 17b. "A Novel Idea" - Lincoln pretends to be a government spy.
  • 32b. "Cheater by the Dozen" - Lincoln and Clyde spying in a clothing rack; Bobby using a bike; Lincoln thinks Bobby is crossing species; Lincoln anc Clyde see Bobby on a bike.
  • 54b. "Insta-gran" - Lynn delivers the photo to Pop-Pop's room.
  • 70a. "House of Lies" - Destroying Lisa's lie detector glasses.
APM Music Humours Of Glen Dart Greg Knowles, Mike Taylor
APM Music Hurry Up Now Franck Sarkissian


Label Piece Composer(s) Used In
APM Music Idylle Nino Nardini, Roger Roger
  • 34b. "Frog Wild" - Ending of Lana's film; teachers watching it.
Extreme Music I'll Take the Fifth Avenue Werner Tautz
Extreme Music Indie Rock Grrrl Blues Saraceno
Extreme Music In For The Fling Werner Tautz
Extreme Music In Tha Maison Kully B, Angus Clark
Extreme Music Into The Future Kully B, Angus Clark
  • 100b. "Senior Moment" - Lori and her friends go midnight ghost running.
APM Music In Tune For Love Franck Sarkissian
Main article: In Tune For Love
Warner/Chappell Music Indian Continent Rick Baker
Extreme Music It's a Jungle Out There Greg Edmonson
  • 20a. "Roughin' It" - Title card; Lincoln and Clyde wake up in water; moose going after Lincoln.
  • 53. "Tripped!" - Lynn Sr. jumps onto a car windshield.
Nickelodeon It's Ok Ronnie Anne Jonathan Hylander
Extreme Music It's Over B. Dastardly


Label Piece Composer(s) Used In
Extreme Music Jammy Ring Freebie and the Bean
  • 96a. "Singled Out" - opening; Lynn's roller derby team wins another match.
APM Music Jazz Chase (b) Geoffrey Gascoyne
APM Music Jazz Repartee (A) Michael Smith, Tansy Aked, Steve Richardson
APM Music Jelly On A Plate Paul Lenart, Duke Levine
  • 53. "Tripped!" - Jerry Kling thanks the Loud family for helping them; Jerry Kling says the Loud family is staying with him.
Extreme Music Jingle Bells Henry Stuck
APM Music Joy For Life A Otto Sieben, Adam Saunders, Mark Cousins
  • 76a. "The Write Stuff" - Rita stops the car; Rita goes to talk to the principal; Principal Huggins suggestions runs the writing club; Rita announces a field trip; Rita announces a special field trip at the burnt Bean; ending.
APM Music Joy For Little Things Otto Sieben, Adam Saunders, Mark Cousins
Extreme Music Joyous Logo Winifred Phillips
  • 10b. "Sleuth or Consequences" - "Princess Pony: The Touching True Story Of A Delightful Pony Who Changes The World With Her Horse Sense"
Extreme Music Jumpin' the Shark Alwin Both, Michael Inden
  • 74b. "Driving Ambition" - Title card; Montage of Lori tries to successful shots.
APM Music Jungle Combat Udi Harpaz
  • 20a. "Roughin' It" - Lincoln puts Rip Hardcore on; Lincoln saying they don't need a fire; Lincoln and Clyde releasing body gases; Lincoln and Clyde's shelter create a dam.
  • 48b. "Mall of Duty" - Opening; Lincoln telling Lola about Rip Hardcore; Rip Hardcore saying he's going to be at the Royal Woods Mall; Lincoln looking in his book for how to track down; Lincoln getting Lisa; Lincoln with Lisa and Lucy; Lincoln finds a bitten bone; Lily on the mall train.
APM Music Justice League Jean-Claude Monaca, Eddy Abidi, Pascal Atenza


Label Piece Composer(s) Used In
APM Music Kahala Sunset (A) Mac Prindy, Kapono Beamer
APM Music The Keel Row John Donaldson
  • 24a. "Funny Business" - Flashback to Lynn helping Luan with her pirate act.
West One Music Keeping Formation (A) Giona Ostinelli
  • 92a. "Good Sports" - second montage of Lynn and Mr. Grouse watching games together; Mr. Grouse throws cheese puffs all over.
APM Music Keep On Keeping On (b) Timothy Whitehead
Extreme Music Keep This Going Lee Richardson, Jonathan Murrill, Tom Ford, James Cocozza, Sarah Jane
Extreme Music Keep Trying Emil Lomax, Toodlum Barker
APM Music Keystone Chase Richard Myhill
APM Music Killer Surf A Matthew Moore
  • 12a. "Along Came a Sister" - Leni sees Clyde in a spider costume; Lynn Sr. sees Clyde in a spider costume.
APM Music King Conga Dennis Farnon


