This pages describes Lola Loud's relationships with other characters.

Her siblings


She is very stuck up, selfish, and fierce tempered with them, often being a brat just to get her way, threatening to tell their parents, or worse, if they don't please her, taking the advantage that their parents would believe her over them, as she is only six years old. She still enjoys having fun with them, though when they anger her, she will approach them with malice. Her siblings find it most wise to avoid any chance of setting her temper off at all costs.

Lola's family congratulating her.

In "A Tattler's Tale", it is shown the Loud kids have a club for sharing secrets, but refuse to let Lola join because of her reputation as the family's tattletale. As such, Lola leaves a hidden microphone in their meeting, and then blackmails them into doing favors and spending time with her under the threat of her telling their secrets to their parents. When they eventually discover the microphone, the other kids try to find a secret of Lola's they can use for revenge, but she manages to keep a step ahead of them at every turn. Eventually, they do find out a secret from a spiteful pageant rival of hers, reveal to her they know about it, and threaten to reveal it to their parents if she reveals their secrets, thus negating her threat, but also leaving her lonely and remorseful after they indicate that she may never be trusted enough to be in their club. Later on, to their shock, Lola then takes the blame for her siblings' secrets, getting them off the hook and herself grounded for a month. Lola admits that she only wished to be included in their group and spend time with them, but realizes she should have tried to earn their trust instead of exploiting their secrets. This finally earns her the other Loud kids' trust and entry to their club, though she does tell the secrets to her stuffed animals (as she has to let the secrets spill somewhere, and knows that the animals can't talk, and thus will never tell anyone).

In Lola's episode of the Listen Out Loud, she locks herself in her and Lana's room and spends her podcast gossiping to the listeners about her siblings' personal secrets and most embarrassing moments. Despite her efforts to keep her podcast secret from them, the siblings discover her actions (thanks to Bobby texting Lori about the podcast), and angrily try to get into the room to stop her as she continues gossiping and tries to keep them out. Eventually, the other kids manage to get into the room, and after a brief tussle, manage to seize the microphone from her. They all then berate and scold her for violating their privacies to the world and permanently ban her from all future podcasts. Realizing she has to make things right, Lola then gossips some personal secrets about herself to the listeners, earning her siblings' forgiveness.


Lincoln teaching Lola how to read.

He often ceases arguments between Lola and Lana. In "Left in the Dark", he hugged Lola and Lana when they were scared of a possible ghost in the basement. He promised to protect them from ghosts much to their joy. She often blames him for many bad things that happen to her even if she can only blame herself like in "Chore and Peace" and "It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, House".

He's afraid of Lola's anger, and she can easily take advantage of him, even though she is almost half his age (although in "Sound of Silence", it is shown that she can be intimidating and or threatening to any of her siblings). She was his main opponent in "Undie Pressure". He lost and abandoned his habit as part of the deal, but Lola felt bad for him, so she bought him the underwear, which caused him to hug her in return. Lola is always grateful towards Lincoln when he does nice things for her.

In The Loud House (pilot), Lola demands that he play fashion photographer with her and threatens to tell Rita that he'd been reading comics on the roof in his underwear.

In "Making the Case", she permanently uninvited Lincoln to all her birthday parties due to him uploading a video of her and their other sisters. Later she agrees his video was funny.

In The Sweet Spot, she (unintentionally) beats him up while fighting with Lana. Later she angrily asks what he’s doing.

In "A Tale of Two Tables", Lola (along with Lana) pokes sausages at Lincoln's face, annoying him. She rubs ketchup off his face. Later she laughs at his choice. He later tries to help her and Lana share a jumprope by cutting it in half.

In Butterfly Effect, she shouts at him saying she’s leaving.

In "Toads and Tiaras", Lincoln works relatively hard for a week to make sure Lola wins the "Little Miss Prim & Perfect" beauty pageant.

In One of the Boys, she tells him to have class. Later in some flashbacks, she is seen caring for him. Later she consoles him after his bad dream. Later she says he has no class after he breaks loris watch in fear.

In Undie Pressure, she makes a bet with him and says if he loses, he has to give up his habit permanently. Later she buys him his underwear after she decides he shouldn’t have to.

In Cereal Offender, she demands a treat. Later she helps buy him cereal to apologize for ruining his chances.

