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Got kicked out, Lori Days?
This article contains information about an episode banned in Central and Eastern Europe, South Africa,[note 1] and Germany[citation needed][note 2] due to Luna and Sam's relationship, and therefore will be unavailable to any user from these localities, with the exception of this specific article.

"Lori Days" is the thirty-sixth episode (thirty-seventh in production order) of the fifth season, and the two-hundred-thirty-fifth episode of The Loud House.


Lori makes a surprise visit to the house when she feels like she's missing out on the inside jokes.


At the Loud House, the family is eating dinner. Along with them is Lori, who is keeping in touch with them via video chat. However, as Lori begins to talk, she loses connection with her family, much to her dismay. Lori's roommate, Marisa, asks if she's alright, and Lori tells her that she feels like she's missing out on her family's lives ever since she started college. At that moment, the connection comes back to reveal the family laughing at Leni, who is covered in gravy, just before the connection is lost again. As Lori begins to panic over not knowing what happened, Marisa suggests to Lori that, because it's the weekend, she should go over to Royal Woods and spend time with her family.

The next day, Lori arrives to the Loud House, and expects a big welcome, but discovers no one present. At that moment, some siblings run past her, and Lincoln greets her. After an emotional Lynn Sr. arrives to hug his eldest daughter, Rita and the others arrive and ask why she's here. Lori says that she has some free time, and wants to spend it by hanging out with them. However, the siblings nervously tell her that they have plans today, and weren't expecting her to arrive. Lori assures them that she can find a way to be with them, and will treat the situation like she never left.

Throughout the day, Lori attempts to spend time with her siblings, but always arrives at the worst possible time, like...

  • interrupting Luna and Sam's date at the movie theater by talking to them during the middle of the movie
  • trying to converse with Luan and Benny, but because they're practicing their mime tricks, they can't speak to her
  • talking during the middle of Lucy's funeral for the Fox quints' deceased pet goldfish
  • trying to talk with Lincoln and Lana during the middle of a game tournament, and mistakes their shouting at the screen being aimed towards her
  • trying to talk to Lola, who is getting a massage at the Royal Woods Spa, and getting kicked for disrupting Lola's tranquility
  • walking up to Lynn to compliment her for a great soccer game... while it's still going, causing her to get trampled by the players

At the end of the day, Lori calls up Marisa to tell her that today was a bust, as she barely got to be with her siblings and worries she's becoming more distant. At Marisa's suggestion once again, Lori decides to spend time with them tomorrow, since they're most likely free.

The next day, Lori and her siblings are prepared for a fun day together. They first go to Hole In One-derland, where Lori teaches Lola some techniques while putting. However, three teens behind them soon grow impatient and tell them to just hit the ball. Lynn retaliates by threating them into a world of pain should they cross them, and demonstrates her immense strength by twisting a putter into a knot, causing the three teens back away in fear and land in the water. Unfortunately, a park employee, angry at Lynn for causing trouble and for damaging equipment, kicks the Louds out. Second, they go to Dairyland Amoosement Park and ride the cheese log ride, Fondue Falls. However, ignoring a sign's order for having only three people per log, Lori has allowed all of her siblings to ride on the same log. After sliding down the steep drop, the excessive amount of people on the log ends up creating a splash big enough to drench everything around them with cheese, causing a park employee and Tippy to kick them out.

Later, the kids arrive to Tall Timbers Park, and are prepared to eat their meals they got at Burpin' Burger while watching the sunset. Unfortunately, the beautiful sunset is quickly covered up by rainclouds, much to Lori's dismay. To make matters worse, as the siblings get their food, they begin to argue and it eventually boils over to the point that Lincoln declares a food fight. Lori attempts to calm her siblings, but during the scuffle, an empty cup hits the stick shift, changing Vanzilla's gears from park to neutral, causing the van to roll backwards and land in a mud puddle on the edge of a pond. Lori tries to drive out, but the slick mud prevents them from getting out.

