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Loch Loud is a fictional location depicted in The Loud House Movie. It is a town located in Scotland.


Loch Loud was a town founded by, and named for, the Loud family's royal ancestors over 400 years ago. Ever since the Louds' ancestors were driven out of Loch Loud, and with them the Duke, the town remained dukeless until the current generation of Loud family came to the town from a tip from Lincoln and Lisa Loud, not knowing that they are famous for their connection to their descendant royal family bearing the same name, Loud.


Prior to the movie

The Duke and his family on their way back to Loch Loud, not knowing of an unpleasant surprise that would meet them.

Prior to the events of the movie, the Louds' royal ancestors - all looking like their present-day selves - founded the town of Loch Loud, and the residents looked up to them due to their connection with royalty. However, someone named Aggie wanted to drive them away in her quest for peace and quiet, successfully controlling a dragon named Lolo - against the dragon's wishes - to drive them away and bring her the Duke's crown.

After the ancestors were driven away, Loch Loud was left without a duke, and some time after that, Old Aggie buried the book she hidden the gemstone inside. The family of ancestors would flee to Woods, Michigan, and said town was renamed Royal Woods.[1]

Ever since the Duke left, the town has fallen into disarray, with many mistakes being made here and there. Currently, Angus and Morag are currently taking care of the town and the castle, respectively.

Present day

Lisa Loud after having traced the DNA.

In a small town located in Michigan titled Royal Woods, a boy named Lincoln Loud, having been inspired by his best friend Clyde McBride's story about his connection to the French royal family just earlier, is on a quest to find where his dad's family originated from, having had enough of being overshadowed by his ten sisters. He had his smart sister Lisa Loud obtain a DNA sample from her father; she is able to trace it to the isles of Scotland.

The Louds intend to go there to visit their relatives, though they have no money due to Lola Loud spending it all for teeth whitening. The Louds are forced to take a ride into the cargo compartment of their plane, and they take a trip across Europe to get to Scotland, more specifically Loch Loud. The Louds are pleasantly surprised by the picturesque view of the town.

When they arrive, Lincoln inquires about the Louds to a fisherman, who takes off in shock just from hearing the name "Loud". When they enter the town proper, they are surprised by the state the town is left in, ranging from sheep stampedes, an endless roundabout, confusing signage, and a door being placed so high a woman almost falls off. As the Louds wander around the town, word spreads that the Louds have returned, and Angus, the caretaker of Loch Loud, tells the Louds that the town they're in right now is named for them.

The Louds are taken into the Loud Castle, a large, sprawling castle filled with multiple rooms belonging to each kid, trinkets belonging to, and pictures of, the Louds' ancestors; at the same time, Morag introduces herself as the caretaker of the castle. She initially wants the Louds to live in the village, though Angus suggests they take up residence in the castle, seeing as it is named for them. The Louds get acquainted to their new rooms (which also have separate bathrooms), though Lincoln is most surprised about his residence; the Duke's room, which is the biggest out of the bunch. As night falls and dinner begins, Morag is less-than-pleased about the circumstances, though Angus is excited.

Lincoln's new life as the Duke.

The next day, Lincoln goes off to make a name for himself around town, though Angus tells him that flashy shows are not the way to gain the support of the people. Lincoln decides to fix up the problems with the town instead, which gets him the people's support. It seems like Lincoln will be the new Duke, though Morag tells the people he's only visiting temporarily, disappointing them. Lincoln is able to convince his family to move to Scotland by telling them they'll enjoy the benefits of more than one bathroom, should they move. Lincoln is coronated as the Duke of Loch Loud by a reluctant Morag and he and his family basks in their royalty status.

Morag, however, is not happy that Lincoln and his family has moved to Loch Loud, wanting to drive them away like her ancestor Old Aggie did his ancestors. Lucy's ancestor, Lucille Loud (whom she had summoned earlier), tells Lucy the story about what actually happened with the Louds' ancestors being driven away as Morag uncovers the gemstone that was able to control Lolo 400 years ago. Now knowing Lincoln's weakness through overhearing a conversation with Clyde, Morag decides to trick him into thinking she's his friend; phase one involved getting his sisters to perform in town and thus overshadowing him once again.

Lincoln's dragon ride gone wrong earned him the scorn of everyone living in Loch Loud.

Seeing his plight, Morag executes phase two. She has Lincoln ride Lela the dragon, mind-controlling the dragon in the middle of his ride and thus almost leveling the entire town and earning him the scorn of everyone, thoroughly breaking his heart. This is enough to demotivate him from being the Duke, wanting to return to Royal Woods. With the Louds driven away once again, Morag, despite some resistance from both Angus and the people, crowns herself the Duchess of Loch Loud and drives everyone away from Loch Loud, successful in her quest for peace and quiet.

The Louds never give up.

However, the Louds, coming back to the Loch with fierce determination to stop Morag once and for all, work together to foil the corrupt Duchess' plan, and eventually Lincoln and Morag, both combatants riding on the flying Lela, take the battle to the castle. Morag almost kills the Louds using Lela's fire breath, though Lincoln gets in the way with the crown, forcing her to hold off so she does not accidentally destroy the crown she desperately wants. Lincoln escapes with the crown and is cornered over a cliff by Morag and the mind-controlled Lela; this showdown almost ends with Lincoln being sent over the edge, but his baby sister Lily Loud arrives; seeing this, Lincoln buys time with his magic tricks as he allows Lily to arrive, swapping the gemstone for one of Lynn Sr.'s patented breakfast burritos and thus allowing Lela to destroy it once and for all. Dissatisfied with the turn of events, Morag, in a fit of rage and lust for power, decides to grab the crown herself, accidentally pushing Lincoln and Lily off the cliff.

Angus is the new Duke.

When it looks like they're about to fall into the sea below, Lela swoops in and saves them and the crown, which Lincoln decides to give to Angus, deeming him the Duke with the blessing of his ancestors. Morag is dumped on an island with a pack of seals. After restoring Loch Loud to its former beauty, giving it a major improvement in the process, the current generation of Louds leave Loch Loud just as Bobby Santiago, who is looking for his girlfriend Lori, arrives.

After the Louds left Loch Loud, it is shown that Angus and the Loud ancestors have given Loch Loud a major improvement.

Places of interest

  • Loud Castle
  • Loch Loud Plumbing
  • A fish and chip shoppe


  • Angus (current Duke)
  • Morag (temporarily Duchess)
    • Old Aggie (formerly)
  • The Loud Family (temporarily), including:
  • Scott
    • Scott's ancestor (formerly)
  • Lela
    • Lolo the dragon (formerly)
  • Unnamed residents



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