S1E16A Literally, right?

This page is a comprehensive list of the times Lori Loud has said "literally", sorted by episodes from the Shorts, Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, and Season 4.

NOTE: The word "literally" will be underlined.

Season 1

Get the Message

  • There's only one rule in this house: stay out of my bedroom! If I catch you in here again, I will literally turn you into a human pretzel!

Heavy Meddle

  • Hold it right there! He wore cargo shorts on your date? That is literally the worst thing I have ever heard.
  • Lori: Socks and sandals? Cut it out!
    Lincoln: Cut it out? That's it!
    Lori: Now that is literally the worst thing I have ever heard.
  • Lola: You should go straight to the school principal.
    Lori: Forget that! You should literally text an embarrassing picture of him to all his friends.

Making the Case

  • You literally disgust me!

Project Loud House

  • OMG, Bobby. I literally had to call you right away. I am just so excited about the homecoming dance.
  • I literally found the cutest dress to wear!

In Tents Debate

  • And if you vote Team Beach, the fun will literally never stop!
  • Ugh. This is literally going to be the worst vacation ever!
  • This is literally the best vacation ever!

Picture Perfect

  • [spiteful] Okay, guys, let's all put on perfect smiles for Lincoln's perfect picture, because heaven forbid we be our ACTUAL, LITERAL SELVES!!
    • (While she only says "literal", it still fits into context of her using the word in some form)

Undie Pressure

  • [after drinking the six-week-old milkshake] COMING THROUGH!!! LITERALLY!!!

Linc or Swim

  • Lincoln, this is literally genius. Who's gonna kick us out of our own pool? Right?

Changing the Baby

  • Lincoln: Give her back, Lori!
    Lori: Why should you get her? I've literally been waiting 17 years for someone in this family who likes the things I like!

Ties That Bind

  • That is literally the dumbest thing you have ever said.
  • Lincoln: You may be wondering why I assembled you all here.
    Lori: Uh, yeah. You've got five minutes. I literally have an entire wardrobe to pack.


  • Lori: See, Lincoln? We all have to deal with hand-me-downs. We just learned to make the best of them.
    Lincoln: You don't have to deal with them. You're the oldest.
    Lori: Are you kidding me? This isn't really a tank top! It's literally the top of Mom's old girdle!

Sleuth or Consequences

  • That is literally the funniest thing I have ever seen!
  • Luan: Whoever that belongs to is gonna be the laughing stock of this house!
    Lori: Yeah! They are literally worse than Lincoln! And he wears his underwear on the outside!

Butterfly Effect

  • "That anniversary was eight days ago, and Bobby gave me socks! I can't believe this! You're literally seeing Bobby behind my back! You are no longer my sister!"

Chore and Peace

  • Lincoln: Well, if you all think your chores are so hard, I'm sure one of you won't mind trading with me.
    Lori: No way, Lincoln. There's a very delicate balance in this house, and if we all start trading chores, it will literally open up a can of worms.
    Lana: What's so bad about that? Worms rule!

For Bros About to Rock

  • Lola: Do not let Luna know that you're going to your first concert. She'll insist on going with you!
    Lincoln: What? Why?
    Lynn: I don't know, cause she's nuts? But she's done it to all of us.
    Lori: Yeah. And when she goes, she gets way too excited and literally ruins everything. There was my first Boyz Will Be Boyz concert.

It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, House

  • "We've literally searched the whole house, and nothing!"

Cover Girls

  • Lori herself does not say "literally" in this episode, but Lincoln and Lucy do when imitating her to cover for her.
    • Rita: Lori! Can you check on Lily?
      Lincoln: [Lori impression] "I'm literally already on it!"
    • Lucy: [dressed as and imitating Lori] OMG, Pop-Pop, Bobby looked so cute, I literally forgot we were all hurdling toward imminent oblivion.

Save the Date

  • "Because Bobby is literally Ronnie Anne's brother! He said he could never date someone related to someone who hurt someone he's related to! Or something like that!"
  • Lori and Bobby: I think I'll hit the buffet again.
    Lori: [gasps] We both said the same thing at the exact same time! It's like we're literally meant to be.
  • Lincoln: [imitating Lori] It's like we're literally meant to be.

Attention Deficit

  • Lori: Mr. McBride, would you say I'm more of an Autumn or a Winter?
    Howard: You are definitely a Summer.
    Lori: Literally, right?

Out on a Limo

  • The garbage guys literally tried to take Lana to the dump!

House Music

  • "But we literally have no musical talent."
  • "You literally just fired your own dad!"