In "Cover Girls", Lola helps cover for Lincoln by fighting with Lana to distract their parents. Also, Lincoln dressed up as both Lola and Lana.

In "The Loudest Yard", she agrees to help Lincoln get an injury so he wouldn't be involved in football, although it didn't go so well, and she was angry with Lincoln for crashing her car, and attempted to beat him up, but was stopped by Lynn.

In "A Tattler's Tale", Lola blackmails Lincoln into being her butler.

In "Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru", Lincoln gives Rusty Spokes advice to dress as a knight and buy a horse to impress his crush, based on Lola's enjoyment of stories about knights and horses. She later tells him she isn’t like Lana after he is forced to spill.

In "One Flu Over the Loud House", when Lincoln observes that she and Lana are sick, he is nervous both for his and their wellbeing. He tries to ask Lori for advice, only to find out that she's sick too.

In "Baby Steps", Lincoln helped the twins come to an agreement when Lana was attacking Lola's castle by pretending to be a troll. Both twins then demanded cookies when he spelled the word "cookie" out.

In Brawl in the Family, she says he’s paying for new bumpers.

In "The Whole Picture", it's revealed that Lincoln held Lola when she was a baby.

In "Out of the Picture", she thanks Lincoln and Clyde for getting her good photo into the yearbook.

In Room with a Feud, she interrupts Lincolns show. Later she gets mad at his test. Later she tells him Lynn and Lana worked together to haul him back to his old bedroom.

In ARGGH! You for Real?, she asks why he’s deleting his saved episodes.

In Making the Grade, she kicks him out of the van.

In Yes Man, she sings a song to thank him.

In "Read Aloud", Lincoln helps Lola to learn how to read, and when Lincoln prepares to take the blame for the family losing the reading contest, Lola doesn't want her brother to go through this, and tells the family that it was because it's hard for her to read, and that's why it took so long for her to read a book.

In "White Hare", Lola, along with Lana, tell Lincoln that he is friendly.

In Last Loud on Earth, she yells at him to come to the mall. Later she gives him a look of confusion.

In "Tea Tale Heart", Lola steals Lincoln's glue. When he asks about it, she acts aggressively defensive about taking it, and Lincoln tells her that she doesn't have to get mad about it as Lola angrily denies that.

In "Community Disservice", when Lola needs to do community service to participate in the pageant, Lincoln suggests being a "new student buddy".

In "Room and Hoard", Lola and Lincoln went to the arcade to play games and won two prizes.

In "A Dark and Story Night" during playing a story telling game, Lincoln chooses Lola as next to tell what happens next. Lola calls his character weird, but he tells her he's cool and not weird.

In "Season's Cheatings", Lincoln gave Lola a pair of earrings as a gift that came from Chandler in exchange for Lincoln's gift.

In Lincoln's "Listen Out Loud" podcast, he suspects Lola of taking his hammock and when he tries to interrogate her, she cries because he thinks he's discovered her hiding the vegetables.

In Welcome to the Loud House, Lincoln is unsure what to do with Lola's flowers.

In Living Loud: Lincoln's List, Lola asks Lincoln to fetch her some pink ribbons. When he does so, she thanks him. If she sees Lincoln in his underwear, she tells on him.

In Living Loud: Summer School, Lola takes Lincoln's camera, leading to him getting an F in biology, and helps him to get the grade back. Later, Lincoln has to get one of the school's instruments back from her.


Lori comforting Lola.

While the two don't have much interactions, they get along as sisters. They share the same traits by being stubborn when something doesn't go their way or when being annoyed by something. Lori can be somewhat scared of Lola's temper and what she is capable of, as shown in "Sound of Silence" and "A Tattler's Tale". Despite this, Lola does recognize Lori's authority as shown in "No Guts, No Glori".

In "In Tents Debate", Lori and Lola both want to go to Aloha Beach and try to get Lincoln to vote for their side.

In "Sound of Silence", Lola sneezes, but Lori didn't say "bless you", so then Lola destroys Lori's phone by putting it in the boiling pot holder.

In "A Tattler's Tale", Lola blackmails Lori into scratching her head.

In "Back in Black", Lori blames Lola for taking her lipstick.

In "Vantastic Voyage", Lori scolds Lola for not helping her and their other siblings push the van.

