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"Lori Loud" is the sixth episode of Listen Out Loud.


Lori and Bobby tell the story of their first date but over-romanticize all of the details, so Lynn and Luan jump in to tell the real story.


Lori is hosting the Listen Out Loud podcast. With musical accompaniment from Luna, Lori reveals that she intends to use her opportunity of hosting the podcast to tell the listeners the story of her first date with Bobby. After Luna sets the mood with her music, and Lori calling up Bobby, the two begin by telling the story. First, the two bring up how they would frequently run in to each other due to Bobby's many jobs. After they encountered each other at the bowling alley, the two agreed to go on a date at Jean Juan's French Mex. At this point, the two love birds begin to relay details regarding their time at Jean Juan's.

  • It was a starry night, and it smelled like jasmine.
  • Bobby held the door open for Lori and they walked in without taking their eyes off each other.
  • When the waiter asked them what type of water they wanted, they both said sparkling.
  • Bobby fed chips to Lori and ordered for her, since he knew what she wanted (French onion nacho cheese soup).
  • Lori and Bobby took a spin on the dance floor.

Suddenly, Luan and Lynn barge in, revealing that every detail they have said regarding their first date is inaccurate. After the two admit that they have been spying on them on that day, they begin to reveal what really happened.

  • It was raining, and Lori and Bobby were soaking wet.
  • When Bobby swung the door open, he whacked Lori on the head, and because Lori and Bobby didn't take their eyes off each other when they entered, Lori ended up bumping into a waiter, making him spill a tray of horchata lattes.
  • They both didn't get sparkling water; they kept being indecisive on what type of water they wanted, and the waiter gave up after waiting five minutes.
  • When Bobby was feeding chips to Lori, he had a muscle spasm and jabbed the chip into Lori's cheek. Also, Bobby didn't order for Lori at all. When the waiter asked Lori what she wanted, she was choking on some water, and the waiter, not understanding what Lori was saying, just brought her soup.
  • Lori accidentally spilled her soup on Bobby's lap, causing him to scream in pain and fall onto a dessert cart with flan flambe. Lori attempted to help him up, but she slipped on the flan and slid across the floor until they crashed into the band.

After Luan and Lynn finish their story, Lori and Bobby eventually admit that what the two have said is real. As a result, Lori sarcastically thanks the two for making them complete embarrassments. However, Luan and Lynn tell them that they weren't intending to embarrass them; they explain that the real reason why they were spying on them was because they wanted to see if they were perfect for each other, since they were responsible for them getting together in the first place. They further explain that the reason why they were so clumsy during their date was because they were nervous, which solidifies the fact they truly loved each other. Touched by this, Lori and Bobby thank the two for their support.

Lori wraps up the podcast by telling the listeners that the next time she hosts, she's going to reveal the story of when she first made dinner for Bobby, only for Lucy to come in and tell the story herself: Lori burned a microwave pizza and had to order Indian food, but Bobby got food poisoning afterwards.



  • This episode reveals numerous details about Lori and Bobby's relationship:
    • The two first noticed each other on a frequent basis (due to Bobby's various jobs), and the two decided to go out when they met each other at the bowling alley.
    • Their first date was at Jean Juan's French Mex. However, Lori and Bobby misinterpret how their date went (see above).
    • Luan and Lynn had set them up, since they knew they'd be perfect for each other, and spied on them during their date to confirm their assumptions and to know the details of the date.
    • On the day that Lori first made dinner for Bobby, she burned a microwave pizza and had to order Indian food, but Bobby got food poisoning afterwards.
  • Leni is Lincoln's only older sister to not appear in this episode.


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