A Novel Idea

  • Lynn Sr.: Hm...I wonder where your mother and Lincoln are.
    Lori: Aw. I feel bad for them. I bet they literally had the boringest day ever.

Cereal Offender

  • Lincoln! I'm going shopping with you! Bobby literally just got a job as a stock boy.

Come Sale Away

  • I bet I can literally carry the most bags.
  • Are you literally joking right now?

Roughin' It

  • Lincoln, it's so much fun watching this show with you, you're like...literally one of the girls!

The Waiting Game

  • Thanks for telling me about the job opening here. Guess what? I literally got hired!
  • Lincoln, you're literally babbling.

The Loudest Yard

  • I literally don't see Lincoln anywhere.

Raw Deal

  • [After Lori slipped on a puddle of oil]
    Lori: That was literally embarrassing.
    Lucy: It was also literally your fortune. "You will go on on a long trip".
  • Lola: Lincoln, why are you pushing us?
    Lori: Yeah. What's the rush? We are literally the only people here.

Dance, Dance Resolution

  • Leni: So? Did Ronnie Anne ask you to the Sadie Hawkins Dance?
    Lincoln: [stammering] Uh, yee, uh, um...
    Lori: I bet she was so excited. The Sadie Hawkins is literally the most important dance in a girl's life.

A Fair to Remember

  • Yeah, I'm literally not going to that. Why don't you take Lincoln?
  • He's not my boyfriend...I literally don't think I have a boyfriend anymore!
  • Bobby was right. You're literally a great bro.

One of the Boys

  • Loki: That is literally LOL! Hurry up, Loni! Time to go!
  • Loki: You're literally hilarious, Lincoln. We're going to Dairyland! It was your idea.
  • [Lincoln just broke her watch out of panic]
    Lori: That was literally mine! You are so gonna pay!

A Tattler's Tale

  • Well, I think we all know why we're here. Lola knows our secrets, and she's literally torturing us!

Snow Bored

  • Boo-boo bear, Lisa's literally out of control!

Study Muffin

  • So, I'm like, if you literally don't know the difference between dance team and color guard-
  • Oh, Hugh. My window is literally stuck and I need someone very strong to open it.


  • Boo-Boo Bear! You're literally bleeding!

Season 2

11 Louds a Leapin'

  • Universe, you're literally testing me.
  • He is literally awful!
  • That is literally so sad!
  • That's literally the perfect gift.

Brawl in the Family

  • Guys, guys, guys! Check out these new dress I found at the mall. It's literally one of a kind.

Suite and Sour

  • [impatiently waiting for the elevator to arrive] What is taking so long? If I don't get back to the room and get my phone, I could literally die! Let's just take the stairs.
  • Bobby Boo-Boo Bear? It's literally been forever!

Back in Black

  • You're literally the only one who's always stretching my sweater every time you borrow them.
  • Guys! It's literally happening! Lucy's finally ready!

Cheater by the Dozen

  • Oh, we are so clearly soulmates. I literally don't know what I would do without you in my life.
  • Well, you did almost literally ruin our anniversary.

Lock 'n' Loud

  • Mr. Grouse: [distraught] They cleaned me out! My polka records! My black and white TV! My encyclopedias! All gone! [walks back inside and closes the door]
    Lori: I literally don't know what any of those things are.

The Whole Picture

  • Clyde: [acting to his reflection as Lori] Sorry, Bobby. It's literally over. I'm in love with Clyde.
  • You literally freaked out about his rabbit.

No Such Luck

  • Lisa literally has a point. You're coming to my golf tournament, Lincoln. This family supports each other.
  • [gasps] My sand wedge! You are bad luck! You are literally uninvited to my tournament!

Party Down

  • Lori: Lincoln, I told you you're not invited!
    Lincoln: But my tricks are killing!
    Lori: I'm trying to throw a sophisticated party, and you're literally waving around your underwear! Now...SCRAM!
    Lincoln: They will hear about this at embassy!
  • Lori: I don't get it, you guys. I've been following the list, but people don't look like they're having fun.
    Leni: I think they're having fun.
    Lori: Leni, Joey is literally doing his homework. [shows Joey doing so in the corner]
  • Bobby: Don't feel bad, babe. I mean, a stubbed toe? That is pretty serious.
    Lori: Eeh. Nice try, Boo-Boo Bear. But I know my party was a bomb.
    Leni: What do you mean? Joey got all his homework done.
    Lori: Guys, if you don't mind, I literally wanna be alone for a little bit.

