This page shows all of Lori Loud's different attires she has worn throughout the series, excluding her normal outfit.

Image Episode(s) Description
S2E17B Lori unhappy
Various episodes Her sleep attire consists of a white tanktop and checkered pajama shorts.
Lori P.J.
Similar to her white pajamas, she wears a light blue tanktop and checkered pajama shorts.
Lori's winter clothes
Lori wears a light blue coat, indigo pants, purple gloves, blue boots, and white earmuffs.
S1E23A Lori on beach
She wears a two-piece light blue bikini as swimwear in the summertime.
Lori bathrobe
Various episodes She wears a bathrobe and most of the time wraps a towel around her head.
S1E03A Lori puts on her sweater
"Driving Miss Hazy"
and "Save the Date"
She has a special sweater that is said to be her favorite because it reminds her of her boyfriend, Bobby. It is dark blue with a picture of a wolf howling at the moon. She seems to only wear it when she gets sad and/or heartbroken. She also calls it her favorite Bobby sweater.
S1E04B Lori Luna Luan Lynn groggy
"A Tale of Two Tables" and
"The Crying Dame"
Her sleep attire in this episode consists of a simple nightgown and slippers.
S2E11A The High Card
"Pulp Friction" and
"Kings of the Con"
She cosplays as "The High Card" during Lincoln and Clyde's superhero fantasy.

Season One

Sargent Lori Loud
"No Guts, No Glori" She dresses up as a military drill sergeant to give direct orders to her siblings while she's put in charge. The outfit consists of a green version of her tank top, a dark green leather jacket with a star on the right sleeve, a pair of cargo shorts wider in the hips than her usual pair, black rubber boots, and sunglasses. She also carries a whistle around her neck. This outfit is later worn by Betty in the episode, "White Hare".
S1E04B In grownup table
"A Tale of Two Tables" In Lincoln's fantasy about being at the grown up table, Lori, like everyone, dresses in fancy attire. Her outfit consists of a light blue dress with frilly sleeves and a pearl headband.
Lori Hawai
"In Tents Debate" Like Leni, Lola, Lucy, and Lily, she wears Hawaiian themed attire in an attempt to convince Lincoln to go to Aloha Beach. It consists of a coconut bra, green grass skirt, blue sandals, and a red flower in her hair.
S1E07A Lori Leni close up
"Picture Perfect" Like the rest of her siblings and the pets, she wears a red sweater for Lincoln's "perfect" picture.
"Linc or Swim" While enjoying Paradise For One, Lori wears cat-eye sunglasses.
Skydiving Lori & Clyde
"Butterfly Effect" She is skydiving with her lavender backpack.
S1E11A Lori and Clyde on bike
She wears a blue bike helmet with a garland around it and a bridal veil sticking out when it appears she and Clyde got married.
S1E11B Sisters in potato sacks
"The Green House" Like the rest of her sisters, she ends up wearing a potato sack and bandages due to the house's lack of power.
S1E15A Lily as Lori vomited
"Cover Girls" She disguises herself as Lincoln to fool their Pop-Pop. After her parents found out about their little shenanigan, Lori and the rest of her siblings' punishment was to resume their activities while still in their costumes for the siblings they covered. Later in the day, she resumes her date with Bobby while still wearing her Lincoln disguise.
Lori's Date Outfit
"Save the Date" She wears a blue dress shirt and a purple skirt with a belt. She retains her blue slip-on shoes, but they have short heels on them.
S1E20B Hi, Lincoln!
"The Waiting Game" When working at Gus' Games and Grub, she wears the restaurant's uniform: a hat, a striped shirt, and red shorts.
Lori the Mermaid
For the school dance, she wears a green dress with a green fish tail, pink seashell bra, brown stars around her waist, a green hat with a brown star and pink sea horse, and white sandals, giving her the appearance of a mermaid.
S1E21B Girls fishing
"Raw Deal" Lori was wearing khaki trousers and black boots during fishing.
Lori Sweter Hugh
"Study Muffin" It's similar to the Bobby sweater, the only difference is that it's purple, has little hearts everywhere, and has Hugh's face in the center of the sweater.
Lori's Poineer Outfit
"Homespun" She wears a light blue long sleeved shirt and a purple skirt with a frilly design, when she acts out the pioneer days. Her hair is also braided with pigtails.