Label Piece Composer(s) Used In
Extreme Music Lacotta Sue Chris White
Extreme Music La Creme De La Creme Robbie Nevil
  • 30b. "Back in Black" - Loud siblings dress Lucy in the perfect outfit; Lucy trying to get Rocky's attention; Lori invites Lucy and Rocky to mini-golf.
Extreme Music Ladies That Lunch Steve Jablonsky
APM Music Lady De Luxe Anthony Hymas
Extreme Music Lady Tarantula Damon Baxter, Alex Shellard
APM Music Las Mananitas Jose Tovar
  • 15b. "Save the Date" - Lincoln trying to make conversation with Ronnie Anne.
Extreme Music La Donna Mobile Giuseppe Verdi
  • 113b. "Resident Upheaval" - At opera theater with Clincoln McCloud, Seymour and Bernie.
Extreme Music La Panorama Raphael Lake, Aaron Levy
APM Music La Raspa Jose Tovar
  • 15b. "Save the Date" - Lori and Lincoln meet Ronnie Anne and Bobby at Jean Juan's French Mex.
  • 61b. "Missed Connection" - Bobby takes Lori to Jean Juan's French Mex.
APM Music Largo Al Factotum Gioachino Rossini, Daryl Griffith
Extreme Music Last Exit to Brooklyn Dr. Steven Trip, Lawrence Goldings
  • 87b. "Rocket Men" - Lincoln and Clyde call their parents; Lincoln and Clyde disappointed about leaving.
APM Music The Late Set Laurence Cottle
Nickelodeon Legends of the Hidden Temple David Stanley (The Music Machine)
  • 48a. "Legends" - Title card; throughout the episode.
Nickelodeon Legends of the Hidden Temple - Temple Run David Stanley (The Music Machine)
  • 48a. "Legends" - Teams running through Olmec's Temple; Lincoln and Dad dancing underwear at the airport.
APM Music Le Cool Club (A) Adam Goldsmith, Jeffery Leach
Extreme Music Le Parc De Plaisir François Parisi
APM Music Les Clowns Thierry Caroubi
Extreme Music Les Sylphides - Valse In E Flat Major Fredric Chopin
APM Music Lift Music David Farnon
Warner/Chappell Music Light Interlude 1 Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
Extreme Music Like the Living Dead Andrew Bojanic, Triniti Bhaguandas
Nickeloden The Little Froggy Song Jonathan Hylander
Extreme Music Little Green Men David Bergeaud
APM Music Little Willie (b) Charles Butler II
Extreme Music Living In Sin Heinz Kiessling
  • 97b. "House Flip" - montage of Lori making dents on Vanzilla; Rita and Lynn Sr. high five.
Extreme Music Loser Logo Steve Jablonsky
  • 66b. "Crimes of Fashion" - Mrs. Carmichael's son upset Lincoln and Clyde won't play superheroes with him.
APM Music Lost Hearts D Dick De Benedictis
Extreme Music Loverboy Levi Brown, Junior Mintz
APM Music Low Pressure (b) Timothy Whitehead


Label Piece Composer(s) Used In
Extreme Music Mad as Hell Matthew Backer
APM Music Maggie's Nights (c) Paul Lenart, Bill Novick
  • 20b. "The Waiting Game" - Lori walks down stairs to work.
  • 54a. "White Hare" - Warren contemplates his sisters' advice failing him.
  • 57b. "Fool Me Twice" - Lana telling everyone she dug a way out.
  • 60b. "Head Poet's Anxiety" - Lucy talks to a downtrodden Luan for advice.
  • 61b. "Missed Connection" - Lori telling Bobby she's sorry.
  • 63a. "Pasture Bedtime" - Liam before leaves with his friends.
  • 64a. "Gown and Out" - Lola telling Lori that she faked being sick to avoid the pageant.
  • 64b. "Breaking Dad" - Dad Lynn said, "I chose Cowbella, over my daughter and now I've lost her forever."
APM Music Magic By Candlelight Marian McPartland
Main article: Magic By Candlelight
APM Music Magic Dust (B) John Devereaux
Extreme Music Malevolent Mastermind Peter McConnell
Warner/Chappell Music Marching Trombones Johnny Sedona
  • 21a. "The Loudest Yard" - Montage of Lincoln making Lynn play his football games.
APM Music The Marine's Hymn Andrew Pilmer
APM Music Martial Groove Robin Dall Anese
Extreme Music Martini Moll Heinz Kiessling
APM Music Match Of Heavyweights Morgan Sansous, Cedric Gastaud
APM Music Medium Bass Christof Dejean
APM Music Mental Breakdown 7 Gregor Narholz
  • 17b. "A Novel Idea" - Flashback of Lincoln forgeting Rita's novel.
APM Music Mexican Chase John Rowcroft
  • 6b. "Space Invader" - Lynn plays Lucha libre with Lincoln; Lincoln gets back at Lynn for Lucha libre.
Extreme Music Mexican Hat Song Ossi Bashiri
Extreme Music Michael Finnigan Dirty Dick, Carrie Harry
APM Music Mighty Spy A Otto Sieben, Adam Saunders, Mark Cousins
  • 60a. "Teachers' Union" - Lincoln and Clyde sneaking into the gym; Lincoln and Clyde getting items for Coach Pacowski to look better.
Extreme Music Mile High Guy Heinz Kiessling
APM Music Miniature Heroes A Otto Sieben, Adam Saunders, Mark Cousins
  • 58b. "Pipe Dreams" - Rita and Lynn Sr. hear Lola come to their door.
  • 76b. "Racing Hearts" - Sam asks Luna to hoist the main sail.
  • 77a. "Stage Plight" - Luan coming up with excuses to not kiss Benny.
APM Music Miniature Heroes E Otto Sieben, Adam Saunders, Mark Cousins
  • 69. "Really Loud Music" - Doug and Michelle tell Luna she needs to be a girl the world loves; Doug and Michelle tell Luna she's no longer Luna Loud.
Extreme Music Miss Perfect Christian Mondstein
BMG Production Music Monkey Chaos Rotem Hecht
Extreme Music Monsters Are Bad Friends Adam Schiff, Bruce Fingers, Billie Fingers
APM Music Monster Bug (a) Gregor Narholz
Extreme Music Moonbeam Kiss Joe Brook
  • 66a. "Scales of Justice" - Beginning of the episode right after the title card, middle, and end of episode.
  • 72b. "Tea Tale Heart" - Lola playing with tea set.
Extreme Music More By Luck Gregor Narholz
Nickelodeon The Morticians Club Jonathan Hylander
  • 99b. "Room and Hoard" - Lucy using her old toy shovel.
  • 102b. "Sand Hassles" - opening; Lucy naming the stuff the beach has that the club is against; the club talks about what else they can do to stop the field trip; Lucy explains that just because your goth doesn't mean you can't enjoy the beach.
Extreme Music Move Phoebe Ogan, Jae Chong, Elizabeth Hooper, Andrew Bojanic
Extreme Music Mr. Bar Steward Jim Blake
  • 35b. "Party Down" - Lori wants people to check out the origami station.
And More Bears Mr. Pineapple King The Diamond Ramblers
Extreme Music Mr. Playa Phoebe Ogan, Bradley Kozlowski, Jae Chong, Elizabeth Hooper, Andrew Bojanic
Extreme Music Munny Drugz Dirtyswift
Extreme Music Music Pleeze Gary Farland
Extreme Music My Little Tina Levi Brown, Junior Mintz