Fed Up

  • Leni: You guys, I need an outfit for dinner tomorrow. [holds up a purple dress] Does this print go with goulash?
    Lincoln: It doesn't matter, 'cause we're not having goulash tomorrow.
    Lori: Yes we are, Lincoln. We have it every Thursday, and there's literally nothing we can do about it.
  • Lincoln: Remember, guys, this is about more than just tonight's dinner. These grilled cheeses really have to change hearts and minds.
    Lola: Grilled cheese? I wanna make a cake!
    Lori: I can't eat cake for dinner! I'll literally break out!
  • [Lori slips on one of Lincoln's grilled cheese sandwiches on the floor, causing her to slam face first on the fridge and fall over, which leads to the contents to fall on her]
    Lori: [weakly] Literally?

Pulp Friction

  • Guys, we're literally losing him.

Pets Peeved

  • Luna: Dudes, we should give him a treat!
    Lori: I was literally gonna say that! Except for the "dudes" part.
  • It was literally our pleasure.

Potty Mouth

  • Lincoln: Please don't blame Lily for saying the "D" word! It's our fault!
    Lori: It's true! She was literally just imitating our bad behavior!

The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos

  • Lincoln: I still don't know know why I have to come along.
    Lincoln: She is not my girlfriend!
    Lori: Lincoln, we are literally crossing a bridge. Do you really want to get into an argument WITH ME RIGHT NOW?! [makes an intimidating face to her brother]
  • Ronnie Anne: What do you mean you didn't convince him?
    Lori: He talked about the bodega for 40 minutes until the beef jerky guy showed up, and at that point, I had literally reached my limit.
  • Lori: Ta-da! [shows him a replica of the dinghy date] A one-on-one dinghy date. Sort of.
    Bobby: Wow. Just like the Dream Boat. It's so romantic, babe.
    Lori: I know. Because we're so romantic. I mean, we literally have such a great connection. Don't you think?
  • Lincoln: We're leaving? But Mrs. Casagrande's baking a cake.
    Lori: [heartbroken] Lincoln, I literally just lost my boyfriend. [angrily] Do you really wanna argue with me right now?

Room with a Feud

  • Lori: [laughing] Literally.
    Lily: [laughing, mimicking Lori] Lil-lilly.

Spell It Out

  • [off-screen] We should literally be interior designers!
  • Guys, I'm glad I can't use my phone because this conversation literally had to happen in person!
  • Rita: They literally kicked you off the team? That is not fair!

Job Insecurity

  • We're literally the worst.
  • Lucy: [interviewing] So, Mr. Loud, why should we hire you?
    Lori: [disguised as her dad] Because I've literally mastered technology.

Garage Banned

  • Leni: Real quick. Is this outfit cuter?
    Lori: [exasperated] Leni, it's literally the same outfit.
  • Guys, we have to talk. I am literally almost an adult. I can't live like this anymore.
  • This is literally amazing. [yawns and stretches] Well, must be about bedtime.
  • There are literally mice in here!

Change of Heart

  • Whitney, wait till you see my new shoes. They will literally blow your mind!
  • Lincoln, is Clyde still here? This is literally my last pair of wearable shoes.
  • (To herself) If Lori Loud can sink this four-footer, she'll literally win the masters.
  • Carol did what? Hang on, Whitney. I literally need chips for this story.
  • Lori's Thoughts: I would never want to be in Leni's shoes. Literally.
  • Lincoln: [imitates a door knock] Oh! Someone's at the door. Who could it be? [Leni walks over dressed as Lori] Why, it's my eldest sister, Lori.
    Leni: [imitating Lori] OMG. Bobby. Texting. Literally.
  • Clyde! I was just on my way to see you. There's something I really wanted to tell you. First, I wanted to apologize for never appreciating how kind and thoughtful you are. And second, I wanna thank you for making me feel so good about myself all these years. You're a special guy, Clyde, and literally anyone would be lucky to be your crush.

Future Tense

  • Lynn Sr: What say we take a little break and get our ice cream on, huh?
    Lola: Sorry, Daddy. Ice cream doesn't look good on a resume, especially if you spill it.
    Lori: Plus, it'll literally just make us sluggish.

Lynner Takes All

  • We all know why we're here. The Lynn situation is literally the worst thing that's ever happened!

Yes Man

  • Well, Leni and I are literally broke.

No Spoilers

  • Lincoln: Literally.
  • Guys, stop arguing! You're missing the bigger picture! This party literally stinks.