In "Room with a Feud", they get along really well as roommates during Lisa's compatibility test where they both have an authoritarian nature. After Lola helps Lori tell Bobby that he still better have that shirt that Lori gave him, Lori makes plans to call the pageant judge that gave Lola a 5.

In "Health Kicked", Lori allowed Lola to hang onto her.

In "Selfie Improvement", Lola helps with her photos in order to get more likes than Carol.

In "Gown and Out", Lori takes Lola to a regional pageant.

In "Tea Tale Heart", Lola pays Lori to drive her to an antique doll shop.

In "Driving Ambition", while practicing for an important golf match, Lola helps with her erratic heartbeat issue by explaining how she experienced the same thing at one of her pageants, but was able to slow her heartbeat with a breathing technique and successfully compete in the pageant. Lori uses the same technique and calms herself enough to properly use her putter.

In the comic "The Princess and the Plea" (printed in After Dark), she has trouble sleeping when she feels something in her mattress. When Lana when wasn't around to help, she goes to get Lori, while getting pranked by Luan with a pie in the face in the process. Lori checks the mattress, but finds nothing inside it. Even lays on the bed herself, but doesn't feel anything. Lola then blackmails to tell their parents about an incident with the dishes since she thinks Lori is calling her a liar. Despite doing everything she can to help make the mattress better, such as stomping the lumps out, placing all her stuffed animals on the bed, removing the stuffing from the mattress, placing Lana's mattress on top of hers, and even telling her a bedtime story, none of it worked. Finally, Lola asks if she can sleep in her bed. Lori suspiciously asks if she planned this the whole time, to which she replies, "maybe...", but allows her to sleep with her.

In Lola's episode of Listen Out Loud, she reveals that Lori farted in Vanzilla and it smelled so bad that Lynn Sr. crashed into a tree. Lori then got mad at Lola but made up to her when Lola apologised and gossiped about herself.

In Living Loud: Surprise Party, Lola bakes Lori's birthday cake.

In Welcome to the Loud House, Lola dials a random number on Lori's cell phone and Lori mistakes Lola's flowers for a gift (ostensibly from Bobby, judging by her romantic body language).


Lola kissing Leni.

While the two didn't have much interaction, their interactions begin to grow in the later seasons. Lola tends to get annoyed when Leni acts dumb, yet Leni gets scared of getting on Lola's temper, as Lola once gave her stuff away after she accidentally sat on Lola's crown (although this was shown to be a made up story). As the most feminine sisters, they enjoy fashion and in "Homespun", the two were shown to enjoy dressing up in traditional ball gowns during the time of the Wild West, with Leni helping her dress up.

In "In Tents Debate", Lola and Leni both wanted to go to Aloha Beach and try to get Lincoln to vote for their side.

In "Sound of Silence", Leni accidentally sits on Lola's tiara, thus breaking it. Later, Lola sells all of Leni's stuff as revenge.

In "Back in Black", Lola blamed Leni for taking her perfume.

In "Lock 'n' Loud", Leni scolded Lola for attacking a dummy robber who she claimed liked her.

In "Kick the Bucket List", Leni watched over her and Lana.

n "Washed Up", they were in charge of making beds. Leni also saves Lola from quicksand using her rope.

In "Recipe for Disaster", when attempts to return library books Lola to tell her that the books she was returning were actually Lucy's poetry book and her diary.

In "Present Tense" Lola wants to buy a tie for their dad but Leni reminds her she already got him that one.

In "A Star is Scorned", Leni asks Lola if she can have her magazine back so she can read it on the bus on her way to work. Lola throws it at her and yells. Lola apologizes to Leni and then Leni tells her about the cutest kid contest at Reininger's. Lola then kisses Leni on her head and tells Leni that she will drive her to work in her Princess Car instead.

In "The Boss Maybe", Lola feels bad for Leni when she goes in over her head when Lori would have handled all their problems really quickly. Later, Leni cuts Lola and Lynn's $10 bill in half, which angers Lola, who says it's not how money works.

In "Electshunned", Lola is one of Leni's biggest supporters for her to become mayor. She becomes Leni's campaign manager and she helps Leni with her election campaign. They work together to sabotage the mayor at times, such as finding something she bought from Hazeltucky. She also supports Leni one more time before she makes her final campaign speech.

In Lola's Listen Out Loud podcast, Leni is one of the siblings she shares a secret about, namely that she once brought a bar of soap to a meteor shower. Like the others, Leni is angry at Lola but forgives her when she apologises.

