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Lost Control is an interactive The Loud House "Instacomic", which was posted to Instagram on July 6, 2016.

The comic utilizes the Instagram page format to create an interactive "Choose Your Own Adventure" style comic book, by using 15 interconnected Instagram accounts (10 for each Loud sister - complete with an in-character profile description - plus one each for Charles, Cliff, and Geo, a cover page, and a page of instructions), each of which consists of 12 "panels" with a decision in the final panel. Lincoln is searching the house for the missing TV remote, and it's up to the reader to decide who he should ask about its whereabouts. There are five possible conclusions to the story - four "bad endings", and one "good ending".

The comic was written by Sammie Crowley, Whitney Wetta, and Karla Sakas Shropshire, supervised, storyboarded, and illustrated by Jordan Koch, and colored by Amanda Rynda, with color styling and background painting by Lauren Patterson.

The comic also appears in There Will Be Chaos.



Lincoln is looking for the TV remote but can't seem to find it anywhere. He asks Lori if she has seen it because the TV was left on her favorite show, "Dream Boat". But, Lori says she wasn't watching it because it was a rerun, so she decided to text Bobby instead. She says that Leni and Lola also love that show, so one of them should have the remote. So, Lincoln wonders which one of them he should ask.


If Lincoln goes to see if Leni was watching the show, he finds that Leni is dusting the putting the dust on it rather than getting it off it. He asks Leni if she has seen the remote, but she explains that while she was watching Dream Boat, she went to the bathroom and their mom told her to dust the furniture, which explains why she was doing it. But she also recalls Lucy and Luna going downstairs for something, so one of them should know who took the remote and fears they saw a robber steal the remote and runs off to protect her wardrobe. So, now Lincoln has to choose if he should talk to Lucy or Luna.


If Lincoln goes to see if Lola was watching the show, he comes in while she's doing her makeup. Lola tells him that he'll tell him where the remote is if he does what she says, and Lincoln acquiesces. Lola then gives Lincoln an instant makeover and he asks where the remote is. But, she says she doesn't know. She does, however, recall that Lucy and Lynn were fighting over the remote, so either of them would know where it could be, leaving Lincoln to ask either Lucy or Lynn.


If Lincoln goes to see if Lucy can find the remote, he finds her looking into her crystal ball, which she uses to view the fate of the device. It is either buried or devoid of its batteries. She comes to the conclusion that it was either Lily or Luan who did it, forcing Lincoln to ask one of them.


If Lincoln asks Lynn, he'll catch her playing ball in the house. Lynn admits she was gonna watch a sports game, but it got rained out so she didn't feel like watching TV anymore. She also reveals that Lisa was considering studying any possible germs on the remote and that Luan might have set up a prank with it, thus forcing Lincoln to have to choose one of them.


If Lincoln talks to Luna, he finds her rocking out real hard until her guitar string breaks and he shouts for her attention with a megaphone. She says that she was watching a rock doc on her idol Mick Swagger, but Lily and Charles turned it off because they were fighting over the remote, which is their favorite chew toy. Luna suggests Lincoln talk to one of them.


If Lincoln sees Luan, she explains that she doesn't have the remote anymore and either Lana took the batteries out of it or Geo rolled his hamster ball over the buttons to make the lights on it flash, all in the form of puns, thus giving Lincoln the choice to talk to either Lana or Geo.


If Lincoln comes to Lily, she will speak in baby talk in denying of having the remote and Lincoln admits he can't prove it. But Lily speaks again, and Lincoln interprets it that either Lana or Cliff may have it. So, Lincoln must choose which one it could be.



If Lincoln goes to see Cliff, he asks where the remote is, and Cliff will not tell him until he scratches him. However, it's revealed that Cliff put the remote in his litter box. Lincoln doesn't think it's worth it and bails on watching his show.



If Lincoln goes to talk to Charles, he asks him if he knows where the remote is. Charles growls in denial and reveals to actually be chewing on it. Lincoln shoos Charles away, but now it's covered in dog slobber and bite marks. There's no way he can watch his show with a busted remote.



If Lincoln chooses Geo, he looks around for the hamster who is at first nowhere to be found. But it turns out Geo is watching a televised SMOOCH concert, which surprises Lincoln who didn't know he was a fan and thought he'd be into folk. He asks for the remote, and Geo willingly lets him have it, but just as Lincoln reaches for it, Geo's hamster ball closes on his finger and Lincoln flings the ball across the room. Geo is fine from the impact, but the remote wasn't so lucky. It's now broken in half, leaving Lincoln to simply say, "Dang it." Thus, he misses his show.



If Lincoln goes to confront Lisa, she asks him to hurry because she's about to make a scientific breakthrough. Lincoln asks for the remote, but Lisa requests him to specify as she does not know which remote he is talking about. He asks for the TV remote. She hands it to him...but it's now completely ruined thanks to her studies that Lynn told Lincoln about. Now he can't watch his show.



If Lincoln decides to see Lana, he finds her scratching herself and asks if she knows where the remote is. She denies knowing about it while hiding something under her pillow, but Lincoln calls her bluff and attacks her, but she fights back and knocks him aside. She's using the remote to scratch her back because she rolled into poison ivy. Lincoln then gets an idea and makes a deal with Lana. He is now scratching her back in exchange for the remote as they watch ARGGH! together.


  • The promotional YouTube video is the first instance where Lincoln is voiced by Collin Dean.
  • Walt is the only non-parental member of the family Lincoln does not ask about the remote.
  • When Geo allows Lincoln to have the remote, he has a speech bubble in the form of a thought cloud that says "Sure!". This is the only piece of "dialogue" Geo has ever had so far.
  • All of the in-character profile descriptions:

Lori Loud, 17. Oldest of 11 so I’m literally in charge. Favorite things are Bobby and texting, in that order.


Leni Loud, 16. I've got a passion for fashion & love being part of a big family! My favorite color is zebra and I know the secret to a perfect smile 😄


Pageant champion and future world ruler. I love glitter, pink and scheming.


Poet. Aspiring Vampire. Hobbies include planning funerals, hosting séances and long walks with my pet bat, Fangs. 😈


Elite athlete and ultimate competitor. I can win anything, anytime, anywhere… 🎾⚾️🏈🏀⚽️🏐🏉🏓


Music is my life. I love jam sessions, everything British and cranking it up to 11!


Stand up comedienne. Prank mastermind. Owner and proprietor of Funny Business, inc. Your fun is my business! Get it?


Poo poo!


Mrow meow meow meow purr!




Genius. Scientist. Inventor.


I’m Lana and I love mud, playing outside and reptiles. Part-time mechanic, plumber and poop scooper. 🐸🌳🔧


    • Geo's profile does not have a character description.



  • The TV show "Dream Boat" is a parody of the TV series The Love Boat.
  • Geo's thought bubble is like that of the comic strip Garfield, where animals and objects have speech bubbles in the form of clouds for dialogue to indicate they don't formally speak.

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