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"Lola Loud's Pageant Tips" is the fourteenth episode of Listen Out Loud.


Lola Loud gives listeners a behind-the-scenes look at the world of pageantry at the Little Miss Iron Ore competition.


Lola is participating in the Little Miss Iron Ore pageant, and states that, along with wanting to win first prize, she's going to reveal her beauty regimen. With Lincoln as her pageant coach, Lola is prepared to get herself ready, but before Lincoln can start, Cheryl, the pageant coordinator, arrives and compliments Lola's dress. After Cheryl leaves, Lincoln begins Lola's beauty regimen.

  • First, Lincoln applies a moisturizing caviar luxe face mask to give Lola's skin a shine. At Lola's orders, Lincoln puts more than the recommended amount, which causes the mask to harden quickly. As a result, Lola is unable to tell Lincoln to take the mask off, and Lincoln, having misinterpreted what Lola was saying, proceeds to chisel the mask off, which he promptly follows up with a puff of powder.
  • Second, Lincoln begins to put on Lola's makeup (trademarked), which consists of contouring her cheek bones, gluing on her eyelashes, blotting her lips, and applying primer.
  • Lastly, Lola deals with her hair. After she sprays some grab and clench hairspray (where Lincoln's hand gets temporarily stuck in her hair), Lincoln brings out a jet-engine powered hairdryer Lisa made for her and, at Lola's command, cranks it at its max. However, the powerful burst of air is too much for Lola, as she is blown away and lands into a bin full of sequins.

After Lincoln helps Lola out, Lindsay Sweetwater, Lola's longtime rival, arrives. After some heated banter between the two regarding who the Little Miss Iron Ore pageant was named after, Cheryl tells Lindsay that it's her turn to perform. As Lindsay performs a bagpipe solo, Lola requests Lincoln to get her ribbon wand so she can warm up, since she's on after Lindsay. Suddenly, Lincoln discovers that her ribbon wand is missing, and Lola comes to the conclusion that Lindsay stole it and hid it in an attempt to get her disqualified. Lincoln and Lola quickly attempt to search around the area to find it, like the girl's bathroom and the back alley (where they run into Flip [under the alias Jimmy] hauling a cart of fake pageant gear), with no success.

After heading backstage, Cheryl arrives to tell Lola that it's her time to perform. Lola tells Cheryl to stall for a short moment, and after she does as instructed, Lola declares that she's going to announce her withdrawal from the pageant. However, Lincoln gives her a motivational speech by telling her that she never gives up. Inspired by his words, Lola decides to improvise: taking the caps off some bottles of sparkling water and using eyelash glue to attach them to the bottom of her shoes, Lola declares that she's going to do a tap dance performance.

Going on stage, Lola manages to wow the judges and the crowd with her superb tap-dancing, and once she finishes, the judges declare Lola the winner. As Lola relays her win to the listeners, she lashes out at Lindsay for attempting to get her disqualified. However, Lindsay swears that she never touched her ribbon wand. Suddenly, Cheryl reveals herself to be the thief, as she mistook it for her hair ribbon. She promptly takes it off, but the whip of the ribbon accidentally activates Lisa's jet-engine hairdryer, blowing away Flip, who had just entered the building, into the bin of sequins. As Lincoln and Lola go to help Flip out, Cheryl discovers the microphone and briefly sings into it before being called by Lola to help them out with Flip.



  • This episode reveals that Lola is talented in tap dancing.
  • Lola mentions Chinah from "Gown and Out".
  • This episode reveals that Lindsay Sweetwater can play the bagpipes.


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