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"Lock 'n' Loud" is the twelfth episode of the second season and the sixty-fourth episode of The Loud House.


When Dad gets upset with the children for never locking the front door, they decide to take home security to the next level.


Late at night, Rita and Lynn Sr. arrive back home after taking ballroom dance classes. After Lynn Sr. inadvertently twirls Rita into a rose bush, he heads into the house to get a first aid kit, but to his frustration, he opens the door without having to unlock it. He enters the house, and scolds the relaxing kids for not locking the door at night. When Luna questions what the big deal is, Lynn Sr. explains that there have been some burglaries recently, and fears that their house might be next. After Lynn Sr. locks the door to show how easy it is, the kids go back to relaxing, but Lynn Sr. forgot Rita, who's still trapped in the rose bush.

S2E07A Loud family about to take action

After finding out a robber's on the loose, the kids decide to defend their house.

In Lori and Leni's room, Lincoln points out to his sisters that their dad's right and that they need to be more responsible if they don't want their house to get robbed. As the sisters hug what they don't want to lose, Lincoln states that just locking the front door isn't enough if they want to protect their stuff. They decide to lock down the whole place, which the sisters cheer to.

S2E07A How many times do I have to tell you this?

Lynn Sr. scolding the children on not locking the door.

Clyde arrives at the Loud House, but before he can walk onto the porch, Bobby, on a Segway while wearing his mall police attire, approaches Clyde and asks him for his name and business. When Clyde asks Bobby what he's doing, the latter informs that due to new security measures by Lori, he was hired to guard the house. Lori decides to vouch for Clyde, and he's allowed access into the house. The moment he steps in, he falls victim to two of Lisa's alarm systems, and flees before she unleashes a third one (an alligator pit). Clyde enters Lincoln's room, ready for the job. After drinking some coffee that Clyde brought for them (which they end up not liking), the scanner informs them about an 11-25 (which, according to the Royal Woods Police Codebook, means failure to pick up dog poop).

When Lincoln exits his room, he witnesses his sisters stashing their closest possessions in the bathroom, since Lisa reveals that she had cameras installed in the bathroom since last year. At the same time, Lynn is teaching Leni and Lola how to attack a burglar. While Leni fails miserably due to finding the dummy cute, Lola viciously attacks it after Lynn tells her to pretend that it had stolen her pageant tiaras. When Lincoln walks into the kitchen, he notices a hooded figure entering from the window. The figure turns out to be Lana, who explains that she's trying to teach Charles to be a vicious guard dog. However, Charles is too lazy to do Lana's commands.

Later that day, Rita and Lynn Sr. are about head off to dance class again, but not before Bobby stops them to ask them for their names and business (only to unintentionally state them himself). Lynn Sr. laudes the kids on being more mindful toward security. Sometime later, as Lincoln and Clyde are sleeping, the scanner goes off and reports a 10–15. As Lincoln checks the codebook, a 10-15 means that the burglar has been caught. As Clyde and the Loud kids begin cheering, Rita and Lynn Sr. arrive back home. After Lynn Sr. once again twirls Rita into another predicament, he prepares to enter the house, only to once again, finding it unlocked. As the kids take back all of their possessions, Lynn Sr. once again scolds them for not locking the front door. When Lincoln informs him that the burglar has been caught, Lynn Sr. points out that there could be more burglars out there, but the kids pay little heed (Lisa even points out that the chances of there actually being more criminals is statistically unlikely, especially with how low of a crime rate Royal Woods has). Frustrated that nobody's listening to him, Lynn Sr. goes downstairs, and locks the door himself, once again forgetting to help out Rita.

The next night, Rita and Lynn Sr. once again leave for dance class, but the instant they leave, Mr. Grouse yells out that he has been robbed. When the Loud kids check up on Mr. Grouse, the latter informs that several of his closest possessions have been stolen. Fearing that the (other) burglars could attack their house next, the kids decide to take their security to the next level. After stashing their possessions in the bathroom again, the kids prepare to do some improvements, which include: Lincoln and Clyde filling a vat with bacon grease; Lola operating a searchlight; Luna, Lucy and Lily digging a ditch surrounded with barbed wire; Luan setting up numerous mousetraps; and Lynn recruiting her roller derby teammates to work alongside Bobby. When Rita and Lynn Sr. arrive back home, they're shocked at how far the kids are taking this. While Lynn Sr. admits that he appreciates that the kids are taking security more seriously, he feels they've taken it too far, and orders them go to bed.

Later that night, a shadowy figure comes out of the Loud House and approaches Mr. Grouse's house, and knocks the door. The shadowy figure is revealed to be Lynn Sr., who had Mr. Grouse pretend that he was robbed so he can teach the kids a lesson. After paying Mr. Grouse with a basket of muffins, Lynn Sr. prepares to head back into the house. Leni, after grabbing a glass of milk from the fridge, hears a twig snap outside. She peeks out the door, and seeing nobody, closes it and locks it. Realizing he got locked out, Lynn Sr. tries to climb through the kitchen window, but it turns out to be locked too. When Lynn Sr. falls over (due to standing on a tricycle while struggling to open the window), his noisiness catches the attention of Lincoln. He peeks through his window, and witnesses a shadowy figure below. Thinking it's a burglar, Lincoln pulls on a string that rings a bell in everyone's bedroom, waking them up and telling them to take action. As Lynn Sr. tries to find another way in, he falls victim to the kids various traps, such as Luan's mousetraps, Lincoln and Clyde's vat of grease, the ditch that Luna, Lucy and Lily dug and Lynn's roller derby teammates pummeling him.