In Welcome to the Loud House, they both appreciate each other's belongings.


Lola ordering Luna not to give up.

These two do not interact very much, but it is shown that while they have been shown to work together with their siblings, they seem to have a little conflict every now and then.

In "For Bros About to Rock", Lola, along with her other sisters, warns Lincoln not to let Luna find out about going to his first SMOOCH concert, as she'll come along and ruin the experience, just as she did when she went with her and Lana to see Blarney the Dinosaur, where she tried to crowd surf on small children, only to crush them, including her twins, under her.

In "Cover Girls", Lola dressed up as Luna.

In "Come Sale Away", during the competition to see who can get Lily's blanket back first, they confront a lady who bought a malfunctioning vacuum cleaner at the sale, and try to blame the other for selling it to her.

In "A Tattler's Tale", when she finds out about Luna's secret about blowing out the power one night, she forces her to let her have the middle seat on the coach, and dress up as a medieval bard and sing songs for her.

In "One Flu Over the Loud House", Lola accidentally gets Luna sick by sneezing on her.

In "L is for Love", when Luna feels like Sam wouldn't like her back, Lola lividly encourages her not to give up.

In "Job Insecurity", she, along with Lana, attempted to take Luna's sandwich, but she held them back. Later, Luna was seen fist bumping her, along with Lana.

In Lola's "Listen Out Loud" episode, Luna gets angry at Lola after the latter reveals a secret about the former (namely that she once talked in the mirror), but, like the others, forgives her.

In Welcome to the Loud House, if Luna is given Lola's flowers, she will mistake them for a gift from an admirer and get nervous.


Lola pranked by Luan.

While the two don't have much interaction, the two do get along as sisters. It is shown that Lola can get extremely annoyed with Luan's jokes. She also gets pied by Luan in "Attention Deficit".

In addition, it is shown in "April Fools Rules" that she is extremely afraid of Luan on April Fool's Day.

In "A Tattler's Tale", Lola blackmailed Luan to be her jester and tell her jokes. Luan was so displeased with this she faked her laugh from own jokes.

In "Out of the Picture", Lola asks Luan to take a photo of her, but Luan uses the wrong camera.

In "No Laughing Matter", Lola reveals to her siblings that she read Luan's diary. Despite this, she knows how important it is for Luan to be in the Junior Comedian's Contest at The Chortle Portal.

In Lola's episode of "Listen Out Loud", Lola reveals that Luan laughed so hard at breakfast that she sprayed milk into everyone else's cereal. She, like the other gossiped-about sisters, was mad at Lola, but she was still able to joke about it. In Luan's episode, Luan pranks Lola by putting plastic wrap on the toilet and nailing the door shut.

In Welcome to the Loud House, Luan likes Lola's flowers.


Lynn and Lola working on party food.

They don't have many interactions but they do get along as sisters. Like all their siblings, Lola doesn't like Lynn's wild behavior, and Lynn is scared of Lola's anger.

In "The Butterfly Effect", Lynn and Lola begin to live in a life of crime, and rob Flip's Food n' Feul, which Lisa works in Lincoln's fantasy.

In "A Tattler's Tale", Lola blackmailed Lynn to make her paint her toenails and wear clothes of a maiden much to Lynn's annoyance.

In "Back in Black", Lola blamed Lynn for taking her perfume.

In "Lock 'n' Loud", Lynn trained Lola in karate to attack a burglar. Lynn motivated her by giving her a hypothetical situation of a stolen tiara.

In "Fed Up", Lola attacked Lynn, because she destroyed her cake.

In "Spell It Out", Lola and Lana played canoeing with Lynn.

In "No Spoilers", they were in charge of making snacks for their Mom's birthday.

In "Head Poet's Anxiety", when the siblings were heckling Lucy to get her used to criticism, Lola claimed that she was "more moved by Lynn's farts" than Lucy's poetry, which Lynn actually took as a compliment.

In "The Boss Maybe", Lola and Lynn fight over a $10 bill.

In Lola's Listen Out Loud episode, she reveals that Lynn clogged the toilet eleven times in a week. This made her, and the other gossiped-about sisters, angry, but she soon forgave Lola.

In Welcome to the Loud House, Lynn kicks Lola's flowers around.


Lucy forgiving Lola for an incident with her doll.

