The Loud House Superfan Mega Quiz is a promotional video created by Nickelodeon's YouTube channel. It was released on May 2, 2018 to celebrate the second anniversary of the series' premiere.

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Round 1: Loud Trivia

This round involves answering multiple choice questions.

  1. What was the name of Lincoln's stuffed rabbit?
    • A. Hops
    • B. Bun-Bun
    • C. Mr. Fluffles
  2. Lori's the only child in the family to have one of these.
    • A. Driver's license
    • B. A mole
    • C. Earrings
  3. What animal is Leni afraid of?
    • A. Squirrels
    • B. Spiders
    • C. Raccoons
  4. According to Lynn, which of these is back luck before a game?
    • A. Changing socks
    • B. Going to the bathroom
    • C. Touching the trophy
  5. What is the name of Luan's business?
    • A. Lots O' Laughs Co.
    • B. Pie in the Sky Productions
    • C. Funny Business, Inc
  6. What else has Lola's tiara been used as?
    • A. A hairbrush
    • B. A satellite
    • C. A microphone
  7. What did Lisa name the pile of trash she brought to life?
    • A. Dumps
    • B. Trashy
    • C. Garbo

Round 2: Lightning Round

This round involves guessing the name of the pet in the fastest time possible.

  1. A dog
  2. A cat
  3. A hamster
  4. A bird
  5. A lizard
  6. A snake
  7. A frog
  8. A rabbit
  9. A rat
  10. A bat

Round 3: Loud Favorites

This round involves figuring out a specific Loud sibling's preference.

  1. Who is Luna's favorite rock star?
    • A. David Bowtie
    • B. John Lemon
    • C. Mick Swagger
  2. What is the name of Lucy's favorite TV show?
    • A. Vampires of Melancholia
    • B. Werewolf Diaries
    • C. Real Vampires of Transylvania
  3. Who is Lana's favorite racecar driver?
    • A. Shaun Catcher
    • B. Bobbie Fletcher
    • C. Bippity Fletchmen
  4. What is the color of Lily's favorite blanket?
    • A. Purple
    • B. Yellow
    • C. Pink

Round 4: Whose Line is it?

This round involves figuring out who said the quote.

  1. "There's more to my head than just air, ya know?"
    • Leni
    • Lori
    • Luna
  2. "I found your missing retainer in the garbage."
    • Lincoln
    • Lola
    • Lana
  3. "I will literally turn you into a human pretzel!"
    • Lori
    • Lynn
    • Luna

Round 5: Fill in the Blank

This round involves finishing the incomplete quote.

  1. Luna: "Everybody can dance, man! You just have to feel the music, and more your--"
    • A. Feet
    • B. Booty
    • C. Head
  2. Lincoln: "All in favor of Aloha Beach?" [Lori, Leni, Lucy, Lola and Lily raise their hands.] "One, two, three, four, five."
    Luna: "You wanna go to the beach, Lucy?"
    • A. The creeping tides soothe me.
    • B. I like the dark abyss of the ocean.
    • C. Two words: shark attacks.
  3. Lincoln: "Your hairspray makes a great deodorant. It really covers up that--"
    • A. Sweaty socks smell
    • B. Musky man smell
    • C. Video game couch smell



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