Label Piece Composer(s) Used In
Extreme Music Naked Tongue Werner Tautz
Extreme Music Need 4 Speed Nicholas Nolan
APM Music Neighborhood Watch Douglas Clow
Extreme Music Never Never Stephen McIntosh, Joseph Charles
Extreme Music Never Seen Nothing Like You Robbie Nevil
APM Music Never Trust A Monkey Steve Ouimette
Main article: Never Trust A Monkey
Extreme Music Next Of Skin Stix Randolph, Bart Hendrickson
APM Music Nice Night Marc Durst
Extreme Music Night Ridin' Matthew Baker
  • 100b. "Senior Moment" - Lori and her friends go midnight ghost running.
APM Music Night Talking Anthony Hymas
Main article: Night Talking
Extreme Music No Biggy Blues Saraceno
Extreme Music No Surrender Blues Saraceno
APM Music No Time To Waste Daryl Griffith
  • 36a. "Fed Up" - The Loud's order pizza.
  • 44a. "Change of Heart" - Lori thinks she is free from Clyde.
  • 49b. "Not a Loud" - Lincoln running like the wind.
  • 53. "Tripped!" - Lynn sees a bus station.
  • 64a. "Gown and Out" - The regional pageant is next weekend.
  • 64b. "Breaking Dad" - Lynn Sr. finds out why Lily has been calling Mr. Grouse dada.
APM Music No You Didn't - Sting Eliot Pister, Carla Barlow
APM Music Nutcracker - Dance Of The Reed Flutes Fiachra Trench, Peter Tchaikovsky
West One Music Nutcracker, Dance of the Reed Flutes Georg Andersen
  • 97a. "Sister Act" - Lola attempts to do a pageant.
  • 97b. "House Flip" - Loud siblings changing the radio.
Extreme Music The Nutcracker - Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy Peter Tchaikovsky
Extreme Music The Nutcracker - Trepak Peter Tchaikovsky


Label Piece Composer(s) Used In
Extreme Music Off Broadway Werner Tautz
Extreme Music Off We Jolly Well Go Jim Blake
APM Music Old Comrades Andrew Pilmer
APM Music Old Corridor Philippe Bestion, Karin Nobbs
  • 50. "Tricked!" - The Loud family get in their places for Lucy's corn maze.
Extreme Music Old Money Laura Karpman
APM Music Old Sleepy Head (a) Clem Clempson, Hugh Burns
Main article: Old Sleepy Head (a)
APM Music Olympia Benjamin MacDougall
APM Music Olympic Triumph A Brian Brasher, Cody Westheimer
APM Music O Makalapua (b) Kapono Beamer
  • 5b. "In Tents Debate" - Lori, Leni, Lucy, Lola, and Lily make a private beach for Lincoln.
  • 8a. "Linc or Swim" - Lincoln imagines himself on an island.
APM Music On Task A Otto Sieben, Adam Saunders, Mark Cousins
APM Music On The Street A Otto Sieben, Peter Balding
Extreme Music On The Town Werner Tautz
Extreme Music On Your Bike Heinz Kiessling
  • 32a. "Patching Things Up" - Title card; several scenes.
  • 53. "Tripped!" - Lincoln delivering newspapers on his bike.
  • 54b. "Insta-gran" - Myrtle coming over for dinner; Myrtle leaves.
APM Music On Wisconsin Isaac Jenkins, Beak Perdy
  • 21a. "The Loudest Yard" - Lynn's first round of the big football game.
  • 34a. "No Such Luck" - Montage of the Squirrels trying to win the game.
APM Music Ooh La La! (A) Laurence Cottle
Extreme Music Ooo La La Robbie Nevil
APM Music Open Sesame Baptiste Thiry, Alain Bernard
APM Music Orchestral Drama Cue (B) Dick De Benedictis
APM Music Outlander Jane Cornish
APM Music Out Of The Darkness E Otto Sieben, Adam Saunders, Mark Cousins
  • 58b. "Pipe Dreams" - Loud parents see the condition the kids left the bathroom in.
  • 59b. "Rita Her Rights" - Both times Rita sees the house; the officer sees the Loud family.
  • 68a. "Sitting Bull" - Artwork of what the Fox quintuplets did to the Loud siblings; Lynn seeing the quintuplets for the first time.
  • 70b. "Game Boys" - Whenever Clyde imagines what could happen to his Snap.
Extreme Music Out the Back Staircase Clarence Chestnut, Matthew Bruer