They don't have many interactions but they do get along as sisters and have a flair for the dramatic. Like all their siblings, Lola gets scared of Lucy popping up out of nowhere (or by her sudden appearance out of thin air, in other words), and Lucy is scared of Lola's anger.

In "A Tale of Two Tables", they both sat at the kiddy table.

In "In Tents Debate", Lola and Lucy both want to go to Aloha Beach to try to get Lincoln to vote for their side.

In "Cover Girls", Lola dresses up as Lucy at one point.

In "Roughin' It", it was revealed Lucy is also afraid of Lola's anger as she played dead to avoid her.

In "A Tattler's Tale", Lola blackmailed Lucy to make her drive her toy car.

In "Back in Black", she and her other sisters give her a makeover. Near the end of the episode, Lola (along with the other sisters) apologized to Lucy and agreed that they like her for who she is.

In "Room with a Feud", Lucy and Lola become roommates. They seem to get along at first, but Lola decorates Edwin in a pink coat to bring him into the 21st century, which Lucy dislikes. When Lola states to Lincoln that there is no way she is compatible with "spooky," Lucy asks Lola if she wants to fight about it causing Lisa to break it up.

In "Spell It Out", Lola takes the last slice of pie, failing to notice that Lucy had already raised her hand.

In "Health Kicked", Lucy allowed Lola hang onto her.

In "Rita Her Rights", Lola and Lucy was seen fighting over a book.

In "Head Poet's Anxiety", she pretends to heckle Lucy to try and get her used to heckling so that she can perform on stage by saying that she's more moved by Lynn's farts than Lucy's poetry. Lucy responds with a poem of her own: "Mean little blonde, you throw stones and sticks, but what would you know? You're only six."

In "Tea Tale Heart", Lola see that Lucy found a beautiful doll which the latter found in the attic. Lola wants to play with the doll, but Lucy denies due to the doll being relatively fragile, so Lola borrows the doll without Lucy's permission, but with terrible results.

In Lola's Listen Out Loud episode, Lucy is one of the sisters she shares a secret about (that she used up Lynn Sr.'s pepper to make a potion) which made her angry, but they soon made up.

In Welcome to the Loud House, Lucy wilts Lola's flowers.


Lola and Lana hugging each other.

Being twins, they share the same room, and generally share a great relationship, but they still have differences between them, as Lola is a girly girl, and Lana is a tomboy. Overall, they definitely have the best relationship among the younger sisters.

Though Lola has a tendency to be mean when she is angry, Lana herself is also rather mischievous. In "Along Came a Sister", she tried to cut the hair of Lola's doll, which Lola would really dislike. Despite this, they enjoy playing together, and wanted to watch the same cartoons on television.

In The Sweet Spot, she fought with her.

In "A Tale of Two Tables", they both sat at the kiddy table. Later they fought over a jump rope.

In "Picture Perfect", they were seen playing together.

In "It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, House", they made a group to find the money.

In "Cover Girls", she and Lola bought Lincoln more time to get into his room before their parents came in.

In "Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru", Lana expresses gratitude at Lola's dissimilarity to her, then they both high-five.

In "One Flu Over the Loud House", Lana accidentally got Lola sick by coughing on her. Lola also disapproved of Lana drinking out of the carton and coughing on her.

In "Baby Steps", Lola asks her to guard her castle, but she gets bored and attacks it instead, which makes Lola mad. Lincoln solves this by pretending to be a troll so they can both attack him.

In Brawl in the Family, they are the third pair to get mad at each other.

In "Patching Things Up", they were excited to become Bluebell Scouts together, but when during tryouts, one of them excelled at the task, while the other one failed. This caused them to have a falling out. Later, the two admitted that they deliberately failed, because they didn't want to be Bluebells without each other and they hug and make up which causes them to earn the friendship patch.

In "Potty Mouth", the twins play a clapping game together.

In "Health Kicked", she and Lana played jump rope with Rita to help her exercise.

In "Tea Tale Heart", Lana returns Rosie to Lola, mistakenly believing her to be Lola's doll.

In "Racing Hearts", they were partners for the Astonishing Quest.

In "Washed Up", she gets stuck in quicksand, and Lana tries to help her but gets stuck as well. They eventually get freed because Leni had a rope and the family worked together to lasso them out. After, Lana says, "You have to be more careful Loles, I can always build you another princess bed, but I can't build myself another twin", and they hug.

