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"Living Loud: Surprise Party" is an online point-and-click game based on The Loud House. It was released on on October 2019.


In the game, it's Lori's birthday, and the rest of the Loud siblings as well as Clyde, Bobby, and Ronnie Anne work together to throw Lori's surprise party.

This game allows you to play as Lincoln, Clyde, Ronnie Anne, or Bobby; however, certain characters are required for certain tasks.


Each one of the Loud sisters (except for Lori and Lily) have two tasks that one of the 4 playable characters need to help them with.


Lisa's first task is find 4 heavy objects to prevent their picnic towel to fly away due to high winds. The player must find a log, a jar, a rock and a paperweight (which is Lincoln's homemade coffee mug).

Lisa's second task is to print a paper from her computer. To do this, you must go to Lisa's bedroom and click the three Loud sisters icons (Luna, Lucy and Lana) in their birth order (or in reverse alphabetical order, no matter what, it's the same order) to get the paper printed out.

Lisa is found in the park.


Lucy's first task is to find all five pets in the Loud house (Charles, Cliff, Geo, Walt and Fangs), which are hidden in various places in the house. Due to his allergies, Clyde cannot touch any of the animals.

Lucy's second task is to find Izzy, which you need to use Lincoln to sneak inside a vent on Lisa's closet and place a very smelly food mix. Once he goes back there, Izzy will be attached to a wall so he can get her out.

Lucy is found in Lincoln's house.


Lola's first task is getting sprayed with her lavender perfume, which she left at a microwave on Flip's Food & Fuel.

Lola's second task is a timed mission: the player has one minute to go to the McBride house and turn off the oven before the cake inside of it gets burned. Only Bobby can touch the oven.

Lola is found in the McBride's House.


Lana's first task is to get coolant for Vanzilla, which can be found in Clyde's locker in Royal Woods Elementary School. The locker's code is 5674, and only Clyde himself can use it.

Lana's second task is to collect 6 nails so she can fix Vanzilla. The nails are found in various locations.

Lana is found outside Flip's Food and Fuel


Lynn's first task is to get the park's water fountain to spray lemonade. In order to do this, the player needs to go to Lynn's Table and use a wrench to turn on the valves in numerical order to get the water running.

Lynn's second task is to fix the leaky pipe on the park's fountain with duct tape.

Lynn is in the park.


Luan's first task is to get Leni's credit card so she can buy Lori's gift. Just go to Burpin' Burger and Leni will give the card to you.

Luan's second task is another timed mission: the player has 60 seconds to go the East part of the park and get a package with Lori's gift. Only Ronnie Anne can get sign the delivery.

Luan is in the mall.


Luna's first task is to turn the school's power up to eleven. The player needs to use Bobby and turn the dials on the school's fuse box until it gets a combination that will result in the number 11.

Luna's second task is find a cassette tape to provide music to Lori's party. The tape can be found inside of Charles' doghouse in the Louds' front yard.


Leni's first task is to find a coupon for Burpin' Burger. The coupon can be found inside a trash can in the central park, west of the sign.

Leni's second task is to collect money to pay for the meal. Dollar bills and dimes can be found throughout the game.

Leni is in the Burpin' Burger

Final mission

The "boss level" consists of driving Lori back to the house, while collecting gifts and avoiding another characters in order to not spoil the surprise. Once all 5 gifts are collected, the player goes to the designated party place where Lori will thank the team for the surprise.


  • This game reveals that Lucy relates to Izzy due to both occasionally going unnoticed, and that Clyde and the Santiago siblings are all afraid of crawling through air vents. It also suggests that Clyde is allergic to dogs, hamsters, bats, and canaries, but this may not be true as he also claims to be allergic to cats in the game, which he isn't.


  • Lucy acknowledges Izzy but fails to acknowledge Hops, Bitey, and El Diablo despite them also belonging to Lana. Gary also isn't mentioned, although it's possible Luan brought him.
  • Clyde is said to be allergic to all the Loud pets, including Cliff, but he is obviously not allergic to cats because he owns Cleopawtra and Nepurrtiti.
  • Izzy's description refers to her as female, when he is actually male.


  • 100 Meter Dash (Walk 100 Meters)
  • Toilet Break (Spent One Minute In Loud House Bathroom)
  • Home Sweet Home 2 (Enter Clyde’s House As Clyde)
  • Phone Addict (Click On The Phone 50 Times)
  • Milking It (Collect All The 7 Milk Bottles)
  • Jail Bird (Enter The Jail Cell In Security Guard’s Office At The Mall)
  • Mile Marker (Walk Around For A Mile)
  • Ronnie Anne Fan (Play As Ronnie Anne For A Minute)
  • Top Of The Class (Go Into School 5 Times)
  • Big Softie (Collect All 6 Stuffed Animals)
  • Winner Schnitzel! (Collect All 6 Food Pieces)
  • Red Herring (Collect The Red Herring From The Furnace In The Loud House Basement)
  • Full House (Select All Characters)
  • Home Sweet Home 1 (Enter The Loud House As Lincoln) 15. Chitter Chatter (Talk To All The Loud Sisters)
  • Luan Lost And Found (Collect All 6 Of Luan's Pranks)
  • Hole In One (Put The Golfball From Loud House Into The Hole At The Golf Course)
  • Fly The Flag (Put Up The Flag From Lola’s Closet At School)


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