Label Piece Composer(s) Used In
Extreme Music Pajama Party Heinz Kiessling
Extreme Music Paladin Legend John Debney
  • 24a. "Funny Business" - Flashback of Luan giving the birthday boy a seat of honor.
APM Music Panic Stations Richard Phillip Birdsall
APM Music Paris Guinguette Florin Niculescu
APM Music PARTITA No.1 in B-Minor BWV 1002-Double. Presto Johann Bach
  • 45a. "Future Tense" - Belle nailed the tricky passage of Bach's Partita in D Minor.
Extreme Music Passion Victim Oswin Mackintosh
  • 37b. "Pets Peeved" - Loud pets have a session in Charles' dog house.
  • 52b. "Snow Way Out" - Flip trying to make an offer the Louds can't refuse.
  • 58b. "Pipe Dreams" - Charles puts Lana's lucky chicken bone in the parent's bathroom; Cliff goes into the bathroom; fly goes into the air vent.
Extreme Music Paul And Silas Clarence Chestnut, Jamison Hollister
APM Music Peer Gynt - Morning Edvard Grieg, Fiachra Trench
Extreme Music Perfectly Normal Billie Fingers, Andrew Johnson, Bruce Fingers
APM Music Pie In Da Face (a) Danny Fromajio, Peter Hajioff
APM Music Pie In Da Face (b) Danny Fromajio, Peter Hajioff
Extreme Music Pimple My Ride David Bergeaud
APM Music Piperparadiddle Biddy Blyth, Mike Trim
APM Music Pizzicato Playtime Sam Fonteyn
  • 34b. "Frog Wild" - Title card; first half of Lana's film.
Extreme Music Places People Christopher Lennertz
APM Music Planet Xz-3 Gregor Narholz
Extreme Music Plasma Colada (En Vogue Mix) Jives 1, Heinz Kiessling
Extreme Music Play The Game Werner Tautz
Extreme Music Polka Dots Jim Blake
APM Music Pomp And Ceremony Frank Damico
Extreme Music Pony & Trap Jim Blake
APM Music Pop Organ Ride Sam Fonteyn
Nickelodeon Pop Punk Doug Rockwell
Main article: Pop Punk
Extreme Music Pop Rox Manny Fly, Mad Dog Sly, Bart Hendrickson
APM Music Prairie Dogging David Vanacore, Brandon Thompson
Extreme Music Praise The Ford Billy Sonic
Extreme Music Premier Parade Werner Tautz
  • 16b. "Out on a Limo" - Montage of Lincoln and Tetherby hit the town.
  • 139b. "Driver's Dread" - Leni succeeds in driving and parking; Leni drives herself at highway.
Extreme Music Preppin the Super Weapon Peter McConnell
  • 66b. "Crimes of Fashion" - Lincoln and Clyde going to Reininger's; Clyde hurts his crime eye; the scarfs are found.
West One Music Pretty in Love (a) Jay Price
  • 96a. "Singled Out" - Lynn's roller derby team is proud of her for getting a boyfriend.
Extreme Music The Prince of Denmark's March Jeremiah Clarke
Extreme Music Private Affair Jim Blake
Extreme Music Prove Your Grit Christopher Lennertz
APM Music Psycho Chase (b) Dick De Benedictis
APM Music Punk Dogs Mark Alberts
Extreme Music Punkie XL Marcus French, Chris Brown
Extreme Music Purple Bamboo Cheng Yu
APM Music Pushed For Time (b) Timothy Whitehead
Main article: Pushed For Time (b)


Label Piece Composer(s) Used In
Extreme Music Quango Helix
APM Music Quest for the Best David Reilly
APM Music Quick Talking (b) John Horler, Chris Laurence


Label Piece Composer(s) Used In
APM Music Race Of The Hero Udi Harpaz
APM Music The Racing Game Veigar Margeirsson
Extreme Music Rad To The Bone Giles Palmer
  • 102b. "Sand Hassles" - the bus arrives at the beach; Lucy gets hit by a volleyball.
BMG Production Music Raiders Walter Murphy
Extreme Music Rapido Eduardo Edson Santos
  • 93a. "Exchange of Heart" - Clyde meets Tiago; Tiago and Clyde say goodbye to each other.
Extreme Music Razzle Jazzle Paul Savel
Extreme Music Ready Player Fun Steve Jablonsky
APM Music Ready to Pounce Brian Wayy
  • 34b. "Frog Wild" - Lincoln tracking down Lana; Lana and Lincoln coming in the classroom.
APM Music Real Friendship Philippe Bestion
Extreme Music Real Gone Christian Mondstein, Jo Part
  • 107a. "The Boss Maybe" - Title card; Leni first starting her job; Lynn Sr. tries on a scarf.
  • 115b. "Electshunned" - Title card and opening.
Extreme Music The Reaper Phil Xenidis, Elizabeth Hooper, Andrew Bojanic, Russell Emanuel, Randall Cooke, Keith Armstrong
  • 3b. "No Guts, No Glori" - Luna plays guitar; Lincoln recalls what Lori said; Lincoln roped up; Lori sees the mad house.
APM Music Resistance Is Futile a Kurt Oldman
  • 72b. "Tea Tale Heart" - Lola comes up with an idea; Lori drives Lola to the antique store; Lola drives to Flip's; Flip rows the boat.
Extreme Music Ride It To The Edge Blues Saraceno
  • 60a. Teachers' Union" - Lincoln's classmates run the obstacle course; Coach Pacowski goes after Lincoln and Clyde.
Extreme Music Ride of the Valkyries Richard Wagner
Intervox Production Music Riding Up The River DP
APM Music Right Way Rub (a) Geoffrey Gascoyne
Extreme Music Rise of the Thing Jim Blake
APM Music Rise To The Top (a) Jason Tarver, Thomas Greenwood
Extreme Music Road Trip David Bergeaud
  • 70a. "House of Lies" - Lisa introduces her lie-detecting glasses; Lisa introduces lie-detecting cameras; Lisa comes up with another way to get rid of the cameras.
Extreme Music Robots Don't Cry David Bergeaud
  • 4b. "A Tale of Two Tables" - Lincoln imagines what would happen if he asked to leave the grownup table
Extreme Music Rock Caper Scissors Peter McConnell
APM Music Rock Engine Nick Graham, Bill Burke, Richard Newman
Nickelodeon Rocket Men Jonathan Hylander
  • 87b. "Rocket Men" - Lincoln and Clyde on the flight simulator.
APM Music Roller Riot (A) Jimmy Kaleth, Jez Pike, Bob Mitchell
  • 11b. "The Green House" - Montage of Lincoln reducing electricity to get to the green.
  • 26b. "Homespun" - Lynn sees they created a pool.
  • 68a. "Sitting Bull" - montage of Lynn getting the Fox quintuplets to behave.
Extreme Music Romp & Circumstance Jim Blake
APM Music Rooftop Chase Jay Glover
  • SH3. "Deuces Wild!" - Lincoln calls in the whole deck.
  • 10b. "Sleuth or Consequences" - Lincoln interrogates Lynn.
  • 37a. "Pulp Friction" - Lincoln's siblings show up dressed as superheroes; Willy admits that he's not a bad guy.
  • 62a. "Deal Me Out" - Lincoln and Clyde trying to get their Ace Savvy and One-Eyed Jack costumes on; music coming from the kid's tablet; Lincoln and Clyde go to get the tickets.
  • 66b. "Crimes of Fashion" - Lincoln and Clyde solve their third case in a row; Scoots speeding towards Lincoln and Clyde's direction. Mrs. Carmichael comes with Lincoln and Clyde; Lincoln and Clyde go back to the store.
Extreme Music Rooma Hazit Spike T, Patrick Sturrock, Digglar
Extreme Music Row The Boat Dirty Dick, Carrie Harry
APM Music Rue Des Amours Florin Niculescu
  • 61b. "Missed Connection" - Carlos telling Bobby he and Frida were long-distance sweethearts while she was in art school; Lori and Bobby finally see each other; Lori talking to Bobby in the bathroom.
  • 64a. "Gown and Out" - Flashback to Lori about to skip homecoming.
Nickelodeon Runaway Brain Jonathan Hylander
  • 89b. "Last Loud on Earth" - Title card; montage of Lincoln and Clyde watching the zombie marathon overnight; ending.
Warner/Chappell Music Run for It Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin


Label Piece Composer(s) Used In
APM Music Samba 66 Dick Walter
Extreme Music Satisfied Logo* Steve Jablonsky
APM Music Scared by Shadows a Paul Pritchard
  • 26a. "Study Muffin" - Lincoln finds Lana in Charles' dog house.
  • 72b. "Tea Tale Heart" - Lola gets ready to wash Rosie; Lola swaps Lincoln's glue. Lola searches the antique store; Lola pits Rosie in the crawl space; Lola digging; Lola puts Rosie in a garbage bag.
APM Music Scary Search Sean Elder
  • 50. "Tricked!" - sneaking into the treehouse.
APM Music Scary Shivers Sean Elder
Extreme Music Schmooze Cruise Werner Tautz
Extreme Music School of Soft Knocks Winifred Phillips
APM Music The Seance Julien Vega
  • 59a. "Fandom Pains" - Tristan finds Edwin in The Vampires of Melancholia; Tristan ruins Edwin's castle in The Vampires of Melancholia; Tristan asks Edwin for Garlic in The Vampires of Melancholia.
Warner/Chappell Music Search Party 1 Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
Warner/Chappell Music Search Party 3 Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
APM Music Secret is Out (a) Magnum Opus
Extreme Music Secret Lullabies Daniel Holter, Matt Smith
APM Music Seductive Tango Dominic Ashworth, Derek Nash
  • 32b. "Cheater by the Dozen" - Lincoln and Clyde see Bobby dancing with a guy; Lori and Bobby dancing.
APM Music Setting the Trap Dick Walter
APM Music Seven (A) Drew Milligan, James Wrigley
Extreme Music Shadow of Doubt James Hannigan
APM Music Shadowy Figures b Daniel Teper
APM Music She's The Hot One Ryan Keaton, Matthew Thomas
  • 38b. "L is for Love" - Montage of the Loud siblings sending their own letters to their crushes.
APM Music The Shock Dick De Benedictis
  • 62b. "Friendzy" - The Loud siblings come running down the stairs; Loud siblings come running to lick the beaters.
  • 63a. "Pasture Bedtime" - Liam shows the boys the video he was sent.
  • 71b. "Middle Men" - Lynn sees Lincoln and Clyde about to be beaten up.
APM Music Shock (C) Dave Hewson
Warner/Chappell Music Shock Attack Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin
APM Music Short Drama Cue 8 B Gregor Narholz
Extreme Music Shortz 'N' Sneakaz Kully B, Gussy G
APM Music The Shower Gregor Narholz
Extreme Music Show Me How Phoebe Ogan, Jae Chong, Elizabeth Hooper, Andrew Bojanic, Spencer Nezey
Extreme Music Silver Service Carlos Diernhammer
Extreme Music Size Matters Raphael Lake, Aaron Levy
APM Music Ska Face A Mark Governor, Glenn Nishida
  • 8a. "Linc or Swim" - Every time Lincoln is about to cannonball into a pool.
Warner/Chappell Music Skaters Waltz Emil Waldteufel, George Wilson
APM Music Skeleton Waltz Magnum Opus
  • 50. "Tricked!" - Lori dressed as a vampire.
Extreme Music Skiddly Bit Bop Judson Snell, Daniel Holter
  • 1b. "Get the Message" - Lincoln playing his V.R. game; Lincoln does the Running Man.
Extreme Music Skinned Alive Greg Edmonson
  • 48a. "Legends" - Lynn Sr. and Lincoln's submission tape.
Extreme Music Skullduggery Bobby Tahouri
APM Music Skymaster Warren Bennett
Extreme Music Smoking Jacket Tax Bracket Laura Karpman
West One Music Smooth Vibe Paul Reeves
APM Music Sneeky Gregor Narholz
Main article: Sneeky
Extreme Music Sole Witness Heinz Kiessling
Extreme Music Some Girls Do Robbie Nevil
APM Music Soulful Gregory Courchay, Laurent Cuenca
APM Music Surrounded By Mystery Gregor Narholz
APM Music Space Critters (a) Gregor Narholz
Extreme Music Space Invasion Flaming Vito
  • 100b. "Senior Moment" - star gazing on the football field in the movie.
APM Music Special Event (A) Dick Walter
  • 21b. "Raw Deal" - Lincoln sees the geyser going off.
APM Music Spirit Of America Will Schaefer
Extreme Music Spin Chicken Freebie and the Bean
Extreme Music Spring Chicken Vincent Amberson
  • 60a. "Teachers' Union" - Lincoln and Clyde talking about Coach Pacowski; Lincoln and Clyde talking about Mrs. Johnson.
Audio Network Sprinkle of Fairy Dust Jody Jenkins
APM Music Spy Eye 3 A Otto Sieben, Moritz Bintig
  • 32b. "Cheater by the Dozen" - Title card.
  • 53. "Tripped!" - The Loud family runs into the resort.
  • 54b. "Insta-gran" - The Loud siblings plan to get the photo back.
  • 57b. "Fool Me Twice" - The Louds (sans Luan) turn up.
  • 58b. "Pipe Dreams" - Opening.
  • 76a. "The Write Stuff" - Rita throws a paper airplane at Lucy, signaling the writing club that it is their chance to escape, due to Principal Huggins falling asleep.
Extreme Music Spy Hard Jesse Harlin
APM Music Spy Steppa Steve Everitt
Extreme Music Stab In The Dark Jason Graves
  • 25b. "One Flu Over the Loud House" - Lincoln sees the sick pets; Lincoln, Lisa, and Leni get to the parent's room; Lincoln, Lisa, Lucy, and Leni fall out.
Extreme Music Starlet Express Werner Tautz
APM Music Step Out David Lowe
  • 2a. "Heavy Meddle" - Lincoln's sisters cheer him on as he goes to kiss the girl.
  • 54a. "White Hare" - Flashback to said moment in Heavy Meddle.
Extreme Music Stingray Stomp Martin Jackson, James Davies
Extreme Music Stocking Up For Santa Winifred Phillips
APM Music Straight from Hell Gregor Narholz
Main article: Straight from Hell
Extreme Music Strange Land Stephen Dudas, Mark Hart
APM Music Street Busker (A) Ron Aspery
APM Music Stress Countdown Olivier Delevingne
Extreme Music String Quartet In C Major, Emperor - Allegro Joseph Haydn
  • 85a. "Present Tense" - the Loud siblings shopping at Nick's Nacks.
Extreme Music String Quartet In C Major, Emperor - Menuetto Allegro Joseph Haydn
  • 86b. "A Mutt Above" - Lana shows Charles how to behave for the class class; Victorie going up in the dog show.
Extreme Music Sucker Punch Heinz Hotter
  • 58a. "Net Gains" - Title card; Lynn playing with her team.
APM Music Suffers From Amnesia David Vanacore, Brandon Thompson
Extreme Music Sugar Time Dr. Steven Trip, Dave Bassett
  • 54a. "White Hare" - Danny pictures Betty hopping in the woods in slow motion.
APM Music Summer Swing Marc Durst
APM Music Superhero Steve Williams, D. One Ital
BMG Production Music Surfboard Crazy Joseph Glasman
Extreme Music Surfettes Debut Kent Buchanon
  • 4a. "The Sweet Spot" - Title card; montage of Lincoln convincing his sisters to switch spots.
APM Music Susanna's Favorite B Ty Ardis, Jimi Palermo
APM Music Suspense Sting (a) Gregor Narholz
APM Music Swing Max Max Robin
APM Music Swing Saint Germain Marc Durst
  • 6a. "Sound of Silence" - Montage of Lincoln doing things he thought Lola asked him to do.


