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—"Overnight Success"

Lola Loud is a main character in The Loud House and its live-action spin-off.


At 7-years-old (6-years-old prior to "Strife of the Party"), Lola is the third youngest of the Loud siblings. She is also Lana's twin sister (younger by two minutes), with whom she attends the 2nd grade (1st grade in Seasons 1–4) at Royal Woods Elementary School.

In "Time Trap!", Lola and her siblings altered history, causing their parents to decide not to have any kids in the future. As a result, Lola got deleted out of existence, although she returned when Lisa and Lily prevented this timeline alteration.

Early life

Lola excitedly anticipated her and Lana's birth, even in utero. She always had at least some part in the planning of her and Lana's first through her sixth birthday parties, and didn't allow Lana any say in the matter. The twins' second birthday party had a sailor theme, their third birthday party had a princess theme, and their fifth birthday party had a medieval theme, while their first and fourth birthday parties had no theme in particular.[2]

When Lola was one year old, she developed a habit of painting the house, which she still sometimes does.[3] Lincoln gave Lola her first bottle when she was a baby.[4]

At some point in Lola's past, she and Lana enjoyed listening to "The Little Froggy Song", which their parents hated.[5]


Lola looking prim and perfect.

Lola is a sharp-tongued beauty queen. She carries a great sense of self-importance, and is always ready to be on the offense if someone crosses her. She can be quite materialistic and will go to great lengths to get what she wants. She is particularly skilled at making money (even if she must deceive others), and dedicates much of her time to winning beauty pageants. Despite being image-focused she takes school seriously, and makes it a point to get her work done in order to allow her the flexibility to focus on pageant training. Lola's interests include anything girly - this includes fashion shows, makeup, and posing for photo shoots. She is constantly claiming how beautiful she is, and can't look away from a mirror for more than five seconds, which gets on everybody's nerves. Even though she is determined to get her way most of the time, she often shows remorse or guilt if she hurts the feelings of one of her family members.

As seen in a few episodes (such as "Undie Pressure", "Sound of Silence", and "A Tattler's Tale"), she is skilled at plotting and scheming to get her way. She has the most tense temper of all of the siblings, and so her siblings, especially Lincoln, are careful not to get on her bad side and to carry the mandates she demands.

However, in spite of her strident and self-centered nature, Lola is also compassionate as she loves her siblings. She is always grateful for Lincoln's kindness towards her, and usually appreciates her family's company. At times, she has shown herself to be capable of humility and selflessness when compelled to let go of her own needs, so she isn't completely heartless. In addition, when one of her siblings is in trouble, she shows genuine concern, and often cooperates with her other siblings to cheer them up. One example is when she helped all her siblings pass a test they didn't study for, even if she failed her own during "No Place Like Homeschool".

Nick Description

Lola Loud is a pageant powerhouse, whose interests include glitter, photo shoots, and her own beautiful, beautiful face. But underneath all the sugar and spice, lurks a troublemaking mastermind. Lola is the ears and eyes of the Loud House... it's best to stay on her good side!

—Nickelodeon, 2016

This pageant powerhouse’s interests include glitter, photoshoots, and her own beautiful, beautiful face. Like we said...polar opposite of twin sister Lana. Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets. She’s the family gossip and can’t resist the chance to tattle on troublemakers, acting as the eyes and ears of the household. But stay on her good side and you’ve got a fierce ally!

—Nickelodeon, 2021


Lola has long blonde hair that she wears down, and a tuft of hair on top of her head pointed to the right. She is missing her front teeth, like her twin, Lana. She wears a princess attire; a long pink gown and a light pink sash, a white pearl necklace around her neck, long pink gloves, white earrings, pink high heels, and a tiara on her head.

During development, Lola's dress was more frilly, her sash was white, her tiara was more decorative, and she had a ponytail, and her front teeth.

Her swim wear is a swimming dress called a "swim gown", and she uses plastic wrap to protect her outfit when she's swimming, because she doesn't like to be splashed with water. Her nightwear is a pink nightgown, that looks similar to her normal attire, except it doesn't have a sash, or a white pearl necklace attached to her pink gown. She doesn't wear pink gloves, either. It sometimes has short, poofy sleeves on it, as shown in "Room with a Feud". Her snow attire is a pink tundra coat with matching pants, light pink earmuffs, and purple mittens with matching boots.


Lola's tiara.