Season 2

Lori tights
"11 Louds a Leapin'" She wears a pair of red and green striped stockings with her regular outfit.
Lori Pijama3
Lori's sleepwear in this episode is a light blue tanktop and matching sweatpants with cerulean cuffs.
Lori Mom
"Suite and Sour" Lori dresses up as Rita in an attempt to convince her parents to let the siblings go to the resort with them.
S2E06B Lori and Bobby dancing
"Cheater by the Dozen" Lori was dressed in a new blue dress and diamond earrings on her date with Bobby.
S2E07B Young Lori feeding young Linc ice cream
"The Whole Picture" In one of Lincoln's photos, there is a younger version of Lori. She wears similar clothing; however, she is missing a tooth.
S2E08A Loud family cheering
"No Such Luck" At Lynn's game, she wears a red jersey.
She wears her swimwear from "Linc or Swim", but also has a pair of semi circular sunglasses.
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"Party Down" Lori wears a light blue dress, white shoes with heels, a necklace, and reddish pink earrings that resemble Leni's.
Tlh 2 leni and lori s sweater by timeymarey007-dbh8iml
"Potty Mouth" To get Lily not to say the "D" word, Lori and Leni wear a stretched out sky blue sweater with a star on it.
S2E13 Hey Ronnie Anne, what's up?
"The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos" Lori wears a light navy hoodie depicting a tan and brown cat dressed as a business executive.
Lori Costume Relative Chaos
Lori was given a makeover by Carlota. She changed her hairstyle, and she wore a light blue short dress with no sleeves, a dark blue belt, a dark blue headband, white circular earrings, and white shoes with little heels. She also had red lipstick.
Lori wears a white and blue sailor's hat, a blue sailor-style blouse, and a white skirt, with a red waistband, similar to what the main character of The Dream Boat, Karen, wears.
S2E16B Lori as Lynn Sr
"Job Insecurity" She dresses as Lynn Sr. when auditioning to replace him for the interview.
Aloha Lori and Leni
While working as a waitress at the Aloha Comrade, Lori wears red shoes, a black skirt, a black-cuffed red shirt with yellow hibiscus all over it, and a red bow tie.
S2E17B Lori trying to do yoga
"Garage Banned" Lori wears black yoga pants and a white t-shirt. Her hair is also fashioned in a ponytail.
S2E17B Lori terrified
Afraid of something outside, Lori puts on a blue helmet on her head, and is still wearing her pajamas.
Lori as Leni
"Change of Heart" Besides her shoes, Lori is dressed up exactly like Leni, and her hair is fixed to resemble Leni's usual hairstyle.
S2E18A Lori wearing scarf on a hot day
Lori is wearing a red scarf that Clyde has given to her.
Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 7.36.44 PM 5
"Future Tense" Lori wears a yellow traffic vest.
S2E20A Lori Promo
"Yes Man" Lori wears a SMOOCH outfit.
Lori's cleaning out
"No Spoilers" She wears a red bandanna with white polka dots and a belt with cleaning supplies on her torso. Her hair is also fashioned in a ponytail.
Lori Baby
"Not a Loud" Lori as a baby wore a white diaper.
S2E24 I literally want to suck your blood
"Tricked!" Lori wears a black-red dress, red diamond earrings, and plastic fangs as her vampire costume.
S2E25A Lori's favorite toy as a baby
"The Crying Dame" Lori as a baby wore a white diaper and light blue bow.
S2E25B Lori's awkward stage
"Anti-Social" In one of the pictures that Lynn Sr. uploads, Lori wears glasses, has heart shaped earrings, glasses, acne, red barrettes, red necklace, red bracelet, and a sleeveless blue button up shirt with a white collar.