Label Piece Composer(s) Used In
APM Music Take It In Stride (b) Charles Butler II
APM Music Tales From The Swamp (a) Ron Goodwin
Extreme Music Tea at Tiffani's Werner Tautz
Extreme Music Tell the Wolves I'm Home Dr. Steven Trip, Lawrence Goldings
APM Music Tension And Suspense 2 Gregor Narholz
APM Music Thrill Eeeker (a) Edwin Penn, Edward Ripley
  • 28b. "The Old and the Restless" - Montage of Lincoln and Pop Pop doing various activities together; Montage of Lincoln follows Pop Pop.
  • 30a. "Suite and Sour" - Lisa disinfects the pool; Uninvited guests crash into the Loud's room; Lisa breaks a beaker.
  • 36b. "Shell Shock" - Montage of Ronnie Anne's roughhousing.
  • 44b. "Health Kicked" - Mud wrestling.
APM Music The Thunderer John Sousa, Isaac Jenkins
APM Music Time Colors Denis Levaillant
  • 7a. "Picture Perfect" - Lincoln going to room slowly realizing his mistake.
APM Music Tip and Toe Douglas Clow
  • 33a. "Lock 'n' Loud" - Loud siblings thinking about their belongings getting stolen.
APM Music Tokyo Fire (a) Vasco, Maitreya Jani
Extreme Music Top Banana John Powell
  • 6b. "Space Invader" - Lincoln putting notes in places Lucy and Lynn would find them.
APM Music Toy Puppies A Otto Sieben, Peter Bento
  • 46a. "Yes Man" - Lily's act; Lincoln copies said act.
5 Alarm Music Toys on Parade Rick Cassman, Vyvyan Hope Scott
APM Music Traffic Jam Herve Pouliquen
APM Music Trap Dick De Benedictis
  • 72b. "Tea Tale Heart" - Lola gets a tea stain on the doll; Lola moves a bear out of the way to find the doll; Lola sees the Doll again while doing her hair; Lola wakes up and sees the doll again; ending.
APM Music Travelling Light (a) John Horler, Chris Laurence
APM Music Tread Carefully Bob Bradley
  • 9b. "Ties That Bind" - Lincoln attempting to sneak some pancakes to the parents.
APM Music Trendsetters Sam Fonteyn
  • 45a. "Future Tense" - First shot of the Yates car; the first shot of the Yates house; montage of the Loud House kids becoming well-rounded.
APM Music Tricks and Traps James McConnel
APM Music Tricky Dicky Julien Vega
  • 72b. "Tea Tale Heart" - Lola plans for a really quick tea party.
  • 73. "The Loudest Thanksgiving" - Lori finds a note on the front door; Leni doing costume fittings for the skit; Bobby smells Rosa's buñuelos.
APM Music Troubled Voodoo Blues Stefan Grossman, Paul Jones
APM Music Twilight Sun A Liza Carbe, Jean Durand
  • 44a. "Change of Heart" - Lori and Clyde are on their way to see each other.
Extreme Music Two Steps From Xmas Thomas Bergersen
Extreme Music Tycoon With A View Helmut Reinhardt