Read Aloud

  • Librarian Wetta: [with Lori's mystery novel] You! Twist ending! Go!
    Lori: So, it turns out it wasn't even a student running the blog, it was a teacher! And he literally tried to frame Gabby with a laptop in her-
    Librarian Wetta: That's enough. Very good.
  • Lincoln: Guys, wait! Remember, Librarian Wetta said the contest closes at 5:00. [checks his watch] It's only 3:00. We still have two hours!
    Lori: What about Lola? There's literally no point if she won't participate.
    Lincoln: Leave everything to me. I'll get her to read that book by 5:00.
  • Luna: Lincoln, it's 5:30! The contest ended half an hour ago!
    Lincoln: [taking blame] Totally my fault. It's just so quiet here. I must've fallen asleep.
    Lori: Well, you literally blew it.


  • I literally vant to suck your blood.

The Crying Dame

  • [the siblings arrive to the dump] This place is literally huge. How are we ever going to find a little toy in all this trash?


  • But Dad, we need them. Our lives literally depend on them.
  • (in the text to Lola) Dad says do ur HW. Literally.
  • It's called texting, you can literally have a million conversations at once. Could be pretty handy for a guy with 11 kids.
  • I am literally so proud right now.
  • Lincoln: [gasps] Holy moly! We literally turned Dad into us!

Snow Way Out

  • Well, I hope you know what you're doing, Lana, because I am literally not sleeping on hamburger wrappers.
  • You literally did it, Lans!

Season 3


  • [disguised as an old woman] Oh, my soup's literally too hot.

Selfie Improvement

  • I'm sick of it! I've literally been working for three months to get those many likes on my photos.
  • Okay, got my soft lighting, my flowers. Time for the mirror selfie. Literally a classic.
  • [gets hit in the face with dirt] Gah! LITERALLY?!
  • [Takes the photo which turns out well.] Wow, it's actually, literally perfect. And I didn't hurt myself.
  • Get back here, you animals. These tiny sweaters are literally the perfect size for you!
  • Boo-Boo Bear, we literally need to go on a picnic, right now.
  • Carol: [Nervously looks around] Uh! Uh. Hi, Lori. [Awkwardly waves]
    Lori: I know this is literally the most awkward thing in the world, but, I just wanna tell you that, you win. [Carol's jaw drops] You've been better than me at everything since kindergarten but, I'm okay with it, I can't live my life trying to compete with you anymore. Well, enjoy your shopping.
  • Lori: [Amazed] Wow, so all of our competing has literally been pointless?
    Carol: It's true, those selfies were getting out of control, I had to adopt that corgi, and he's mean.

No Place Like Homeschool

  • Lola, we literally had no idea homeschooling would be so hard.

City Slickers

  • Can you believe it? As soon as I graduate, I'll literally be going to college here.
  • Wow, this is literally the city girl look I was dreaming of.
  • Literally adorable.

Pipe Dreams

  • Miguel and Todd are literally so annoying.
  • Lori: Lana, what are you doing?
    Lana: I can't find my lucky chicken bone!
    Lori: A: that's literally gross, B: you're gonna make everyone late.

Fandom Pains

  • [About Blake Bradley] Duh, literally the cutest actor ever.
  • Why is he literally so dreamy?
  • That was literally amazing.
  • [crying] How could VOM do this? Sorry Lucy, I literally can't even deal right now.

Rita Her Rights

  • [While she's slap fighting Leni] No, I literally need the hairspray, look at these cowlicks.

Teachers' Union

  • Lori: "Uhh, duh, you ask her out. You literally have the greenlight, Romeo."
    Lincoln: [Facepalms and groans] "Lori, it's not me!"
    Lori: "Fine, tell your 'friend' he literally has the greenlight. How long do you wanna play this game, Lincoln?"

Missed Connection

  • Time for my 4 o'clock call with Bobby. Literally, the highlight of my day.
  • This is supposed to be the most romantic restaurant in town. You literally eat in complete darkness.
  • I know, isn't it literally so romantic?


  • You guys, this is literally out of control!

Gown and Out

  • Rita: What if we threw in a spa package? Hmm?
    Lori: You literally have a deal.
  • Lincoln: [Through video chat] It's like she's one with the ribbon.
    Lori: Literally.

Ruthless People

  • Mom, I can't go to Aunt Ruth's. Last time, I literally got botulism from expired yogurt.
  • [to Leni] So, if you switch with me, I'll literally give you everything you want from my side of the closet.
  • Ugh, well, I'm literally done.
  • Ah, this place is literally paradise.

Sitting Bull

  • This is literally what we're talking about.
  • Ugh, they were literally a nightmare.
  • Lynn: "Really? So, your clients liked me?"
    Lori: "Literally loved."
    Lynn: "Yes! I knew it.
  • Luan: Well, Lynn had it coming.
    Lori: Literally.
    Luna: She gave us no choice.

