Living Loud: Lincoln's List is an online point-and-click game based on The Loud House. It was released on on September 2017 to promote the debut of the second season of The Loud House in the UK and Ireland.


In the game Lincoln is handled, which is assigned by his parents to perform a good action to each of his sisters and thus read his comic in underwear in peace. For this, will have the help of Clyde. Clyde automatically helps in the first task, Lily, in the following tasks your help is optional. To move, the player uses the arrow keys. There is also an orange circle called "zone of action" that allows:

  • Transport to another place.
  • Pick up an object.
  • Place an object.
  • Looking at the inside of an object.

When a task is finished, the player has the possibility to download a GIF with the corresponding sister giving thanks. Each sister has a list of tasks that Lincoln must fulfill:


Make Lily take her nap.

  • Find Lily's bottle of milk.
  • Give the milk to Lily.
  • Turn on Lily's soothing music.


Get a mug of warm milk to Lisa so she can eat her cookie.

  • Find a mug to hold Lisa's milk.
  • Fill mug with milk.
  • Heat up mug of milk.
  • Get warm milk to Lisa in 30 seconds.


Find a pink ribbon for Lola's outfit.

  • Find 8 ribbons.
  • Give the ribbons to Lola.


Switch the five safety valves to de-pressurize the system.

  • Find a wrench.
  • Turn the valves (in order from lowest to highest).
  • Speak to Lana.


Feed Fang. Add hamster food, grapes and one of Lori's hairs to Fang's cauldron.

  • Find hamster food.
  • Find grapes.
  • Find hair from Lori's head.
  • Deliver Fang's food through the darkness.
  • Speak to Lucy.


Find Lynn's 8 balls.

  • Find 8 balls.
  • Give the balls to Lynn.


Deactivate the pranks within the time limit.

  • Take plastic wrap off toilet seat.
  • Take severed hand from inside the kitchen pedal bin.
  • Deactivate cherry bomb mustard jar in living room.
  • Speak to Luan.


Luna wants to upgrade her paperclip earring...with an even shinier one.

  • Get Lisa's shiniest paperclip.


Lori needs to charge her phone. Guard the phone and bring it to her when it rings.

  • Wait until the phone rings.
  • Give phone to Lori before it stops ringing.


Complete all items on your list.

  • Complete all sister's tasks.
  • Get photo evidence from each sister.

After completing Leni's final task, Lincoln must sneak his way back to his room, so he can finally read his Ace Savvy comic in his underpants. Lincoln must successfully avoid being seen by Leni, Lola, and Lori while he sneaks through the house, also avoiding setting off Luan's pranks. Once Lincoln reaches his bedroom, the player wins.


  • Lynn Sr. and Rita's room, as well as the attic, are the only rooms in the house that are not available to go to in the game.
  • Lori and Leni are the only Loud sisters that are not in their room during the game.
  • The trophy case from "Making the Case" appears in this game. Lincoln's case is still empty.
  • Cliff, Geo, and Fangs are the only pets who appeared in the game.
  • Fangs's name is misspelled as Fang.
  • You can earn special awards for finding Bun-Bun, a collection of envelopes, and a collection of towels.
  • Error: When Lori assigns her task, the screen says, "Lisa's task" when it should say, "Lori's task".
  • Goof: The phone rings for 30 seconds. It should be 26.
  • The "paperweight" is the mug Lincoln made in "Picture Perfect".
  • Luan is said to call Mr. Coconuts her soulmate. She did so in "Lock 'n' Loud".
  • Ways the sisters thanked Lincoln in the GIFs and Lincoln's responses:
    • Lori - "Thanks for nothing, twerp!". Lincoln doesn't reply.
    • Leni - "Thanks Lincy! Byeee!". Lincoln's reply: "Um... cool!"
    • Luna - "Sweet! Thanks." Lincoln's reply: "Rockin'!"
    • Luan - "Thanks, Lincoln!" Lincoln's reply: "Pun-derful!"
    • Lynn - "Nice catch, Lincoln!" Lincoln's reply: "Slam dunk"
    • Lucy - "Thanks, Lincoln" Lincoln's reply: "Fang-tastic!"
    • Lana - "Wow! Thanks, Lincoln!" Lincoln's reply: "Stink-redible!"
    • Lola - "Thanks, Lincoln!" Lincoln's reply: "Pink-redible!"
    • Lisa - "Thank you" Lincoln's reply: "Eureka!"
    • Lily - Doesn't say anything. Lincoln's reply: "Poo-poo-tiful!"


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