Label Piece Composer(s) Used In
APM Music Uncertain Escape a Kurt Oldman
  • 26a. "Study Muffin" - Loud siblings crowding Hugh so he can't leave.
  • 28b. "The Old and the Restless" - Sue tells Lincoln she has something for him.
  • 50. "Tricked!" - Lincoln and Clyde seek down the guys.
  • 62b. "Friendzy" - Lisa's chart goes up to erupting volcano.
  • 63a. "Pasture Bedtime" - Rusty swells up; Zach reads the hair dye label; Dog steals Lincoln and Clyde's clothes; the boys running out of Girl Jordan's yard.
  • 66a. "Scales of Justice" - The construction worker backing out after seeing the swamp monster.
  • 72b. "Tea Tale Heart" - Lola making tweaks to the doll.


Label Piece Composer(s) Used In
APM Music Vampire Vanity Julien Vega
  • 50. "Tricked!" - Opening; Lola and Lana keep coming back to the house.
APM Music Vertigo Gang (a) Dick De Benedictis
APM Music Very Wrong Dick De Benedictis
  • 72b. "Tea Tale Heart" - Flip gives Lola a ride through Tall Timbers pond.
APM Music V For Victory Sam Fonteyn
APM Music Vibe Link (b) Richard Myhill
Main article: Vibe Link (b)
Extreme Music Vyidu Na Ulitsu Vyvyan Ekkel
  • 35b. "Party Down" - Lincolnovich Loudinski scenes.
Extreme Music Viva la Resolution Huw Williams
Extreme Music Voliamo A Roma Jack Jezzro