In "Any Given Sundae", the twins argue over whether to watch a show about pageants or a show about penguins, eventually settling on a show about both.

In "A Mutt Above", Lola promises to her twin if she fixes her car, she can train Charles for her for a fancy dog show. True to her word, Charles is trained into a very sophisticated dog and performs flawlessly for the dog show. Later, when she's about to get him ready for the tie-breaker, Charles had reverted to his normal self, and Lana happily forfeits the competition, much to Lola's dismay and consternation.

In "Community Disservice", she cheers with more enthusiasm than anyone else in class when Lola makes a grand entrance, chanting, "GO SIS! GO SIS!" However, after Meli wins a cheese crown for Lola, she takes a huge bite out of it, much to Lola's annoyance.

In "Sister Act", Lola and Lana agreed to pretend each other to avoid doing things they don't like.

In "Room and Hoard", the twins sing and dance along to "The Little Froggy Song".

In "A Dark and Story Night" during playing a story telling game, Lola chooses Lana as next to tell what happens next.

In "Strife of the Party", Lana wants to prepare her and Lana's upcoming 7th birthday, but Lola plans to stop her from decorating. Lana buys a bull from Flip, makes a large cake made of mud, and uses lots of garbage for decorations. Lola, disliking these plans, calls a garbage man, pops Flips tires, and tips a health inspector, so the cake won't be delivered. Lana is upset that the party is ruined, but Lola takes her there, where it is designed her way. Lana finds out that Lola sabotaged her party plans and, with her feelings hurt, runs off and leaves, forcing Lola to undo her mistakes. She brings back all the decorations, apologizes to Lana, and brings her back to the party where they make up.

In Welcome to the Loud House, Lana dances with Lola's flowers.


A bald Lola livid at Lisa.

She and Lisa interact quite a bit, though their relationship is hit and miss considering the circumstances.

In "A Tale of Two Tables", they both sat at the kiddie table, Lola laughs at Lisa getting hit by Lana's peas, though this was by accident.

In "A Tattler's Tale", Lola blackmails Lisa into doing her homework for her.

In "Snow Bored", Lola tries to get Lisa to try figure skating only for Lisa to calculate Lola's weight breaking through the ice.

In "11 Louds a Leapin'", Lisa continuously tells Lola that she has no chance of getting on Santa's nice list.

In "Suite and Sour", they act out the business center scene in their play to beg their parents to take them and the rest of the kids to the spa with them.

In "Making the Grade", Lola wants Lisa to give the answer to a radio contest, but Lisa botches it after giving up her smarts.

In "Out of the Picture", Lisa takes her x-ray instead of a picture for the yearbook.

In "Garage Banned", Lisa creates a serum that sprays and cuts off Lola's hair, leaving her bald and enraged.

In Last Loud on Earth, she tells her the password is her birthday.

In Welcome to the Loud House, Lisa studies Lola's flowers.


Lola hugging Lily.

She and Lily have a good relationship.

In "A Tale of Two Tables", they both sat at the kiddy table.

In "In Tents Debate", Lola and Lily both want to go to Aloha Beach, but they try to get Lincoln to vote for their side.

In "Changing the Baby", Lola tries to implement her interests on Lily, and make her a playing partner, because she had nobody that shares her likes.

In "Out of the Picture", Lily took pictures of Lola, and it saved her, because she had the right photo.

In "Potty Mouth", Lola accidentally swears in front of Lily.

In "The Crying Dame", Lola was among the most enthusiastic about getting rid of Fenton. Despite this, she, like all the other Loud siblings, did not want to see Lily sad when Fenton was gone.

In "Any Given Sundae", Lily solves a conflict between Lola and Lana by changing the channel to a show they both like.

In Welcome to the Loud House, Lily plays with Lola's flowers.

In Living Loud: Lincoln's List, Lola uses Lily to insult Lincoln ("Did you get Lily to make this ribbon? Because it looks like, you know, a baby made it!").

Her parents


She seems to get along with her parents, though she may be closer to her mother, because whenever she doesn't get her way she calls for her mother. In "The Price of Admission", she states whenever she is scared she sleeps with her parents. However, she has shown the desire to get revenge if she feels wrong, as shown in "Ties that Bind", where when she believes they are getting rid of her, she states they will pay. Nonetheless, it is evident she loves them and vice versa.