S2E07A Family hug

The family forgiving Lynn Sr.

Rita orders the teammates to stop attacking the intruder, since she recognizes Lynn Sr.'s dance shoes. Lynn Sr. then lies by saying that he was out for a walk, and he got locked out. As everyone apologizes to him for attacking him, Mr. Grouse, his face incredibly swollen, complains that the muffins Lynn Sr. gave him have walnuts (which Mr. Grouse is allergic to), and warns him that if he ever wants to pay him for pretending to be robbed, he should give him something he's not allergic to. With the truth spilled, Lynn Sr's family scolds him for lying to them and for wasting their time on securing the entire house for nothing. He apologizes, explaining that, along with reminding his kids to lock the door, he was doing it ultimately to protect his family. Rita and the kids are touched by this, and forgive Lynn Sr. As Rita and the kids are hugging him, Charles notices a couple of bacon strips stuck to Lynn Sr.'s butt, and advances towards him. Charles bites down on Lynn Sr.'s butt, causing him to cry out "OUCH!" in pain, and Lana (sarcastically) remarks "Finally!", due to Charles doing exactly what she wanted him to do.


The burglar, Margo, and three of Lynn's roller derby teammates have no lines in this episode.


  • Although this episode premiered in 2017, it was made in 2016 according to the credits.
  • This episode reveals that Lynn's signature uniform is for roller derby.
  • This episode reveals that Mr. Grouse is allergic to walnuts.
  • Things the sisters feared they'd lose to the burglar:
    • Their axe
      • Luna - Her guitar
      • Lana - An actual axe
    • Their soulmate
    • Their life's work
      • Lisa - Her chemistry set
      • Leni - A kiddie puzzle
  • This is the first episode where Lincoln actually has a short name for an operation (that being "Operation: Grease Release").
  • In the original storyboards, when the Loud kids were cheering, Leni shed a tear that landed on her phone when she was looking at her selfie of "Donnie."
S2E07A Lily ready to fight

Lily banging her fists together.

  • There was a deleted scene that showed Lily banging her fists together.
  • According to this episode, Royal Woods has a low crime rate.
  • Clyde is revealed to have a curfew before 10:15 P.M.
    • It was 6:42 (shown in Leni's phone) when Clyde thought it was his curfew.
  • Every Loud sibling's contribution to security:
    • Lincoln - Hearing the police scanner with Clyde and preparing grease for traps.
    • Lori - Asking Bobby to protect the house.
    • Leni - Learning martial arts to defend the house.
    • Luna - Setting barbed wire before the ditch.
    • Luan - Setting mouse traps.
    • Lynn - Teaching martial arts to Leni and Lola and hiring her roller derby teammates as security.
    • Lucy - Digging the ditch.
    • Lana - Training Charles to be a security dog.
    • Lola - Learning martial arts to defend the house and operating a searchlight.
    • Lisa - Installing alarms, setting up traps, installing retinal scanners, and making corporal search with metal detectors.
    • Lily - Digging the ditch.
  • According to Lori, she doesn't know what polka records, a black-and-white TV, or encyclopedias are, which seems to imply that she isn't familiar with outdated stuff.
    • This is somewhat ironic because Lynn Sr. owns a black and white TV in his office according to "Left in the Dark", which Lori must've seen at some point.
  • In the Brazilian Portuguese dub of the episode, Mr. Grouse's voice sounds different.
  • Innuendo:
    • When Lucy imagines the burglar stealing her bust of Edwin, the burglar is shown turning the bust around before stealing it. The way the burglar does this resembles someone snapping someone else's neck, which can instantly kill people in that way.
    • Lisa accidentally reveals she installed cameras in the bathroom, meaning she's been watching people in the bathroom.
  • Irony:
    • Lynn Sr. wished his kids to lock the doors and windows, but this became his obstacle to go inside his home unnoticed.


  • Lock 'n' Loud - The title of this episode is a pun on the phrase "lock and load", which means that a weapon is ready to be used.
  • Home Alone - The Louds putting traps around the house to catch the "thief" (who was Lynn Sr.) was based on a kid, who is home alone, who place traps in his home to stop two thieves from this movie.
  • Paul Blart: Mall Cop - Bobby riding on a Police Scooter and his outfit resembles the titular character.


  • Leni's smartphone cover is pink in this episode, but in "Changing the Baby", and "Cover Girls", it was blue.
  • When Lynn instructs Leni to attack the dummy, the dummy's mouth appears closed, but when Leni took a selfie with it, the dummy is showing teeth.
  • The kitchen door locks with a chain, but when Lynn Sr. tried to open the door, it was locked by the doorknob.
  • When the Loud family members were scolding to Lynn Sr. about making a pretend rob, Lori's right eyelashes were missing.
  • Leni's eyelashes were missing when Lincoln was talking to their Dad about not worrying about burglaries anymore (before leaving). They were also missing when she was locking the door in the kitchen, but only one eyelash was missing each time.
  • When the sisters were cheering about the burglar being caught, Lola appears to be taller than Lana, which is strange since they are both of the same height.
    • Lynn, Luna, and Lily are also taller.
  • When Lynn Sr. was trying to get back into the house only to find out someone (Leni) locked the door, his bags were missing.
  • In Lincoln's room, there was a justice poster, at first there was nothing on the right side, but later when the scanner informs about the dog poop, there was the light switch on the right side of that poster.
  • When Lynn Sr. gets to the window, there are no grills, but when he tries to open it, the grills are visible from the inside.
  • When the Loud family hugs Lynn Sr., Lily is missing the hair on the back of her head.


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