Label Piece Composer(s) Used In
APM Music The Waiting Game (a) Lawrence Oakley
APM Music Wake Up Call (b) Timothy Whitehead
Extreme Music Walk 'N' Talk Giovanni Rios, Bruce Fingers, Billie Fingers
West One Music Walkie-Talkie Jeff Tymoschuk
  • 4a. "The Sweet Spot" - Lincoln explains the car seats; Lincoln explaining the sweet spot in the living room.
  • 32b. "Cheater by the Dozen" - Lincoln and Clyde see Bobby in the neighborhood; the Loud siblings at Clyde's house; Bobby returns to the house; Loud siblings see Bobby kissing a girl; Lincoln and Clyde see Bobby at the mall.
  • 34b. "Frog Wild" - Lana using keys.
  • 36a. "Fed Up" - The Loud siblings split up.
  • 67a. "Absent Minded" - Lincoln and Clyde break into school.
  • SH13. "Clyde and His Dads" - Plays throughout of Clyde and his dads.
Extreme Music Waltz from Sleeping Beauty Peter Tchaikovsky
APM Music Waltz In A Graveyard (a) John Rowcroft
Extreme Music Waltz: On The Beautiful Blue Danube Johann Strauss Jnr
  • 17b. "A Novel Idea" - Lincoln pretends to be an astronaut.
  • 87b. "Rocket Men" - Lincoln and Clyde bouncing around in no gravity.
Extreme Music Waltz, Voices of Spring Johann Strauss Jnr
Extreme Music Wants And Needs Raphael Lake, Aaron Levy
Extreme Music Warm 'N' Cuddly Heinz Kiessling
APM Music Warrior March Udi Harpaz
  • 34b. "Frog Wild" - Principal Huggins informs of the frognapper; "NOT!"; Huggins searches the house for frogs.
Extreme Music Water Music - Alla Hornpipe George Handel
  • 50. "Tricked!" - Lincoln and Clyde see Alistair and Nigel going to visit the homeland; Lincoln and Clyde come out of their room dressed like Alistair and Nigel; Lincoln and Clyde walk down the street dressed up like Alistair and Nigel.
Extreme Music Wear Me Out Levi Brown, Junior Mintz
Extreme Music We Wish You A Blues Christmas Ossi Bashiri
APM Music We Wish You a Jazzy Christmas (a) Geoffrey Gascoyne
Extreme Music We Wish You A Merry Christmas Henry Stuck
APM Music We Wish You A Merry Christmas - Jazz Version Jody Jenkins
APM Music West Side Waltz (a) Dick Walter
Extreme Music Whack Attack Brian De Mercia
  • 49a. "Read Aloud" - Both times the Spunk E. Pigeon commercial came on.
APM Music Where Am I? Gregor Narholz
  • 21b. "Raw Deal" - Lincoln hides under a kayak.
  • 50. "Tricked!" - Clyde whispering to Lincoln.
APM Music Where Danger Lurks Ronald Hanmer
APM Music Whoops-A-Daisy (B) Charles Butler II
Main article: Whoops-A-Daisy (B)
APM Music Why Oh Why Stephane Huguenin, Yves Sanna, Christian Padovan
West One Music Wide Right (a) Galileo Seven, Marvin Strait, Dre Zagman
APM Music Wildenauer Sängermarsch Georg Burgstaller, Solinger Musikanten
APM Music Wien Bleibt Wien Andrew Pilmer
Extreme Music Wiggin Out Christian Mondstein, Jo Part
APM Music The Wild West (a) Ron Goodwin
  • 17b. "A Novel Idea" - Title card; Lincoln chases the garbage truck with a horse; ending.
  • 48b. "Mall of Duty" - the chase for Lily begins.
Extreme Music Wild Orphan Dr. Steven Trip, Weldon Parks
  • 84b. "Recipe for Disaster" - montage of Lincoln and Clyde attempting to get into Frosty Farms; flashback to Lynn Sr. in middle school.
  • 86a. "Can't Hardly Wait" - montage of Lori trying different jobs.
  • 92a. "Good Sports" - montage of Lynn and Mr. Grouse watching games together.
  • 93a. "Exchange of Heart" - montage of Clyde enjoying time by himself.
AudioSparx Window Shopping Richard Freitas
Extreme Music Winner Party Oliver Trevin
Extreme Music Winner Takes All Hans Hammerschmid
West One Music Wistful Waltz Patrick Hawes
APM Music Witch Way Is Up (a) Magnum Opus
APM Music With Dignity Andrew Lauzon
Extreme Music With My Little Eye Peter McConnell
Extreme Music Without My Baby Mario Grigorov, Glaceia Henderson
Extreme Music Woe Time Toby Knowles
Extreme Music Wonderwaltz Werner Tautz
APM Music Wrong Turns Are Great (B) Otto Sieben, Adam Saunders, Mark Cousins


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Label Piece Composer(s) Used In
APM Music You Belong to Me Stephane Huguenin, Yves Sanna, Christian Padovan
  • 26a. "Study Muffin" - Whenever a Loud sibling approaches Hugh.
Extreme Music You Drive Me Crazy Robbie Nevil
Extreme Music You Gotta Hold On Me Clifton Broadbridge
  • 53. "Tripped!" - the Louds realize Luna is still at the Mud Flap Cafe.
APM Music You Make Me Wanna Dance (b) Richard Myhill


Label Piece Composer(s) Used In
Nickelodeon Zombie Psychos Jonathan Hylander
Extreme Music The Zombie Room Dr. Steven Trip, Lawrence Goldings
APM Music Zoom E Dick De Benedictis

Unknown tracks

Used In
  • 21b. "Raw Deal" - The Louds having the lake to themselves.
  • 17a. "House Music" - "I stink and I can't write a single song."
  • 50. "Tricked!" - Title card; end credits.
  • 35b. "Party Down" - Title card; Luna's guitar-playing during Lincoln's party.
  • 50. "Tricked!" - Lucy opening up the haunted corn maze.
  • 50. "Tricked!" - "We're done with the tricks, now for the treats!".
  • 50. "Tricked!" - Loud siblings taking down the haunted corn maze.
  • 49b. "Not a Loud" - Lincoln and Clyde spying on families.
  • 44b. "Health Kicked" - Parents meditating with Lisa; Lynn Sr. folding clothes with Leni.

(most likely Extreme Music, due to being heard on the Food Network)

  • 42b. "Job Insecurity" - Lynn reads the name of the restaurant Dad is working at.
  • 84a. "Washed Up" - Lola's princess bed.
  • 59a. "Fandom Pains" - Lori and Leni agree to watch The Vampires of Melancholia with Lucy.
  • 60b. "Head Poet's Anxiety" - Lucy admits to faking sick to Luan.
  • 93a. "Exchange of Heart" - Clyde's dads reveal they're not going to Brazil with Tiago.
  • 95b. "Purrfect Gig" - Title card; montage of Luna and Sam doing things for the cats.


@dougrockwell Twitter Picture.jpg
Doug Rockwell
Replying to @CONGO4_0
Pop punk! 🤘🤘
Aug 28, 2018[1]
  • The most frequent title card track is the unnamed generic Loud House title card music (at least 66 episodes).
    • Doug Rockwell confirmed that the unnamed generic Loud House title card music is named "Pop Punk".
  • "Tandem Holiday" is most famously used in the sitcom It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.
  • "Straight From Hell" plays eleven times in "Fool Me Twice", the most times an APM track is played in a certain episode.
  • Although CPM split with APM in 2017, the tracks "House of Horror" by Larry Hochman and “Driven Frantic” by Phil Green were used in Season 3.
  • The usages of APM Music tracks have slowed down since Season 4.
  • Many of the APM and Extreme tracks used in the show have also been used in episodes of other Nicktoons, including SpongeBob SquarePants, The Ren & Stimpy Show, KaBlam!, The Mighty B!, and Sanjay and Craig.



  1. Doug Rockwell [@dougrockwell] (Aug 28, 2018). "Pop punk! 🤘🤘" (Tweet) – via Twitter.

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