Lola's tiara is a black wire tiara that she wears in almost every episode she appears in. The only time she doesn't wear it is when she sleeps. So far, the tiara had prominence in the episode "A Tattler's Tale", where she hooked a microphone to it, in order to hear her siblings talk about their secrets.

In the live-action film A Loud House Christmas, her tiara is silver and shiny, similar to a typical tiara in beauty pageants.

Alternate Versions

Lexx Loud

Main article: Genderbent Royal Woods
Lexx Loud.png

In an alternate universe where the sisters are boys, Lola is a boy named Lexx. Similar to Lola, Lexx is dressed like a prince, and drives a toy car similar to Lola's pink one. Unlike Lola, who is missing her front teeth, Lexx is missing his canines.

Lexx shares similar personalities with Lola, such as having a rivalry towards his brother Leif (Lana) and threatening to tattle on their mother. However, he is hostile toward Lincoln, laughing at him after Luke (Luna) uses him to clean the toilet, when Leon (Lily) bites his thumb when he gets a "boo-boo", and stealing two of his shirts, because his were dirty. He also plays keep-away with the time watch Lincoln needed to get back home. He also calls Lincoln a loser, which is an insult neither Lola, nor any of his other sisters have ever called him.

In another alternate universe, Lexx is shown to be caring towards Lincoln, who is a girl named Linka here, similar to Lola.

Lexx eventually ceases to exist when it was revealed the entire adventure was just a dream.

Queen of Diamonds

Lola interpreting Queen of Diamonds.

In the minicomic Deuces Wild! and its animated adaptation, Lola interprets the superheroine called Queen of Diamonds, who is also one of Ace Savvy's sidekicks. Her power is using her diamond cape to shine bright light on her target and blind them. In the comic, she is summoned by Savvy (played by Lincoln) alongside the rest of Savvy's deck (played by the rest of her sisters) to help him and One-Eyed Jack (played by Clyde) to defeat the gas monster. After they defeat it, they prepared to fight against a garbage monster. This was a fantasy Lincoln and Clyde had, based on changing Lily's diaper and taking the trash out.

She appears in Lincoln and Clyde's comic they made up for a contest in "Pulp Friction", where she throws her diamond tiara to stop some thugs.

In "Kings of the Con", she dresses as the Queen of Diamonds for a convention, impressing everybody there along with her sisters.

The Queen of Diamonds wears a diamond tiara, diamond earrings, a deep pink cape with white lining and a diamond pattern, a pale pink dress with a diamond insignia on the front, pale pink boots, and gloves like Lola's usual ones. Her name comes from her interest in royalty, the Queen of Hearts character from Alice in Wonderland and the children's nursery rhyme, and the diamond suit in a deck of cards.


Main article: The Loud Rabbits#Bernadette

Megaphone Rabbit

Bernadette is the rabbit version of Lola Loud. Like Lola, Bernadette is a tattletale and threatens to tell their mother about Warren (Lincoln's alter-ego) running away.

Princess DeLola

Princess DeLola.png

Princess DeLola is Lola's alter-ego in the story she and her siblings made up in "A Dark and Story Night".

Princess DeLola looks exactly like Lola, but wears a pink, cone-shaped hat, and a more old-fashioned style dress. She is also the princess of an alien kingdom, hence her title.

In the story, Triton (Lincoln's alter-ego) asks DeLola for help after the battery in his spaceship ran out. She reveals that she is looking for shards of a broken crystal used to bring electricity to her kingdom and he agrees to help her search.


  • In the pilot, Lola's combed hair tuft is pointing to the left. In the series, it is pointed to the right. However, it does alternate in between shots.
@TheLoudWriters Twitter Picture.jpg
Replying to @bennybotros
Technically, Lana was born first! #funfact
May 17, 2016[6]
  • According to a tweet from the show's writers, Lola was born after Lana. It is later confirmed in "Ties That Bind" that she is younger by two minutes.
  • Lola was named after one of two dachshunds Chris Savino once owned.
  • Lola wears orthodontic headgear overnight.[7]
  • Lola has already learned how to read, a fact unknown to Lincoln prior.[8]

Lola's shoes.