Really Loud Music

  • Ooh, I literally love this song!
  • Lincoln: Luna, what happened to you?
    Luna: Nothing. The producers just made a few tweaks. [sneezes]
    Lori: A few tweaks? You are literally unrecognizable.
    Luna: [scoffs] Give me a break, dude.

House of Lies

  • There’s a clearance sale that is literally calling my name!
  • Lola: What was she thinking?
    Lori: Literally no clue.
    Lincoln: Yuck.
  • Lisa: Greetings, family. Can I help you?
    Lola: You sure can. You can stop using your terrible glasses!
    Lori: They're literally driving us crazy!
  • The Earth is literally flat!

Everybody Loves Leni

  • Leni, your sighing is literally ruining my texting.
  • I literally take that back.
  • Lincoln: Wow, poor Leni. She's literally bending over backwards for her friends.

The Loudest Thanksgiving

  • Lori: [suspicious] Wait a minute. Is this a trap? This seems like a trap.
    Lola: [feigning innocence] No way. We would never trap our favorite sister. Oldest and most important.
    Lori: Yeah, I literally am.
  • I literally know you guys are up to something, out with it!
  • Bobby: What do you think, Babe? Best T-giving ever?
    Lori: [She and Bobby clink their Flippees together.] Literally our best so far. Thanks, Boo-Boo Bear.

Predict Ability

  • I literally wear the same shorts everyday.

Driving Ambition

  • Yes, it's literally my dream.
  • Can you imagine, my life is literally going to be perfect.
  • No, it's literally terrible! [shuts the fridge door] My whole future is riding on this huge tournament tomorrow and my game is falling apart.


  • I say we install a photo booth. It would pull in literally every teen in Royal Woods.

Season 4

Power Play with the Casagrandes

  • Bobby: Actually, babe, I gotta run. I'm only supposed to talk for five minutes, and the timer's about to go off.
    Lori: "Wait, you literally have me on a tim--"

Present Tense

  • Wait, I've literally got it!
  • This is literally the best gift in the entire world.
  • Lynn Sr.: Kotaro, this is literally the best gift in the entire world!

Leader of the Rack

  • Leni: [gasps] Wow, Lori, you know absolutely everything!
    Lori: [chuckles] I literally do.
  • Leni: O M gosh, Lori! I did what you said, I was a funager. This morning was a blast, I got all the work done and Miguel and Fiona are still my friends! You really do know everything.
    Lori: [chuckles] I literally do.


Who Ghost There?

  • The attic is literally the only place in the house I get reception.
  • I mean, when would Flip ever give away free passes to Dairyland? He's literally the cheapest guy in town.


Listen Out Loud

Meet the Loud Family

  • Would you guys stop? You're literally being so immature right now!

Lola Loud

  • You guys! Bobby just texted. He's streaming the podcast on his phone. You literally won't believe what Lola is saying about us!

Luan Loud

  • Lola: Literally in your face!

Lori Loud

  • Wow, you guys. That's literally the sweetest. Thanks, you guys.

Lynn Loud

  • Lynn, I am literally gonna to rip your ponytail off!
  • Lynn: Here's your phone back, Lori. [tosses Lori her phone back] Thanks for being a sport.
    Lori: Like I had a choice! Lynn! It's literally covered in sweat.

Rita Loud

  • Lana: Did you hear Luan's joke about the tooth, the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth?
    (the family laughs uncontrollably)
    Lori: That is literally hilarious!

Lana Loud

  • Lana: Everyone, grab an ice scraper. I've found it's the best tool for cleaning off those grimy bug guts. [Lori starts scraping the bug splatters off the windshield] That's right, Lori. Put your back into it.
    Lori: Ew, this is literally gross.

Welcome to the Loud House

  • "That is literally the worst thing I have ever heard."

Halloween Party Guide

  • Narrator: "Well, it has to be Lori because she can text out those invites faster than she can say, 'literally."

Lori: "Literally!" Narrator: "OK, maybe not that fast."

  • The narrator references her catchphrase by calling out her behaviour of only inviting Bobby over for Halloween as "Literally not OK."

Baseball Opening Day!

  • "It's literally been forever!"

It's Just a Phase

  • "Uhh, Dad, minus myself, we literally still do that."

Locker Decorating Guide

  • Her catchphrase is referenced by the narrator, who says, "We are literally on the last locker, Lori's!".
  • "This is literally genius!"

Ugly Sweater Guide

  • The narrator references her catchphrase by saying that she puts the "lit" in "literally".
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