In "Future Tense", her parents forced her to work at a volunteer soup kitchen.

In "Pipe Dreams", Lola wanted to sleep with her parents because she had a nightmare.

Lynn Sr.

Lola and Lynn Sr. having fun.

Her father often spoils her, as it is shown in "Toads and Tiaras", that he got her the princess channel, sacrificing his sports channel.

In addition, in "Sleuth or Consequences", whenever Lincoln clogged the toilet, she told on him to their father.

She also enjoys going to Take Your Daughter to Work Day with him in "A Novel Idea", and was disappointed when Luna kicked their father out of the band in "House Music".

In "Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru", she was happy about him reading her a bedtime story, but angrily wanted him to read another one.

In "Job Insecurity", when calling her father's new boss in order to get him fired, she not only expressed her anger for seemingly making her father a dishwasher, but she even cursed at him, which leaved Lynn Sr.'s boss deeply terrified of her. This shows that she loves her father so much than those who seemingly make some sort of offense towards him shall face her anger.

In Rita's Listen Out Loud podcast, she and Lori struggle to get Lynn Sr. to go to the dentist.


Rita grounding Lola.

When she takes the blame for the things her siblings did in "A Tattler's Tale", Rita did not yell, but grounded her for a month.

In "Fool's Paradise", Lola doesn't want to stay at a 2-star motel that they didn't know was a trap at the time, but Rita makes her stay with a witty retort.

In "One Flu Over the Loud House", Lola tattles to Rita after Lana drinks from the carton and coughs on her.

In "The Loud House (pilot)", Lola threatens to tell Rita that Lincoln was reading comics on the roof in his underwear.

In Rita's Listen Out Loud episode, Rita gives Lola a dental checkup.


Lola thanking Clyde.

She and Clyde have a good relationship.

In "Overnight Success", it is shown that Clyde enjoys Lola's makeovers.

In "Baby Steps", Clyde helps her put her seat belt on for her toy car and she thanked Clyde with a hug calling him a life saver, however, it was Lincoln's plan.

In "Kick the Bucket List", she and Lana beat up Clyde after he accidentally destroys their sandcastle.

In "Out of the Picture", she thanks Lincoln and Clyde for getting her good photo into the yearbook.

In Last Loud on Earth, she yells at him to come to the mall. Later she gives him a look of confusion.


Winston gives Lola a 10...

...and Lola is flattered.

Winston is a boy who Lola has a crush on. He seems to be a judge for pageants. He gives Lola a perfect score for her baton act, to which she responds with a flattered blush.

To get his attention and show that she is interested in him, she gives him a perfect score for going down the slide, despite his failed dismount. She later buried a love letter in the sandbox for him to dig up.

In "L is for Love", Winston was apparently one of possible senders of a message to "L. Loud". The actual sender turned out to be Rita Loud.

Ronnie Anne

They haven't interacted much. In "The Loudest Thanksgiving", Ronnie Anne likes the Louds' play.


Lola and Roxanne watching Prison Pageants

Roxanne is one of Lola's pageant competitors, and her best friend.

In "Friendzy", Roxanne is the first friend Lola invites over and they watch Prison Pageants together.

Meli Ramos

Lola welcoming Meli.

Lola agreed to guide new student Meli, so she would have 10 hours of community service. Lola gave Meli advices about behaving at school.

In "Strife of the Party", Meli attended Lola and her sister, Lana's birthday party.

Lindsay Sweetwater

Lindsay Sweetwater is Lola's biggest pageant rival and arch-nemesis. While Lindsay is not seen that much in episodes, her first proper appearance, outside of a smal role in "A Tattler's Tale", is in "Fool Me Twice", where stunt-double Lola forfeits her Miss Junior Royal Woods pageant victory to Lindsay, all while the real Lola watches in shock.

In Lola's second Listen Out Loud episode, Lindsay is competing against Lola for the Little Miss Iron Ore pageant. When Lola's ribbon wand, which she intended to use for her performance, goes missing, she initially blames it on Lindsay. Lola, who initially considered buying an electronic ribbon wand from Flip, would go on to win the pageant, having been encouraged by Lincoln to get creative with her ideas. However, it would be revealed that Cheryl left it in the girls' bathroom all this time. Seeing this turn of event, Lola apologizes to Lindsay.

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