  • Because Lola's dress usually covers her legs, her shoes are rarely shown. However, in some episodes, Lola's shoes were visible, like in "Roughin' It" during one of Lincoln's flashbacks where she was practicing her catwalk while balancing books on her head.
  • Luna ruined Lola and Lana's first Blarney the Dinosaur concert by jumping on them and others, in an attempt to crowd surf.[9]
  • Lola's weighs 40 pounds, about 18 kilograms.[10]
  • Lola is ambidextrous.[11]
  • Lola's ideal superpower is mind control to make everyone do her bidding.
  • Lola's pupils dilate whenever she is angry.[12][13]
  • It is revealed in "Rita Her Rights" that Lola was wearing pantyhose that were bunching on her.
  • Lola and her twin sister Lana are voiced by the same voice actress. This is also true with many of the foreign dubs.[note 3]
  • When performing in beauty pageants, she usually wears two false front teeth.
  • Her name comes from Dolores, which means "Sorrow" in Latin.
  • Despite having a plush unicorn in her room, and "Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru" implying she loves horses, she doesn't like Princess Pony.[14]
  • According to The Loud House Instagram, when Lola grows up, she wants to be a queen or empress.
    • She says that she would like to become whichever has the "sparkliest crown".
  • She is impressed by business centers. [15]
  • She snores loudly when she sleeps, and Lincoln has compared it to the volume of Albert's snoring.[16]
  • She is the tattletale of the family.[14][17]
  • According to Episode 20 of the Nick Animation Podcast, Lola's favorite movie hasn't come out yet, because she has not starred in anything yet.[18]
  • After "Patching Things Up", both she and Lana are Bluebell Scouts.
  • Lola has baking skills.[19]
  • According to some information from The Loud House on Instagram:
    • The one place she wants to go is the Miss World Pageant in 2030.
    • Her biggest pet peeve is glitter that cakes, and her one wish would be to get rid of it.
    • There's a lot of stuff no one knows about her, but she will reveal them in a future autobiography.
  • Lola is seen swearing in "Job Insecurity", which is censored by Leni's hair dryer.
    • This makes her the second character to swear and get censored, the first being Lincoln in the episode "Get the Message" who was censored by Luna's guitar playing.
  • Lola does not like reading because she is not good at it.[20]
  • Lola is the first of Lincoln's younger sisters to host the family podcast Listen Out Loud.
  • She can play the harmonica,[17] the cymbals[21] and the tambourine[22] skillfully.
  • Lola is homeschooled during pageant season.[23]
  • Lola does not know what an institute is.[24]
  • It is implied that Lola is bad at her education, such as in "Rita Her Rights" where she says her teacher takes breaks a lot and screams in an empty locker. Also, in "Ruthless People", Rita says Lynn Sr. has to attend 20 parent-teacher conferences, including Lola's, meaning her parent-teacher conferences go badly.
  • Lola lost a beauty pageant for the first time in "Gown and Out". This episode also reveals that she feels nauseated whenever she mentions the idea of herself losing.
  • It is implied that Lola eats cake after bedtime.[25]
  • She is allergic to a certain type of glitter lotion.[26]
  • She can tap dance.[27]
  • Every time she eats cheese before bed, she'll get nightmares from her sleep.[28]
  • Lola along with Lisa and Lucy has so far never had a flashback scene that takes place when she was younger.
  • She likes to give the house makeovers, and has done so since the age of one.[29]
  • Up until her and Lana's seventh birthday, she has always had more say than Lana in planning their birthday parties, and that she even planned something for the day they'd be born in utero.[30]
  • Lynn Sr. once got her a pony, but it didn't work out.[31]
    • One deleted scene shows that the pony died, but seeing as the scene got deleted, it remains unknown what actually happened to Lola's pony.
  • She and Lana share a twin code which none of their other siblings understand, and they can always smell where the other one is.[32]
    • This secret language was probably invented after The Many Faces of Lincoln Loud, as in that comic, Lola is seen trying to come up with a secret language.
  • Lola frequently has sleepwalking rampages.[32]
  • She finds it easier to show people sympathy after she has eaten a meal.[33]
  • Lola is annoyed by, and perhaps jealous of, Lisa's intellect.[34]
  • She is implied to be arachnophobic like Leni and Lynn Sr.[34], but considering that she once interacted with a domesticated tarantula without freaking out,[35] she could be only afraid of wild spiders.
  • Lola is has blue eyes.[36]
  • She whitens her teeth through a costly operation.[37]
  • She holds a teaspoon of sugar under her tongue to get rid of the hiccups.[38]
  • Her favorite dessert is chocolate mousse pie.[39]
  • Her least favorite pizza toppings are ham and pineapple.[39]
  • She takes four-hour baths.[40]
  • She, Lana, Lincoln, Rita, Lynn Sr., Myrtle, Mr. Bolhofner, Chandler and Hector are so far the only characters to have a birthday celebrated in an episode.



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