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Live Life Loud! is the third installment of graphic novels featuring The Loud House comics, published by Papercutz on March 20, 2018 (originally scheduled for March 13).[1]

Official Description

Lincoln Loud and his ten sisters, Leni, Lori, Luna, Luan, Lynn, Lucy, Lana, Lola, Lisa, and Lily, live life Loud in all-new comics created by THE LOUD HOUSE animation crew! You'll laugh as they navigate the ins and outs of life in a big family - from science experiments to baby pictures! But that's not all...

Since moving to the Big City (and away from The Louds and Royal Woods), things have changed for Bobby Santiago and Ronnie Anne. Now they're living la vida loca - helping out at the bodega and sharing a house with their abuelos and the whole Casagrande family!

—Official description


Private Eyes

In a 1920s-style setting, private eye detectives Lincoln and Clyde attempt to find Lori's missing homework.

My Yard, My Property

A lot of things can land in Mr. Grouse's yard, even the smelliest ones.

A Pirate's Life for CJ

CJ takes his pirating lifestyle to a new level, and it might just save the day.

Hiccup Hijinks

Lana gets a serious case of the hiccups, which can be very troublesome for her siblings.

Mom's Night In

Rita does some work around the house while the others are out.

Goth Perks

  • Writer, Artist, Letterer: Miguel Puga
  • Colorist: Diem Doan

Lucy and her friends need people to sign a petition, leading to some unexpected results.

Baby Brother

  • Writer, Artist, Letterer, Colorist: Diem Doan

When Lori was young, she saw both good and bad aspects in baby Lincoln.

Clowning Around

  • Writer: Whitney Wetta
  • Artist, Letterer: Jordan Rosato
  • Colorist: Diem Doan

Luan prepares her gags for a birthday party, but perhaps has a bit too much fun doing so.

Babes in the City

  • Writer: Sammie Crowley and Whitney Wetta
  • Artist, Letterer, Colorist: Ida Hem

When Ronnie Anne loses Carlitos while babysitting him, she goes on a wild chase around the city to find him.

Packing Parents

  • Writer, Artist, Letterer, Colorist: Jordan Koch

Howard and Harold help Clyde pack for a camping trip.

It's Just a Phase

  • Writer, Artist, Letterer: Miguel Puga
  • Colorist: Ashley Kliment

The kids are angry about Lily's recent bad behavior, so the parents step in to shed some light on the situation... or do they?

Lost and Found

  • Writer, Artist, Letterer, Colorist: Diem Doan

Ronnie Anne takes Lalo out for a walk. How hard could it be?

I Spy Lasagna

  • Writer, Artist, Letterer, Colorist: Diem Doan

Someone steals Lynn Sr.'s lasagna behind his back, but it's not who he thinks it is.

Sam's Pick

When Luna loses Sam's guitar pick, she enlists her siblings to find it while she stalls Sam.

Share Bears

  • Writer: Whitney Wetta
  • Artist, Letterer: Erin Hyde
  • Colorist: Diem Doan

Lisa gives a teddy bear to Lana and Lola, but not out of generosity...

Help Wanted

  • Writer, Artist, Letterer, Colorist: Jared Morgan

Lana helps a number of people around Royal Woods with their mechanical problems, but she soon runs into a problem not even she can solve.

ABCs of Getting the Last Slice

  • Writer, Artist: Chris Savino
  • Artist, Letterer: Jordan Rosato
  • Colorist: Amanda Rynda

With 11 kids, and 12 slices of pizza, Lincoln gives a run down on who gets the last slice.

Bedtime Stories

  • Writer, Artist, Letterer, Colorist: Jared Morgan

Rita decides to read bedtime stories for Lana, Lola, and Lisa, and each one has a different preference.


  • The "Meet the Loud Family and Friends!" section was revised to place Lori and Leni in the correct order (Lori before Leni) and expanded to include profiles for the rest of the Casagrande-Santiago family and for Sam.
  • "ABCs of Getting the Last Slice" was originally a comic on its own, and was later adapted into the short "Slice of Life".
  • This is the first time where Sammie Crowley and Whitney Wetta write something without collaborating with each other.
  • In "It's Just a Phase", it is revealed that the siblings have had some of their signature habits ever since they were young (specifically, at age one).
    • Lori's habit of farting and blaming it on someone or something else.
    • Leni's habit of making dresses out of everything.
    • Luna's habit of being loud.
    • Luan's habit of throwing pies in everyone's faces.
    • Lynn's habit of being competitive.
    • Lincoln's habit of refusing to wear his pants.
    • Lucy's habit of refusing to let go of the past.
    • Lana's habit of making the house messy.
    • Lola's habit of making the house pretty.
    • Lisa's habit of conducting experiments.
      • Ironically, after the parents explain this, Lori states that all siblings but her still have their habits. This shows that Lori still refuses to admit that she has a flatulence problem.
      • Coincidentally, Lily isn't the one who never had a habit due to being a baby.
  • In "It's Just a Phase", it is shown that when Lola was a toddler she only had her two front teeth as opposed to now having all of them except for the front.
  • Apparently, the Louds have had at least four hamsters named Geo, since Lucy is seen burying "Geo #3" in "It's Just a Phase".
  • In "Private Eyes", Lucy is seen dressed as famed suspense director Alfred Hitchcock.
  • Fenton the Feel-Better Fox from "The Crying Dame" makes an appearance in "It's Just a Phase". Since Lori was one at the time, and Fenton was put in the attic before Leni's birth, this implies that Fenton was put in the attic when Rita was pregnant with Leni.
  • The letter from the editor features a birth announcement for Whitney Wetta's son, Maxwell, who was born in September 2017.
  • The backcover of the graphic novel establishes that some of the comics are from the spin-off The Casagrandes.
  • "Hiccup Hijinks" reveals that Lola holds a teaspoon of sugar under her tongue to cure hiccups whenever she gets them.


  • In the description on the back of the cover, Leni comes before Lori.
  • In "Sam's Pick", the word Volume that Sam said was misspelled as "voume".
  • In "Sam's Pick", Sam's right-ear earrings are missing in one panel. Also, her diamond studs on her belt are missing in 2 panels.
  • In "Babes in the City", Sergio says that he's a "parrot, not a bird". However, in "The Loudest Thanksgiving", he views the killing of a bird as "homicide", indicating that he knows that parrots are birds.



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