Loud House & Casagrandes Thanksgiving! 🦃 Interactive Seating Guide Nick

Loud House & Casagrandes Thanksgiving! 🦃 Interactive Seating Guide Nick

Loud House & Casagrandes Thanksgiving is a promotional video created by Nickelodeon's YouTube channel. It was released on November 15, 2019.


Who is sitting by whom and what are they bringing?! The only thing tastier than Thanksgiving is The Loud House & Casagrande's Thanksgiving Seating Guide! Stuff your face as we stuff the table with every Loud and Casagrande. Can we find a seat for everybody?

First things first, Lori and Bobby are like two peas in a pod, so it's a no brainer to put them together. But where?... Right in the middle seems great.

Now who should sit next to Lori? How about Lisa? That won't do, they put her at a calculated gravy safety radius away from Lori. Can Carl sit next to Lori? But due to his tendencies to flirt with Lori, he's out. How about Abuelo? He always has the good goss, just like Lori, so they'll have plenty to talk about over some turkey.

Speaking of turkey, whoever cooks this main dish should definitely sit at the head of the table, Lynn Sr. take a seat.

We are cookin'. Now where's our Casagrande master chef gonna sit? Next to Bobby, since he loves her cooking so much, they make for a delicious pair at the table.

Moving on, an easy one is that the twins should sit together, but where? They're a pair to be reckoned with, so let's put them at the end of the table, they'll keep an eye on the kitchen for dessert defence.

Now there's an empty space between Abuelo and the twins, Who can sit there? Maybe Luna, she and Abuelo can jam out to a rockin' duet during dinner.

Now, can we put little baby Lily, and cute Carlitos next to each other? That's way too messy. We put Lily next to her father, and put Rita next to her cause mother does know best. Carlitos can go over with CJ and Carl, because as brothers they always have each other's back.

Luan makes perfect sense to sit next to CJ, so she can tell him pirate jokes.

So where's Tío Carlos gonna sit? How about next to Lisa? They can share fun facts with each other while forking down their food.

Next, Can Leni and Lynn sit together? Lynn's pee pants are a fashion foul. But who should sit next to Leni? Carlota, they can dish over thrifting trends during dinner, and they'll look great while doing it.

And where's Lynn gonna sit? She puts hot sauce on everything, and that can make for some pretty upsetting burps, so let's keep her at the other end of the table. But now she's next to Lana. Eh, let's face it, Lana will love the smell anyway.

We're almost done, but we're missing a few folks.

Can Ronnie Anne and Tía Frida sit together? Nope, How about we put Lincoln next to Ronnie Anne? Because they're already super tight.

But wait, now Lisa's sitting next to Lincoln, and after that time Lisa's invention caused Lincoln to get teleported to another dimension... Let's give it the old switcheroo, and now Lisa can school Ronnie Anne on the physics of skateboarding.

Tía Frida can go next to Rita, cause when it comes to decorations, these two make a good collaboration. Frida and Rita, they should start a business, there names really roll off the tongue.

That only leaves Lucy and Maria, but wait a minute. What do they have in common? Well, cranberry sauce looks a lot like blood, and that's one way to get Lucy to smile.

The Thanksgiving table is full, and now to fill those tummies.

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