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This article is about Lola's first episode of Listen Out Loud. For her second episode, see Lola Loud's Pageant Tips.
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"Lola Loud" is the third episode of Listen Out Loud.


Lola uses her podcast hosting opportunity to dish out all of the latest Loud family gossip, to the dismay of her siblings listening in.


It's Lola's turn to host the Listen Out Loud podcast. For her episode, which she titles "The Low Down with Lola", she decides to reveal some secrets about her siblings. After locking her bedroom door, Lola immediately begins to tell the listeners some of the secrets she knows, like how Lori once farted in Vanzilla so badly, Lynn Sr. nearly crashed into a tree, and Lisa keeping everyone in the house awake with her loud snoring.

Before she can continue, Lana suddenly arrives and bangs on the door, wanting to be let in so she can feed some flies to Izzy. When Lana questions why Lola locked their door, Lola, in an attempt to not tell them what she's doing, lies by saying that she's hosting a tea party. At that moment, Lynn, tossing a football upstairs, arrives and asks Lana why she's standing outside her door. When Lana says that Lola is hosting a tea party, Lynn reveals that Lola told her earlier that she was going to do a 10-minute facial mask. Suddenly, Lucy arrives and claims that Lola is actually practicing a speech for a pageant. Because of this conflicting information, the three demand to be let in to see what Lola's really up to, but Lola tells them to scram. After doing so, she goes back to telling secrets.

After Lola reveals to the listeners that Lynn once clogged the toilet 11 times in one week, Lincoln arrives and asks Lynn, Lucy and Lana what they're up to, and when Lana says that Lola locked herself in their room, Lincoln reveals that Lola is actually hosting the Listen Out Loud podcast. After thanking Lincoln for the mix-up, Lola demands the four to leave so she can do her podcast. However, Lana, now more suspicious than before, asks Lola why she was lying about it before. Before Lola can respond, Lori quickly arrives to tell everyone that Bobby is listening to the podcast and is told that Lola is gossiping about them. Because of this revelation, the other siblings begin to listen in on the podcast.

As Lola dishes out more secrets about them (like Luan telling a joke so bad, she snorted milk out of her nose into everyone's cereal and Luna talking in the mirror pretending to be accepted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame), the siblings demand her to stop, but Lola refuses, saying that, as she's hosting the podcast, she can do whatever she wants. Displeased by her actions, Leni asks Lori for her cuticle scissors so she can pick the lock. Overhearing this, Lola quickly barricades the door to keep them out. After Lola reveals a secret about Lucy using Lynn Sr.'s fancy black pepper to make a potion, Leni successfully unlocks the door but cannot enter due to the barricade. At Lynn's suggestion, they quickly ram themselves into the door and successfully enter the room.

After a brief fight, the siblings manage to get the microphone away from Lola and proceed to reprimand her by telling her that she is forever prohibited from hosting another podcast again. Lola argues that this is a violation of her freedom of the press; and, when she proposes the idea of not telling gossip anymore, the siblings still refuse, thinking she cannot be trusted enough to keep that promise. As a result, Lola begins to tell the listeners gossip about herself. Seeing her gossiping about herself in an attempt to get on even ground, the siblings decide to forgive her.

Lola wraps up the podcast by saying that "The Low Down with Lola" is officially over, and promises to come up with a new podcast for the next time she hosts. As Lola apologizes to her siblings about spreading gossip about them, she admits that it is a good thing they stopped her because she was about to reveal that they once bought a bunch of films on-demand thinking they were free. Suddenly, Lincoln realizes that Lola left the mic on, and Lynn Sr. reveals that he's been listening to the podcast this entire time, making the kids shout/groan in dismay, realizing the amount of trouble they are in right now.



  • The premise of this episode is similar to that of "A Tattler's Tale", as both involve Lola revealing her family's secrets.
  • Numerous secrets about the Loud siblings were revealed:
    • Lori once let out a fart in Vanzilla that was so bad, Lynn Sr. nearly crashed into a tree. As usual, Lori claimed it was her shoes.
    • Lisa snores so loudly, it keeps everyone awake.
    • Lynn clogged the toilet 11 times in the span of a single week.
    • Luan once made a joke that made her laugh so hard, she snorted milk out of her nose, and spilled into everyone else's cereal. As usual, Lola found the joke bad.
    • Luna was once seen talking to the mirror, imagining herself being accepted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
    • Lucy used up all of Lynn Sr.'s fancy black pepper to make a potion.
    • Two secrets about Leni were revealed:
      • She once brought a bar of soap to a meteor shower.
      • She stepped on Lincoln's model spaceship and then threw out the pieces in Mr. Grouse's trash so he would never find them.
    • Three secrets about Lola were revealed:
      • She ate half of the cookies Lynn Sr. made for Kotaro's birthday party.
      • She cheated during family board game night.
      • She once had an allergic reaction to some glitter lotion, making her face swell up like a hideous balloon.
    • All the siblings accidentally ordered a bunch of movies on-demand, thinking they were free.
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