As the siblings attempt to push Vanzilla out of the mud (while Lori stays in the car to steer the vehicle), Lola, getting covered in mud from Vanzilla's spinning tires, throws a ball of mud into Lana's face, causing Lincoln to declare a mud fight. As the siblings throw mud at each other, Lori once again tries to stop the fight, but in the process, she falls out of Vanzilla and lands in the mud. At that moment, Lori breaks down crying, and the siblings, hearing her cry, immediately stop fighting. Lori tells them that her attempts to spend time with them have ended disastrously, and claims that she doesn't feel like a part of the family anymore, since they all had plans yesterday and how everything today went wrong for them. However, her siblings call ludicrous on her statement, saying that getting kicked out of places and rolling Vanzilla into a pond is perfectly normal to them, and tell Lori that even though she's not with them all the time, she'll always be a part of the family. Leni initiates a group hug, but the slick mud causes them to fall over, where they proceed to resume their mud fight.

The next day, Lori has gone back to Fairway, and the siblings are about to have dessert. When Lynn Sr. remarks that all the vanilla ice cream has melted, Luan cracks a joke regarding what happened to Vanzilla, causing the siblings to laugh. However, Rita and Lynn Sr. don't get the joke, and Lori remarks that they had to be there to understand. As everyone laughs again, Lynn Sr., although laughing, still doesn't get the joke and asks what everyone's laughing about.


Benny, Stevie, and the unnamed Fox siblings have no lines in this episode.


  • This is the fourth episode in Season 5 to use the standard title card music, the first three being "No Bus No Fuss", "Much Ado About Noshing", and "Animal House".
  • This episode reveals Lana keeps a spice container full of dirt that she uses to season her meals.
  • Lori has been away from the Loud House for so long, that Lily introduces herself to Lori as if she's meeting her for the first time. This may imply that Lily now no longer knows who Lori is, but Lily may have also been joking.
  • This episode contains a nod to the Season 4 episode "Game Off" by having Lincoln and Lana playing Total Trash Takedown together. However, the game has a notable difference in visual style, not having an 8-bit aesthetic.
  • According to Lori, Fairway University sells a Coach Niblick quote-of-the-day calendar.
  • Lynn, being the thrill-seeker she is, was the only one who was smiling while riding Fondue Falls.
  • This episode reveals that Lori has a roommate named Marisa.
  • The plot of the episode is similar to "Missed Connection". In both episodes, Lori is afraid of losing her bond with her family/boyfriend due to living in different places, but it turns out to be only a misunderstanding and Lori worried for nothing.
  • Irony: Lincoln and Lana regretted playing video games instead of hanging out with Lori, but when she was next to them, they didn't even notice her.
    • Lori got upset over her attempts at family bonding going wrong, but her siblings reassure her that what she went through was just a normal day for the Louds.


  • Lori Days - The title of this episode is a pun of the expression "glory days", which refers to a time in the past that was better than the present.
    • The title could also be a pun on the 1985 Bruce Springsteen song "Glory Days".


  • During the dinner scene in the beginning, Lucy is sitting to Lincoln's right. But through Lori's phone, Lucy is sitting to Rita's left.
    • Also, the phone was facing Rita in one shot. But when the video chat started buffering, the phone is facing Leni.
  • When Lori startles Luna and Sam at the movie theater, Luna crushes her soda cup, and the top and straw came off. But when she tells Lori that they're trying to watch the movie, the top and straw are briefly shown back on the cup.
    • Also, Sam crushes the popcorn box. But when Lori came back and asked for some popcorn, the box is no longer crushed.
    • Also each time when Lori startles Luna and Sam, Sam's nose is pointed instead of rounded.
  • Lana takes part in funeral organized by Lucy, but in the same time she plays video games with Lincoln.
  • When Lana and Lola are fighting over their chicken tenders, one of Lana's legs is drawn like Lily's foot when wearing booties.
  • When Lori attempts to stop the siblings' mud fight, she is seen covered in mud already.
  • At the end of the episode, it shown to be sunset outside, but as the family laughs over what happened to Vanzilla, it's completely dark outside.



  1. Banned due to a common African feed, which is shared with several countries where homosexuality is illegal. South Africa is to date the only country in Africa where same-sex marriage is legal.
  2. Likely banned due to a shared feed with Central and Eastern Europe, which is shared with several countries where homosexuality is seen as taboo. Same-sex marriage is legal in Germany.
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