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"Living Loud: Summer School" is an online point-and-click game based on The Loud House. It was released on on July 2018.


In the game, Lincoln's report card shows that he has bad grades because of his sisters' meddling. Now he has to earn some extra credits in summer school to boost his grades from Fs to As.

When a grade is changed to an A, the player has the possibility to download a GIF. Each subject has a task that Lincoln must fulfill:


Lola has deleted all the photos on Lincoln's camera to take her pageant picture. So now Lincoln has to take a photo to the rare Royal Woods warbler.


Lana released his firefly study, so now he has to do it again. Lana helps him to make a firefly lure.


One of Luan pranks destroys Lincoln's Abra-Ham Lincoln project. He must find some materials for Luan so she can help on his project.


Lincoln has a good grade in gym class, but Lynn took the teacher's Pegs Family Robinson. So Lincoln has to get them back or all future Loud grades will be Fs.


Lincoln has excellent work, but thanks to his sisters' history of cheating, they have a policy to check all tests with a person whom he sits next to. So Lincoln has to get Clyde's test.


Many of his sisters had taken musical instruments, so Lincoln has to get them back.


  • Lisa is the only sister that didn't affect any of Lincoln's grades.
  • Awards you can win and how to win them.
    • Most Tidiest-Upperest: Pick up all the trash at Ketcham Park and throw it in the bin.
    • Frog Friendly: Put a frog in the fountain to keep it cool.
    • King of the Dark Park: Spend five nights at Ketcham Park.
    • Hero Brother: Return all of Lana's rubber darts.
    • Feline Feeder: Feed a fish to a cat.
    • Stinkin' Lincoln: Keep a fish in your inventory.
    • Stop Wasting Dime: Collect all the dimes.
    • Glutton for Punishment: Give Luan a fake spider.
    • Best Brother Ever: Return Leni's cell phone.
    • Teacher's Pet: Give Mrs. Johnson an apple.
    • This Seems Pretty Illegal: Break into a locker.
    • Saving Face: Collect all the embarrassing photos.
    • Gluten Lootin': Collect all food with gluten and throw it away.
    • Comper Stomper: Collect Clyde's eyepatch.
    • 5 Nights at Clyde's: Spend five nights at the McBride house.
    • Burglar Deterrent: Turn on all the lights in the Loud house.
    • Holy Grail: Unlock Clyde's shrine.

(On when you complete the first 5 tasks the 2 pages of Clyde's homework are in Clyde's shrine before unlocking the final task)

    • Un-Sneaky Pete: Step on the whoopee cushion at night.


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