Season Three

S3E01 La la la
"Tripped!" During the family's song, Lori wears sunglasses.
S3E02B Siblings with sweaters
"Insta-gran" Lori wears a pink sweater that says "Life is sweeter with a Gran-Gran".
Tlh 14 grandma lori by timeymarey007-dc29zac
When the siblings try to break up Albert and Myrtle, Lori disguises herself as an old lady in a grey wig in a bun, a pearl necklace, pearl earrings, a pair of spectacles, a purple jacket, and a purple skirt.
"Selfie Improvement" When Carol beats Lori in the Bluebell Scouts, she wears a light blue sleeveless shirt, brown cargo shorts, high white socks, and blue sneakers.
S3E04A Mirror selfie
Lori wears her hair lower, as well as lipstick, purple eye shadow.
S3E04A Let's try this again
Lori wears a sun hat while taking a selfie.
S3E04A Lori's hair
Lincoln's helicopter accidentally gets some of Lori's hair shaven off.
S3E04A Preparing the selfie
Lori wears the same red scarf that was in "Change of Heart".
S3E04A Getting sprayed by water
Lori wears a yellow raincoat and red boots for her selfie.
S3E04A Finally a good selfie
Lori wears a button up blue shirt, blue overalls, and a straw hat for her selfie.
S3E04A All done
Lori wears a pink sweater with a heart in the center for her selfie.
S3E04A Angry Lori
Lori wears pink hair curlers on her hair for a selfie.
S3E05A Lori's city attire
"City Slickers" Lori wears a light blue blouse, blue neckerchief, blue skirt, white gloves, white mary jane shoes, and a red beret.
"Fool Me Twice" To avoid Luan's pranks, Lori wears a football jersey, a football helmet, red shorts, white leg warmers, and blue sneakers. She has her hair ponytailed.
Lori's Rubber Gloves
"Fandom Pains" She wears rubber gloves doing dishes.
Vampire Lori 2
Lori wears white make-up and vampire fangs.
Lori Team Tristan
Lori wears a pink T-shirt that says "Team Tristan" on it.
Lori's Orange Jogging Outfit
"Absent Minded" In Clyde's Journal Book, she wears an orange jogging outfit with white socks and shoes.
Absent Minded Lori and Clyde Married
In Clyde's office picture, Lori wears a wedding dress with lipstick and a plant on her head.
S03E16A Armored sisters
"Sitting Bull" Lori, Leni, Luna, and Luan wear protective armor in order to protect themselves.
Lori after bath
"House of Lies" Lori wears a light purple towel and a white towel wrapped around her head.
Judge Lori Loud
"The Loudest Thanksgiving" Lori wears a judge gown.
Lori Golf

S3E22B Getting frustrated

S3E22B Back home after rough time on the course
"Driving Ambition" She wears her golfing uniform, which consists of a white polo, light pink skirt, and black and white golfing shoes. She also has her hair in a ponytail similar to that of Lynn's. Later, she wears her golfing uniform with a white and blue hat.
S3E22B Graduated from Fairway University In Lori's fantasy where she would graduate Fairway University, she wears a graduation cap and gown.
S3E22B Lori and Bobby getting married In another part of Lori's fantasy where she and Bobby would get married, Lori wears a wedding dress and lipstick.
S3E22B Theoretical family An older Lori is seen wearing lipstick, a different light blue shirt, brown pants, and white shoes.
S3E26 Renovating "Cooked!" Lori wears a hardhat during construction of Lynn's table.

Season Four

S4E06A Leni selfies
"Washed Up" Lori wears a life jacket.
Waitress Lori
"Can't Hardly Wait" Lori wears a white waitress apron while working at her father's restaurant.
Lori with Robot Arms
Lori as Manager
Lori barely awake
"Exchange of Heart" Lori wears a blue robe with pink hair curlers, a pink sleep mask and a facial mask. She also has a cucumber slice on her cheek.
Lori angrily kicking
"Deep Cuts" Lori wears a light blue golf shirt with her cargo shorts, white socks and black cleats.

Other media

"Deuces Wild!" She cosplays as "The High Card" during Lincoln and Clyde's superhero fantasy.

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